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Betworld Staking and Winning Limits

No matter what online or land-based casino or sportsbook you go to, players are limited with respect to the amounts of money they can wager with and win. Bookmakers have different limits as do casinos and Betworld is no different. Let’s take a look at the limits that apply to this sportsbook and casino.

Sportsbook Minimum and Maximum Stakes and Winnings

The maximum and minimum stake amounts at the sportsbook depend on the type of bet that is being placed. If you are making a single bet or an accumulator bet then the minimum stake is set at €0.50. The maximum bet amount is a little more confusing and is not specifically stated in the terms and conditions. We sent an email to Betworld asking about the maximum amounts and they were very quick to respond with the following answer:

“The betting limits will be determined by our partially automated risk management. Among other factors, the former type, number, and amount of the wagers which the customer has staked and/or the bets placed on a certain sporting event are decisive.
These limits are not the same for all bettors and may vary. For understandable reasons further information cannot be given.” 

In other words, betting limits depend on who you are and will be left to Betworld’s sole discretion.

If you are interested in making a system bet then the minimum bet amount is €0.30 and the maximum allowable stake is determined in the same way as outlined in the above email response.

The maximum allowable winnings for any 24-hour period is capped at €20,000 and the weekly (Monday 00:00-Sunday 24:00) maximum winnings cannot exceed €100,000. Players that face the possibility of exceeding these limits when they place their bets will be immediately notified. The bet will not be accepted but the bettor will have the opportunity to lower the stake amount in order to fall within prescribed limits.

Betworld Casino and Live Casino Minimum and Maximum Stakes and Winnings

It is a bit easier to figure out the minimum stake amounts in the Betworld Casino because they are clearly displayed on each game. For example, when you open up a slot machine the minimum bet is listed and the same goes for all of the other casino games. The minimum bets start as low as €0.10 and can reach €10,000 depending on the game. When you visit the live casino you will notice that all of the maximum and minimums are listed right on the individual game’s thumbnail. Live casino bets can be as low as €0.50 and as high as €10,000.

The maximum allowable casino and live casino winnings are the same as the sportsbook’s. A player’s winnings cannot exceed €20,000 in a 24-hour period and the weekly maximum is set at €100,000. Players will be immediately notified if they place a bet that opens the possibility of exceeding any of these limits.

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