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What is a single bet – Single Bet Explained

They are several definitions of a single bet online. From our analysis, it seems they are all sounding alike.

Does it mean their definitions are wrong? No, they’re correct too. Defining what a single bet is not the same as knowing how it works. We will not stop at defining it but also share some single bet tips.

A single bet is the easiest form of betting. Player’s winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds and amount staked.

As simple as it may seem, it gets tricky sometimes, especially for a new player.

If you want to dramatically increase your winnings with this simple form of betting, this guide is a must-read for you.

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What Is A Straight Bet?

A straight bet and a single bet mean the same thing. They can be used interchangeably. Some players often mistake them to have different meanings.

  • What is a straight bet in sports betting?

This means placing a bet on just one team, individual or event in a particular sport. The opposite of a straight bet in sports betting is multiple bets.

  • What is a straight bet in horse racing?

This is the most common betting option in horse racing. It simply means betting on a particular horse to win the race. As soon as your favourite horse wins the race, your bet is won.

  • What is a straight bet in football?

Straight bet (ting) also entails choosing the team that will win the match. Most times the odd for the favourite team is lower compared to the underdog.

  • What is a straight box bet?

This betting option is popular in lotteries and horse racing. For instance, if you choose 344 and request for a straight bet, then the bet must be in 3 (first), 4 (second), 4 (third). But if you request for a “BOX” bet, then the number can appear in any form, e.g. 434, 443, or 344. This will give you more chances of winning.

  • How does a straight bet work?

There won’t be any need discussing this. It is one of the frequently asked questions about straight bet. The aim is just to let you know that single and straight bet mean the same thing.

How Do I Place A Single Bet?

To help you understand how to place a straight bet, we have broken the entire process into steps.

  1. The first step requires you to select the sport and event you will like to stake on
  2. After you have selected the sports and event, tap the odd you want and your selection will display on the bet slip instantly
  3. Insert the amount you want to bet on the small box and your possible winnings will display
  4. To approve the bet click “Confirm Bets” and tap “Place Bets”
  5. You can go to the Betslip section to confirm that your bet was placed

Depending on the outcome of your bet you may end up winning.

How to Win Every Single Bet?

Although a single bet is straightforward, you have to be careful or you might end up losing a series of single bets. Applying a single bet strategy will improve your chance of winning.

  1. Don’t go for the underdog if you are not sure of their pedigree
  2. Pick one single bet you are sure of winning instead of placing a series of single bets
  3. Don’t choose your favourite team to win out of emotions, try as much as you can to be analytical
  4. Don’t engage in loss chasing especially if you are placing bets on live games
  5. Single bet gambling requires patience, so stake small odds that are very sure. This will help you build the amount in your account
  6. Stay away from draws if you are a beginner but don’t forget that there are bet draws strategies you can use
  7. Start with small amounts, then step up your stake when balance increases

Although mistakes are rarely feasible while placing a single bet, always have it at the back of your mind that winning or losing a bet is under probability. However, straight bet probability of winning is higher than multiple betting or any other.

Is Single Bet Profitable?

A lot has been said already about how a single bet works but the profitability has not been discussed. Gambling to most players is like a business venture. That been said let’s see what benefits that are attached to it.

Like you already know the odds for a single bet or a unit stake is very small. It also means that the winnings for a single bet will be small. However, this depends on the amount staked. For instance, if the odds for team A to win is 2.0, and you stake $10, your expected returns, if the bet goes as planned, will be $20. On the other hand, if you stake $100, you will be expecting $200 as returns. In other words, to win huge sums with a single bet, you have to take more risk. Or you could try high risk single bets, like scorecast bets or wincast bets, which have very high odds.

So the profitability of single betting depends on the degree of risk you are willing to take. Also, the outcome of an event could go either way.

The Risk and Rewards of a Single Betting

It seems as if this has been discussed partly; nonetheless, let’s have a broader view of the risk and rewards involved in this form of betting.

The truth remains that the risk involved in single betting is minimal compared to other forms of betting. Let’s borrow a leaf from the previous example. If you bet $10 for 2.0 odd and loose, it can’t be compared to staking $100. So the risk is determined by the amount you stake.

The reward of single betting is determined by the amount you are willing to stake. Most often the odd for the underdog is higher. If the odd for team A to is 2.0 to win team B, then odd for team B (the underdog) to win could be as high as 3.5 odds. Usually, the underdog teams have single bet high odds. So if you place a bet $10 that team B will win, your expected returns will be $35. In most cases, the underdog loses.

Just choose the amount you can afford to lose.


  • Easy and straightforward
  • The returns depend on only one selection
  • The probability of winning is very high
  • Several betting tips recommend single betting
  • You can find this betting option in ALL types of sports
  • It reduces the risk of chasing losses


  • Winnings are small, compared to other betting options
  • You can win a big sum only if you also stake a big sum

Single Bet and Each-Way Betting

By now you already know so much about a single bet. So this paragraph will dwell more on each-way betting and their differences.

Each-way betting is offered in horse racing only, but you can still place a single bet at the dog betting. This option is more like placing a double bet. One of the bet is for your horse to win while the other is for it to finish on a “place” or position. The word “place” simply means that the horse will finish in between 1 to 4 positions in the race. So if you bet $10 each-way, it means you are staking $10 for the horse that will win the race and another $10 for the position (which must be from 1 to 4 positions).

From the above illustration, it means that a single bet is completely different from an each-way bet. You can use each-way bet to mitigate your loses in horse racing.

Types of a Straight Bet

They are several types of straight bets (also referred to as a simple single bet). They are:

  1. Straight Bet Point-Spread

This straight bet is also called the line or the spread. Here the preferred team is handicapped by deducting points (always marked as -), meanwhile, points are added to the underdog’s points (always marked as +). This is like transferring a virtual advantage or disadvantage to a team.

For instance, if Bolton is preferred to win Liverpool, the betting site may set the handicap at 2-0 in favour of Liverpool. If you stake a handicap on Bolton to win, and the match ends by a 1-0 win by Bolton, you have lost your bet. So the betting company is assuming that Bolton lost the game by 2-1.

  1. Straight Bet PK

If team A and B are playing a match, a straight bet PK on team A suggests that you saying team A will win the match. It also means the same thing if you select team B to win. Sometimes you may see PK displayed instead of the point spread value. In this case if you bet on the PK, in case of a draw your wager will be returned. PK means that the point spread is 0. If you want to learn more on how pk betting works read our guide on “what does PK mean in betting?“.

  1. Straight Bet Game Total

This simply means placing a bet on whether the total points or goals from both teams will be above or below a particular margin.

  1. Straight Bet Money Line

This is similar to Straight Bet PK. However, the only difference is that you are taking more risk to cover the money you are staking if you win. For instance, a $100 bet for team A with 2.0 to win will give you another $100.

  1. Straight Bet – Puck Line

This bet is often used in hockey games. It is a hockey straight bet. You are simply placing a bet on which team will win the match.

Single Betting, The Most Straightforward Betting Option!

The reason is simply because it has a minimal risk than other forms of betting. You can make more money if you stake high bets.

It’s better to place your bet on the favourite team that is sure of winning than going for the underdog sometimes.

Do you know that a single bet high stake can make the difference? There is no harm in trying, but stake responsibly.

Single Bet FAQs

If you have a single bet on the wagering slip you will make a profit if you made the right prediction.

Single bets are better for risk-averse punters because you only need to make one correct prediction to win.

An accumulator differs from a single bet because it has multiple selections on the same betting slip.

You bet on just one event on a single bet and have several selections if you place a multiple bet.