Sports gamblers love to chase down big payouts. The idea of hitting a wager that pays out 10-1, 50-1, or even greater gets the gambling juices flowing. Of course, it’s hard to find a single long-shot bet that pays out so handsomely. That is why many punters like to play accumulators. Accumulators, also known as parlays, multipliers, and accas are a way for punters to go after those high odds payouts. A small wager can end up turning into a massive payout. Due to the nature of accumulators, they are much harder to cash in on than your average single wager. Don’t let that scare you. People are cashing in big on parlays every day or get refunded by acca insurance. They are easy to play and every sportsbook offers them.

Are you a fan of betting accumulators? Take a look at these accumulator bonuses:

Rating 9.91 out of 10
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Create an Acca with 3+ selections placed on sports betting.
Get a boost of up to £20 to use on any sport.
One “Bet Boost - Acca” per customer, per day.
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Choose your bet from a number of accumulators offered every day, both Sports and Live.
Place a bet and if you win get a 10% increase in the odds.
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Place a pre-match multibet including 3 or more basketball events with a minimum stake of €10.
Get up to 50% cash bonuses above your winnings up to €200.
Rating 9.7 out of 10
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Choose from several accumulator bets on the most exciting sporting events of that day.
Place a bet on an "Accumulator Of The Day" and get a 10% increase on the overall odds.
Rating 9.68 out of 10
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Multi+ is a real money bonus applied to winnings on accumulators of 5+ selections for advertised events from specific competitions.
Get 5% to 100% of your net winnings of your accumulator up to a maximum Multi+ bonus of €10,000 or currency equivalent.
Rating 9.67 out of 10
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Place a pre-match or in-play accumulator of 3+ selections with no restrictions on sports or leagues.
Play with up to 100% extra odds and get a max bonus payout of £/€1500 per coupon.
Rating 9.6 out of 10
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Place as many multi bets with 2 or more selections as you like, with a total stake of at least €10.
The more you bet, the higher the FreeBet you get, up to €50 every day.
Rating 9.55 out of 10
bwin sports


Place football accumulators of 4+ selections with a minimum stake of £5.
Get a 5% to 50% Acca Boost up to £250 as a free bet.
Rating 9.55 out of 10
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Combine 5 or more selections in a pre-match or live multi-bet.
Accumulator Bonus is automatically added to tickets with 5 selections or more.
The percentage bonus, between 5% and 50%, will reflect the actual number of winning selections.
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Place accumulators of at least 3 selections.
For every settled bet receive 10% of the winning sum.
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Place accumulators of at least 3 selections on all markets and sports.
If the bet is won you receive extra winnings between 10% and 30%.
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Bet on a 3-fold or more on any of the following sports: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football or Baseball.
Get up to 50% more winnings.
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Place accumulators of 5+ selections on selected markets (football, basketball, tennis or ice hockey).
Get 5% to 100% of your net winnings of your accumulator up to a maximum Multi+ bonus of €10,000 or currency equivalent.
Rating 9 out of 10


Place accumulators of at least 3 selections.
For every settled bet receive 10% of the winning sum.
Rating 8.78 out of 10
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Place 5 separate accumulator bets (minimum 2 legs each).
Minimum stake per qualified bet is £10 or currency equivalent.
Get a £10 as a a free bet.
Rating 8.33 out of 10
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Choose from 3 to 5 fixed outcomes for the most popular events of the day.
Check the outcomes and odds, if your multiple wins, get an additional 10% bonus.
Rating 6.88 out of 10
boylesports betting


Place 5 accumulators on any combination of sports with 5+ legs, pre-match or live.
Receive a £/€5 free bet once your fifth qualifying accumulator has settled.
A minimum stake of £/€5 is required for each qualifying accumulator.

What are Betting Accumulators?

Betting accumulators are simply wagers that involve predicting the correct outcomes of two or more events on the same ticket. Punters can put together an accumulator using selections from different types of events. For example, you could bet on Germany to beat France in a soccer match, the Miami Dolphins to be the New York Jets in American football, and the Vancouver Canucks to beat the Chicago Blackhawks in an NHL game all on one ticket. In order to win, you would need to be correct on all outcomes. Every added leg of an accumulator makes it tougher to win but it also increases the amount of money that can be won.

How Do Betting Accumulators Work?

As described in the example above, betting accumulators work by betting on multiple outcomes on the same ticket. There are different variations of these. Sports bettors can choose to play a straight accumulator in which they need to be correct on all results. Round robin accumulators are another way to bet multiple games on the same ticket. An example of this would be taking the games mentioned in the above example and placing them in a round robin. In essence, instead of needing to get all three correct, the punter could miss one of those predictions and still win. With a round robin, the three predictions would become three separate two-team parlays. This same idea applies to multipliers with more legs. The punter that is betting on each combination in a round robin so the ticket price will obviously be higher.

How to Calculate Accumulator Odds

Calculating the odds on an accumulator is quite straightforward. The odds applied to each individual event are multiplied together along with the amount of the bet. So with each game in our example above have even odds the accumulator odds are calculated by multiplying 2.00 x 2.00 x 2.00 which winds up being 8.00. The accumulator odds are then multiplied by the amount of the bet to calculate that payout. Let’s say the punter bets $10.00. This would result in a payout 0f $80. If only winning a parlay was as easy as calculating the odds.

What are the Best Value Accumulator Bets?

The word “value” is a bit of a relative term. What one person might find value in will have little to no value to another person. When it comes to accumulators, we might see implied value. Some feel that the value of any bet can really only be determined after the bet is settled. A bet that wins has value while a losing bet has no value.

Punters can get “value” from accumulators. For example, maybe you really like the Toronto Blue Jays to beat the Detroit Tigers at 1.60. As great as you feel about the wager, you want to place a bet with at least even odds. You scour the betting menu and then you see what you would consider as a “lock” going off at 1.25. Now, if you parlay the Blue Jays at 1.60 with your newly found 1.25 “lock” you now have a ticket at even odds. You have a bet you feel good about at the odds you want. That 1.25 addition has given you added value. Now, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “lock”. Many punters have been in this exact same situation only to have that “added value” play go up in flames. Such is the nature of gambling.

Types of Accumulator Bets

There are some basic terms to describe accumulators of different sizes. The double is parlay in which two single bets are on the same ticket. Both need to be correct. The treble is a three- legged parlay where all three need to hit. Then there are four-fold, five-fold, and on and on. These accumulators all require that each leg of the ticket must win.

Then there are round robin accumulators. We touched on this in a previous example. These vary in size and they allow the punter to miss one or two legs depending on the size. An example is picking Team A, Team B, and Team C, and Team D to win in trebles. This means you have four three-team parlays as follows:

  1. A+B+C
  2. A+B+D
  3. A+C+D
  4. B+C+D

The cost of your ticket depends on how many combinations you end up with and the amount of your wager. If you wanted to, you could pick seven teams and play them in doubles, trebles, four, five or six-fold. There are many different ways to do it. An 8-team round robin accumulator that you want to have divided into trebles has 56 different combinations. That could turn into an expensive ticket.

There are also different types of round robins in which you can mix the combinations of doubles, triples, four-fold etc. As confusing as they can be, round robins are a lot of fun and they can payout nice profits.

Do People Win With Accumulators?

They absolutely do. In 2015, an Irish punter placed a £50 wager on a 15-team parlay and ended up hitting all 15 legs. He won £64,543. An American bettor placed a $5 parlay wager on a 14-teamer and walked away with $57,935. There are endless stories of huge parlay winners that are found on the internet. There are also endless numbers of punters who have won smaller, yet still nice sums of money from playing parlays. Punters are winning with accumulators every day and they will continue to win. Just because the odds can be insanely high doesn’t mean your parlay won’t hit. Here’s hoping that you are the next big accumulator winner.


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