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Push Gaming into overdrive with Melbet Casino’s FastGames

Melbet Casino has a comprehensive portfolio of games that players can explore at leisure, so they find the genre that better meets their expectations.

If you are a new player, searching for some fun games to play right away, you should definitely check out the section called FastGames.

The name is self-explanatory, so when you choose to try any of the games in this category, you can expect immediate gratification.

These games can be tried for free or you can use real money, so the choices yours.

What to expect from FastGames?

There are more than three dozen different games to be found here and the list is on a constant expansion, so you can always hope to discover new titles. The games have unique mechanics but they are generally tasking players with choosing one of the two possible outcomes. Essentially, you will be playing coin flip games that have a virtually identical chance to happen, so the house edge is very low. All you need is a little bit of luck to prevail and no previous experience is needed.

Under and Over 7 is such a game that can be found in Melbet Casino’s FastGames, with players throwing a dice and making a prediction. The betting limits are small and they can bet under seven, exactly 7 or any value that exceeds this threshold. Not surprisingly, the biggest potential payout is reserved to those who bet on 7, with a 5.8 return on investment. The safe bet is to bet on the under or over and cash in on a 2.3 multiplier, to keep the risks low and the game fun.

Melbet Casino FastGames pay tribute to some of the best-known books and Hollywood blockbusters, with a shining example being Witch Game of Thrones. Don’t worry about complex gameplay, because all you need to do is to find the bottles containing wine, while avoiding those with poison. There are many levels to complete and the rewards only get better, so players can take winnings soon or go through all 10 levels. Once again, this is a game that rewards players with a lot of flexibility.

A successful hybrid of sports and casino

Melbet Casino’s FastGames are also an inspired combination between other gambling genres, such as sports. Penalty is the name of a game that has players assuming the role of the striker and goalkeeper, while trying to predict the direction of the shot.

Simplicity is the main quality of this game, which was a perfect addition for this section of the casino. The goal is to score a goal, pun intended, to claim the winnings and the game has reasonable stakes.

If you seek interactive games, Monkeys is a good choice, as you bet on monkeys and hope that they will deliver payouts. This is a fun game to play and once, with sensible betting limits and just like the other fast games, you can try them for free.

Melbet Sports Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to €100
Melbet Sports Welcome Bonus: 100% Up to €100

  • Sports welcome bonus: 100% up to €100
  • 5x bonus wagering requirements
  • Minimum odds: 1.40
  • Minimum deposit: €1

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