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8 Fold Bet explained | Accumulator Bets

The gambling industry has seen a boom over the past few years and the players have been spoiled with numerous games, top-tier bonuses, and promotions, and unforgettable play experiences. One of the few popular bets that everyone has tried hands-on is 8-fold bets.

We bring this article as a virtual betting guide to the punters with 8-fold bets explained and accumulator betting explained completely for the veterans and amateurs, who might not know all these betting terms, alike to help them on their quest to success.  This article might interest the punters to: find your sports bonus complete guide.

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What is Eightfold Accumulator Betting?

When placing Bets, most of the punters place funds on each bet individually which often amounts to a lot of money and the reward in comparison to that is not huge. Accumulators have thus become popular using which one can place a bet in a series and receive returns which may be around 200x or more.

A betting accumulator bet works with a selection of bets that are combined into one; since the bets are bundled into one, they’ll either yield great rewards or a total loss if one of the selections turns out to be wrong. If the odds are in favor, the punters can win big in bets where people mostly receive 2x in total. There are different types of accumulator bets like fourfold bet, fivefold bet, sixfold bet, 7 fold bet, and eight-selection accumulator.

Punters cannot make accumulator bets in the same game, bets in the same game will be considered as multiple bets and not an accumulator. But punters can place up to 20 selections in accumulator bets in a sport. Punters might like to know more about Acca insurance free bets.

A Bit More about the 8-Fold Bet:

Let us look at an eight-fold example of a bet. Let’s assume that for each match, a punter decides to spare £5; so, in total for the bet on eight selections, the punter would have to pay a total of £40. But if a punter places an accumulated bet, the punter only has to pay £5 for all the 8 matches and the return has been calculated below taking into account some usual odds. 



Cumulative Total

A vs B
Cumulative Total
C vs D
Cumulative Total
E vs F
Cumulative Total
G vs H
Cumulative Total
I vs J
Cumulative Total
K vs L
Cumulative Total
M vs N
Cumulative Total
O vs P
Cumulative Total

Here, if the punter had placed individual bets on each of the matches, the reward would have accumulated to make only about £80, and the profit would have been around £40. The accumulator bet increased the profit from 2x to 200x. But if any of the matches had not turned out like the selection made by the punter, the punter would have lost the whole bet without receiving any profit. Thus, the players must also learn to differentiate between betting for fun vs betting for profit.

What are 8 folds in Football Betting?

These accumulator bets or fold bets work usually in games or sports which has a lot of players or teams and hosts leagues or large competitions, so football naturally plays out to be the best of the sports to place these bets as matches are organized one after the other.

Punters usually go for Double or Treble bets in football, but the recent days have seen a rise in the number of players betting 6-fold, 7-fold, or 8-fold. 8- fold football betting means that a punter bets on 8 games/matches in a say, league at once and makes predictions, if all of their predictions turn out to be true, they receive a reward much higher than individual bets.  

Football has seen some of the biggest accumulators wins at bookmakers with statistics; a man even won an odd of 1.6m/1 when they received a whooping £500k on a bet of 30p. How to win football accumulators is a question asked by punters when they see the rewards.

Different sports where you can use an Eight-Fold Bet

It is not only football where punters can expect to see an eight-fold bet. In fact, many of the sports that are available for betting allow 8-fold betting. For example, horse racing is one of the most popular sports to place accumulator bets on in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, there are a number of different selective that the punters can choose like Heinz bet, lucky 63 bet, super Heinz bet, or a Lucky 15; the conventional win or each-way accumulator is also available to place bets on.

Accumulator bets are also available in Tennis Championships or tournaments and they are second in popularity only to football because of their low probability of an upset. In fact single bets are more profitable than accumulators when tied to the biggest sporting upsets.

How to place an 8 Fold Bet – Steps

Placing such an eight-fold accumulator bet which might result in a big win is rather easy than most of the high-end bets that we see available. All punters need to do is find bookmakers or a website that accepts such a series of bets and follow the simple steps written below and the punters will be good to go:


  1. On the website or the sports betting sites, the punters should look for the sport they are looking to bet on. For example, Football. 
  2. Following the above step, the punters should choose the kind of bet they want to make at the tournament of the sport. An example is: ‘the team to win’, here the punter will place their bet on the team they predict will win. 
  3. After the previous step, the punters shall follow till they have made a selection they want to put at the accumulator, that is, the series of predictions they want to bet on.
  4. After the selection is made, the punters should add them to their bet slip. The bet slip will have all the information needed for the bets, including markets, stakes and odds. 
  5. After this, the punters shall look for a multiples tab on the website. They shall find ‘accumulator’ there. This will accumulate the selection together, whatever the punters want to bet on.
  6. After putting the amount the players want to stake on the bets, all the punters need to do is double-check everything including the bets they have placed, the total money at stake, and if the bet is under accumulator. 
  7. The last step is to click on ‘Place Bets’. These are the only steps the punters need to follow to place an accumulator bet. 

The punters may also take a look at tutorials and strategies to win Acca bets

Other Variations of Bets

There are many types of sports betting available for punters to place bets at new bookmakers and sportsbooks. Many of these bets earn the punters a good sum of money, and some have very high risk involved but are still profitable if played well. Let’s discuss some of the different types of bets below:

  • Up and down bets: up and down bets are punter friendly and this is why not many websites advertise about these. This bet consists of two parts and if one wins then the stake goes on to the second selection and if both selections win, then the stake moves to the other selection. For example, if a punter bets on A and B at £1 each, then the total bet would be £2. If the first, A wins and the second loses, then the amount won would be £4. But, if A is lost and B is won then the total amount won would be £3. The best part is when both the selections win, in that case, the total reward would be: £9+£7= £16. 
  • Each way bet: each way is actually two different bets under one transaction which makes it combination bets. The two bets placed are a ‘win bet’ and a ‘place bet’. The selection can only win if the game ends within the determined places, if not the bet is lost and the player loses the money. Some other interesting bets are alphabet bet, system bets, patent bet, Yankee bet.

Odds & How much can you Win on an 8 Fold Bet

There is a very easy method to calculate returns of a game using the odds calculation which is usually given in decimals and not in fractions to enable easy calculations like the eightfold bet calculator. For common accumulators in football and other sports, the return is calculated when odds get multiplied with the initial stake.

There is no upper limit to these bets and history has seen some of the biggest returns on these bets. One of the biggest amounts one has won with these fold bets is around £650k. People win £100k easily at best live betting sites and bookmakers if the stakes and luck are right, and this has made accumulator bets so very famous in the gambling scene. 


Eight Fold Bet - Deposits and Withdrawals

The payments and transactions depend on the best odds bookmakers that the punters decide on using. Most arbitrage-friendly bookmakers allow bank transfers or the use of credit and debit cards or e-wallets for their transactions, and it is advised that the punters use the safest method of transaction available at the website to avoid scams. If the punters win a big amount, they should opt for a reputable and trustable transfer like a bank transfer which is made secure by the bank’s system. 

Pros and Cons of 8 Fold Bet


  • A big reward for a small amount.
  • Can place bets on a lot of selections with the money saved from placing individual bets.


  • Includes a lot of risks.
  • The whole bet can be lost with just one wrong selection.

Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Fold Bet

8 fold increase is when the stake increases eight times for eight matches based on the odds of the matches concerned.

No, 8-fold is not the same as 8 times. The reward is calculated by taking into account the odds of all eight selections. And is not just simply 8 timed.

Most sports allow five-fold bets, but it is advised that the punters check out the bets available in a sport before finalizing a bet.

No, accumulator bets are not available in live betting since the predictions are taken together before the matches start, but the punters might like other live betting bonuses.

Many sportsbooks make accumulator betting available on mobile phones, but the punters should check with their bookies if they can place accumulator bets from mobiles or not. You might want to check out: how to place a bet online.

Concluding Thoughts

This article takes into account all the topics needed to know about the accumulator bets and answers how does 8 fold betting works, especially since this article has the 8 fold bets explained. It is hoped that this betting advice will be of help to those punters who intend on going for accumulator bets in the future.

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