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RoyalPay Bookmakers – Best RoyalPay Betting Sites [2024]

There are many options when it comes to online betting payment methods, and some appeal to players with very specific needs: RoyalPay bookmakers are one of them.

This alternative payment method can be an ideal option for bettors who cannot play on VISA bookmakers, SporoPay and bank transfer bookmakers due to local laws and bank policies.

However, there is little information about RoyalPay betting and most people do not know how to use RoyalPay at online betting sites.

That’s why we’ve prepared a RoyalPay betting review: Below you can find answers to everything you wonder about this new payment method.

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What is RoyalPay gambling and how does it work?

If we made a list of bookmakers by payment methods, it would have two basic categories: credit card bookmakers and ewallet bookmakers. These make up the most used basic payment methods for online gambling. The first category includes several options such as MasterCard bookmakers and Maestro bookmakers.

The second category includes many options too, such as PayPal bookmakers, Skrill bookmakers, and WebMoney bookmakers. These traditional methods are also the most popular, but not everyone in the world has seamless access to them.

For example, in countries such as China where online gambling is subject to many restrictions, it is very difficult to use these methods without problems: Such countries need to use payment methods tailored to their needs.

RoyalPay betting comes into play at this point. This Australian-based service works like a virtual POS machine that can be used in IM (instant messaging) applications. The service is not open to end-users and is designed for Australian merchants to sell to Chinese consumers. The logic of the system is quite simple:

    • Online merchant (i.e. RoyalPay bookmakers) applies to the RoyalPay service. His application gets reviewed by both Australian and Chinese authorities.
  • The consumer (i.e. bettor) scans the QR code of the service he wants to purchase with his mobile phone.
  • The QR code automatically takes the payment from the user’s WeChat/AliPay account and transfers it to the RoyalPay merchant. If there is not enough balance in the WeChat/AliPay account, it takes the payment from the consumer’s bank account.
  • When the transaction is completed, the merchant receives a message that the payment has been made. This whole process takes 1-3 seconds on average.

Currently, there are 16,000 merchants registered to RoyalPay and more than 80 million AUD(check the article on AUD bookmakers and betting sites) of trade is carried out in the system every month. RoyalPay betting sites are, of course, a part of this system and as we will explain below, they offer various advantages.

What you get at RoyalPay betting sites

By placing your bets at the top RoyalPay bookmakers, you can:

Enjoy extra security

If you think Trustly betting sites and Interac bookmakers are safe because they use the banking system, RoyalPay online bookmakers can do better: This service has partnered with AON insurance and Flexewallet to offer increased security.

Use a tried & tested system

RoyalPay is in operation for more than 3 years and is used by more than 16.000 merchants every month. It is a tried & tested payment solution that works without a problem.

Enjoy practicality

You don’t need to use an additional app and/or create an account to pay at RoyalPay bookmakers. Paysafecard bookmakers will ask you to purchase a voucher, debit card bookmakers will require using a card. RoyalPay betting sites, on the other hand, require nothing: You just need to use a popular IM application (WeChat, AliPay, BestPay) and that’s all.

Creating an account for RoyalPay betting

Bettors cannot create a RoyalPay betting account: The system is open only to online merchants. In this regard, bookmakers that accept RoyalPay work like PayOp bookmakers and Payvision bookmakers: This is a mobile payment processing service, not an e-wallet. If you want to try RoyalPay banking at online bookmakers, here is what you need to do:

Step 1
Check our list of bookmakers accepting RoyalPay and pick one. We check new RoyalPay bookmakers on a regular basis and pick the best ones for you – any name on the list will be a good choice
Step 2
Visit the website of that bookmaker and complete the registration
Step 3
Download WeChat, AliPay, or BestPay from the App Store and Play Store: These IM apps are available on all major platforms (iOS & Android)
Step 4
These IM apps also offer a digital wallet. Add a funding source (i.e. bank account) to these wallets so you can make online purchases with them
Step 5
Return back to the RoyalPay bookmaker website. Log in, open your profile page, and click “Deposit”
Step 6
Pick “RoyalPay” among the available payment methods
Step 7
Enter the amount you want to deposit
Step 8
You will see a QR code on the screen. Take your phone, launch your IM app, and scan that code with the app
Step 9
If your digital wallet has enough funds, the transfer will be complete in a maximum of 5 seconds

This is how the system works and this is how you can make a RoyalPay bookmakers deposit. However, it is impossible to make a RoyalPay bookmakers withdrawal: The system is for making payments only. While the merchants can issue refunds, end users cannot make a withdrawal using RoyalPay.

The benefits of playing at RoyalPay bookmakers

This is mobile betting at its finest

There are other virtual POS services on the market, for example, Payvision. However, RoyalPay betting is built on mobile and for mobile: You just need a mobile phone with a camera and an IM application.

Boku betting sites come close due to their mobile payment feature, but RoyalPay still offers more practicality. There are lots of mobile betting sites that accept RoyalPay because the whole system is designed with Android mobile devices in mind.

You can make a deposit without any restrictions

Instadebit bookmakers are not available everywhere and betting sites that accept prepaid cards cannot be used in certain countries due to local laws. This is not the case for RoyalPay betting sites: If you can use three IM apps, you can use the system and make a deposit.

Instant deposits

It will take at least 48 hours to complete a deposit at cheque bookmakers. Even new online bookmakers iDeal will ask you to wait for a couple of hours. RoyalPay bookmakers, on the other hand, offer instant deposits.

Pros and cons of RoyalPay online bookmakers


  • Instant deposits
  • Safe payments with insurance
  • Available in most popular IM apps
  • No account required


  • Not available in many countries
  • Payment limits are tied to the limits of IM apps

Frequently Asked Questions about RoyalPay betting sites:

Yes. The company behind it (Tunnel Show Pty. Ltd.) is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments.

There is no specific bonus for paying with RoyalPay but you can still get a bonus for every deposit you make, no matter which method you used.

No. This is a virtual and mobile POS service available only for online merchants. End users cannot create an account and/or use an app.

There are no fees that affect the consumer. There is only a transaction surcharge and it is paid by the merchant himself.

We do not believe that there is a single website that is “best” at everything. Check our RoyalPay betting sites list and try all the names on it to find the one that suits your needs the most.

We have betting sites that accept RoyalPay for every country

You have learned how RoyalPay bookmakers work: This payment method may not be as popular as others but it offers a lot of advantages for certain types of bettors. We recommend trying RoyalPay betting: All you need to do is downloading one of the three IM apps.

There are a couple of RoyalPay online bookmakers we recommend and this payment method will allow you to make fast, secure, and practical payments. Try RoyalPay betting today and good luck!


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