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European Betting Sites – Ultimate Guide to the Best European Bookies [2024]

Sports betting is a major economic activity in Europe, and a growing number of gambling companies have continued to introduce various brands. A variety of games are available and they offer various languages to suit several gamblers from various states.

If you are keen, you will identify the regular establishment of new European gambling sites and you can be assured to land on the right site. The adoption of new technologies has highly boosted the growth of gambling sites in Europe.

As globalization rises, these sites become more reliable and they are easy to navigate. Like in other sites, European betting sites also offer players huge bonuses (check here our article about sports betting bonuses) as well as different depositing and withdrawal options.

Best European Betting Sites in 20 June 2024 – Updated List

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We have lists for gambling sites by continent and countries like Estonia for example: We shortlist the most thrilling gambling sites for you from all across the world. We have thoroughly checked all new EURO bookmakers and betting sites in Europe and picked the best possible options. No matter if you are looking for the best way to bet on sports items tennis or good old casino games, we have something for everyone. Good luck!

Which Are The Popular Euro Betting Gambling Websites?

Which European betting sites allow us to bet? Finding the best European gambling sites is a big question for many gaming fanatics as they are available in huge numbers. The top betting websites are the ones that consider the everyday gambling experience for all bettors.

These international betting sites are distinguished by smart and sleek features, a plethora of convenient transaction methods, a wide assortment of games, and lucrative bonus features. In our list, you will even find sports websites that will allow you to place Germany bets – no commission charged.

They are safe and offer an excellent gambling environment each time a bettor visits a sports betting site. From the biggest bookmakers in the world and the top gambling companies online to the land-based platforms, you will have a lucrative deal to pick. Be careful of European betting tips sites that claim to offer odds and fixed match results.

Online European Gambling Licenses for Betting Sites

Licensing is a perfect way to ensure safe and fair gambling activities both for the site operators and the bettors. The special gambling committee’s approval is absolute proof that the current operation is legal and that winning rewards are assured. Any gambling activity, including games involving bets or luck, such as slots, poker, roulette, lottery, and sports betting, requires a gambling license for betting sites in Europe.

The licenses come in handy with various rules and regulations that control and regulate how the gambling operations are done. For instance, the most popular licensing institutions that regulate sports betting in Europe are discussed below.

British Gambling Commission: The British Gambling Commission regulates some of the European game providers. Their main focus is to prevent any criminal activities in betting through the provision of licenses to sports betting sites and casinos. They also have a great role in preventing minors from negative consequences that may be associated with gambling.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission: Alderney was first launched in 2000 in control of various online gambling operations through licensing. Its best known for its strict authorization and most of the big gambling names have cemented a great foundation of trust through their licenses. However, obtaining their licenses is not easy as you may think as they require you to be financially stable, and prove the ability to host real cash games.

Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner: Previously known as Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, the gambling commissioner is a home for a large number of trusted and well-controlled gambling companies. The institution is based in Europe and it was established in 2005. They insist on fairness and strict adherence to gambling policies for every gambling operator. It does not tax players as they gamble, but it’s crucial to check if the country and site you are betting from tax winnings.

Malta Gaming Authority: You may count on Malta if you are still confused about the legality of the gambling site you have chosen. They are a trusted licensing body in Europe and are known for the numerous best legal betting sites and bookmakers, they have licensed since 2004 after joining the EU. However, all Malta-regulated gaming activities are controlled through the Lottery and Gaming Authorities through the Remote Gaming Regulations. Their licensing fees differ as they are divided into four classes depending on the operations of the gaming providers.

Isle Of Man Gambling Supervision Commission: Established in 2001, the Isle of Man has cemented a solid reputation for licensing a wide range of games. They pride themselves in their legitimacy and security. Most UK betting sites have been licensed by these institutions. They evaluate the ability of a gambling operator before recognizing them as licensed operators. On matters fees, they differ but they must include an application fee plus an annual license fee.

Tips and Strategies to Identify the Best European Betting Sites

Given the many available sites to bet on the European market, it can be daunting selecting the right site. Generally, all sites that are licensed are good but some few aspects make them defer from one another. The best way to make your selection is to first recognize the sports you want and which sites provide them.

Other crucial factors include their odds and bonuses, mobile sites, good customer service as well as acceptance of your local currency and language. Be sure to find the best 30 live streaming betting sites that have such a feature, and you will enjoy your gambling experience.

Criteria for Finding a Good Gambling Site

Numerous key aspects add up to best betting sites Europe and here are the key factors to consider before committing to a betting site.

  • How long has the betting operator been in business? Check new bookmakers by country
  • The owner of the site and their reputation in the gambling business.
  • Their legality and license providers such as those mentioned above.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options that are favorable and customer-friendly.
  • Sports covered and their compatibility with different devices such as mobile phones and tablets,
  • Bonuses and promotions that increase your chances of winning.
  • Customer support services through emails, telephone, Social Media and Live Chat.
  • Security and protection are provided for personal data and information.
  • European betting websites offer hassle-free registration process.
  • An authorized third party will conduct audits and testing.
  • Terms of service that are fair and honest.
  • A privacy statement that explains how your personal data is used.
  • There is no history of non-payment or unreasonable treatment of consumers.

Quality Websites and Games that You Can Try

Different betting sites in Europe are available which offer quality sports where gamblers can enjoy every moment of their betting time. The list is wide and you may select games like American football, Ice hockey, hockey, rugby, cricket, volleyball, basketball, and many others as they are available in many of the european sports betting companies.

The Difference between European Sites and Asian Betting Sites

If you are to compare European and Asian betting sites then you may note some differences when it comes to the number of sports to bet. European betting websites

have numerous sports options to choose from in comparison to Asian sites. When compared to Asian gambling websites, European betting sites have a higher degree of popularity. It should, however, not come as a surprise to us. People mainly gamble on sports like football/soccer, basketball, and tennis, if you look closely. In Europe, all of these sports are much more prevalent.

While the basic laws of sports betting are the same in Europe and the Far East, there are notable distinctions in the odds selection and terminology. In online betting Europe , the most common odd is a handicap match, and there are significant variations between an Asian and European handicap. The handicap as an odd is easy in European betting; you may choose a home or away team, and picking the handicap indicates that the chosen team must win with a specific advantage.

Asian handicap, on the other hand, may appear complex, but it gives players an edge in terms of winning possibilities on best euro bets. In terms of banking options, European sites overdo the Asian sites by a wider margin. But then again Asian sites also allow players to place huge deposits and have huge cashouts. 

Different Types of European Betting Sites

  • Sportsbooks

The European sportsbook features various sports offered in the market like basketball (how to bet on basketball), rugby, American football, hockey, ice hockey and many more.

  • Racebooks

The racebooks allow you to gamble on the horse or dog betting online. Sometimes they can be linked to other platforms like sportsbooks to add up to an all-inclusive site.

  • Casinos

Casinos are platforms that allow gamblers to play table games, live dealer games as well as progressive slots. They can be online or in-land casinos. In some cases, casinos are will include both sports game betting as well as other jackpots and slots.

  • All-Inclusive Sites

The European all-inclusive sites tend to combine two or more sites of the above-mentioned sites. However, sometimes it works well for some sites and weak in other sites.

European Gambling Policies and Laws that You Should Take Note of

Gambling laws are key aspects that ensure fair plays among parties engaged in the European betting websites. However, the laws may vary from one country to another as some will have tight restrictions, and this is why some punters will prefer a certain site over the rest.

As days go by, the betting industry is becoming more relaxed, and the European Union has liberalized the gambling market and European Betting prediction sites have sprung up as a result. Although this may be in the favor of gamblers, it might breed negative impacts such as gambling addictions, overspending beyond set budgets, and match-fixing. On the other hand, it’s a great deal for states to draw huge margins.

Legal Status of Online Gambling In Various Countries


France holds a rich gambling history, and like its numerous European neighbors, betting in France can only be associated with ancient times. The Autorité Nationale des Jeux regulates the internet gambling business in France (ANJ). For a long period, online sports gambling has been a French monopoly but then the EU emphasized revisions of the laws, and in 2010 France allowed other states.

The use of online casinos, betting exchanges, and spread betting sites is prohibited. Only professional bettors are subjected to tax deductions while recreational gamblers are not taxed on their online winnings. Although sports betting as well as horse racing betting are tax-free, each online poker gain is subject to a 2-8 percent tax. In fact, the French government levies a 33 percent corporate tax on internet betting companies. Due to the strict rules, there are only about 20 licenced France betting sites.


Betting laws in Germany have been controversial. It all started with the Interstate treaty on gambling which made it illegal for German banks to accept transactions from betting sites. Moreover, online sites could be blocked by Internet service providers if they were deemed to be violating federal laws. The good news is that the Treaty was declared to be against the European Law in which Germany is a member.

As a result, several betting sites have been licensed to operate inside Germany but the requirement remains stringent. However, German customers have been able to place bets even on sites not licensed in Germany. Check our list of top Germany betting sites for the best bonuses and free bets for German punters.


Almost all popular European gambling sites that are established in Ireland adopt UK laws. They have been widely used both in Northern Ireland as well as the Ireland Republic. They allow players to gamble from any destination but they are subjected to some taxes. From horse racing’s Cheltenham Festival to politics’ elections, and TV specials to prime-time international events, the top Ireland betting sites provide variety and access across all genres.


Online betting in Italy is controlled to a greater extent when it comes to licensing of operators. Initially, firms could not accept Italian players. However, the law was changed to allow foreign bookies to accept Italian players once they got an operating license. To obtain the license, a firm has to be on a positive track record of at least two years. Because football is so popular in Italy and on best international betting sites, it’s no wonder that sports betting is a significant part of the culture. Physical betting shops may be found all across the nation, but online Italy betting sites  are rapidly growing in popularity.


Netherland has placed a huge restriction on their citizen as they are forcefully trying to ban their residents from participating in betting activities. For instance, over the years the country has postponed the discussion to include these activities but there have been so many delays causing its failure. However, owing to the lack of Netherlands betting sites,, some players from the country have risked accessing gambling sites from other territories without the knowledge of their Government.


The Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego, a government-controlled body, regulates the Spanish sports betting industry (DGOJ). Before offering their sports betting product, all Spain betting sites  must apply for and acquire a license. Online betting in Spain is entirely legal with a legal framework to regulate the industry having been passed in 2012. Despite having fewer fanatics, sports betting is growing in popularity with over 70 bookies licensed to operate. On taxation, winnings of above 2500 UK Pounds attract a 20% tax


Despite the fact that Sweden is currently one of the world’s leaders in the iGaming sector, the Nordic country has previously been classified as a grey market. Betting is highly popular in Sweden and most importantly, legal. Just like in most European countries, firms have to obtain a license to operate. The country has already licensed over sixty online Sweden betting sites, such as Nordicbet sports, all of which provide excellent service to Swedish citizens. Firms operating in Sweden have seen their revenues shot up driven largely by the popularity of sports such as football, handball, and ice hockey.

United Kingdom:

The UK is the bedrock of sports betting and gambling. Most of the betting sites operating in Europe were founded in the UK. This status is due to the favorable operating climate for bookies and punters alike. For bookies, licenses are easily obtained and easy to keep. The Gambling Commission is the sector watchdog that ensures companies adhere to regulations such as advertisements, fighting addiction, and statutory charitable contributions from the profits. For punters, there are no taxes on winnings making it a very attractive prospect to gamers.

The global popularity of the English Premier League has added to the attraction of online betting. Furthermore, a majority of UK betting sites make the cream layer of the online gambling industry wherein gambling enthusiasts can enjoy the rich assortment of casino and sports betting opportunities.

European Banking Methods When Playing Online

Among other popular banking methods used by the best list of European betting sites include e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. They are safe and fast banking options which you may use to make your deposits or withdraw your winnings. New online bookmakers that accept iDeal also represent a great alternative

Other alternative methods are credit and debit cards, cheques, and bank transfers. Trustly betting sites and Rapid Transfer betting sites are also popular in Europe, with Trustly, especially in Northern Europe.

Most interestingly, the biggest betting companies in Europe have also adopted the use of Bitcoins as the new payment option in the industry as most sites consider them safe. You may use your Visa and MasterCard. Bitcoin betting sites have also become popular allowing players to bet using cryptocurrency only.

Mobile Betting In Europe

With the increased use of mobile in the gambling industry, most cash-out betting sites continually adopt the technology, and it’s indeed winning huge numbers of gamblers who which to place their sports bet at their comfort. Mobile gambling is simple and easy on every European betting site, and players enjoy the convenience of betting on their smartphones and tablets.

A majority of bookmakers Europe are mobile friendly and others offer their app for products like Apple and Android.

Pros & Cons of the Popular and Top European Betting Sites


  • Wide range of gambling markets for every game
  • Huge welcome bonuses for visitors
  • Betting in your own country is convenient
  • In-play betting options or the European Betting sites streaming option


  • Small betting limits

Languages and Currencies Accepted At European Betting Sites

There are numerous languages spoken across the European states, and you can be assured of the different customers on their site. As a result, most European betting sites have most of these languages supported on their sites to suit the different kinds of punters. Available languages include German, French, Spanish and English.

Some sites are more interesting and you can enjoy as many languages as Dutch, Italian, Greek, Polish(check here our Poland betting sites and Poland gambling sites), Portuguese, Swedish to Czech. The currency options are also broad, and e-wallets are the most popular on their sites accepting PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. Credit and debit cards are also accepted and you can also use Bitcoins to wage.

Bonus and Promotions Available for New and Old Players

Various awards are offered on international betting sites to keep players motivated and the European betting sites are not an exception. These awards are in the form of bonuses and promotions varying from welcome bonuses, free bets, sport-specific bonuses, and VIP programs, but for more read sports betting benefits. For instance, the welcome bonus which is at times considered as deposit bonuses is offered once a gambler subscribes to a betting site in Europe.

It may be a free bet or match bonuses of a certain percentage. Besides, the sport-specific bonuses are an offer on a single sports event while free bets allow you to wager freely without using any cash. VIP programs are specialized to suit loyal gamblers who have had a long-term betting experience and it can be a free bet or money.

European Betting Sites- Types Of Betting and Odds

There is a wide array of gambling options to select on European betting sites. These may comprise of Moneyline, Asian handicap (including alternative Asian handicap betting, with quarter lines like Asian handicap 0.25 or Asian handicap 0.75), and three-way betting (or European handicap). Besides, futures wagering on the league championship, over and under betting, props, parlay possibilities and teaser odds are also available.

When it comes to odds, you will have to navigate through various settings. European bookies allow players to display odds in decimal, fractional and American options.

The Benefits of Online Gambling

The advantages of online gambling sites cannot be compared to traditional betting. Here are the reasons.

  • It’s fast and convenient
  • You will get numerous bonuses and promotions
  • Varieties of games
  • Improved odds
  • Free streaming from live streaming betting sites
  • Numerous payment options

Tips and Tricks For Online Sports Betting

  • Open Accounts with Various Sites

There are numerous benefits you can fetch if you open betting accounts at multiple sportsbooks. Particularly, it enables you to enjoy multiple bonuses and other special offers. Additionally, you will be able to identify the best odds as place a bet.

As various sites offer varying odds, it is important that you experience the different sites so that you can make a good choice. The small winnings from each site eventually add up to a considerable amount.

  • Take Full Advantage of Bonus and Other Offers

The good thing about online betting sites is that most of them offer bonuses and some are huge. The best way to draw these benefits is to first ensure you understand every bit of the requirements. The bonuses vary from reload bonuses, welcome bonuses, enhanced odds, and loyal bonuses. Most interestingly, some sites reward their customers based on the number of plays on their site and these can be rewarding offers to enjoy.

  • Stick To The Budget

Gambling is sometimes addictive, and the best way is to ensure that you always stick to your budget no matter how exciting the games are. If you are not careful, you might end up facing harsh consequences for irresponsible betting. So, decide on your budget and ensure you remain responsible for every bet you place.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Sports Betting In Europe

Europe is a European Union governed country, and despite every state making its gambling laws and restrictions, the European Union must chip in to challenge any decision made by these states. Thus, some countries legalize gambling activities and are liberal while others are still struggling to have a complete ban on betting in their countries.

Very. Given that it’s a common rule for all gambling sites to be registered, most sports betting sites in Europe are safe to stake. However, you must be careful when picking a betting site. You can only avoid the pitfalls of fake sites by dedicating your time for reasonable research.

What most European sports gambling sites do is pick the popular languages and include them in their services. Such enables a good coverage of customers. You can be sure of finding at least one or two sites in your native language.

You may expect multiple deposit and withdrawal options at European Betting sites like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Netteller, PayPal, bank transfer and Maestro.

There is no need to worry about your currency and deposits. The thing is; most European betting sites have covered all currencies used in the continent. Besides, you are allowed to convert money online in case your local currencies are not supported by the sites, but this comes in handy with a small exchange fee.

The best thing about European sports gambling sites is that they have numerous and popular sports games, unlike Asian sites. The sports include soccer, boxing, cycling, tennis, hockey, motor racing, golf, cricket, ice hockey, volleyball, badminton, fencing, basketball, rugby, American football, and Australian rules.

The common odds formats of Europe are decimal. It has been mostly used by online sports gambling sites in many regions, and customers find them good and simple to use. This is not the end, fractional and American formats are also available.

It's hard to say yes or no about tax changed on winnings made at European gambling sites. The fact that every state has its gambling laws makes it difficult to pool a single answer on this question. But then, some countries will have taxes charged on the winnings while others will not have any taxation.

Play with Best European Betting Sites Available Online Today!

In a nutshell, Europe has got good and exciting deals where you can access your sports betting needs. The only thing you need to do is identify your taste of sports and click on one of their sites. They focus on fairness as well as improving gambler’s experiences. In our comprehensive guide, we have discussed which European Betting Sites work in the United States as well as sports betting in Europe. Also, make sure you read our guide with everything you need to know on buying points sports betting, which will significantly increase your winnings. But if you are not sure yet, you can also read our article about Online vs. Offline betting, in order to decide for yourself.

We recommend that you try these platforms as they offer you incredible deals including the fact that they have bonuses and promotions for new customers. They also have live betting sites, low CSGO betting sites, and European betting sites for Basketball. We have even prepared a special guide regarding making a living on Betfair.