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Find Your Sports Bonus – Complete Guide

Savvy punters are always looking for ways to get the best value from their sportsbooks. They are always looking for ways to attract new customers.

The many bonuses offered to new and existing customers are a great way to satisfy the needs of both parties. Players who make deposits get the added value that bonuses produce.

Therefore, the sportsbooks get the customers to deposit money and lay wagers which makes money for the company.

Everybody is happy.

Top Bookmakers with the Best Welcome Bonuses in 25 February 2024 – Updated List

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There are many kinds of gambling bonuses and they come in many different sizes but before you can find out first what is the hardest sport to bet on. Some sites offer $5 bonuses and some of the bigger names will give their customers $200 worth of free money and even higher. Some are given in the form of bonus money that can be used to wager with, others give customers free bets of various sizes and when matching a customer’s deposit. All of these bonuses come with strict terms and conditions but they are easy to claim and they are one of the best ways to instantly boost a punter’s betting account.

Aside from the typical offers that bookmakers give to customers that sign up and make a first-time cash deposit, most sportsbooks have ongoing promotions that are aimed at established clients. During the World Cup of Soccer, there were a lot of operators that offered their customers reduced juice, enhanced odds, and other perks on select matches. A lot of these promotions didn’t require a deposit to qualify.

There are also some betting sites that will give punters all sorts of freebies on special occasions such as Christmas, New Years, or on a punter’s birthday. More bonuses equate to more happy customers and this leads to an increased customer base which translates into bigger profits.

The most important thing to remember when you see an attractive bonus is that you need to read and understand its terms and conditions. Two different sportsbooks might be offering customers a $25 free bet for making a deposit but there is sure to be significant differences in qualifying requirements and how each one can be used. One thing to keep an eye on is rollover requirements and what is rollover in betting. A player will usually be required to put the full amount of the received money into play several times before they can withdraw the funds. Also be aware that rollover requirements normally call for the punter to bet on events with minimum odds such as 1.60 or even money (which means odds of 2.00 and betting on them is called EVS betting). Another important point to remember is that bonus can almost never be used in conjunction with other promos. For example, you would likely never be permitted to use a VIP offer with an enhanced odds promotion.

Sports Betting Bonuses and Offers

foot ballSportsbooks are competing very hard to get their share of the lucrative internet betting market. Like most other business, they strive to come up with new ways to keep their clients happy while increasing their customer bases. Betting sites with live streaming, live wagering, and mobile betting are just a few of the options that online bettors are attracted by. One of the methods used to bring new business is giving out bonuses. Special offers and promotions appeal to nearly everyone and punters are drawn to them like anyone else. When sports bettors are searching for a bookie they are usually enticed by these generous promotions and that is exactly what the gambling companies want.

Punters shouldn’t be under the illusion that the websites are giving these away out of sheer generosity. Issuing promos is a calculated strategy that books use to get you to deposit money. For example the management of a sportsbook $10 minimum deposit site knows that it’s a good deal for them if a $10 incentive leads to a punter depositing and wagering hundreds of dollars. Still, these incentives can be an excellent way for punters to make money when they take advantage of them correctly. See the latest list of sports bonuses here.

Signup and Welcome Bonuses

10-30Some of the most attractive promotional offers are signup bonuses and you’ll find these all over the place. There are generally a few different types and they come in various sizes. Let’s start with no deposit bonuses. These can come in the form of extra cash that can be used to bet on sports events. An example is 10Bet’s £5 no deposit bonus which requires a punter to open a betting account and use the promo code NET5FREE. The punter will automatically receive £5 with which they can place wagers.

Most such perks are given to customers who register and make a deposit. With match deposit bonuses, new customers are given bonus money when they make a deposit. The size of it will typically correspond to the amount of the deposit. You may see a bookmaker offering a 100% match deposit bonus up to 25 EUR, like Dakika does. This means that if you deposit 25 EUR then the bookie will give you 25 EUR in cash. If you deposit 10 then the extra money amount would be 10. Of course, if you were to deposit $1,000 you would get the advertised maximum of 25 EUR. See a complete top of welcome bonuses here. There are even Bitcoin sports welcome bonus offers.

Deposit Bonuses

money in handThese are some of the most popular ones and they are offered by most bookies to new and loyal costumers alike. The idea is simple. The website will give you a bonus if you deposit real money into your account. The new money can come in the form of match deposit bonuses where, as described above, the book will match your deposit up to a limit. Punters are sometimes also offered free bet deposit bonuses like Roadbet’s or Parasino’s. These are very much like the match deposit offers but instead of cash, the bookie will give you a an opportunity to make a bet with the company’s money. These free bets can be of fixed value but the amount is normally based on a percentage of the deposit amount. There are all sorts of twists and variations of them.

Punters should always try to get the maximum amount. If you are set on opening an account and depositing $200, try to find a reputable company that will match it, like Winner or 1Bet2Bet. If you plan on making future deposits then make sure that the you’ll also find there ongoing promos. It is easy to find the best and most suitable bonuses in’s promotions section. With The Judge’s extensive database, you can find the best and latest promotions. See the latest deposit bonuses here.

No Deposit Sports Bonuses and Free Bets

piggy bankPerhaps nothing is more eye-catching to a punter than an ad that states “Free Bet. No Deposit Required”. If you have searched for an online bookmaker then it is almost certain that your attention was captured by such an offer. No deposit bonuses are very easy to find but don’t think that you will be able to just claim them and cash them out right away. These ones are some of the hardest to turn into real money. They are almost always subject to multiple rollovers and they must usually be wagered on events with certain minimum odds. It’s not uncommon to need to roll the free money over 30 times at odds of 1.80 and higher within a certain timeframe. Sure, it can be done and it is a great way for novices to get their feet wet but it is an awful lot of work to cash one of these out. Still, many punters are turning them into cash on a regular basis and you can too. See the latest no deposit offers here.

Mobile Betting Offers

fottball on phoneMobile betting has revolutionized the way online bettors do their wagering. With a mobile device, punters can get in on the action from anywhere a wireless signal is available. The easier it is for you to place bets, the happier the bookmakers are. Many top operators have unveiled excellent mobile betting apps and integrated mobile betting sites into their systems and they want you to use them. That is why a lot of them offer mobile betting bonuses.

More and more bookies feature promos dedicated for mobile betting: Expekt, Interwetten, 18Bet or Dafabet. Punters will often either receive some free money or some other form of bonus such as enhanced odds or a money back bet if they make a minimum wager using a sportsbook’s mobile betting app. If you are looking for the most convenient way to place bets then mobile betting apps are for you. Why not cash in on a nice bonus while you’re at it? Check out here the latest mobile betting bonuses.

Betting Bonus Codes

code fieldSome of the biggest betting companies automatically apply bonuses to a qualifying player’s account but it is also common for them to require a “promo code” to claim a bonus. Promo codes can be found in many places and they are easy to use. Voucher codes are very often now sent via email. They are found on bookmaker websites and they can also be found on other websites such as right here at Redbets’s WELCOME1 or TonyBet’s DEVOTED are just a few of them.

Betting reload codes like RealDealBet’s and referral codes like Bovada’s are quite common. With a reload bonus that requires a promo code, a punter will simply need to process their transaction. At some point, usually on the main transaction page, the punter will be prompted to enter the applicable marketing code. Depending on the conditions of the promotion, the bonus will be applied either right away or whenever the appropriate conditions have been met.

These bonuses are no different by the ones we previously mentioned. It is only the method by which they are obtained that differs. Just like any other offer, punters need to know the terms and conditions that apply to claiming and properly using them. See here the latest sports bonus codes.

Free Bet Codes

money on floorFree bet codes are a popular way to collect a free bet bonus. Customers are off in notified via e-mail about these special offers by companies like ComeOn. You may need to place a wager on a certain event, make a deposit, or maybe even refer a friend to the sportsbook in order to receive such a code. These codes can also be found at and they’re simple to claim.

When you receive a free bet code, you need to first find out what the requirements are to claim it. If you decide to take advantage of the offer then you need to go through the required steps which will include entering the code into the appropriate promo box. Depending on the specific terms, you’ll either be promptly credited or you’ll need to fulfill certain obligations before the new funds are activated. Here are our latest free bet codes.

Free Bets

pocket moneyWho doesn’t like getting something for free? Punters certainly love to receive free bets and everybody knows this. That is why the top gambling operators are frequently giving their customers various types of free bets (learn here how they work). Free wagers are typically given to punters who make a deposit, lay a minimum bet, or wager a certain amount within a given timeframe. They are sometimes also given out on random occasions. Whatever the method of distribution, they are a great way to make money.

Punters should be warned that it is common for bookies to require that you use your own money to qualify for these. For example, a sportsbook might offer to give you a $25 free bet if you wager at least $25 from your real money account. Perhaps the website will give you a $100 free bet if you deposit $200 into your account like it happens at bookies like Sporting Index  or Super Lenny. Either way, the bookie is requiring you to use your own money to claim the bonus. You should probably know that if you use a free bet and it wins, the original stake will be excluded from the winnings, unlike when using cash welcome bonuses from Sportingbet, Cashpoint, BetMotion, or Noxwin. See a list of the latest free bets here.

Free Bets for Signing Up

sign up signThe gambling operators go to great lengths to get customers to sign up with them and offering free bets for joining is a method that has proven successful. It is a tradeoff that almost always works in the books favor. They get you to sign up in exchange for a free bet and they hope that you will eventually make a deposit and lay wagers with them. While it’s absolutely true that many punters are able to turn this free money into real cash, the truth is that most do not.

Free bets for signing up like the ones of or MyBookie are one of the best ways for novices to learn the ropes without having to commit any of their own funds. These promotions also enable experienced punters to try a new website. They can see what kinds odds are offered, test the interface, and get an overall sense of the quality of the bookmaker.

There are plenty of free bet bonuses for signing up available. Just remember that they won’t be as easy to cash out as they are to claim. Punters can expect the usual rollover requirements and other conditions to apply. As mentioned above, the amount of the free bet wager will not be included in any winnings. See the full list here.

Free Bets for UK Players

flag of ukIt’s not much of a secret that the betting market in the United Kingdom is one of the most lucrative on Earth. Online gambling in the United Kingdom generates billions of dollars every year and sportsbooks are doing all they can to attract UK customers. This is why British residents are the target of some of the best possible promotions. Efbet, Pinnacle, Betfred, and Betway are among some of the excellent companies that are offering some of the biggest and best campaigns to UK customers.

Sportsbooks that serve the United Kingdom are known to be some of the most reputable in the world and many of their bonuses are among the easiest to claim, use, and cash in on. Of course, you need to read and understand the conditions of them. A lot of them look the same but they are quite different. One thing free bets have in common is that if the bet wins – the original stake amount will not be included in the winnings.

Aside from these awesome free bets for UK players, punters can be assured that when they are betting with UK-based or white listed sportsbooks, they are playing at some of the most reputable and trusted sites on the internet. See the complete top of UK free bets here.

Compare Free Bets

apples and orangesAs mentioned, free bets come in many shapes and sizes. You might see three $25 free bets offered at three different betting sites. They will look the same on the surface but be assured that each one is quite unique. There will undoubtedly be different qualifying requirements and there will most certainly be different conditions of use. One of the bookies might require that you make a $50 deposit to claim it. Another site might want you to place a qualifying $25 bet with your own money and another one might require you to bet $100 in a one-week period to be able to claim the $25 free bet.

Beyond the qualifying requirements are the terms of usage. The first site could possibly only allow you to use the free bet on an event with even odds or greater. The next site will restrict the bet to a specific event such as the Super Bowl or Champions League final. The other site may only allow the free bet to be used on a certain day of the week. The rollover requirements needed to withdraw the potential winnings will be different and the timeframe in which they must be put into action will vary.

For these reasons and many more, it’s important to be able to compare free bets and choose the most suitable for you.

Money Back and Cash Back Bonuses

money bills flyingMoney back and cash back bonuses are a twist on free bets. With these ones, punters are offered a refund on their bet if there is a certain outcome to an event. During the recent World Cup, many companies offered punters refunds on their bets if the match they bet on ended in a scoreless tie. A lot of sportsbooks that feature horse racing offer bet refunds if the horse that a punter bets on to win ends up finishing second.

There are some that will refund the bet amount of an accumulator that loses and there are others that will refund your bet amount if the team you wager on loses in the final stages of a match. There are several variations of money back and cash back bonuses and they are definitely worth taking advantage of. They are like an insurance policy. See all the money back betting offers here.

Bonuses for Existing Customers

red carpetWhile welcome bonuses are great for attracting new clients, sportsbooks know that existing customers want access to great bonuses too. They know that ongoing promotions and special offers aimed at existing clients are an effective method of retaining and growing the customer base. While punters who are looking for reputable international gambling companies will be initially drawn to generous welcome bonuses, they should also make sure that the book has ongoing promotions that can be taken advantage of on a regular basis.

The most common bonuses that existing customers can cash in on are ongoing deposit bonuses. Almost every sportsbook offers their existing clients promos for making deposits. Many of them also give customers who place regular bets nice rewards and incentives, like Odds Ring, Favbet, Championsbet or LSbet. Betting a certain amount of money every week will qualify you for rewards most of the time. There are numerous bookies that have some sort of VIP program in place. Some “VIP Clubs” allow customers to accumulate points that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards while other similar schemes offer regular customers reduced juice, enhanced odds, and an assortment of other ongoing bonuses. See all offers for existing players here.

Reload Betting Bonuses

reload handReload bonuses are probably the most valuable bonuses that punters can take advantage of. Never mind the $5 cash bonuses and the $25 free bets. Punters who take proper advantage of reload bonuses stand to gain a significant amount of money. Many online gambling sites offer 50%, 100%, and sometimes even 200% and higher reload bonuses.  Needless to say, these ones have limits but the limits are sometimes impressive. Punters who refer to Gambling Judge’s database will find that they can claim reload bonuses of £200 and even higher from sites like: Intertops, BetDNA Nederbet or Vevo Gaming. Of course, you will need to deposit a proportional amount to claim such a great promotion but for those punters who are prepared to fund their accounts with a couple hundred pounds or more, there are some very sweet reload deals available. This will also allow you to place larger bets at high stakes betting sites.

Like the majority of betting deals, the extra money will likely be credited to your bonus account and you will therefore need to jump through some hoops to turn it into cash in your hands. With so much more at stake than with other smaller bonuses, it is crucial that you understand the terms and conditions that apply to these ones. See all of them here.

Loyalty and VIP Bonuses

loyalty cardIn the same vein as bonuses for existing customers, loyalty and VIP bonuses appeal to loyal customers who place regular action and want to be rewarded. If you plan on placing regular bets then it is in your best interests to join a sportsbook that will offer you cash back rewards, reduced juice, enhanced odds, or any other type of rewards for your continued loyalty.

There are many loyalty programs found online nowdays like the ones from SLBet, Paradisewin, Marsbet or ExclusiveBet. While they have different names and they offer many different rewards, the idea is the same. The more you deposit and the more you bet, the more you will be rewarded. Punters who bet regularly are the bookmaker’s bread and butter and the bookie will do almost anything to keep these punters active. VIP Clubs and loyalty rewards like the ones from B-Bets of VIP Stakes are considered to be a very worthwhile investment for the online operators. They are also very worthwhile for punters. If you are going to regularly place action on a larger scale then you might as well be rewarded for it. See our complete page of such promotions here.

Refer a Friend Bonus

friendsWord of mouth has always been and will continue to be a very powerful marketing tool. Punters tend to know other punters and it is through these channels that bookmakers can rustle up some business. SportsBet, Doxxbet, TopBet and other operators understand that a happy customer is likely to endorse their business. They also know that the added incentive of a referral bonus can lead to a lot of new customers, who in turn will tell their friends. This is why refer a friend programs are popular with safest betting sites.

These bonuses are pretty straightforward. While they usually come in different forms such as cash rewards or free money, qualifying for the bonuses is quite similar at most online operators. When you refer a friend, you will normally receive your bonus after your friend has made a deposit. In some cases, your friend will even need to place a certain amount of action with real funds before you qualify. A lot of bookmakers will even reward you every time your friend makes a deposit. Make sure you understand how the referral program works. They are a great way to add extra dollars to your account. Here you can find out more about bookmaker refer a friend bonus programs.

Daily Free Bets

daily boardWith the high volume of internet gambling sites that are operating, punters have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a sportsbook. As you know by now, the bookmakers are constantly bombarding punters with special offers and ongoing promotions. Savvy punters who are serious about bonuses, innovative sportsbook features, and getting the best odds bookmakers in the widest range of markets usually have multiple accounts. They might prefer to lay their baseball action at one book, their football action at another and their hockey action at yet another. This strategy not only ensures that the punter enjoys getting the best available odds; it also enables the bettor to take advantage of many more perks. Some punters can even find themselves collecting free bet bonuses every day of the week. This is especially true of punters who are regular bettors. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to cashing in on these. See which bookmakers offer daily betting offers here.

Weekly Free Bets

weekly lightsIf you aren’t the type of punter to use multiple sportsbooks, you can still get your fair share of free money. There are several reputable sportsbooks that offer their customers weekly free bets. These ones are very easy to find right here at Gambling Judge and they are generally very easy to claim. Weekly free bets usually require that the customer place a certain amount of action in a one-week span. These wagers typically need to meet certain odds requirements but there are generally not too inhibitive.

Once the sports bettor qualifies, the bookie will credit the player’s bonus account with a free bet. Of course, this amount will be proportional to the qualifying bet amount and the free bets will also be subject to certain terms and conditions. There are several companies such as 888, SkyBet, and TitanBet that offer weekly free bets. The complete list is here.

Monthly Free Bets

calendarWhile costumers are offered daliy and weekly free bets, you can be certain that they can also get monthly free bets. The method of procurement is almost identical to those methods required to collect daily and weekly rewards. The difference is that the process takes longer and quite often the financial commitment is a little greater.

Without too much work, punters will be able to find a sportsbook with monthly free bets.’s promotions section is the best place to start. Like other similar schemes, punters will probably need to place a certain number of bets of various minimum values. These bets usually need to meet certain odds requirements and the amount of the monthly bonus bet is normally directly tied to the qualifying wager amounts. Once the punter qualifies, they will be issued their monthly free money into their bonus account. There will be terms attached to its use and it will need to be used within a certain amount of time. See our best offers of this kind here.

Live Betting Bonuses

football playerBookmakers want you to bet as often as possible. Generating more action directly leads to generating more profits for the bookie. The introduction of live betting has definitely increased the bottom lines of betting sites that offer it. In-play betting appeals to a huge number of online sports bettors and with the proliferation of live-streaming, in-play betting is becoming a very lucrative cash cow for online operators.

In the past, sports bettors were limited to laying bets before an event started. Perhaps they had a small window to add some action during an intermission but that was about it. These days, punters are placing multiple bets during the game and the bookies love it. That is why a lot of of them offer their customers live betting bonuses. These offers ensure that the punter gets a taste of the live betting action and they know that true action junkies will get hooked.

These bonuses, like all others, have different qualifying and usage requirements but they are very easy to find. Sometimes a punter can qualify for one by placing a pre-game wager. They will then be credited with a proportional free bet to be used during the event. The bonuses can also be claimed as part of a deposit bonus, sign up bonus, or any other number of methods that most other promotional extras are claimed. See here the latest live betting bonuses.

Acca Insurance and Accumulator Betting Offers

acca edgeIf you are a fan of playing accumulators, you are probably familiar with the feeling that comes when you miss that final leg of a 5-teamer. Fortunately for acca aficionados, more and more sportsbooks offer their customers “acca insurance”: 188Bet, RealDealBet, Triobet. These “policies” are implemented differently but they result in the same thing: Getting some cash back. Some bookies offer the insurance for specific types of accumulators and some allow punters to get coverage by “opting in”. Whichever method is used, many acca players have been glad to have had the insurance.

Acca insurance is a fancy name for money back bet. If a player uses acca insurance on a losing parlay insurance, they will get their original stake amount back as bonus cash. This means that there will be a few strings attached to the refund. How does it work? Normally, the requirements are that the accumulator is at least five-fold and the punter is given a refund if one leg misses but this isn’t always the case. The number of legs and the number of misses vary at different websites so be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions that apply to accumulator insurance at your sportsbook. Compare all the acca insurance offers here.

Risk-Free No Lose Betting Offers

risk free signUsing the phrases “risk-free” and “sports betting” in the same sentence is usually quite contradictory unless you are referring to arbitrage friendly bookmakers where you can also try hedge betting. Bookies have successfully put these words together with their risk free bet offers and there is no contradiction. These betting offers likes the one you find at Betclic are found at many other companies and they are a cross between free bets and wager insurance. Simply put, if a punter takes advantage of a no lose betting offer then they will either cash in as per usual with a winning play or cash in with a bonus if the bet loses. With a losing bet, the bookies will credit the player’s account with the wager amount of the losing bet. Sometimes, the bonus will come in the form of a free bet. In either case, the bonus is treated like any other bonus offer meaning that it is subject to various term and conditions. Expect the usual rollover requirements and minimal odds standards to apply. See all the risk free offers here.

Best Odds Guaranteed Offers

thumbs up signGetting the best odds is sometimes a crapshoot. With the slim profit margins that many sports bettors work hard to grind out, every penny counts when it comes to odds. It can be very frustrating to punters when the lock in their bet ahead of time and then find that the odds have changed. This is especially common in NFL football where most odds are released on Sunday night and are subject to wild swings throughout the week. Maybe you jump on the Denver Broncos moneyline at 1.75 on Sunday night but it steadily rises throughout the week and closes at 1.95. If only you waited.

Fortunately, some sportsbooks offer the best odds guaranteed. So in the case of the Denver Broncos bet, the punter would be given the 1.95 odds even though he originally bet at 1.75. If you were to be on a team at, say, 1.75 and the line dropped to 1.50, you would still get the bet locked in at 1.75, the best odds.

Due to the extreme fluctuations of odds in some sports markets, guaranteed odds aren’t offered in every sport. Bookies are rather selective as this offer opens them up to a certain amount of risk and bookmakers don’t like exposing themselves to risk. Check with your bookmaker to see if they offer best odds guaranteed. If they don’t, you will find one that does in Gambling Judge’s database. See here a full index of Best Odds Guaranteed promotions.

Bore Draw Promotions

bored manBore draw promotions are a kind of thinly disguised money back wager promotion. Typically with these offers, if a punter loses a wager on a match that ends in a tie (usually a scoreless tie), the bookmaker will credit the punter with a cash back offer. The amount of cash back is normally proportional to the losing wager amount. While everyone will agree that a winning bet is much better, cashing in on a bore draw promotion is a decent consolation prize. Punters who are awarded this money as a result of a bore draw promotion can be certain that the bonus will be subject to the usual conditions.

These promotions are very popular at online operators such as William Hill and Paddy Power as well as other ones that see a lot of action on soccer. They are also very popular with punters who employ different strategies when they opt in with these promotions. All of them are available here.

Late Goal Insurance Offers

frustrated playerExperienced punters have all felt the pain of seeing a winning bet slip away in the final minutes of a match. With their team ahead and just a few measly minutes remaining, disaster strikes and a promising wager goes up in flames. Unibet was one of the first sportsbooks to offer their customers a bit of relief when they introduced late goal insurance. These days, several ones like BetVictor, 888, and Betway are among the many online betting sites that offer this feature.

It’s common now for players to be offered some sort of reward when their bet loses as the result of a late goal. In soccer, the fatal goal must typically be scored after the 85-minute mark and even later at some books although there are very rare exceptions. Getting a free bet is nowhere near as satisfying as winning but it beats coming away empty-handed. See all the bookies where you can get such rewards here.

Daily Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds

enhanced odds signPunters love to hear the phrases “enhanced odds” and “price boosts”. These translate directly into an opportunity to make a lot of money. The majority of the top betting operators on the internet offer their customers these attractive promotions and they are always well-received.

The basic idea behind these promotions is that a punter can wager on an event and their odds will be greatly increased. With daily price boosts and enhanced odds, a punter who wagers on an event with posted odds of even money, for example, will be given odds of maybe 5-1 as a bonus. This means that instead of standing to gain $10 profit on a $10 bet, the punter now stands to win $50. Usually, if the punter’s bet is a winner, the winning amount would be divided into two separate portions. Because the normally posted odds were even money, the bookmaker will place $20 in the punter’s real money account and $30 in their bonus account. Even thought the extra cash comes as a bonus and will be subject to whatever conditions apply at the betting site, these are still promotions that should certainly be taken advantage of. See where you can find Enhanced Odds or Price Boosts promotions, here.

First Goal Scorer Offers

goal keeperPunters aren’t always satisfied with betting on sides, totals, and spreads. Many like going for the longer shots that come with much higher odds and larger payouts. This is where prop bets such as goal scorer bets are enticing. Picking a player score first or score at all is a risky proposition which explains why the odds are usually so high. When one considers the low scoring nature of soccer, it is easy to see that there is a great amount of luck involved in these types of bets but the potential payouts can be very rewarding.

The premise is simple. You can bet on a certain player to score the first goal of a match or you can bet on a player to score at some point in the match. There isn’t too much else to it. If you bet on a certain player to score the game’s opening goal and someone else scores first, then your wager is dead in the water. If your player does score the opening goal then you win. If your bet is on a player to score during the game it’s the same thing. If that player scores a goal then the bet is closed and you win. If not, you lose. See where you can find these offers here.

Free Bets by Size

As you know by now, free bets are among the most popular types of bonuses found today online. They are attractive to sports bettors but many of the legal betting sites make it a real challenge to actually turn these bets into real cash. Despite the barriers in place, players are making real money from using them every day. With a little luck, you can also turn a free bet into real money. Bear in mind that most bookmakers have a limit to the amount of money a punter can turn their bonus into.

While the exact terms that apply to them are different at most places, some common themes are found. It’s true that sportsbooks will occasionally simply credit punters with free bets as a gift but the vast majority of such offers require that punters use their own money in some fashion. Usually, a cash deposit or qualifying bets is necessary to claim a one. There are normally multiple rollover requirements and many times the free bets must be placed on select events or events with certain odds. If yours is a winner, you can almost certainly expect that the original stake amount will not be included in the winnings.

Despite these drawbacks, free bets still present excellent value and should be taken advantage of. Let’s examine the typical sizes they have in the online offers.

£/€/$ 5 Free Bets

5 pound billThere are many £5 or currency equivalent free bets available from a wide variety of sportsbooks. In some cases, all a punter needs to do is open a new account to claim one. However, the majority require that the customer makes some kind of deposit or minimal wager in order to qualify. But that is not always the case, some bookmakers offer a £5 free bet when there is a low or no deposit betting condition, usually found at low deposit betting sites. 888 will give new customers a free £5 bet when the punter places their first £5 wager with them. 10Bet will credit a new customer’s account with a free £5 bet when they use a special promo code during the sign-up process. At ApolloBet, customers who place a qualifying $10 wager will be awarded a free £5 bet.

Ladbrokes, Vernons, TitanBet, and Jetbull are also among the many bookmakers that offer their customers free £5 or currency equivalent wagers. Be reminded that although these promotions all sound the same, there are significant differences in qualifying and redeeming requirements. See all the £ Free Bets here.

£/€/$ 10 Free Bets

10 pound billAnother great way for novice punters to claim a bonus and test the waters of internet sports betting without risking too much money is by claiming one of the many £10 free bets that exist. Of course, these ones aren’t just for novices. Experienced sports bettors can also benefit from claiming these. £10 or currency equivalent free bets can be easily claimed at a large number of bookies. These £10 free bets generally all look the same but by now you will know that there are big differences in how they work.

NordicBet and 32Red both offer customers a free £10 wager. DoBet offers their new customers a no deposit £10 free play. Other twists on the £10 free bet are Genting Casino’s offer and BoyleSports’ promotion in which customers can claim five free wagers worth £10 a piece. There are a great deal more of these available. See here the full list of 10 euro free bet no deposit bonuses, or currency equivalent.

£/€/$ 20 Free Bets

20 euro billsUnlike the scarce nature of free £15 sports bets, the free £20 is a much more common beast. These freebies are just as easy to claim and use as any other free bet. As usual, the biggest and most reputable bookmakers lead the way when it comes to offering customers these great bonuses. Betfair can be relied on to deliver a steady stream of bonuses and they lead the way here with their £20 free bet promotion. This one is being awarded to customers who open a new account and place a £5 qualifying wager.

Stan James and Betsafe also have similar offers that allow punters to easily claim a £20 free play. TLC Bet will give new customers £20 in free bets when they open an account and place a qualifying wager. Their £20 free bet is issued as two separate £10 free plays. See even more offers like these right here.

£/€/$ 25 Free Bets

money on rocksMoving right along, the bonuses keep getting better as we delve into the subject of £25 or currency equivalent free sports bets. Starting with, customers who open a new account and make a deposit can choose to “opt in” to their free £25 sports bet. Punters will need to place a minimum qualifying bet to trigger their free play.

McBookie’s promotion is a little different than many others. They allow punters to qualify by either placing a minimum bet with odds of even or greater or by placing a 4-fold or greater accumulator with no minimal odds. This entitles the punter to a free sports bet of up to £25.

If you want to see what using one of the best sports betting exchanges is like, Betdaq is the place to go. New customers need to open an account using a promo code, make a minimum deposit, and then place a series of qualifying bets. After meeting these conditions, Betdaq will credit your bonus account with a free sports bet worth £25.  Totesport is also one of the ones offering a promotion of this size. All of the £/€/$ 25 Free Bets are here.

£/€/$ 30 Free Bets

orange piggy bankOne thing punters should notice as the look into all of the awesome bonuses that are available is that the bigger ones tend to require a little more investment to claim. This is why it is important to seek out the right one for you. Welcome bonuses can only be claimed once and if you are going to be depositing $50 for example, it is a bit of a waste to claim one that would give you a $200 bonus if you were to deposit $200.

Betway’s £30 free bet bonus is a great promotion for those who don’t want to commit a large sum of money. With this promotion, punters must open an account, make a £30 deposit and then place a £30 qualifying wager. Win or lose, Betway will credit the punter’s account with a free £30 sports bet.

Fun88 and BetBright are among several other online bookies that have similar £30 free bet promotions. Gambling Judge can help you find many other ones like these. All the £/€/$ 30 free bets are here.

£/€/$ 50 Free Bets

50 pound billsYes, the special bonuses and promotions that Gambling Judge continues to bring punters get bigger and better. A prime example is 12Bets£50 free bets promotion. By opening an account, making a deposit, and placing a series of qualifying bets, 12Bet will reward you with £50 worth of free bets.

Both NetBet and Ladbrokes are extending their generosity to customers who open a new account, make a minimum deposit, and place a wager. In order to claim either of these bonuses, punters need to use promo codes. It’s that simple to get a £50 free sports bet bonus. Many other top sportsbooks offer their new and loyal customers £50 free bet bonuses and they are all generally quite easy to claim. See all the free bets with the value of £/€/$ 50 here.

In Closing

As you now know, there is an endless assortment of bonuses. The types and values may seem similar but there are big differences in the way you can claim them and use them. The most important piece of advice to keep in mind is to always read and fully understand the terms and conditions that apply to any of them that you are thinking about claiming. If you are unsure of any aspect of any promotion then you can contact the website’s customer service department for assistance. Most are quick to respond with thorough explanations.

Punters should also take the time to research various strategies that are employed when using bonuses. Whether they are free bets, bore draw bonuses, or no lose sports bet promotions, there are some very clever ways to use them. It should also be repeated that bonuses shouldn’t be the only consideration when it comes to choosing a sportsbook but they should absolutely be a big part of the equation. Getting the maximum value from a bonus can go a long way in keeping your betting account healthy.

Let be your source for finding the biggest, best and latest bonuses. The sportsbook reviews and other informative data that we provide will help you make the right decision when you are trying to find the best sportsbook to suit your needs.

Happy Hunting and Happy Punting!!

FAQ about Sports Bonus

One of the most common sports bonuses is the welcome bonus for your first deposit.

Yes, as long as you are playing with real money, you will receive some sports bonuses and in most cases, the winnings are real money.

The best method to find sports bonuses is to do real research about the operator's offers or to claim the bonuses available on our websites.

Yes, of course, as long as your operator is mobile-friendly or has some mobile apps available, you will be able to claim a sports bonus by phone.