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NFL Playoffs | Everything you need to know [2023]

The 2022 NFL season is about to end in January. While the off-season is still on, with all new and unprecedented adversities, changes in teams, drafts and new agreements, TVs and commercials, and all the other shenanigans inside and out, what do you think we have in store as we await the post-covid season of the top league of American football?

Whose year shall it be? And most importantly, on which side should you be laying your money, if you are laying at all? Well, lucky you, because we have it all.

Here’s how the story shall unfold, and things you should watch out for concerning the upcoming 2022 NFL Playoffs

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NFL Playoffs Explained

Here we have it, the NFL playoffs explained:

The league is divided into two conferences the AFC (American Football Conference) and the NFC (National Football Conference) each consisting of sixteen teams. Each conference is further divided into four divisions, North, East, West, and South.

In every season, seven teams from each conference get to make it to the playoffs. And finally, the AFC champion team and the NFC champion team battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Super Bowl, the annual game of the league. 

The seven teams from each conference that qualify for the playoffs consist of four respective division champions and three wild card entries.

Current Playoff System

Apart from the ranking list, different variables are taken into strict consideration while deciding upon the NFL playoffs wild card entries, and on what terms they shall face the division champs. It has a certain NFL playoffs system, a set of NFL playoffs formulas, based on which the NFL playoffs process.

Matches are played out based on a regulated fix chart before two final teams are designated to compete in the main event of the league.

The current system of the playoffs for each conference is as follows,

Wild card 2 goes against division winner 3, wild card 3 goes against division winner 2, and wild card 1 is matched up against division winner 4.

With the outcome of the first two wild card games that are played in a conference, the winning team with the 2nd lowest winning score is named the 2nd lowest seed, and the winning team with the 2nd highest winning score gets named the 2nd highest seed. The winning team of the last wild card game simply goes by the name of the lowest seed.

Further in the competition, the 2nd lowest seed faces the 2nd highest seed, and the lowest seed battles the division winner 1. In the next stage, the winning team with the lower winning score called, lower seed, and the winning team with the higher winning score called, higher seed advances into the conference championship game.

Following this structure, every season two champion teams from each conference emerge and finally face each other off in the Super Bowl, NFL finals.

Last year the two teams that qualified for the Super Bowl were Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFC champions) and Kansas City Chiefs (AFC champions). 

NFL Playoffs Rules

It quite often occurs that teams finish a season with alike records on the ranking list. In such scenarios to determine the final teams for the playoffs and for the Super Bowl, the NFL follows a set of established and decisive rules. The NFL playoffs rules.

The tie-breaking procedures – 

In determining the division champions the variables that are looked into include, best won-lost-tied percentile in matches played within the division, the common games and, the conference; efficacy of victory and schedule; best-combined ranking in the conference and all teams; best net point in all and common games; and finally best net touchdowns scored in all games.

In the case of determining the conference champions the variables that are deeply studied are, head-to-head; division tiebreaker; best won-lost-tied percentile within the conference and common games; efficacy of victory and of schedule; best-combined rankings; best net points; and finally best net touchdowns.

The Overtime rules – 

When in scheduled time a game ends indecisively, which is to say without a winner, it heads to overtime. In overtime, the ball possession is decided by a coin toss. If the team with the possession succeeds in scoring a touchdown they win. And in cases, the opposition’s defensive line-up manages to score a safety before the attacking team finds the end zone, it also in a way puts an end to the game. 

The game in overtime eventually continues with newer and newer quarters added subsequently as long as a touchdown or safety is not scored by any of the playing sides.

Please visit  NFL wild card rules, 

How To Bet on NFL Playoffs

Well, if you want to know about the sides to lay your playoffs bets on, you have not arrived at the wrong place. We will tell you exactly how to do your math, where to look at when you are looking, what to look at if you are looking, and what to expect when you’re expecting. We have what you need! So, without further ado let’s find out how to bet on football, the NFL playoffs.

  • First thing first, look for a team that is national football league playoffs ready. That means an nfl playoff structure of the team with a promising line-up, a good roster, good management, good chemistry, an impressive off-season, and notable past records (where and how they finished off the last season, basically). If you do see one such team that analysts are talking about, the critics are writing about with promising possibilities, you should definitely put a potential sum of money on your very rack. Because that team has the NFL playoffs requirements.
  • Study the history, college football betting strategy, and look for teams that have been consecutively taking part in the playoffs the last few years, for example, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and the Green Bay Packers. They will certainly have NFL playoffs qualifications.
  • The defending champions. Always bet on defending champions since they won the American football playoffs league the last season, they will always hold higher chances of making it at least to the NFL playoffs games.
  • Where is Tom Brady? While the veteran and the seven times Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks are still in the league, it is a wise question to be asked before we consider laying our hard-earned money on any other NFL team. Please do consider looking at the team that has Tom Brady, now whichever franchise it may be.
  • Look at the overall and contemporary records of the teams.

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NFL Playoffs Tips and Tricks

Well, if you are new and still confused about where to lay your bet, you are not alone, and here’s what we advise you to do,

  • Be a regular visitor, watch and follow the game daily.
  • Find out which teams have better chances.
  • Look out for disagreements, good and bad contracts.
  • Study and build a reasonable knowledge about the game.
  • Watch NFL Drafts, and learn about the draft picks as well as the prospects.
  • Follow the official NFL accounts on social media.
  • Follow the prospects and the respective franchises that you are interested in.
  • And watch sports talk shows that cover the NFL.

Also please look for a pleaser bet, prop betting strategy, win reverse bet, and action reverse bet.

About The NFL Playoffs 2022

Well, the season is yet to begin but if you are to ask for our advice, here’s what we predict,

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still our number one pick. We think being the defending champions, having Tom Brady, and good management, this team will surely come a long way. Do watch out for Tom Brady and his post-patriot personality though.

Considering the promising roster, performances in previous seasons, and that super bowl champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the pocket, we believe the Kansas City Chiefs are another force to reckon with. 

With new changes in Jacksonville Jaguars, and the 21 years old, no 1 overall draft pick Trevor Lawrence taking over the throne, we would definitely keep our eyes on the Jags. Let’s just see how the kid delivers on the biggest of all stages in American football. Is a huge industry and also a huge rivalry between NBA vs NFL in the USA.

Not so sure about the Ravens, however still in conversation with the best QBs in the game, Lamar Jackson’s contribution over the past few seasons should definitely not be overlooked.

The New Orleans Saints, and the Los Angeles Raiders show good promises too.


A total number of fourteen teams make the NFL playoffs. Seven teams from the American Football Conference or the AFC, and seven teams from the National Football Conference or the NFC. Each consists of four division champions and three wild card entries.

Seven teams from each conference (AFC and NFC) qualify for the playoffs. As per the NFL Playoff system, qualified teams battle it amongst themselves to emerge as their respective conference champions. And ultimately, the two conference champions face each other off in the Super Bowl to win the league.

The NFL does not really have a fixed bracket. The wild card games and their outcomes determine how the divisional playoffs are to be played. And once the divisional playoffs are played, we receive our respective conference champions.

The team that hosts the match gets to enjoy a home-field advantage in the NFL playoffs, without a doubt.

A total number of six wild cards enter the NFL playoffs, three from each conference.


So, there you go, run down the end zone. 

Blue eighty, down set, and hike!

A scramble in the pocket, and the quarterback starts moving here and there. Five steps to the front and five to the right. The open sky, the screaming fans, and the running routes. It’s a rush. With only ten seconds left in the game, he throws a Hail Mary, and the ball takes flight like an eagle freed in the wind.

The Wide Receiver flings himself in the air, and with extending arms like that of Christ, the Redeemer brings his entire body down to the holy ground. One hand on his chest, and the other right on top, clutching the very football. Touchdown!