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Best Risk Free Bet Offers and No Lose Betting Bonuses

The term “risk free bet” is an oxymoron but they do exist and they are great bonuses to claim when you see them offered. Risk free bet offers are also known as a no risk, free bet, but they amount to the same thing in sports betting.

With risk free bets, even the world’s biggest mush can’t lose. It’s an unbelievable but simple concept, and it’s no surprise that many players are eager to snap up their own no risk bet when they decide to join risk-free betting sites.

Learn how to place a bet at the bookies and, if it wins, then you collect your winnings. If your bet loses, then you are still a winner, thanks to the risk free bet. The sportsbook will refund you the original wager amount in the form of a sports bonus. It might sound too good to be true but it is absolutely true: This is why they are called a no lose bet.

Many sportsbooks have risk free betting offers and customers & sports bettors love them. The ability to engage in a touch of no loss betting, really is as appealing as it sounds. No lose betting is offered at many sites and you can find lots of free bet bonuses by checking out Gamblingjudge’s promotions section.

Our page offers a wealth of free first bet options, risk free bet bonuses (even 500 risk free bet offers)reload offers UK and promotes betting sites with free signup bonus deals, too.

However, you can also check some of our top 100 bookmakers and choose a betting site to see if they are currently offering one of these jaw-dropping bonuses. The odds are high that they will have risk free bet offers aplenty for you to take advantage of.

We will explain how does a risk free bet work below, but first, let’s give you some names that offer the best risk free bet promotions. We checked dozens of risk free betting sites and tested their sports betting bonuses personally: We used daily betting offers, activated sign up free bets, and, more importantly, checked how good their risk free bet offers are.

You can see the results below: These websites offer the best no risk betting you can find on the internet!

Best Risk-Free Bet Offers in 20 June 2024 – Updated List

Rating 9.97 out of 10

3 + 1 Free Bet up to 100 €/$

Place 3 bets and get 4th bet as a free bet up to 100 €/$!
The amount of free bet will be the arithmetic mean of these 3 placed bets.
Rating 9.95 out of 10


Enjoy your win with 100% bet insurance!
Any customer can insure their bet in full or in part.
Rating 9.93 out of 10


Any customer can insure their bet in full or in part.
Insurance is a paid-for service. The cost of insurance depends on the current odds of the event to be insured.
Rating 9.89 out of 10


Any customer can insure their bet in full or in part.
Insurance is a paid-for service. The cost of insurance depends on the current odds of the event to be insured.
Rating 9.89 out of 10


Place any single pre-match/live bet.
If it loses, you will receive a bonus equal to your lost stake!
Rating 9.85 out of 10


Place a bet on the advertised Evening All Weather race.
If your horse finishes 2nd or 3rd to the SP Favorite get back your stake as a Free Bet up to £25 per race (min. stakes of £1 or currency equivalent).
Rating 9.81 out of 10

3 + 1 Free Bet up to 100 €/$

Place 3 bets and get 4th bet as a free bet up to 100 €/$!
The amount of free bet will be the arithmetic mean of these 3 placed bets.
Rating 9.77 out of 10


Collect accumulator from 7 events with a coefficient 1,7 or higher for each one.
If one event doesn't win, you will get in return the bet amount in the form of a freebet.
Rating 9.77 out of 10


You can insure any bet of the single or accumulator type.
If the bet wins, all the winnings are yours.
If the bet loses, you will instantly receive the insured amount to your account.
Rating 9.59 out of 10

3 + 1 Free Bet up to 100 €/$

Place 3 bets and get 1 Freebet as a free bet up to 100 €/$!
Each single bet must have at least 1.4 odds.
Rating 9.40 out of 10


Place a bet with odds equal or bigger than 5.00.
If you win, we'll credit you with €5 free bet up to once a day, every day.
Rating 9.40 out of 10


This Sports Promotion is available to new and select customers that never deposited funds.
Place a min €5 bet with minimum odds of 1.5.
Get your account credited with €20 (4 x €5) free bet vouchers.

What is the meaning of a risk free bet?

Online bookmakers have lots of promotions: new members can get sign up bonuses, current members can use reload offers, there are multiple free bet bonuses for both… we can keep going, but you get the idea: Once you join an online sportsbook, there are lots of “goodies” you can take advantage of. Risk free bet offers are one of them.

As the name implies, you don’t take a risk when you place a bet using them, because, if you lose, you get your stake back. Simple as that. That’s why they are called a risk free bet: Even if you lose the bet, the bookmaker refunds your initial investment

Do not confuse them with “free bet if you lose” offers. These promotions give you a free bet bonus if you lose, they don’t refund your money. We will explain the difference between risk free bets and free bets below: You will understand what we mean once you read that. 

Difference between free bets and risk free bets

Free Bets

Free bet bonuses are usually for new members. They give you a bonus balance for free. For example, by signing up, you automatically get 10 EUR: You can use this money to place a bet for free, and if you win, you can withdraw the payout by completing a wagering requirement.

For more information, you can check out our how do free bets work guide.

Risk Free Bets

Risk free bet offers, on the other hand, do not give you “free money”. You use your own money for them but if you lose, you get a full refund.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it will be meaningless to compare them: They are very different from each other. Activate a free bet bonus and use a risk free in play bet at the same time: You can do both.

An example to risk free sports betting

A good example of betting risk free is William Hill’s sign up free bet. When a sports bettor opens an account with them and bets on a horse race, they will get up to £25 back if their horse finishes second or third. While this first bet free offer is tasty, there are plenty of other no lose betting promos for you to take advantage of, and not all of them are related to horse racing.

Sports bettors who like the idea of betting without risk can also sign up with ZigZag Sports and take advantage of their £10 money-back guarantee wager. Just like with William Hill, the ZigZag Sports  money back betting offers will be activated only if you open a betting account and make a deposit. You can also take advantage of the 1xbet risk free bet offer.

Let’s give a simple example using horse racing risk free bets.

  • You think that Horse A will win the race.
  • Before placing money for that outcome, you activate the risk free bet offer. Let’s say you wagered 20 EUR.
  • You place your bet and wait for the results. Well, you have lost.
  • In 24 hours, the bookmaker will refund your initial investment (20 EUR) to your account. You still may be required to complete a wagering requirement to use that money, but you got it back: This is what risk free bets are.

If this was a free horse racing bets no deposit bonus, you wouldn’t be asked to wager your own money. You would be getting a free bet offer. But in risk free bets, you use your own money – that’s the main difference.

Finding the best risk free bet offers

  1. Start by checking the bookmakers’ payment methods: You need an active balance for risk free bets so you need to find a sportsbook that supports payment options that suit you. 
  2. Prefer low deposit betting sites: Most of the risk free bet offers have quite low maximum refund limits, so there is no need to make big deposits anyway. 
  3. Check the maximum coverage. Risk free bet offers have a maximum refund limit: Check this limit and make sure that it is not too low. 
  4. Read the terms & conditions and find out if there is a time limit and/or odds restriction.
  5. Lastly, make sure to check the wagering requirement. Ideally, there should be no wagering for risk free bet offers but if there is one, the wagering rate should not be higher than 5x.

How to use a no risk free bet efficiently

We can give you a couple of no lose betting tips so you can use them more efficiently. Note that most of these recommendations will work for no deposit betting bonuses too.


👉Always bet the maximum amount allowed. Read the terms and conditions and find out how much money the risk free bet covers. Use the maximum amount.

👉 Don’t bet more than the maximum limit. Checking the maximum refund cap is a good risk free bet strategy. If the refund is limited to 20 EUR, for example, don’t place a bet for 30 EUR: respect the limits.

👉 Use the best risk free bets on single bets. Do not use them on accumulators, system bets, or multiples: Single bets are your best option.

👉 Think about arbitrage betting. You can use the risk free bet offers to cover all outcomes of a specific event and secure a payout no matter what the score is.

👉 Money back betting offers may be an alternative. These bonuses are like free bets for existing customers: They also refund a certain portion of your losses. They can be a good alternative to risk free bet offers.

👉 Always check free bet codes. By using a code, you can extend the risk free bet and make it more advantageous.

Pros & cons of risk free bet offers


  • You literally cannot lose
  • Both new and current members can use them
  • They can be used in arbitrage betting


  • Maximum refund limits can be low
  • There may still be a wagering requirement

FAQ: Your questions about risk free bets answered

Check the terms and conditions of the bonus: If it offers 100% coverage, yes, they are really risk free. As long as your bet is not higher than the maximum refund limit, you will be covered fully.

Both are different promotions and you can use both. However, if you are having bankroll problems, free bets will be the better choice.

If you don’t have an active balance, yes: You need to make a deposit first. Risk free bet offers require using your own money and/or site credit.

Yes. As the name implies, you won’t get a refund if you win. This bonus is only activated if you lose money.

No. They are offered both to new and current members. However, most of the time, they are used as a marketing tool to draw more customers.

Play at the best betting sites with risk-free bets

Check our list of risk free bet offers and pick one now: Even if you lose, you can start fresh the next day. Risk free bet offers are one of the best bonuses you can use, and they can be a valuable tool in advanced betting strategies too. Use risk free bets to your advantage and enjoy sports betting without any fear: Good luck out there!