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Betfirst Sports sign up bonus and overview

[Updated 22th January 2024] Important Announcement: We do NOT recommend playing at Betfirst anymore, based on our player reviews. The following three operators are proven to be highly safe & trusted: 22Bet, Mystake and Goldenbet.

The vast majority of European online gambling operators are either located in Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta or have the headquarters in United Kingdom. The decision is based on whether they prefer to apply for the most respectable licenses awarded on European soil, or take advantage of favorable legislation. Betfirst Sports is the exception to the rule, because these guys are licensed and regulated in Belgium, where the company is also located.

We have covered in more details a Betfirst review where you can discover all you need to know about this trustworthy operator.

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There is no sports welcome bonus available for your country.

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Sports betting markets

Betfirst Sports  is paying the same attention to Belgian sports and its European counterparts, with all the domestic championships enjoying the same number of markets. On average, players get to choose between as many as 40 of them, with the only distinction being made in regard to live betting. The stakes are not as high for all the games, so when betting on flagship competitions or matches played between top teams, punters can expect to enjoy in excess of 60 markets.

The odds are just as high regardless of the magnitude of the event, with the standard bookmaker margin being of 1.91 on coin flip results. This means that there is nothing to be gained or lost when betting at Betfirst Sports, since this is exactly what the average bookmaker offers. Asian handicaps are traditionally used for tweaking the odds in the player’s favor, but unfortunately this bookie doesn’t use them too much like Dafabet, Pinncle or Sbobet do.

On the other hand, players can bet on any games using spreads and standard handicaps, with the only shortcoming being that they don’t provide them with the means of recuperating their stakes in case of narrow margin victories. This is less relevant when it comes to American sports, which have the particularity of being played until one team emerges victorious.

NFL, MLB, NHL and NFL are the professional leagues for the corresponding sports, which explains why the number of markets dwarfs the ones dedicated to college sports. Having said this, Betfirst Sports is a great place to wager on college football especially during the playoffs, when they offer more markets than most bookmakers. Ice hockey and basketball played on European soil are equally well covered, with events such as the Euroleague being tracked from the qualifying rounds all the way to the final.

While the general bookmaker margin is in complete accord with the industry average, players need to make the distinction between individual sports. Soccer and tennis seem to be the least profitable ones with an average margin of 5.5%, slightly higher than the average and much more than the best paying sports.

In this category, it is safe to include ice hockey, baseball and tennis which are more likely to turn players into winners in the long run. Obviously, shopping for lower bookmaker margins is not going to solve all problems and solid bankroll management is still required to stay afloat in the long run.

Betfirst Sports has a beautiful website although sometimes it can feel a bit crowded, due to the abundance of advertising banners. They have the advantage of keeping players up to date with the latest sports promotions, as well as the upcoming games. In fact, the list of sports displayed in the left side of the website can be customized, to focus on the next matches as opposed to the most popular sports.

Mobile gambling is allowed and even encouraged, both directly through small bonuses and by having a dedicated app provided to customers. It can be installed on smartphones and tablets for a convenient gaming experience, although the website has also been tweaked to run on these devices. Betfirst Sports has few deficiencies but one of them is the absence of a live streaming instrument, only partially offset by the swift access to relevant statistics and charts.

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