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Best financial and spread betting | Valuable tips [2024]

Financial betting is another way online punters can take action to make money, either for fun or to make money. Typically, financial betting allows players to bet on various markets without buying into them with shares. Bettors can bet on the rise or fall of financial markets. They can choose to bet on short-term or long-term movement, and financial betting allows players to close their bets at any time so that they can lock in their profits or minimize their losses.

Ordinarily, gambling companies, online poker rooms, and internet casinos offer an opportunity to gamblers to place wagers on various events. Similarly, financial betting sites are tailored to provide the best experiences to people interested in events in the financial market. This article brings you the best financial betting sites and shows you how to place bets online.

Best Financial Betting Sites in 20 June 2024 – Updated List

1xBit Sport

Origin of financial betting

Spread betting has its origin in gold trading, which was illegal at the time. Stuart Wheeler saw an opportunity to offer gamblers a chance to trade in gold legally. In his strategy, people could not trade gold itself but make trades based on the price of gold. This wasn’t illegal because it didn’t involve gold, and many people could speculate the price of gold by making a bet on either a rise or a fall in the gold price. The IG Index created spread betting, and every day a gold trading price was set. Wheeler creating his bid and offered the spread (Investors Gold Index)If a trader thought that the gold price would rise, they could bet on the index going up, and those who felt the price would drop could bet on the price going down.

What is financial betting?

Financial betting places bets on assets, i.e., speculating whether the asset price will fall or rise based on brokers’ price. Ideally, financial bettors are wagering on the price development of a particular financial instrument such as the stock market against a bookie’s odds. The outcome is either a win or a loss.

Financial spread betting explained: What is financial spread betting?

Financial spread betting is wagering on the price movement of a security. Typically, it involves speculating the direction of the financial markets without owning the underlying assets/security. Spread betting companies quote two prices for spread bets:

  • The bid price – the buying price (what the investor can sell for)
  • Ask price – selling price (” price is the cost that an investor can buy-in)

 As an example, let’s pretend that the New York Stock Exchange is trading at 5,000. The “ask” price or buying price might be set at 5,005. In contrast, the “bid” price or selling price might be set at 4,995.

The spread: what is a financial spread betting

So, what is the spread? In sports bettingwagering on a spread will result in one of three things; a win, a loss, or a push. In financial betting, financial spread betting’s meaning is slightly different. The spread is the difference between the buy and the selling price, wrapped around the underlying market price. Spread bettors wager on whether the price of the security/asset will be lower than the bid price or higher than the asking price. With spread betting, investors speculate on the price movement on various financial instruments, e.g., stocks, commodities, forex, and fixed-income securities. This betting is tax-free, commission-free activity, and bettors choose the amount they intend to risk on their bet, for more read our article about risk free and no lose offers.

How does financial spread betting work?

Spread betting means tracking an asset value (which you don’t own) to take a position on the underlying market price. The key concepts include:

  • Short and long-term trading: going long means wagering on an outcome that the market price will increase over a specific timeframe. By contrast, shorting means placing a wager that the market price will decline. 
  • Leverage: it allows you to get total market exposure for a fraction of the market cost, and it magnifies both profit and losses – they are calculated based on full position value. 
  • Margin: When you spread bet, you place an initial deposit, the best odd margin, to open a position. Two margins exist – deposit margin (initial funding to open position) and maintenance margin (additional fund).

The most important things to note include the spread, bet size and bet duration. The bet size means the amount you intend to wager per unit of movement of the underlying market price. You can choose any size provided it’s acceptable. Loss of profit is the difference between the opening and closing prices multiplied by your bet’s value. Bet duration is the time length before your position expires, and it varies from days to several months. You can close them anytime before the expiry date.

How to find the best financial betting sites?

Here are key factors to consider if you need to find the best spread betting sports websites:

Markets and Betting Options

Check out different types of sports betting.  A wide array of betting options alongside many betting financial markets implies that a betting site is dedicated to serving both beginner and advanced gamblers, if you want to be one of them, read our betting advice article.  Therefore, it should offer fixed betting, spread betting, and binary betting. Besides, it should cover indices, currencies, stocks, and commodities.

Payment Methods

The best financial spread betting companies should support various bookmakers by payment methods, and these payment options must be convenient and quick. Popular options are Visa, Discover, American Express MasterCard credit and debit cards, E-wallets, bank wire transfers, prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies. Based on payment methods, you’ll come across Visa bookmakers and betting sites, Mastercard bookmakers and betting sites and debit card bookmakers and betting sites

Mobile apps

Betting using mobile phones is currently a popular thing. So, choose a betting site that offers financial mobile betting sites and apps. This makes it easier for you to monitor different markets and their respective prices. However, the apps should be responsive enough to allow you to make swift bets.

Bonus and promotions

While all websites offering financial markets betting have promotions, check the validity and amount of each promotion. Besides,  analyze the financial terms for betting using the gambling bonuses offered. Anyway, a bonus is the best way to boost your bankroll. The standard bonuses are welcome, and deposit bonuses – the financials bonus make trading risk free. The spread welcome betting bonus may double your financial betting bankroll on the best financial betting sites.

Other factors to consider are customer support, financial betting odds, and reputation.

Where can I bet on Financial Markets?

There are many sites to place bets on financial markets:

Bookies: online gambling companies offer financial bets alongside regular bets. Trusted online betting websites such as William Hill and Ladbrokes are among the world’s best sites to get started. They offer great welcome bonuses and clear instructions. Most importantly, they offer fast withdrawals as they are instant withdrawal bookmakers. Spread betting sites: some sites, such as Spreadex, is dedicated to financial spread betting services and betting guide. Trading sites: it isn’t strictly betting, but these trading platforms offer Spread Bets, alongside financial products, closely related to betting, e.g., FX and CFDs.

How to bet on financial markets?

The process is pretty simple but might slightly vary from one site to another. However, the general process is:

Step 1
Choose legal betting sites and create an account.
Step 2
Head over to the financial bets section
Step 3
Choose the type of bet. Common types of financial betting are financial fixed odds betting, spread bets, and binary betting.
Step 4
Choose a specific outcome to place bets for or against
Step 5
Enter the bet amount and confirm the bet.

Remember that international gambling companies don’t take IOUs. Players will be required to have enough in their accounts to cover potential losses before placing their bets. Beginners are advised to start small and get a feel for it before committing large sums.

Types of financial betting

Further Information

While betting, there are many things to consider. However, trends and contrarian bets are can be helpful. Trends are essential for all punters as it enables investors to understand the emergence of specific trends. While they are helpful, trends work well when used with other methods. Just because you spotted in betting statistics that a football team has won their last seven games played on a Thursday doesn’t mean that they will win their next Thursday game.

Some bettors apply the Contrarian Bets, a strategy that you will be betting against the public. Bettors identify a trend and bet on the streak ending. 

The common types of financial betting are:

  • Spread betting – based on the number of shares that rise or fall, and it forms the biggest action in financial betting. Here, you can lose or win unlimited sums of money; if you set a bet, it can go up thousands of dollars or down. Still, it can be in between. 
  • Fixed odds betting – here, you place your bets based on the stake you are willing to risk. It’s very similar to over/under betting in sports.
  • Binary betting – This betting is limited to wins and losses, making it unfriendly for beginners. The bet settles at 0 or 100

Financial betting strategies


It’s not very easy to speculate whether an asset price will rise or fall. Here are some spread betting strategies you can apply in a sports betting system to make it much easier. 

Reversal Spread Betting

This involves identifying areas where trends are likely to change. The bet is either bullish or bearish, meaning an increase or decrease. Here, traders place bets opposite the direction of a current trend. But they need to use all tools, including the Fibonacci retracement tool.

Trend Market Spread Betting

Here, bettors need to do some technical analysis to determine the trend before placing a bet in line with the trend. For this medium-term strategy to be successful, indicators such as Moving averages need to be considered. Its benefit is that you can follow the market regardless of whether you are going short or long. 

Breakout Spread Betting

This strategy involves entering a trend very early in anticipation of a price breakout. The strategy is based on the belief that key price points indicate movement or expansion volatility. 

The risks associated with financial betting

The risks include:

Price volatility – economic events or release of economic news, e.g., changing interest rates, can dramatically affect financial markets. So, a market can gap or jump much higher or lower in seconds. 

High leverage – leverage allows you to bet at a fraction of the full value. So, you can make a profit if markets shift in your favor. However, it’s also easier to make significant losses if you lack risk management strategies out of your favor, for more read best sports betting strategies.

Account close-out – spread betting has many fluctuations and may occur outside business hours on international betting sites. This can cause your account balance to change rapidly, and if you lack enough funds to cover these changes, your position risks being automatically closed by the platform when it falls below the close-out level. 

The best payment methods available for financial betting

Here are the popular methods to transact on financial betting sites:

Bank cards

Debit cards like rapid transfer are popular transaction methods among punters. It’s straightforward, secure and faster, and there are minimal transaction fees. Using these methods allows you to get bookies bonuses and free bets. All betting sites accept Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit.

Prepaid cards

This is similar to debit cards but a better alternative to traditional banking. To use these cards, load cash in the first. Its safety barrier is that you can spend more than what is on the card. Good thing; all deposits to bookie are instant.


The different types of eWallet are PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, EntroPay and ecoPayz. All these methods are convenient, secure, instant and widely acceptable. However, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller are the most popular options. 

Pros and Cons about Financial and Spread betting


  • Lower fees
  • Less time and money investment
  • Winning isn't subject to tax laws
  • Instant access to a wide range of markets
  • Anonymity
  • Faster


  • High risk leading to unlimited loses

FAQ about financial betting:

Yes. It's safe to bet on financial betting sites that are fully licensed. A valid license is a sign that betting is legal and will keep your data safe. However, you need to practice safety tips while on any betting site.

Spreading sports betting on either an outcome will be above or below the spread that sports spread betting websites are offering. The losses or profit are determined by how much below or above the spread of the outcome is.

Winning money from financial betting depends on the amount of wager stake you placed and the type of bets. You can make more money if you are skilled, but the high risks can make it tough for beginners.

Not really. Actually, many states but bottlenecks to gambling to some extent, but the penalties vary. Nonetheless, if you are on a legal online bookie, you can bet from anywhere.

Most countries allow bettors aged above 18 years. However, more strict countries put the age limit at 21 years.

The best stock market betting sites and sport spread betting companies always offer quality customer service. Indicators of quality services are timely responses to question, 24/7 availability and multiple channels of access.

Can you make money with financial betting?

Being able to answer ‘what is financial betting?’ can open the door to making a lot of money on this type of betting. Some people do financial spread betting for a living, but that requires researching and applying only practical strategies. Another way on how to make money from financial spread betting is by choosing the right betting site. Good betting markets and prices can help you make good money from any financial market if well utilized.