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Treble Bet | What is a Treble Bet?

Single bet and accumulator bets are two faces of the same coin and punters can use both of them with great success. The treble bet belongs to the second category, but it has a few particularities that help it stand out from the crowd. In this guide we will answer the question “what is a treble bet?” and will have the treble bet explained so you can learn how to use it with great success for profitable football betting.
The treble bet can also work with other types of sports betting and it is particularly popular among those wagering on horse races. You will learn everything about this multiple bet and also how to calculate a treble bet odds when using it on distinct sport events.

What is a treble bet?

The treble bet is one of the betting terms that veteran punters are quite familiar with. For a beginner to understand what is a treble bet, it’s important to focus on a few key elements.

  • For starters, this is a type of acca bet that consists of three selections added on the same betting slip.
  • In order to win treble bet slips, you would have to successfully predict all three results, which means that you take a higher risk.
  • The upside is that you can maximize the returns if you are accurate in your treble bet accumulator prediction.

Initially, the definition of the treble bet stated that the three selections on the betting slip must be from different sports. Recently, the biggest bookmakers in UK and their international counterparts have introduced “bet builders”. These allow punters to bet on multiple events from the same match to create accas. These can contain two selections for a double bet, three for trebles bet, but also 5 selections or 7 selections. With a minimum of 3 selections you can create a banker bet, which works a little differently though. There are also offered by low stakes betting sites, so punters have multiple opportunities.

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How to place a treble bet – Step by step

In order to better understand what does treble bet mean we use an example. For this purpose, we have chosen three football matches, but the treble bet rules are the same regardless of the sports chosen. We have chosen three football matches from the English Premier League taking place over the weekend.

  1. Liverpool vs Manchester City Odds 2.10
  2. Manchester United vs Everton 1.70
  3. Sheffield United vs Chelsea 1.50

The treble bet will consist of wagers on Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea on to win. When you add 3 selections to your bet slip at an online bookmaker the treble option will automatically appear. You will have to  select the amount of the stake and place the bet. There is one stake only as the treble is considered as one bet.

For this treble bet example we insert a stake of $10 and we can see immediately the return we may get in case of a win which is $53.50 (2.1 x 1.7 x 1.5 x $10 = $53.50, which means a profit of $43.50). We win if all predictions are correct. These matches are scheduled in quick succession and the profits made from the first bet (Manchester City victory), as well as the stake are rolled over on the second match. If Manchester United also wins, the winnings are automatically invested in the Chelsea win prediction.

How are treble bet payouts calculated?

Now that you have the treble bet explained, it’s easy to have the potential winnings calculated. In the example above, you can see that the three odds are multiplied between themselves and then again with the stakes. A treble bet calculator can be used to expedite the process, but it’s actually very easy to predict the winnings. Working out the treble bet is quite simple and the most important thing to remember is that all selections on the betting slip must be correct. If only one selection loses the bet is lost.

Using the example above we have:
• Total odds: 2.1 x 1.7 x 1.5 = 5.35
• Total return: 5.35 x $10 = $53.50
• Total profit: $53.50 – $10 = $43.50

What is an each way treble bet?

We chose to explain what is a treble bet in football because this is the most popular sport. The good news is that this type of wager works beautifully with other sports and the same rules apply. Let’s take a look at what is a treble bet in horse racing and the particularities of the treble each way bet.

A standard each way bet on a horse means that you win if your horse wins the race or places. The latter varies from one bookmaker to the other, but on average, the first four or five positions are paid. Essentially you’ll be placing two bets rather than one when you choose the each way bet. If you had three such selections on the wagering slip, you create a treble each way bet. You win the maximum stakes if your horses win in all three races, or a smaller amount if all of them place. The William Hill treble bet offer on horse racing events is some of the best out there, but they can also be found in other bookmakers.

The equally divided treble bet is a particular version of the betting trebles. What makes it special is the fact that the profits made from the first selection are split into an each way bet on the second selection. Any profits made from this bet will then be split into each-way bets on the third selection.

Treble bet tips and strategies


Understanding the treble bet meaning and how to place a treble bet won’t take more than a few minutes. In order to make the most of this type of wager, it’s worth considering a few treble bet tips and effective strategies.

👉 Just like with any other type of parlay betting, you shouldn’t rush and try to claim profits as soon as possible. All selections on the betting slip have to win, but they don’t necessarily need to be in a quick succession. Take your time and choose the best matches, even if they span over several days.

👉 The trebles bet on horse racing are particularly tempting because they give you more flexibility. It pays off to use the safety net of each way trebles betting, so you win even if your horse doesn’t win the race. The odds are multiplied, so you still win a significant amount, so the priority should be to minimize the risk.

👉 Veteran punters can take things to the next level and expand into system betting territory. Yankee bet, Lucky 15 and the Alphabet bet have a higher number of selections and possible winning ways.

Differences between Treble bets and Trixie bets

The Trixie and trebles betting terms can seem overlapping, but there are significant differences between them. After having the treble bet explained, it’s time to learn what’s the difference between a treble and a Trixie? The Trixie bet is actually a treble bet combined with three doubles, to mitigate the risks of losing. This is a hedge against risk strategy because the treble bet with 4 selections offers more winning ways. The three doubles will consist of combinations of the three betting events on the treble bet. Essentially, you can lose one selection and still recuperate some of the investment.

Now that you understand what the treble bet and the Trixie are, it’s time to take a look at the Patent bet. This is basically a Trixie with three more single bets, so the total number of events is increased to seven.

When considering how to place a bet on a treble, Trixie and Patent, you need to pay attention to the stakes. The more possible combinations are on the betting slip, the higher the investment. If you understand how does the treble bet work you’ll realize the differences between it and Trixie and patent quickly. The goal of all these wagers is to increase the potential profits by multiplying the odds, but the last two also have the merit of mitigating risks.

This table can help you get a better idea of how these bets work and how they differ.

Treble Bet

Trixie Bet

Patent Bet

Number of Selections
Treble Bet
Trixie Bet
Patent Bet
Number of Bets
Treble Bet
Trixie Bet
Patent Bet
Bet Structure
Treble Bet
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Trixie Bet
3 Doubles: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Patent Bet
3 Singles: 1, 2, 3
3 Doubles: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Winning Return
Treble Bet
All 3 selections must win
Trixie Bet
At least 2 selections must win
Patent Bet
At least 1 selection must win

Advantages and disadvantages of treble bets


  • Potential winnings are higher in a treble bet
  • You can combine events from different sports
  • Each way treble bets pay even if the horse doesn’t win the race.


  • You need to win all selections on a treble bet to cash in

FAQ: Your questions on Treble Bets answered

The treble bet has precisely three selections added to the betting slip. It will win if all of them are correct, regardless of the sport and type of match chosen.

To calculate potential profits, you simply multiply the odds of the three selections on the betting slip. When you get the final figure you multiply it with the stake and get the number representing the return. Then you subtract the initial stake from the return and you get the profit.

The each way treble bet explained highlights the fact that you also win if the horse doesn’t win the race. All it needs to do is to finish in one of the paid positions, usually top 4 – 5 with most bookmakers

The position doesn’t matter, as all your selections must win. Winnings from the first selection are rolled over to the second and multiplied with the odds, then the same happens for the third selection.

A treble bet can be very profitable because the odds are multiplied. The higher the stakes and the odds, the greater the winnings as trebles work in as accumulators do.

Tap into the lucrative nature of treble bets to boost profits

The treble bet is one of the most popular types of betting accumulators and a hit among horse racing enthusiasts. It can successfully be used to bet on football matches and any other sports competitions. By adding three selections on your betting slip and having the odds multiplied, you can win sizable amounts. There is an indissoluble link between risks and potential winnings, so keep that in mind. A little research and access to quality information can help you turn the treble bet into a lucrative instrument for online sports betting.