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Is bingo gambling? Cracking the Bingo code (2023)

If you are a beginner Bingo fan, you may wonder: is bingo gambling? The connection between Bingo and gambling is quite sophisticated. Ideally, bingo gambling’s definition is dependent on federal and state laws. 

People view Bingo differently; some view it as a fun pastime game while others view it as one of the online casino games, just like blackjack and roulette. 

As the debate rages on, game developers are advancing Bingo. Instead of visiting the bingo halls, you can now partake in online bingo gambling on your phone or computer at legal betting sites or approved casinos. In this 2023 bingo guide, analyze the bingo history, variants, legal support, and player behaviors.

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Brief history of Bingo

Bingo evolved from “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”, an Italian lottery game in the 15th century. In the late 1770s, Bingo moved to France and was popular among the wealthy Frenchmen. Here it was called “Le Lotto”. As it travelled across Europe, Le Lotto experienced some changes and reached Germany in the 1800s, but for more information, read Germany gambling sites. However, the German version was used to help students learn history, maths and spellings. 

When Bingo reached the US in 1929, it was named “beano” because players used to mark their playing discs using beans and shout “beano” if they won. However, Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy salesman, renamed it “bingo”. 

Lowe hired a mathematician, Professor Carl Leffler, to improve the game. At the start of 1930, Leffler had created 6,000 different cards. This ensured that there were fewer non-repeating numbers and conflicts when more than one person got Bingo simultaneously. 

Bingo became more popular when it started being played in churches to raise money- charity bingo. An estimated 10,000 games were played weekly by 1934. Many approved casinos offer Bingo. Better yet, you can play Bingo online, thanks to the online bingo hall.

How many forms of bingo exist?

Still wondering: is Bingo classed as gambling? First, you can choose offline and online casino games. The online version also offers live casinos to play real-time Bingo – but only on the best online bookmakers.  Nonetheless, here are common bingo forms:

30 Ball Bingo

This bingo form uses 30 balls and three by 3 square cards – it’s a speedy version, making it ideal for people who like quick games. You win more than once an hour. 

90 Ball Bingo 

This is the most popular bingo version globally. Besides, it’s the most complex. The game uses 90 balls and cards and has 15 numbers (divided into three rows of 5 each). The big winner is the first player to scratch off a row of numbers. When two rows are done, the second winner is announced. Finally, the full house happens when a player’s 15 numbers are scratched off his/her card. 

80 Ball Bingo

If you play at a bingo hall online, this is the most likely bingo type. Winning a game means that a player must mark off a complete row as shown by the pattern on the card. It uses a 4×4 card; popular winning numbers include four corners, horizontal lines, single digits,  and vertical lines.

75 Ball Bingo

This version is rampant in North America and has multiple variations. The standard variant has 25 squares divided into five rows of equal numbers. Cards and numbers are arranged by letters B-I-N-G-O to make it fun.

Bingo legal support and regulation

Since gambling has stricter rules, the worry is:  is Bingo a form of gambling? Bingo is played worldwide and is considered gambling by many. That implies that it has a lot of legal support. However, bingo laws vary from one jurisdiction to another. 

Is online Bingo fixed? The providers must offer only approved bingo games. Bingo regulations require that Bingo be played to benefit charity, and only a qualified organization should manage a bingo hall.

Does bingo count as gambling?

Bingo is gambling, but at the same time, it may not be classed as gambling. Here is why: 

When players play Bingo to win money (placing a bet), then it’s considered gambling. So this should answer the question, is playing Bingo for money gambling? Then, why is Bingo not considered gambling? Bingo isn’t gambling when there isn’t an exchange of money – precisely, when playing Bingo for fun; this answers, how is Bingo not gambling? While US federal law allows bingo gambling, in some states online Bingo is illegal.

Where is Bingo considered gambling in the US?

Bingo legislation varies from state to state, though federal law considers it legal. Nevertheless, you can play Bingo in a social setting with monetary exchange. Online bingo sites regulation remains a grey area, which isn’t legalised but lacks enforcement covering online playing.

However, you won’t play online Bingo for money in Illinois, Washington, Indiana, New York,  Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.

Bingo players: play behaviour

Online bingo gambling is gaining popularity, and most players may get into the bingo addiction. Try online bingo experiences, and you’ll understand the thrill of the game but only at the best online bingo sites. Player behaviours include:

Fun player: these are players who play Bingo for fun – no money is involved. But with time, they may convert to other versions. 

New player: this player has made the first deposit but has played for less than two weeks. If they have experience, they’ll play for long, and may convert to active players, and may lead to gambling addiction.

Active player: these are players with immense experience and can multi-task within bingo games, i.e., can play instant games alongside bingo games. 

Churn (Inactive) Player: these are players that made a deposit once and haven’t done that in a long time. The new bookmakers try to bring back such players by offering attractive bonuses

Is Bingo gambling? Pros and Cons


  • The online bingo hall is easily accessible to all players
  • Online free practice games
  • Flexibility in the number of cards to choose
  • Offline bingo halls offer a point of socializations
  • It provides an exciting and competitive atmosphere


  • Complex for beginner players
  • Costly to place bets

Is bingo gambling FAQ:

Bingo hall is safe, fair and trustworthy. In land-based, you witness the caller drawing the ball. However, in online bingo games, I chose legal betting sites. They should be licenced and must have true random number generators.

90-ball bingo is the world's largest and most popular form of Bingo. It features 90 numbers displayed randomly across nine columns. Each of the three rows has five digits.

Reporting illegal Bingo is easy –send your complaints to the body that regulates Bingo within your jurisdiction. All bingo providers that do not follow the bingo laws are shut down and prosecuted

The bingo laws are stringent. For example, they dictate the amount to wager and how often to play. Besides, in most regions, online Bingo is highly restricted.

This is a preoccupation with gambling-addicted gamblers spending more money and time chasing losses and gambling despite the negative consequences on their life. It's Also called a gambling disorder.

There are many avenues to get help if you have a gambling addiction. The critical thing is to find an accredited counsellor to help you stop the habit.

Yes, to commercial Bingo, operators need a licence from the gambling commission, and the local authority licenses the bingo hall/premises

Is Bingo a casino game: Verdict

Bingo is an exciting casino game offered in both online and offline casinos from small countries like Panama and even in countries like China and USA. A bingo hall can hold multiple players who compete against each other; it can be in high roller casinos or low stake. Though it can be played for fun or money, both versions require special bingo gambling devices. 

So, what is a bingo gambling device? Simply put, it’s a device that aids in playing Bingo, especially online. Properly using it can aid in winning big. Otherwise, bingo is an exciting game that can improve critical thinking as well as help win money. Also, if you want to learn more, check our new player bingo offer for more information.