Some of us remember that many years ago there was very little to choose from when it came to televised sports. Sports junkies might have been able to watch the occasional baseball game, Sunday football, or the ever popular Wide World of Sports. Our viewing options were definitely limited. As sports broadcasting evolved, fans were held hostage by their cable companies. They were forced to subscribe to premium television channels and even had to resort to paying outrageous fees to watch live events on pay-per-view. Thankfully, all of that has changed with abundantly available internet live streams. No longer are we at the mercy of local blackouts restrictions and regional sports broadcasts. It is now possible to watch virtually any live event. Almost any game that is being broadcast is available through the internet. Sportsbooks, sports bettors, and sports fans are all taking advantage of this technology.

It is now the norm for bookmakers to offer their customers live streaming sports. This helps them bolster live in-play betting. Customers can follow a game and track their wagers as the action unfolds before their eyes. This has resulted in a significant increase in live-play betting sites and live betting offers – and the players love that.

Which bookmakers have live streams?

Most of the today’s top bookmakers offer live streaming of sports events. These days, it’s not a question of who offers the service but more of a question of who doesn’t? A simple internet search will result in an almost endless list of free streaming sports sites. Those of you who are interested in finding the best websites to watch sports can refer to Gamblingjudge’s list of live streaming bookmakers. With more and more sportsbooks offering this service, the list is growing every day.

How to watch live sports streams on betting sites

Setting aside the many websites that offer free live sports streams, online bookmakers make it easy to choose from any number of live events. While a few of these online betting sites require that you simply sign up with them to gain access to the the feature, most of them require that you have an active and funded account before they allow you access to their streaming services. However, once you have access you can watch pretty much any live sports event. A customer just needs to click on the live streaming menu and choose the event of their choice. The quality differs between sportsbooks but also depends on your computer and your internet connection. Those with computers and fast Internet connections can enjoy watching these events in high definition of some online sports sites. Most online bookies that offer live streaming make a special effort to cater to those with slower internet connections. They want to be sure that customers can place bets and watch the games at the same time.

How is it different from watching a regular sports stream?

One of the major differences that separate the live streams that you see at sportsbooks from the streams you see at other sites is that the sportsbooks are continuously showing updated odds. This keeps in-play bettors always connected to their live betting strategies so that they can lay in-game bets more easily. Some sites even have a feature that allows players to place in-game bets right from the viewing screen. Sports streaming betting sites also show viewers many helpful statistics, graphs, and other commentary that is geared to help bettors make informed decisions. It also entices bettors into making more bets.

What kind of sports can you watch live?

The list is practically endless. If betting on a certain event is available then it is more than likely that the event will be broadcasted live. You can usually find all of the major North American sports, European soccer, and Australian Rules football. Golf, auto racing, cricket, boxing, mixed martial arts, tennis, and ping-pong are just a few of the other sports that are commonly offered. Let’s not forget about horse racing. If you could bet on competitive quilting then you could catch that streaming as well. Nearly any event that is open to wagering can be watched live.

Is this a good service?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. Even if the sports streaming betting site requires you to sign up and make a deposit, it beats the heck out of paying a fortune for services such as the NFL Sunday Package and the MLB package. It is also a much cheaper alternative to pay-per-view services and it offers an infinitely wider variety of viewing options than cable television. With live streaming in high definition, quality is not an issue. Plus, the constant onslaught of relevant gambling information that can be gleaned from watching games at your online bookmaker is a refreshing departure from some of the inane color commentary that is so prevalent on network television.

How is the video quality?

As mentioned before, your computer and internet connection have an impact on the quality of your sports stream. Generally speaking, the video quality at live streaming sportsbooks is as good as it gets. You can watch it in high definition or standard definition. Either way, you’ll have no problems seeing the action. Plus, you can keep up to date with the latest changes in odds.

How do sportsbooks benefit from offering the service?

Sports betting companies are looking for any way to drive traffic to their websites. They’re also looking to cash in on a very lucrative in-game betting market. By offering live sports streams, the bookie achieves both of these goals. It also entices casual bettors to get more involved. Many recreational gamblers like to place a wager and just sit back and enjoy watching the game. It’s not a big leap to get caught up in the thrill of placing in-game bets. We all know that the more a person bets, the more the online bookmaker profits. It is another small investment that online bookies make in order to get a large return.


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