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Sweetheart Teaser Bet Guide: What Every Gambler Must Know

Sweetheart teaser bets can be one of the easiest ways to make easy profits at a sportsbook. This post outlines the nitty gritty of this teaser bet, including how to place it at the common sports offering it. Also, we will tell you the types of sports betting associated with this bet.
So, stay on this page to learn more.

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What is sweetheart teaser?

A sweetheart teaser is a teaser bet that favors you more than an ordinary teaser bet. Typically, the inclusion of the term “Sweetheart” means that the book is giving you more points. A sweetheart teaser combines 3 – 12 teams (Basketball and football) and gives you 10 or 13 points in football and 8 or 10 points in Basketball.

So, typically, you are adding extra points to your spread. For instance, if you pick two teams at -10, you can bet both teams at -3 instead. Both teams must win for you to get paid; otherwise, you lose. For football and hoops, sweetheart teasers must be of 3 or 4-team variety. 

How to bet a sweetheart teaser?

Most sportsbooks offer the sweetheart teaser at -110 to -130 pricing, but this can vary significantly from one book to another.  Here is an example to illustrate how it works:

Suppose you are interested in betting on three teams: Ravens -11.5, Jets +1.5, and Patriots -2.5. To place a sweetheart wager, you will have one bet: Ravens -1.5, Jets +11, & Patriots +7.5. Here, each spread has been moved to 10 points. 

Depending on the book, you will have to risk $11 – $13 per $10 you want to win.

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Types of Sweetheart teaser bets

The sweetheart teaser bet is also called the monster teaser. Also, some books offer it under specials as it is a type of special teaser bet. Typically, there are two types of teasers: 

Super Teaser/Special Teaser/Big Teaser/Monster Teaser: This type of teaser allows you to select three or four teams. In some instances, it can allow you to select even five teams. This teaser bet gives you many points to add or subtract to the spread of your selections. As a result, you will receive less money than the one risked in the bet.

Vegas Teaser or simply The Teaser: This bet is more of the combination of the bet explained above and a parlay. In this case, you will receive a few points to adjust the spread of the selection chosen. However, the more the team selected in the bet, the higher the payout. The number of teams allowed is between 2 – 15.

Top 2 sports covered by sweetheart teaser bets in 2024

A sweetheart teaser is a special offering on some books on specific sports. It is worth pointing out that these teaser bets work differently on different sports.

Additionally, each sportsbook has its own terms and conditions. Therefore, before engaging in the bet, check its terms. Otherwise, here are the sports offering a sweetheart teaser:


NFL football betting extensively applies teaser and pleaser bets. Applying a sweetheart football teaser or NFL teaser is quite interesting. Ideally, bettors have an opportunity to tease between 5 and 10 selections by 10- or 13- points.
However, if you place a 3 to 4 selection of sweetheart NFL teaser, you are limited to 10 points only.


You can also apply this teaser bet to NBA games. Like in NFL, sweetheart teaser basketball allows you to tease between 5 and 10 selections. Nevertheless, the point spread you will need to apply here is between 7 and 13 points.

Again, if you place 3 to 4 selections, you will be limited to 7 points.

Note that all ties lose in a sweetheart teaser. But again, that depends on the bookie. So, before placing this bet, read the terms of services of a bookie concerning the bet. Additionally, understand sweetheart teaser tips and tricks.

But if you know how to bet on Basketball, it should be pretty easy.

How are odds calculated in sweetheart teaser bets?

The odds express your chances of winning your teaser bet and the amount of money to receive if a wager is successful. The sweetheart teaser is mostly applied to American football and Basketball; therefore, teaser bets are expressed in Moneyline bets or American odds. Here are some common teaser odds:

  • 7-point teasers have odds of -140. So, you get $100 in profit for a correct $140 teaser.
  • A line moved 6.5 points costs you -130. So, to win $100 in profit, you’ll have to take a $130 bet.

Most books offer a teaser calculator to help you understand your sweetheart teaser odds when selecting the teams. A calculator is the easiest way to determine your chances of winning and possible payout. So, check whether your sportsbook offers a sweetheart teaser calculator.  

Oddsmakers set point spreads to predict as accurately as possible the final scoring differential. Moving the amount by a huge amount snatches some control from the house and significantly affects your chances of winning. To combat this, bookies will give you poor payouts. 

The best alternatives for sweetheart teaser bets

While the sweetheart teaser in sports betting lets you win money at a reduced risk; you may want to try alternative bets that a bookie offers. In this section, we briefly explain these bets. Check them below:

Point spread and handicap bets

The term point spread is common in America, while handicap is used in European betting sites. In this wager, a bookie determines the points that they believe a team will manage to win by. A bettor wagers on whether the bookies understated or overstated the potential of a team. 

Totals or over/under bets

In over under betting, books offer a specified total associated with a match, usually associated with the number of points scored in a game. When wagering on this bet, you predict whether the actual number will be under or over the set number.

For instance, in Miami Heat versus Chicago Bulls game, a bookie may set the totals line at 150 points. So, you can bet on under or over. To win your bets, you will need the best sports betting strategies.

Parlays and accumulators

In this bet, you typically place several bets in one big bet. For instance, in football, you can wager on up to 15 games in a single bet. However, all individual bets must successfully get a payout from this bet. If any single team loses, you lose the entire bet.

How to win big with sweetheart teaser in sports

A sweetheart teaser allows you to win big as it combines increased chances of winning and the excitement of parlay. With the best teaser betting strategy, you can boost your winning chances. Here are our best sweetheart teaser guide tips:

  • Understand the tie rules: You should know how the tie and bets affect your bet because the difference between ties-wins teasers vs. ties-lose teasers is substantial. 
  • Shop odds and understand sweetheart teaser rules: Check what bookies offer; some offer favorable tie rules and higher juice, while others have low but grade ties as losses. 
  • Find key number lines and determine the number of points needed to move past them – 3, 7, and 10 in football and 5 and 7 in Basketball.
  • Tease any favorite between -7.5 and -8.5, down 6-points to between -1.5 and -2.5 in football. Also, tease any underdog of +1.5 to +2.5 up 6-points to +7.5 to +8.5
  • Know the push rules to avoid last-minute surprises. 
  • Understand the sweetheart teaser vs. regular teaser rule difference and apply them accordingly. 
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While finding the best strategies for sweetheart teaser can boost your chances of winning, always understand how the bet works.

Pros and cons of placing a sweetheart teaser bet


  • A less risky alternative to  parlay betting
  • Allows bettors to use a small bankroll to bet multiple games
  • They are profitable when you tease 2-3 NFL spreads toward key numbers
  • It offers the excitement of having a big ticket while having extra points to protect you from losing


  • Winning sweetheart teasers pay less than equivalent parlays
  • A bookie's tie rules may reduce the overall value of individual teasers

FAQ about sweetheart teaser bets

The major difference between a sweetheart teaser and a regular teaser is that regular teasers offer tea-team teasers, while sweetheart teasers do not.

Shop odds and find the most favorable rules because bookies differ in rules and odds. Some books charge better juice but offer favorable tie rules. Other books charge lower juice but categorize ties as losses.

Yes. You can place it if the bookie is mobile-ready.

Although they win repeatedly, these bets guarantee you will hit them whenever you place a bet. They can be deceptive; thus, you need to understand the rules.

It's a calculator, usually embedded on a betting site, to help you calculate the odds of your selections in a sweetheart teaser.

For football, sweetheart teasers offer 10 or 13 points in football and 8 or 10 points in Basketball.

Are sweetheart teaser bets worth your time?

It’s true, teaser bets win most of the time. However, they do not guarantee that you will win them often enough to overcome the house edge. Again, while they win, their payout is usually meager. So, sweetheart, teasers are not the best option if you are out to make money. Remember, you scoop up multiple bets just like a parlay. This is risky and increases the chances of a bookie getting your money. So, before choosing this bet, study a sweetheart teaser guide for details.