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Low Odds Betting Strategy | Betting Low Odds System [2023]

Low odds bets allow you to win less but more often, and you can increase your profit even more by using a low odds betting strategy. This strategy is suitable for every bankroll and can be used by bettors of all experience levels. Betting low odds system can give you real profit in the long run and it can be used for all kinds of sports betting systems. (check betting odds explained).

In this guide, we will answer any question you wonder about the betting on low odds strategy and give you low odds betting tips. But first, let’s start with basics and explain what the difference is between low odds vs high odds.

Understanding low odds before using a betting low odds system

We have another guide to explain low odds betting, but let’s briefly remind you of the basics before talking about betting on low odds strategy. The odds are determined by the bookmakers and the probability of an outcome is taken into consideration during this process. In general, the higher the probability of an outcome occurring, the lower the odds offered. This means that when you bet on this outcome, you have a good chance of winning. However, the amount of payment (due to low odds) will also be small.

These types of bets are also called “value betting”. This means that there are two outcomes and you bet on the more likely outcome (the one with more “value”). Although the payout will be small, you are more likely to win. Bookmakers offer lower odds for the most likely outcome to ensure a balance between both outcomes and to secure their own commissions. For the other outcome, on the contrary, higher odds are offered because the probability of occurrence is lower.

Further Information

However, it would be wrong to think that these odds mean the same as “chance of winning”. For example, if a sportsbook offers an odd of 1.10 for a particular outcome, this does not mean that the probability of that outcome will occur is 90%. It just means that everyone, including the bookie, gives more chances to that outcome – there is no guarantee.

In this context, underdog betting can also be a very profitable strategy, but that’s not what this guide is about. It is possible to win more often (but less) in the long run by opting for low odds bets, and this option can be more efficient when used with a specific strategy. Below; we will talk about the most commonly used low odds betting strategies.

You will need a sportsbook to use a small odds strategy, so let’s continue with a list of the best odds bookmakers. We picked the sportsbooks below according to our high standards: They offer the best odd ranges for any kind of betting and do not limit betting large amounts on low odds. In addition, they offer lots of free bet bonuses so you can try any low odds betting strategy you want without taking any risk. Pick one and join today!

Best Bookmakers with Low Odds in 28 September 2023 – Updated List

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Best matches & markets for betting on low odds strategy

It is not possible to say that a particular sport is more suitable for a low odds betting strategy. This system can be used in all sports. However, it is also possible to say that there are more outcomes and you can find more opportunities for popular sports. In this context, we can say that football and tennis are more suitable for betting on low odds strategy. (Speaking of which, make sure to check our football betting strategytennis betting strategy, as well as the tennis betting rules guides too.)

As a general rule, low odds betting strategy can be used for any type of bet. However, ideally, you should choose bets where only two outcomes are available. In this context, handicap bets and over/under bets (especially for low odds football betting) are more suitable. These types of bets only have two outcomes and the odds they offer are in the recommended range.

The betting on low odds strategy can be used before or during the match, so it is also suitable for use as a live betting system. Experienced bettors know that they can get more offers for live matches, and they have more opportunities for a high strike rate low odds strategy, especially when the end of the match/season approaches. However, if you’re just starting out, we recommend that you play using pre-match odds for a while. Read also our guides on closing odds and dropping odds to help you understand how the odds vary.

Bet big on low odds: Is this a viable strategy?

Beginners often think that increasing the amount of bets is the simplest and most ideal low betting strategy. This is indeed a simple strategy, but it will not make you earn more and it will not increase your chances of winning. This is because the odds offered by the bookmaker are fixed. Let’s give a simple example:

  • Bookmaker offers 1.10 for Team A winning.
  • If you bet 100 EUR on this bet and win, you will receive a 110 EUR payout.
  • If you bet 1,000 EUR on this bet and win, you will receive a 1,100 EUR payout.

In other words, you earn the same amount compared to your bankroll: As a result, it is not possible to say that there is a difference in the amount of earnings between the two options.


Betting large amounts is not a recommended tactic. In general, it is possible to say that the best staking plan for low odds is to split your bankroll into 10 units and use each unit for a different bet. 

Progressive betting low odds system

In the low odds betting strategy that can be defined as progressive, the bet amount is increased until a win is obtained.

The best-known example of this is the Martingale system: If you bet and lose, you double the stake on the next bet. To give an example:

  • If you bet 10 EUR on Team A and lose, you must increase the stake to 20 EUR on the next bet on Team B.
  • If you lose that too, your next bet will be 40 EUR and so on.

In summary, you need to double your bet as long as you lose and continue doing this until you win. The idea is that when you make a profit the amount will be large enough to cover all your losses. 

A similar system is the Fibonacci betting system, where bets are increased according to the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.

This is true, but if it takes a long time to win, your chances of going bankrupt are extremely high. Progressive strategies always recommend increasing the stake, but each strategy has a different order. If you have a limited budget, we recommend that you choose systems that sometimes suggest decreasing and sometimes increasing the amount of bets instead of strategies that require you to constantly increase them. Some systems, for example, recommend that you increase the amount only after you win, and keep playing with the same amount if you lose

Tips & tricks for low odds betting system and strategy


👉Learn to use your budget efficiently. The staking system for low odds recommends splitting your bankroll into 10 units and using each unit for a different match/outcome. In this context, you can guarantee to make a profit regardless of the match result by using the low odds laying system. “Laying” is betting that an outcome will not occur. By placing both backing and laying bets for the same match, you can receive a payout regardless of the outcome, as long as you find the correct odds range.

👉 Choose the sports you know. Sometimes you may find very advantageous offers for exotic sports, but if you have no idea about the rules of that sport, stay away from such offers. A low odds betting strategy only works for sports you know.

👉 Remember that favorite teams don’t always win. Sometimes, motivation can cause even an underdog team to win a match unexpectedly, especially when the end of the season approaches. Don’t forget to take motivation into consideration when analyzing and comparing teams.

What you really need to know about low odds betting strategy


  • You are more likely to win your bet
  • Works with any size of bankroll
  • Works on all sports


  • The profits won’t be that big
  • You need to stick with basic betting options

FAQ about betting low odds system

There are some sportsbooks that restrict placing high bets for low odds if that’s the only kind of betting you do. Check the terms & conditions of bookies before you join to see if this is the case. Our recommended bookmakers do not have such restrictions.

While there is no fixed figure, we can say that odds margins between 1.20 and 1.40 hit the sweet spot. For some sports, you can go as high as 1.60. You need to decide according to the sports you are placing a bet, but we don’t recommend going over 1.60 for any reason.

Betting exchanges have lower commissions and more offers, so you can find lots of opportunities to use a low odds betting strategy. However, they are more dynamic and you really need to know what you are doing. We recommend checking our Betfair trading strategies guide first.

Accumulator bets contain multiple picks and all of them must win in order to win the bet. If you are lucky enough, you can score really big payouts. In this regard, they are suitable for any kind of betting system.

Win big in the long run with the best low odds betting strategy

Whichever you prefer, using a low odds betting strategy will make you a real profit in the long run. This will not happen immediately and the amount of profits will not be as high as you hoped, but you can still make a profit anyway. This is why professional gamblers use a betting low odds system: They know that even if the amount is small, they can earn sustained wins. Therefore, we recommend that you start using betting on low odds strategy: You can find the best sportsbooks for this on our website.

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