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Best and Easiest Sports to Bet on

What do you look for in a bookmaker when you are deciding what sports to bet on?

What are the best things to bet on, and which events make for the hardest sports to bet on? These are questions you may not have the answers to, but we do.

Most experienced punters will agree that getting the best odds is one of the most important things to look for – the best place to bet on sports must be able to offer competitive odds, before anything else.

Grinding out a profit over the long haul is tough enough without having to deal with bad lines. They will also agree that having the widest range of sports betting system markets and wagering options it key.

After all, what is the point of picking a sportsbook that only offers football betting when you want to place wagers on cricket or opt for dog betting, for example? What’s the point of signing up with a bookie that only offers NFL betting when you are a college football nut?

Determining the easiest sports bets to win is not a simple job and requires having access to lots of options.

If you are looking for the answer to which sport has the best betting odds question, you must be able to see a lot of sports types first.

Of course, there is a lot more to look for other than good odds and a lot of wagering opportunities when choosing the best sports to bet on.

In this guide, we will show you some of the best games to bet on, and help you answer the question “should I bet on sports?”.

There is no definitive answer to what is the easiest sport to bet on question: A lot of things must be considered to find out the best sport to gamble on, and good odds and features like the “accept all odds movement“, “edit my acca“, or “request a bet” are just a small part of it.

These days, it might be important to be able to place bets using mobile devices and SMS. Maybe you want to easily watch the live action and bet in-play on your favourite sport.

If this is the case, maybe you will choose the best place to bet on sports according to mobile compatibility. This may also be important for determining what’s the best sport to bet on: Maybe, you should pick the best sport to bet on according to how easy it is to follow on small screens.

In any case, there is one common thing all punters want: Choosing a sport that helps them to maximize their earnings and mitigate their losses by receiving valuable bonuses and ongoing promotions. In other words, punters want everything that the best sportsbooks have to offer.

After finding the best things to bet on, they will look for an online sportsbook that offers these sports types. And the next thing will be finding out which sport has the best betting odds, as can be guessed. In this context, have you ever thought about what are the top sports to bet on?

Well, we cannot choose the best bet on sports for you: We can help you to choose but this will always be a personal preference, after all. Some may even prefer betting on hockey (see here our NHL betting system article). However, we can still the best sports for betting – below, you can see a list of them and find out what are the best sports to bet on.

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So, Which Sport Is the Best for You to Bet On?

Which one has the best odds, provides the most comprehensive coverage, and gives you widest range of betting options? Which bookmaker has the best bonuses and promotions for you? Who are the instant withdrawal bookmakers? Which high stakes betting sites gives you the most payment options for this sport?

The answer isn’t as clear-cut as you might expect. Sure, there are a lot of excellent bookies out there that offer most of the aforementioned features for most sports but punters really need to add another crucial factor into the equation.

“What sport am I passionate about?” Once you have answered that then you can proceed to find out where you can get the best odds, most betting opportunities for that particular sport, and relevant bonuses and promotions as well as all the other bells and whistles. Look for bookies that don’t limit your access to particular betting markets.

In other words, the answer to what is the best sport to bet on question is quite personal: Nobody can pick for you. But it is still possible to list the most popular sports to bet on and leave the choice to you – this is what we are going to do below. Here are the best sports to bet on today.

Football (Soccer) Betting – World’s Most Popular Sport

Football is one of the easiest sports to bet on and probably the most popular sport on Earth and bookmakers take an incredible number of bets on it every year. For this reason, bookmakers take an incredible number of bets on it every year. Almost all bookies (including new bookmakers 2021 sites and even new independent bookmakers) offer 24-hour live soccer betting but some do a better job than others when it comes to giving punters the full package.

The very best football betting sites post great odds on a huge variety of soccer markets and have regular promotions such as bore draw and other money back betting offers. For example, if there is a football match being played anywhere then Paddy Power will certainly be offering all sorts of profitable betting opportunities and the easiest football bets to win for it.

They also have their “2 Up – You Win” promotion that is specifically geared towards football bettors. If the team you bet on takes a two-goal lead at any point in the game then you automatically win. What a great deal for football fans!!

This is not a how-to bet on football guide but we can still give you a couple of tips to help you make money betting on football.  The first thing to know when you want to learn how to win big on football bets is that the easiest football bets to win are the simplest ones – Instead of exotic bets, like betting on penalties, focus on the result of the match. Second, always take advantage of the handicap odds (including European handicap odds).

You could as well try EVS betting, but only if you know the teams inside out, as it’s risky if the teams are close, in terms of odds. We also suggest taking a look at our “low odds vs high odds” guide that will help you to better understand both the concept of dropping odds and closing odds.

If you were to base the question “what is the easiest sport in the world to bet on?” on available markets, predictable outcomes and the amount of knowledge and stats available, then football would easily rank high as one of the top sports to bet on. There is a reason why it features on top of this list of the easiest sports in the world to bet on. Most players agree with that analysis.

You should also check our guide regarding betting scams and how to avoid them, as fixed football games or shaving points are a major encounter nowadays for the naive gamblers.

See the best football betting sites here!

American Football Betting – Biggest Opportunity of the Year!

american football playerPerhaps you’ve heard of the Super Bowl? If not then you should know that it is one of the biggest annual betting events and one of the top sports to bet on. American football is like a religion in North America and the answer to “what is the best sport to bet on” question for many bettors. It hasn’t been as globally accepted as other sports but its popularity is growing.

If you live in the US, American Football is probably the best sport for betting.

The NFL (which is the easiest football league to bet on) is the most well-known American football league there is but NCAA college football, the Canadian Football League, and a couple other smaller leagues have large followings and bookmakers take a lot of bets on them, so you will never run out of markets to bet. A fresh list of betting lines is usually up every Sunday night during football season and punters can’t wait to get their bets in.

Everybody tries to find the best thing to bet on and even watching them can be very entertaining!

Punters that bet on American football look for bookmakers that provide the best odds and the most betting options. The best American football betting sites offer a staggering amount of betting options on each game and many of them have bonuses and promotions that are aimed directly at American football bettors.

Enhanced accumulators (double bet, trebles and more), free bets, and money back specials are just a few types of wagering incentives that punters should take into consideration. 888Sport has particular reload offers UK: £25 free bet on American Accas. If you place a bet with at least 5 selections on any American sports market you get your stake refunded up to £25 as a free bet if one selection is a loser. This offer is available to players from other countries too, just check the terms and conditions.

When you pick your options and bonuses correctly, American Football is one of the easy bets to win money.

Of course, it may not have the global appeal that football has, but NFL and American football, in general, is one of the best choices to make money with sports betting in North America. Don’t take into consideration claims that the NFL is rigged, as this would be almost impossible, and start betting on the NFL today!

See the best american football betting sites here!

Cricket Betting – Just as Easy and Popular

cricket batCricket has a massive fan base and there are games being played almost every day of the year so you can be sure that bookmakers pay special attention to this sport. Most of the world’s biggest names in online bookmaking ensure that they offer their customers as much cricket action as possible.

The best cricket sportsbooks feature pre-match and in-play betting on any league game, international competition, or other major events. It is not uncommon for punters to have several dozen pre-game wagering options to choose from on any given match.

If you have done your research beforehand and in detail, cricket may be one of the easy sports betting options. However, note that it is an exotic sport and requires real expertise to make accurate predictions: Otherwise, it can turn into one of the worst sports to bet on.

Add in all the live betting choices, live streaming, and bonuses like the free bet at Betfred, which also offers lots of easy betting opportunities and you have yourself an awesome cricket betting experience. Fiddly though it may be; cricket still ranks highly as one of the best sports to bet on to make money.

See the best cricket betting sites here!

Baseball Betting – 3 Strikes and You’re Out!

stadium of baseballMajor League Baseball is the first thing that many people think about when discussing this very tempting sport when in comes to betting. In fact, MLB events are the best game to bet on according to many players. However, there are many more professional baseball leagues and competitions to profit easily from and the best baseball betting sites cover all of them.

In other words, you can get lots of easy sports betting opportunities.

Punters aren’t limited to betting on baseball between March and October (a crucial factor when choosing your best sport to bet) – they aren’t limited to betting only on MLB during this time. Other professional leagues in places like Korea and Japan betting sites are also in full swing at the same time which means more betting action for bettors who choose to make bets on baseball.

In fact, these events abroad may be one of the easiest sports bets to win, especially if you made your research correctly.

Those that want to bet on baseball throughout the year will be thrilled to know that the Australian Baseball League runs from November through February and it is available for betting at some online sportsbooks such as Betfair, which offers lots of easy sports betting options. You can also catch the live streaming ABL action and place in-play wagers at 888.

That means that punters can get enough baseball bets (and more importantly, easy bets) almost all year round. Even better is the fact that so many bookies hit it out of the park with a large selection of baseball bonuses and promotions such as reduced juice and money back bets. Any outcome can be the best bet on sports when backed by the right bonus.

By wagering on baseball all year round via the various markets and competitions available, baseball represents one of the best ways to bet on sports. Before you start betting you can also read the article is baseball rigged?

See the best baseball betting sites here!

Basketball Betting – Fast-paced Game

basketball in handBasketball is one of the best sports for betting and the NBA might be the most prestigious and popular basketball league in the world but it certainly isn’t the only one. Professional basketball leagues thrive all over the world and the best basketball bookmakers make sure that they offer as many of them as possible.

For many punters, basketball is the best sport to bet on due to its dynamic gameplay, and they have a point. However, basketball may also be the hardest sport to bet on, if you did not make your research correctly.

Be it one of the many European leagues, Asian leagues, or African leagues, bookies pull out all the stops to satisfy the growing number of fans. Punters really love the competitive odds, live streaming, in-play betting, and the plethora of dedicated promotions the basketball betting fans get. There are several bookies that offer a wide variety of markets, easy payment methods, and fast payouts.

Being able to offer great odds and loads of betting options on everything from NBA and NCAA hoops to the most obscure professional basketball leagues are just a couple of things that separate good bookmakers from great bookmakers. Throw in the live streaming, live betting, and basketball bonuses and you have yourself a great sport to bet on. Dare we say it might even be one of the best sports to gamble on.

See the best basketball betting sites here!

Golf Betting – one of the Highest Skilled Games

golf courtIf there is one sport that has the ability to draw punters out of the woodwork it’s golf. Major events such as the Masters, the US Open, and the PGA Championships are watched and bet on by millions of people around the world – so there will always be demand to bet on this sport. In fact, for most of the bettors, golf is the best sport for betting.

The best golf bookmakers make it easier to tee off on them by offering a plethora of betting opportunities and golf promotions. Punters can take advantage of free bets, money back wagers, and acca insurance on their golf accumulators, so yes, golf is really one of the easy sports to bet on. Top golf sportsbooks offer live streaming coverage and plenty of in-play betting.

Golf is definitely not the most exciting sport to watch but it gains a lot of appeal when you make profit out of it. Plus, it is probably the easiest sport to predict. Be sure to keep an eye on the promotions section at to find the latest golf bonuses and promotions.

Golf betting is not going to represent an easy betting experience for those who aren’t familiar with the game. If you know your onions, and stick to favourites, though, you will find it has some of the easiest bets to win.

See the best golf betting sites here!

Tennis Betting – Games Starting Every Hour!

tennis racquet and ballTennis may be the best bet sports: One of the great things about tennis is that it closely followed by both men and women. Both sexes play at a high level and attract a lot of attention from fans and punters, which makes tennis one of the easiest sport to bet on. Sportsbooks need to serve up aces if they are serious about getting you to bet on tennis.

That is why the best tennis bookmakers offer great odds on as many events as possible. And boy, they make it easy to bet on every tournament on this planet! They also have valuable tennis bonuses and promotions such as free tennis bets, acca insurance, and price boosts.

Industry leaders get you right into the action by providing live tennis streams, in-play wagering (maybe the best way to bet on tennis if you know the players and the game well), betting tips, and plenty of quick and easy payment options. The market offer and the dedicated bonuses make tennis a top selection when you choose the best sports to bet on.

If you are looking for the easiest sports bets to win, tennis should definitely be one of your options.

If there are no events (which is extremely rare) on the menu there are plenty of top-rated bookmakers that offer virtual tennis to fill the void. It might not be the real thing but tennis betting freaks can get their share of action served up right before their eyes.

Plenty of top sportsbooks offer the best sports odds and markets with tennis. Because you are often just wagering on one player versus another, it is one of several easy sports to bet on. In terms of risk, tennis is easily one of the safest sports to bet on, too.

See the best tennis betting sites here!

Boxing Betting – Knock Out the Bookmakers!

boxerWhile the popularity of boxing (which is probably the easiest way to bet on sports) has waned a bit in recent years it is still a very popular sport and punters place a lot of action on prime bouts. Naturally, the bookmakers are always ready for the flood of bets that inevitably come their way. You won’t find a bookmaker on the planet that doesn’t offer a variety of wagering options on boxing matches, so that your betting experience is as pleasant as possible.

One advantage that the boxing betting enthusiast has is that odds are generally posted weeks prior to an event. This makes it an easy sport bet: You know what to expect right from the beginning. Odds are volatile and punters have a better chance of finding the most favorable price if they shop around. Learn first how to read boxing odds.

When they find the right odds they can also usually take advantage of some sort of bonus like enhanced odds, money back if the match goes the distance and your fighter loses on points, or free bets.

Since there are only two boxers, the betting options are mostly limited to simple outcomes, like round betting in boxing, which makes boxing one of the easiest bet to win.

Punters should keep their eyes peeled for these special offers in the days and weeks leading up to a scheduled bout. Getting the best odds and cashing in on valuable bonuses is a great way to score a knockout against your bookie. You can also throw in the towel on those pay-per-view costs by catching your match via live stream at the best boxing betting sites.

See the best boxing betting sites here!

Darts Betting – Hit the Bullseye with Your Bets!

darts arrowsIt doesn’t matter if you consider darts a sport or a leisure activity. It is quite popular and more and more people find it easier to bet on. One might be inclined to think that darts is a niche market that many bookies don’t take bets on but that would be a mistake.

This game is a staple at all of the world’s leading sportsbooks and there are so many darts events throughout the year that punters can place pre-game and live bets almost any time. The best darts betting sites usually have a promotion or two that is geared towards darts bettors.

Many of these bookies provide live streaming coverage, betting tips, and other helpful information. These same bookies give punters an excellent selection of payment methods to choose from and they take pride in offering fast payouts.

See the best darts betting sites here!

Best Formula One Betting Sites

formula one carWatching some of the fastest cars on the planet lap around a race course can make your head spin and so can the number of bookmakers that offer Formula One racing betting. When you want to bet on this exciting sport it is important to get the best prices, betting options and bonuses so that your victory laps will be that much sweeter when you win. is here to help you find the best Formula One betting site to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a small-time recreational gambler or big bettor; the right bookie is waiting for your F-1 action.

There are lots of reputable bookmakers offering mobile betting, in-race betting, live streaming, and plenty of bonuses that are specifically designed for Formula One betting fanatics. Money back bets if your driver fails to finish the race, money back second place, and enhanced odds can be great advantages if F1 is your favourite sport to bet on.

See the best formula 1 betting sites here!

Handball Betting – Popular In the Scandinavian Countries

handball gameIf you think that handball is a good sport to bet, then you will love what many bookmakers have to offer. Sharp odds, a wide range of handball leagues and events, live streaming, betting tips, and a ton of other information will help you score on your bookie.

The best handball bookmakers make it easy to make deposits and withdrawals and they offer a whole lotta betting opportunities for each match. Handicaps, alternate handicaps, double chance, totals, and double result bets are just a few of the things that excellent handball bookies offer.

Then you have a full slate of live betting options as well as those valuable bonuses and promotions such as enhanced accumulators and free bets. Don’t worry about missing out on seeing the action because if you choose the right handball sportsbook you can watch your plays unfold on live streams.

See the best handball betting sites here!

Horse Betting – Trust Your Jockey

racing horseThere aren’t too many places where horse racing isn’t popular and doesn’t have enough liquidity for accepting bets and stakes. This sport has many showcase events such as the Triple CrownGrand National, and the Melbourne Cup.

The race tracks are always filled with spectators and millions of eyes are glued to television sets and live horse racing streams during these major events. Needless to say, the bookies love this and are eager for you to bet on this sport.

Chances are there is a horse race happening right now. Punters can get in on the action almost any time of day all year round and the best horse racing betting sites are ready to greet you with everything you will need. Easy deposits and withdrawals, competitive odds, high betting limits, and live streaming are a few of the things that make the sports of kings more enjoyable.

You could also look for better odds at betting exchanges, like Betfair, which are preferred by horse racing punters. Read our Betfair trading strategiesguide to learn how to profit from horse racing betting.

Let’s not forget about all those horse racing bonuses and promotions that are so easy to find. Money back 2nd or 3rd, free bets, and many other types of promotions give punters the edge they need to come out ahead when picking out their sport.

Also you could take into consideration virtual horse racing, where a new race starts every 1-3 minutes. Follow our virtual horse racing tips to help you get started.

See the best horse racing betting sites here!

Rugby Betting – No Girls Allowed

rugby penalty shotRugby League and Rugby Union combine to attract a massive global audience and an astronomical amount of betting action each year. There are countless professional leagues and a great many international events which means that punters have a nearly endless supply of betting opportunities.

It’s not unusual for each individual match to feature well over 30 pre-match wagering possibilities. It gets even better when one considers all of the bets that can be made while a match is in progress.

The best rugby betting sites don’t just offer competitive odds and a lot of betting options. They also offer live streaming, mobile platforms, instant deposits and fast withdrawals. Let’s not forget about high betting limits, handicapping tools, and, of course, bonuses and promotions such as money back bets, free bets, and acca insurance.

See the best rugby betting sites here!

Volleyball Betting – Sexiest Sport to Bet On

volleyball on beachVolleyball is played on a professional level by both men and women. Whether it’s on the beach or indoors, volleyball has universal appeal and is played all over the planet. There are quite a few leagues as well as international competitions and, of course, the Olympics.

This means that volleyball is a main feature at the most trusted sportsbooks and punters can place all kinds of different bets and take advantage of numerous volleyball bonuses and promotions. There are plenty of free volleyball bets available with which punters can wager on matches, sets, point spreads, and totals to name a few.

The best volleyball betting sites give punters good odds and full coverage of these events. You can trust Gambling Judge to bring you the latest and greatest volleyball bonuses and betting incentives.

See the best volleyball betting sites here!

Snooker Betting – Precise and Quiet

snooker ball setIt might not be the most physical pursuit but snooker involves a lot of skill and the steadiest of hands. You may be surprised to know that professional snooker players stand to make millions of dollars over the course of a career. Compared to some other more sports, snooker has a much smaller following.

This obviously carries over to the sportsbooks in that they see much less betting action on snooker as they do with football or rugby. Nonetheless, almost every bookie worth their salt offers this game for betting. The best snooker bookmakers make sure that you won’t have to miss out on any betting opportunities.

Match betting, correct scores, total frames, and spread bets are just scratching the surface. Aside from picking outright winners in tournaments, punters can usually pick from 20 or 30 propositions on any match and decide which snooker betting system to apply. When you pick the right bookie you can also watch live snooker streams and participate in live betting.

As always, there is a treasure trove of free bets, money back promotions, and other betting incentives that will give you a leg up on your bookie.

As you can see, there are plenty of top options for you above. Every player will be different and have their own view on what the best sport to gamble on is. However, if you stick to the one listed above, you’re sure to be on to a winner.

See the best snooker betting sites here!

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