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How to Win Money at Betworld

There are several ways to win money at Betworld. Of course, the most common method of actually winning bets involves a combination of skill and luck. Another method of making money here is by taking advantage of deposit bonuses and meeting the rollover requirements. This method also takes a bit of skill and some help from the gambling gods. Be assured that it is possible to win money and many people have, and continue to cash out.

Do Your Homework

Many punters that actually make a profit don’t simply flip a coin to make their sports picks. Some of the keys to their success involve doing research (handicapping), playing angles (trends, injuries, weather), and getting the best odds. Successful sports bettors put all emotion aside. For example, making a bet on your favorite team just because you’re going to watch the game and you want a bit of action is a recipe for disaster.

Live Betting

One of the great things about wagering at Betworld is the huge variety of bets that are usually available for any given match. This gives sports bettors a better opportunity to find a favorable play. Another advantage that punters can exploit is the availability of live betting. Live betting gives you the opportunity to hedge, double down, or make new wagers while the game is in progress. Let’s say that you place a pre-game moneyline bet on Everton (1.45) against Burnley (7.00). Let’s also say that Everton falls behind 2-0 before the half. They look terrible and you feel that your bet is going to lose. You could place a live bet on Burnley to offset the potential Everton loss. In other words, hedge the bet.

Using the same example, you may feel that Burnley got extremely lucky in the first half and your diligent research indicates that Everton should bounce back in the second half. Maybe it’s a good time to wager on the game’s total score too? Live betting allows those who are following the flow of an individual match to identify certain edges.


Look, if there was a guaranteed way to always win at sports betting, aside from arbitrage betting, then we’d all be rich and the bookies would be broke and out of business. Pick your spots, get the best odds, and protect your bankroll. Take advantage of good promotions such as Betworlds’s 0-0 Moneyback Guarantee and the Monday 10% Combo Cashback.  These are just a few of the things that will help give you the best chance at long-term success when you wager at at this bookmaker.

What Not to Do

There are certain steps that punters can take to increase their chances of success but there are also several things that can zero out a betting account quite quickly. As mentioned above, letting emotions get in the way of critical thinking is counter-productive.Betting on a team just because they are playing on television isn’t conducive to long-term success. Speaking of emotion, going on tilt and increasing bet sizes to make up for a previous loss is usually a sure-fire way to ruin.

Many betting accounts have become NFL Monday Night Football fatalities because tilting punters have placed large chunks of their bankrolls on the game in a misguided attempt to make up for a bad Sunday. These punters literally talk themselves into going large on a game that they originally had little or no interest in betting on in the first place. Sure some win but many lose and the loss pretty much wipes them out. Keep an even head and don’t blindly chase losses. Sometimes, the best bet is no bet at all.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few podcasts, YouTube videos, and other resources that are available online that offer sound advice on betting strategies for different sports. It is well worth your while to check them out. Learning from these resources will further bolster your chances of winning money at Betworld.

Best of luck!!

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