Punters love to gamble and the online betting sites love to see them gambling. This is why sportsbooks are finding new and innovative ways to keep the bettors betting at every possible turn. One way that sportsbooks have increased the amount of action they see is by offering in-play wagering. Instead of being limited to placing a bet before a match and waiting for the outcome, punters can now follow the action live and bet while the game is in progress. As a way of getting more action during live events, most sportsbooks are promoting live wagering. Bookmakers offer a variety of bonuses to entice bettors to place more live bets. These bonuses are similar to any other kind of bonuses. Free bets, enhanced odds, reduced juice, that money back bets are just a few of the options that sports bettors can take advantage of while a game is in progress. Not only does in-play betting give punters more opportunities for action, it also increases the sportsbook’s bottom line.

Ready to bet live? Use these offers to get a head start:

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lsbet LS Bet Place 8 in-play single bets on football matches for a €50 Euro Free Bet
888 888 £5 Free Bet when you place three in-play football bets on Saturdays!
lsbet LS Bet Place 8 Live bets on tennis for a €50 Eur free bet
betonline Betonline $25.00 free play - risk free for your first live bet

What are In-Play Betting Offers and how to get them?

In-play betting offers are bonuses that are designed to be used by punters during a live event. There are several different ways by which a sports bettor can qualify for live betting bonuses such as free bets. One of the more common ways by which customers can qualify for an In-play free bet is by placing a qualifying wager prior to the commencement of the event. Based on the amount of the wager, the punter might be awarded either a free live wager or money-back wager that can be placed while the event in progress. For example, that your sports book might be running a promotion in which you can qualify for match bet free in-play bet of up to $50.00 if you place a bet before the start of the match. So, if you place a $50 wager on the New England Patriots to beat the Denver Broncos before the game starts, then you will receive a free $50 bet that can be placed during the course of the game. Some sportsbooks also offer these live free in-game bets if punters place a certain number of wagers in a designated time frame.

Instead of a regular bonus, your sportsbook might offer you a risk free bet or any other number of bonuses such as enhanced odds. You might even be able to claim the bonus without making a qualifying bet. Sometimes these In-play bonuses are offered for making a deposit into your account. There are many ways to get them. Check with your sportsbook to find out how you can qualify.  Remember to check the terms and conditions so you know how to use your bonus.

Where can you find Live Free Bet Offers?

Live free bet offers that are found in many places. That you might see them advertised at your sportsbook or on an advertisement banner. Quite often sportsbooks will send their existing customers an e-mail that will contain a special promotion for a live betting bonus. The best place to find this kind of bonus is that Gamblingjudge.com. If there is a great in-play wagering promotion going on somewhere and you can find it right here at Gamblingjudge. These gambling promotions are regularly updated so that you can find easily the latest and best live in-play bonus offers.

Are There Restrictions on how to use them?

In almost all cases there are restrictions on how these bonuses can be used and redeemed. Punters will find that once they’ve qualified for a live betting bonus they will need to use it within a specific period of time or during a selected match. They will also likely find that the bet will need to meet certain odds requirements such as 1.50 or greater that but this is not always the case. That most sportsbooks will exclude the free bet amount from the returns on a winning ticket. This means that if you have a winning $25.00 free live bet that was placed at even odds in you will be awarded $25.00 and not $50.00. The bonus winnings may also be subject to rollover requirements and other limitations. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to free live bets at your sportsbook.

What Types of Live Betting Free Bets are there?

  • Winner

During the course of the game, punters can place a bet on the winner of the match. The odds are constantly changing with the game’s ebb and flow. Betting on a team that is losing late in a match that will obviously have significantly higher odds than betting on the team that is winning.

  • Final Score and Totals

Punters can wager on the final score or total scoring with live bets. Like with any other live bet, the odds are constantly changing. If a game is 2-1 and in the late stages, chances are that laying a bet on a 2-1 final store or a scoring total of three goals will not come with great odds.

  • Will there be another score?

You can bet on whether or not there will be another score. That this can apply to either team or both. As the clock ticks down, the odds keep changing and punters that are watching live can get a good sense if the value is there or not.

  • Other Props

The types of bets that can be laid during a game are almost endless. Player point totals, winning margins, penalty props, and shot totals are just a few of many propositions that punters can find. When you consider that you can live bet on nearly any sports event there are countless possibilities of the wager types that can be laid.

In-game betting can call for a punter to make quick decisions. This is especially true in events such as horse racing. These bets also require that the online betting site’s interface is quick to respond so that your bets are placed immediately. Remember to read and understand the limitations that are in place when your sportsbook offers you live betting bonus.


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