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Tote Jackpot – Ultimate Tote Jackpot Betting Guide [2023]

Betting on horse races is known as a form of high-risk, high-reward type of gambling.

The odds of winning are lower than on other sports, but the potential payouts are also greater.

Tote jackpot is the ultimate reflection of UK horse racing betting for bold punters.

In this guide, we review this popular type of betting and discuss the Tote jackpot returns, while also analyzing the risks.

You’ll find out if the Tote jackpot payout offers the dividend that would justify the risks and the best horse racing sites.

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Tote Betting on William Hill

➤ William Hill is an agent for the Tote and accepts bets at Tote odds on horse racing in Great Britain and selected pools in the Republic of Ireland and other countries where their acceptance is advertised.
➤ The bets accepted at horse race meetings in Great Britain are the Scoop 6, Jackpot, Placepot, Quadpot, Trifecta, Exacta, Swinger, win, place and any other new bet introduced by the UK Tote.
➤ Where the UK Tote offers a pool facility for horse race meetings taking place outside Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland bets will be accepted.

Everything you must know about the Tote Jackpot

The UK Tote jackpot is the most tempting type of wager for people who just learn how to bet on horses. It offers the promise of spectacular winnings, for those bold enough to take the chances. Essentially, the Tote jackpot rules state that you must correctly predict the winners of the first six races at a meeting.

It can be found at the best horse racing betting sites UK has to offer and promises spectacular odds. What makes it particularly appealing is that you can bet a small amount and still win big if you’re lucky.

Tote jackpot meaning explained

In order to properly understand what is a Tote jackpot bet, we need to look at its key characteristics. Punters are tasked with correctly indicating all the winners of the first six races of daily competition.

All these events take place on the same day, so you normally know in a few hours if the Tote jackpot dividends will be paid. With a minimum stake of £1 or currency equivalent, it can generate huge winnings for those who make the right prediction.

To have the Tote jackpot explained properly, we also need to highlight the fact that if nobody picks a winner, the Tote jackpot pool is rolled over. This means that the money isn’t claimed by the bookmaker, but instead, it is added to the next Tote jackpot event.

How to pick horses for a Tote Jackpot?

Compared to other types of pool betting sites on horse racing, Tote jackpot gives players little flexibility. Unless you can predict the winners of the first six races, the investment is lost.

Speaking of which, you can add multiple runners in each of the races to improve your odds of winning. On the other hand, this will influence how much does a Tote jackpot cost. The more selections you have, the more expensive the bet, so you can end up paying quite a hefty amount.

Punters who have just learned how does Tote jackpot work might be tempted to bet on the favorites. The upside is that these are the most likely horses to win, so your chances improve.

The downside is that if more people bet on the same outcome, the jackpot dividend is split among them. By contrast, if you bet on the underdogs (check here our underdog betting guide), you take greater chances but if you win you claim a bigger percentage of the prize pool.

Place a Tote Jackpot bet online – Step by Step

As soon as you learn what does Tote jackpot mean you can proceed with placing the first wagers. These are the five steps that you must take to place your first bet on a UK Tote jackpot.

Step 1
Find an established or a new horse racing betting sites UK offering Tote jackpot bets
Step 2
Select the nominated meeting and activate the Tote Jackpot link.
Step 3
Pick the winner of each of the six horse racing events
Step 4
Add them to your bet slip to complete the Tote Jackpot accumulator
Step 5
Select the stakes and place the first bet

How expensive is a Tote Jackpot bet?

Compared to other popular types of horse racing bets such as the scoop 6, Trixie bet, Yankee bet, Tote betting is less expensive. There are two things to consider, namely the minimum stake per line, which can be as little as one cent, and the minimum total stake which can be one pound or currency unit equivalent.

If you fancy adding more horses to mitigate the risks, the prices can go up significantly. Most punters treat the UK Tote jackpot as a type of lottery, by investing the minimum amount and hoping for profits. Others force the envelope even further and choose a Tote exacta that requires them to pick the first and second horses in a race.

What happens if a horse is a non-runner?

Even the best Tote jackpot strategy can be rendered useless if your chosen horse doesn’t compete. This is the worst-case scenario, as it completely shatters your odds of winning if your selection isn’t even in the books. What happens if your horse is a nonrunner in a jackpot is the obvious question for those who fancy this type of wagering 2023.

The good news is that you don’t automatically lose the bet, but your stake is switched to the SP favorite. This brings us to the next question, namely, what does sp mean in betting? The term stands for starting price, meaning the odds given initially by the bookie to the horses.

How are Tote jackpot prizes calculated and paid?

Unlike other popular types of horse racing bets such as the patent bet, alphabet bet, or the forecast bet, UK Tote jackpot has the winnings pooled. This means that all the money collected from participating players goes towards the live Tote jackpot pool.

The bookmaker will withhold a percentage of the money as a fee, so the house is guaranteed to win. On the bright side, punters are also certain to get a share of the total amount. The Tote guarantee implies that if nobody wins, the amount is rolled over to the next event. Just like with progressive jackpot slots, the longer it takes before somebody wins, the bigger the payouts.

The best Tote Jackpot strategies


For all its volatility and high risks implied, UK Tote jackpot betting is a rather straightforward affair. That’s perhaps why there are not many advanced strategies and the focus is on maximizing the returns or decreasing the risks. If you hope for maximum payouts, then you should consider the superfecta strategy. This will require you to select the race winner, as well as the combination of three or more horses to finish in the top four positions. You don’t have to pick the exact order of the next three horses.

Another way of chasing bigger payouts is to play the Tote trifecta. Just as the name suggests, you must accurately pick the first three horses to finish in the race, in the correct order. By comparison, the Tote swinger only tasks players with indicating two horses that will finish on the podium. The exact order doesn’t matter, so you have significantly better chances to win than with regular Tote Win/Place bets.

If you know what a Tote placepot is, you should consider this type of wager as a safer alternative to classic UK Tote jackpot bets. All you need to do is to select placed horses in the first six races, rather than indicating the winner. The Quadpot on the other hand should be considered by natural risk-takers. The bet wins if the chosen horses finish first and second, so there odds of winning are stacked against the profits. In any case, a smart strategy is to place placepot and quadpod bets late, to factor in any non-runners.

Pros and cons of Tote Jackpot


  • Offers the potential of big winnings
  • Available at major bookmakers
  • UK free bets offered on Tote jackpot wagers
  • Low stakes and overall tiny costs


  • Small chances of winning

Frequently Asked Questions about Tote Jackpot:

There are variations of the Tote jackpot such as quadpot that pay more than the classic version. Compared to trifecta box betting and even tricast bet for individual races, it pays better, but the risks are greater.

Because of its popularity, you can find this type of wager at most UK bookmakers. You can even take advantage of free horse racing bets no deposit bonuses that can be used on this wager.

Not only British bookmakers, but also international operators can feature this type of wager. The former have the perk of awarding reload offers UK punters can take advantage when betting on a Tote Jackpot.

The maximum amounts are determined by the bookmaker based on its appetite for risk. They are also influenced by the stakes, so the higher the sum wagered, the greater the maximum potential winnings.

Put your lucky to the test with Tote Jackpot betting

Tote Jackpot is not only one of the most popular horse betting terms, but also one of the best-paying ones. You need to be really lucky to successfully make six correct predictions on distinct races. This is not the kind of wager for the fainthearted or risk-averse punters.

If you fancy the idea of winning a large sum with a small investment, the UK Tote jackpot should be considered. The odds of winning are remote but if you strike it lucky, the amount you play will make your effort worthwhile.

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