Roulette is a casino game with many strategies: In fact, most of the card game strategies originate from these tactics.

Some of these systems are too complex to follow, and some of them are truly easy. James Bond method of playing roulette falls into the “easy” category.

James Bond method has only three bet types to keep track of and all you need to do is increase the wager if you lose.

In other words, it is so simple, even beginners can use James Bond gambling system without a problem.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics of James Bond roulette betting system.

After that, we will analyze the strategy in detail and give some roulette tips James Bond system.

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What Is The James Bond Roulette Strategy And How It Works

James Bond roulette method always requires two things: Keep betting on the same three outcomes and keep doubling the wager amount until you win. While it is not as easy and simple as CSGO roulette strategy, it is also not that complex: As mentioned above, even beginners can use it without a problem. The James Bond roulette bets are these:

Even bet is a general term used for outcomes with only two options. For example, red/black and odd/even are even bets, because the outcome can only be one of the two things. In this regard, betting on 19-36 falls into this category too, because you will be placing for a bet for all the numbers in this range. The first James Bond roulette bet option covers 18 numbers on the wheel.

The second option, line bet, means placing a bet for the numbers between 13 and 18. So, we covered 6 more numbers and increased the amount to 24.

The last option means placing a bet on “0”, which is the house number. If the ball stops here, the casino wins. This is called an “insurance” bet in this system and considered the “lucky” James Bond roulette number.

So, in the end, we placed a bet for 25 numbers (outcomes) in total – the roulette wheel contains 37 numbers and we are already covering 25 of them, only 12 numbers left untouched.

To increase our chances, we will be dividing our budget into three and place the most of it onto even bets, because statistically, they offer a 47% winning chance. Line bet also has increased odds, so we will allocate some of our budget for it too. And since house bet is the one that offers fewer chances, we will place the remaining part of our budget on it.

And these are the only things you need to know about James Bond casino roulette system: We will play with these bet options until we win, and double the wager amount after every loss. The general idea here is to cover more than half of the outcomes on the wheel and increase our chances statistically.

James Bond roulette strategy odds are the same as a “normal” roulette game, this system does not increase or decrease them. It just makes you place a bet for lots of outcomes.

James Bond Strategy For Roulette Explained With Practical Examples

In the example below, we are going to assume that you will be using the James Bond method roulette with a 20 USD budget. Note that we preferred a small figure just for demonstration, you can follow the same steps with, for example, a budget of 200 USD too.

  • We are placing 14 USD for the even chance bets (red/black, odd/even, or 19-36)
  • We are placing 5 USD for the line bet (13-18)
  • Lastly, we put 1 USD for the house (0)

The idea behind the roulette James Bond strategy is to cover as much numbers/outcomes on the wheel as possible. We placed a big part of our budget to even bets because their probabilities are higher than others. We picked the line bet because it covers 6 numbers in total. Lastly, we placed a bet on the house just for “insurance”.

Now, the wheel spins. If we win, we continue playing with the same wager and place our bets for the same options. However, if we lose, we must apply the Martingale strategy, which means doubling the wager amount without changing the bets. So, if we lose, we will increase the budget to 40 USD and continue like this:

  • Place 28 USD for the even bets
  • Place 10 USD for the line bet
  • Place 2 USD for the house

If we lose again, we will double the budget to 80 USD and…  Well, you get the idea behind the James Bond roulette system: Continue to double the wager until you win and always place a bet for the same three options. James Bond roulette tactic is an easy one to follow and you don’t need to take notes, for example.

Can James Bond Roulette Strategy Improve Your Winning Odds?

James Bond strategy in roulette works, but only if you are “lucky enough”. Let us explain: James Bond roulette odds are no different than any other strategy. The ball can stop anywhere on the wheel, there are 37 possibilities in total (38 in American roulette).

The only thing James Bond strategy roulette does is to cover 25 of those possibilities. Statistically, this can really improve your chances. With only a budget of 20 USD, you are covering more than half of the options on the wheel.

Moreover, James Bond bet American roulette is more effective, due to this variant having two zeros on the wheel. (James Bond roulette strategy American is no different than the European version by the way, the rules and steps explained above still applies.)

In fact, if you insist on playing this variant, you should definitely use James Bond roulette strategy American: Otherwise, the house edge will still be too high.

But the thing is, if the outcome is between 1 and 12, you will still lose. And this is still a high possibility in terms of probability. Statistically, the outcome may be 7 for the next 10 spins, for example, or 3. And of course, it can be one of your 25 numbers too – this is more likely to happen in the long run.

But in the end, if you lose more than one round in a row, you can go bankrupt: Remember that you will be doubling the wager amount every time. To avoid that possibility, we recommend trying James Bond roulette strategies without increasing the bet amount.

As Long As You Are Lucky, James Bond Strategy Roulette Works

James Bond bet in roulette will work as long as you are lucky but there is no guarantee that you will be “that lucky” every time. As always, we recommend using this strategy with caution and test it on free roulette games beforehand.

This way, you can see if it really works or not without taking any financial risks. Good luck on the tables!