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High Roller Casinos – A Gamblers Guide for High Rollers In 2021

A quick scroll online and you will be overwhelmed by the number of casinos beckoning gamblers to visit their sites.

Target groups are individuals who are not afraid of taking any risks with their cash at the tables.

The end reward if luck is on your side?

Huge winnings that leave a mark in the casino records.

No need to worry.

We’ll show you the benefits of becoming a high roller, including the bonuses and the VIP treatment.

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Background and Overview of the Casinos

Casino high roller games are not any different from what other site visitors indulge in. The main issue with the high roller online casinos is the credibility of what they promise to offer. Another issue surrounding this type of gambling sites is their ability to dish out the enormous wins to lucky players.

For these reasons, many gamblers, experts and newbies shy away from the casinos and opt to play basic games in legit gambling sites than to take chances with the self-proclaimed sites.

Below is a detailed review of what it means to be a casino high roller and what gamblers should expect. We have also dug into what makes an online gaming site a high roller casino.

Top 20 High Roller Casinos [2021] - Updated List

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What exactly are High Roller Casinos?

High roller casinos are gambling platforms for high roller players. High roller players in online and land-based casinos are gamblers that have a huge impact on the casino’s business.  As such, they are deemed as of high importance in a casino compared to average bettors. They are also referred to as high-end bettors.

High roller sites can be defined as casinos that accommodate players that gamble with huge loads of cash in one gaming session (for land-based casinos)

Before the casino considers you a high roller, there are several factors that come in to play. We shall discuss high roller casino games in depth in the article below. Our article also covers the Frequently Asked Questions that players may have about these casinos or high roller status in the gaming industry.

Find the Best High Roller Casinos to Play With

Choosing a high roller casino is not as easy as it sounds. Why so? There are many sites online that claim to be the best high roller casinos. The choice to play in a high roller casino should be driven by the fact that the casino appreciates your input into their business and readily rewards you.

High rollers refer to persons who have played long enough with the casino. Loyalty and consistency come in to play and in some other instances, members/gamblers are enrolled in the VIP programs of the casinos.

One-time gamblers who choose to place a big chunk of their money at once in a casino-with the VIP status or not- are also referred to as high rollers.

The best high roller sites have some of the following features that you can check against before choosing to play with them:

  • Allow a gambler to place a huge load of money into their casino accounts or their bankrolls upon registration. They will then use it to play a game of their choice regardless of limits.
  • There are multiple benefits that the casino offers you such as VIP treatment and bonuses
  • The rewards at the end of a game should be directly proportional to what the gambler puts in the casino.

Choosing the Best High Casino Roller Sites

Before settling for any casino, it is important to conduct a high roller casino review.  There are multiple areas that are worth looking into. We discuss the main factors to help players make an informed choice.

  • High Roller Bonus and other Rewards

Bonuses are some of the offers that casinos use to entice players with. High roller players deposit huge amounts of money into their bankrolls. Casinos should ensure that the bonuses received equate to the measures in the bankroll.

Some bonuses include the high roller welcome bonus and the deposit bonus, which is automatically credited to a gambler’s sites account after they place a deposit. Customers are treated to high roller no deposit bonus rewards.

  • VIP Programs on the Site

Playing high roller casino games at the VIP sections of the site is another feature of the best high roller casino platforms. Special treatment, special awards and exclusive customer support services are offered to the members who achieve the VIP status in the casino. Separate customer care desks, emails and contact numbers are available.

  • Cash Back Rewards

Cashback rewards refer to any money sent back to the customer’s account after they lose a game.  Cashback is a small slice of the initial stake.  The cashback percentages for high-status players are much higher compared to regular bettors on the site.

  • Favorable Deposit and High Roller Casino Withdrawal Terms

High transactions to and from the site can be a bit overwhelming for the casino and the player. The site provides a support system that eases the withdrawal and deposit processes. Payout percentages and withdrawals terms are also lower and it may take players a few hours to access their wins in their bank accounts.

  • Limits and Special Games

As part of the VIP treatment, players can enjoy high roller special games and tournaments. You can also learn how to play high roller casino games.

Differences between Land-Based Casino and Online High Casino Roller

Land-based casinos are less preferable compared to online sites by high rollers.  Players can place money and claim their rewards more easily as compared to a physical setting. There are advantages of playing in a brick and mortar casino including free dinners, rides, drinks and so much more. Special treatment including security persons are also placed at the tables in the land-based casino.

Online high roller casinos offer an easy and convenient way to access the gambling platform without leaving your sofa. However, this comes with a risk and mutual trust has to be established between a casino and the player. Our guideline on how to choose the best casino online will help you make the decisions on where to place your money and get real bonuses special offers, VIP treatment amongst other benefits.

High Roller Casino Bonuses Available for Gamblers

Some of the high roller bonuses awarded to players include:

  1. High roller casino no deposit bonus
  2. High roller casino welcome bonus

VIP High roller Casino Benefits in a Casino

Becoming a high roller or a VIP high roller has numerous advantages and benefits that gamblers can reap from. High roller status can be received when a player accumulates loyalty points on a casino or subscribes for the VIP program.  You will need to guarantee the operator that you can meet and exceed the expectations of a high roller.

Some of the benefits include reliable customer care services, special games and tournaments, incredible bonuses, extra services such as meals and security, biggest high roller casino payouts, shorter withdrawal times and extra games and slots.

If you are playing in a land-based casino, sign up for the loyalty program that credits loyalty or reward points to your account. Consistency is one of the stepping stones to achieving or getting into the VIP or high roller status.

Popular Online High Roller Casino Games

High roller casinos online have more games and lots to offer players compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. For this reason, we have compiled some of the biggest high roller casino online games and slots that you can enjoy from your smart-phone or tablet or your computer.

Several options mean that you have a bigger platform to try out your luck at any of the games. Different gamblers and different preferences therefore, wider selections of the games mean that everyone is well catered for all the time. It is much easier to find your preferred casino that offers your favorite game as well.

  • High Roller Slots

Online casino high roller slots are every gambler’s dream. Much thought is put into the details of the games such as the music, color, symbols and animation effects. You can place bets depending on the number of paylines for the slot.

Slot maximum wagering amounts allow high roller customers to place huge bets with no limits whatsoever.  You can place up to 5000 dollars for a single bet- in this case, a single spin on the reels of the slot machine.

  • High Roller Casino Roulette

Roulette table games are attributed to low payouts and if your bankroll is on the lower side, you will not make much from a gaming session. To maximize your payout amounts, place the maximum bets in the casino and you might be lucky enough to walk away with lots of cash from the tables.

There are different variants of the game from which you can choose from depending on your bankroll and how much you want to make during the gaming session.

  • High Roller Blackjack

Blackjack games attract high roller players who have cash to throw around. Playing maximum bets at a game or the minimum bets at a blackjack game in a high roller platform will give you an upper-hand against the house. Progressive blackjack jackpots are also available for players who want to add extra money to their bankrolls.

  • High Roller Baccarat

Baccarat table games are a favorite for many players both low rollers and high rollers. Why? The house edge is very small and this means that your chances of winning the game are on the higher side. Placing a huge stake against the low house edge gives you a chance to beat the house.

What are Maximum Bets ?

Different casinos have different maximum bets for the games they offer. Some of the popular games that high rollers opt for include roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and slots. Players should check and compare the maximum bets for each game in different casinos before they can start playing with any casino.

The maximum bet should favor your bankroll and should be in line with how much you want to place for a single game or a single spin if you are playing slots.

Friendly High Roller Payment Options

Not all payment or banking methods accept huge transactions that high rollers make. Players should check that their preferred payment platforms do not limit big transactions in to and out of the account. Popular payment platforms that allow gamblers to make big deposits and big withdrawals from casinos include:

  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin
  • Visa
  • Neteller

Frequently Asked Questions about High Roller Online Casinos

A low roller or a low bettor who places sizeable bets in a game or a slot in a casino.

A whale is another term for a high roller. The terms are used interchangeably to mean gamblers who place huge bets on a single game or a single spin.

Different casinos have different strategies on how to be a high roller. However, you need to place huge stakes or play consistently at a casino for you to receive the high roller status.

It is advisable that high rollers choose payment options that allow for huge transactions into and out of the accounts. This includes online casino high roller bonus received from the casino.

It is advisable that high rollers choose payment options that allow for huge transactions into and out of the accounts. This includes online casino high roller bonus received from the casino.

High rollers or whales need to place huge bets or maximum bets in a casino consistently. Consistency guarantees you the VIP status at your casino.

Choose Your Preferred High Rollers Casino and Start Playing Today

High roller platforms provide a platform through which high rollers can access their favorite games and take home big winnings. Many advantages come with a high roller status in gambling sites. However, the first step is choosing a credible and licensed roller casino that has favorable terms and conditions for you to work with.

There are land-based and online casinos that you can choose from. High roller online casinos are more preferable as they have a wider selection of games as well as gaming conditions.

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