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This article is the personal opinion of Tom Hawks. Updated: July 11 2018. Only players aged 18+ allowed. Gamble responsibly. If you are unable to do so, please try to get help:

My sports betting journey with Bet365

The Bet365 Sportsbook caught my attention from quite a while ago because of the easiness I could transfer my money from sports betting and poker to casino games while using a single, unified account. It's a feature that you get used to and forget how important it is. When talking about sports betting, it's easy to admit that their big offer of games, sports and leagues allows everybody to find their favourite bets easily. The moment I landed on their website I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity. For me, it is important to be able to find my way around with ease, rather than being overwhelmed by banners. The saying goes that you only get one chance to make a positive first impression and Bet365 Sports really caught my eye.

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What Promotions Did I Find at bet365?

I checked this multiple times, and I found sports betting offers here almost always. You'll get your fair share of betting options. I prefer matched deposit bonuses, but then again I would never turn down a no-deposit bonus or free spins. Online campaigns do change, so the ones offered at the time of writing might not be available at a later date. The good news is that the bookmaker refreshes its lineup of promotions, so you always have an offer worth considering. You should go regularly on the Bet365 website to check for yourself what is available at the moment.

Bonuses are not always offered in the form of cash, as there are other ways to meet punters half way. The cash out feature is not exactly a bonus, but it’s nice that players are allowed to secure their profits while the game is still playing. I think that this feature is particularly useful as I don’t want to go through a roller coaster of emotions in the final minutes of the match. Depending on how the team plays at the moment, you receive more or less money, which allowed you to mitigate the risks.


Why am I a long-term bettor of Bet365?

Bet365 is first and foremost a bookmaker and stays true to its name by offering a broad spectrum of sports. I noticed very early that I could wager on anything from American sports and soccer to horse, Greyhound racing and motorsports but also everything in between. I am taking my time to browse the entire selection of games and markets, as it is not easy to explore everything there. Personally, I think the biggest challenge is to stick to one or two sports, because you’ve got so many options worth considering.

Once you overcome the paradox of choice and decide for one or more sports, the fun can begin. For me, the most exciting way to bet is in real-time and Bet365 Sports provided me a complete live streaming service. It probably helps that they are the sponsors of several teams and competitions, as they cover so many games. You can use your desktop computer or make the transition to smartphones and tablets. There’s no need to make any compromises, since the platform is responsive and loads quickly on mobile devices.

You can bet on lower divisions here or stick to the flagship competitions. They don’t broadcast only the biggest tournaments and don’t focus exclusively on the best-known teams. This is something I appreciate, since sometimes my betting patterns include low-profile football clubs. I like the way they update the odds in real-time, so I’m not stuck with unresponsive markets. On those rare occasions when I don’t have the time to watch the matches live, I use the static information provided by Bet365 Sports for live games.

It’s important to mention that you need to have a real money account to be able to watch the games in real-time. You can load an insignificant amount and still enjoy the live streams, which I think is really great if you love sports. They have improved their platform and the new one is more responsive, while looking just as good as its predecessor. I don’t like major changes and I’m happy to say that the visual updates are reasonable and capture the very fragrance of the original bookmaker.

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Bet365 is first and foremost a bookmaker, offering the most comprehensive offer in terms of sports and markets. Players can wager on anything from American sports and soccer to horse, Greyhound racing and motorsports but also everything in between. The odds are spectacular and the emphasis is placed on the real-time wagering, given the fact that the bookmaker is also a main sponsor of many competitions.

Those who have a real money account and at least one cent can watch any of the games broadcasted live on their computers or mobile devices. The dedicated application that works on tablets and smartphones enables customers to enjoy the same perks as those who spend their time on a laptop or desktop. Bet365 Sports has the biggest selection of in play games and covers not only the main tournaments but also lower divisions and broadcasts matches in real-time from these leagues as well.

The sports are listed in the left side of the screen and players can focus on individual events or mark several games as favorites. This makes it easy to keep track of everything relevant that happens in those games and then watch them live if things get interesting. Bet365 Sports updates the odds quickly, sometimes so fast that players get to see the scores changing in the betting client before the updates are made in the live streaming service.

This doesn’t mean that the games are not exciting to watch or that there are any delays when it comes to placing wagers in real-time. The new platform has been greatly improved, while capitalizing on the features that made the original popular. It is also more interactive and loads extremely quickly, with all the odds being displayed in less than four seconds regardless of the match of choice.

Speaking of which, almost 90% of the markets offered are also available for wagers in real-time, although not all of these games are broadcasted live. Navigation is extremely easy on any device, because a clear distinction is made between the games that have started and those that are about to commence. It is possible to set up a list of events of interest, then gather information about these games by comparing the stats made available by Bet365 Sports.

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