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7 Fold Bet | 2024 explained guide

A 7 fold bet is undoubtedly one of the most exciting types of sports betting available as it offers a chance to win big money. Nevertheless, they are high-risk bets – the risk of losing money is higher than other forms of betting. Typically,  your betting skills are placed to a test when you decide to partake in this tall order accumulator bet.

The key to your success depends on precisely answering “what is 7 fold bet?” or “how does a 7 fold bet work?” Having a clear picture of what a seven-fold bet means allows you to bet with a clear mind, hence higher chances of winnings.  This article looks at the meaning and working of the seven-fold bet. Besides, it defines other accumulator bets and combination bets. This is an in-depth new guide 2024 punters can entirely rely on.

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What Is a Seven-Fold Bet?

A seven-fold bet is simply a single bet that has seven selections. Here, punters select seven selections and accumulate them into one bet slip, i.e., a single bet based on 7 selections. Since the choices are tied together in one bet slip, that bet can win only when all selections are correct. Undoubtedly, this is high-risk betting, and only punters with better betting skills can successfully try this accumulator betting. Also, you need to know how to calculate your payouts. Commonly, most betting websites offer a 7 fold bet calculator, making it much easier to calculate the payouts.

Another tricky part of “how does a seven-fold bet work?” is the confusion brought about by the Super Heinz Bet. A super Heinz bet is also a bet containing seven selections rounded up into 120 stakes. The bets include one 8-fold bet, seven 6-fold bets, twenty-one 5-fold bets, thirty-five 4-fold bets, and twenty-one double bets. So, you can have a 7 fold accumulator with 8 teams or any other number.

Examples of Seven Fold Bets

Apart from the super Heinz, a seven-fold bet is one of the accumulator bet types that work with eight different selections. That means if you choose 8 different events, you can make a seven-fold as an accumulator. The betting system usually arranges the eight events in combinations of seven out of eight events. 

What Is an Accumulator Bet: Small vs. Big Accumulator Wins

In accumulator betting, you place bets on a few teams – 4 or 5 teams. Such combination bets are relatively easy to win, compared to big accumulators – 7 or more selections. That means, if you choose seven selections, it can be a 7 fold bet from 10 selections. To succeed, it is advisable to check out the betting tips experts offer. And if your choices are 7 selections, use a 7 fold bet on a 7 teams calculator.

Types of Bets on 7 -Fold - Top 7 Fold Bets

  • Moneyline bets: here, you select a team that you feel will win
  • Over/under or totals: the bet is placed based on an event’s total, e.g., goals. In the case of soccer, a bookie offers the total of goals, and you have to bet whether it will be under or over the total.
  • Point spread/Handicap: here, sports betting sites offer points in favor of the underdog so as to create equity for the two teams – favorite and the underdog.

How to Place a Seven-Fold Bet

There are over 180 betting markets, and placing a suitable seven-fold bet would require you to cover all the events. So, you cannot place a successful 7 fold bet if you sufficiently cannot answer “how does a 7 fold accumulator work?”

Step 1
Log into your sports betting account
Step 2
Navigate to the sports or event of interest and compare betting markets, or you can use a coupon if provided.
Step 3
Select the first – the bet slip appears and asks for a stake. Tap it off and continue making your selections. The selections are added to the slip.
Step 4
Top the betting slip to display your selection. Depending on the betting market and bookies, it will show the stake options available for you.
Step 5
Enter the stake amount, double-check, and confirm your bet.

That is how easy it is to place a draw no bet accumulator

Seven Fold Bets in Sports

Any 7 fold bet explained write-up tries to answer “what is a seven fold accumulator.” Here, we tell you the sports that you can easily place a seven fold accumulator:


Football is a popular sport and comes with many betting options. That makes it easy to place a 7 fold football bet. There are many leagues and tournaments worldwide happening all year long. Players can accumulate teams to create an accumulator. However, punters must learn how to win football accumulators if they need good money.


Apart from the NBA, there are many basketball leagues across the globe. This makes it easy for bettors to pool teams together to create a 7 fold bet. Also, they create several seven-folds if they wish, but for more chances first, learn how to bet on basketball.  

Horse racing

Countries such as Ireland and the UK have different types of horse racing and horse racing events. With these options, skilled bettors can create a list of the seven-fold bet if they know the horses involved and their riders. Remember, placing the best seven-fold bets requires research and experience. 

Seven Fold Bet Alternatives

Apart from seven-folds, other types of accumulator bets are:

Further Information

  • Patent bet: three selections totaling 7 bets. To get a profit, at least 2 selections must win. Bet types include singles, doubles, and a treble. 
  • Heinz bet: there are 6 selections giving rise to 57 bets. Bettors get doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, and 6-fold. To get a profit, at least 4 selections must win; else, 2 selections secure a return. 
  • Lucky 63 bet: features 6 selections with 63 bets – punters can place singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, and a 6-fold.
  • Yankee bet: has 4 selections giving rise to 11 bets – doubles, trebles, and a 4-fold.
  • Alphabet bet: has 6 selections totaling 26 bets – 2 Patents (14 bets), 1 Yankee (11 bets), and a six-fold. 
  • Up and down bet: has 2 selections plus two separate bets on each selection. The first bet is conditional on the first bet winning. 

Choosing the correct payment methods will make transacting easier to and from your bookmaker easier. So, it is essential to select payment methods that are secure and available in your region. To spread the risk, bookies offer several payment methods. Common ones are:

Debit cards: a debit card is linked to your bank account, and you can easily use them both off and online. Popular brands are MasterCard and Visa, and deposits are instant.

Credit Cards: also offered by MasterCard and Visa, this payment method is secure, and all deposits are instant. Also, it is widely accepted by many bookmakers. 

Prepaid cards/ E-vouchers: these are great options if you don’t have access to a bank account or line of credit. These are deposit-only methods – common types are Flexepin and PaySafeCard. Restricted opts are prepaid MasterCard and Visa gift cards.

Electronic wallets: these are highly flexible payment options that work with bookmakers and other payment options. You can use EcoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, and EntroPay. InstaDebit, PayPal, and WebMoney to deposit and withdraw from your bookie account. 

Cryptocurrencies: this is digital cash that most betting sites are accepting.

Seven Fold Bets Accumulators

Typically, bookmakers offer odds on sporting events, and each bookmaker will set odds depending on how they feel a game will fare. In betting for fun vs. betting for profit, odds matter because they show you the likelihood of your payout. Since the odds of an ordinary seven-fold bet or 7 fold bet each way bet determines winning,  it is vital to look for the best odds bookmakers, especially if you’ll be putting your money on the line. To get your total payout, multiply all the odds with the stake.

Tips and Trick About Sevenfold Bet

The best way to win at a betting accumulator is to know how an accumulator works. Besides, odds from each selection play a critical role in determining the wins. Here are some tips to succeed at sevenfold betting


  • Don’t get greedy: avoid selecting many teams – for longer shots, choose a small stake. 
  • Do deep research: possibly, choose bookmakers with statistics to help in analysis. Above all, choose teams wisely. 
  • Check combination selection – for instance, in a 7 fold football bet, you can choose simple options like Both teams to score.
  • Cash-out at any time: this allows you to take a reduced payout rather than missing all out. This option allows you to get paid even when matches are underway. But it is only available on the best live betting sites and bookmakers.

The best betting experience comes when you are on the right sports betting site. Such sites offer the best bonuses – ordinary and live betting bonuses and loyalty programs. However, you must find your sports bonus complete guide if you need returns. Remember, both existing and new bookmakers have terms and conditions – follow them. 

PROS and CONS about 7 fold bet


  • Potential to get higher returns from smaller stakes
  • Punters can spread risk by placing multiple accumulators
  • Freedom to choose, games or events to bet on


  • One defeat results in multiple losses
  • Bets are available on few sports

Sevenfold Bet FAQ

Seven-fold bets carry higher risk; however, a small stake can give higher payouts if they are successful. With the right strategy, they are worth it.

Yes. If you bet with real money and all your successful selections, you'll receive real money as your winnings.

Yes. All sports betting sites are mobile-ready. So you can log into your sports betting account using a mobile app or browser and place your 7-fold bets.

Yes. However, you must be on live betting sites and bookmakers to enjoy the various live betting options.

No. only a few sports – football, horse racing, hockey, tennis, and basketball commonly offer 7-fold betting.

Seven Fold Betting Tutorials and Strategies – To Use or Not?

Every punter needs betting advice; that’s why you’ll come across a virtual betting guide on different sports. That is not different for seven-fold betting –  you need betting advice to answer “what does a 7 fold bet mean” and how it works. So, if you plan to place an accumulator bet, learn the most efficient tips and tricks first to avoid losing money.