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Learn The Ropes of Run Line Betting in Baseball

Baseball is the second most popular American sport and one of the preferred betting options for punters.

Matches can’t end in a draw, so there are only two possible outcomes to predict, which simplifies the mission of casual and recreational punters.

When it comes to maximizing profits, run line betting is the better option, as it gives players the tools needed to extract more value from the odds available here.

The learning curve is quite smooth and once you understand what is runline in betting, you’d be able to open a brand-new chapter in baseball wagering.

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What is Baseball Runline Betting?

Run lines are used in many North American sports, but they are more common in baseball and they work in the same way as Asian handicaps. What usually happens is that one team is favorite to win the match, so punters who bet on outright victory get smaller odds than if they were to bet on the underdogs. Run line betting allows punters to back the favorites to cover or not to cover the -1.5 spread.

For example, if the New York Yankees get odds of 1.50 against the Chicago White Sox to win, punters can expect odds of 2.00 on them to cover the -1.5 spread and 1.90 to fail. If they back the Yankees they will win if the New Yorkers prevail by two runs or more; conversely, if they bet on the opposite run line, they are paid if the White Sox win the match or lose by a single run.

What is Run Line in Football and Other Sports?

Run line betting is not a concept reserved exclusively to baseball and it can be easily applied to other sports. American football, basketball and ice hockey qualify for a run line bet, which is based on the same type of handicapping. Punters backing the favorites are paid if the team wins by at least two points and lose if the underdogs prevail or lose the match by a single point.

Once players understand what is the run line in baseball betting, they will be able to use the concept to bet effectively on other sports.

What is the Difference between Run Line and Money Line?

Some North American sports have only two possible outcomes, but others can result in a draw at the end of the regulation time. Since the matches continue with overtime and penalties, players can also bet on the final outcome and this is the moneyline bet.

The difference between runline and moneyline consists in the margin of victory, even though in both cases, the final time result is considered. In a nutshell, if the team chosen wins by any score, the moneyline bet is a winner, while the run line needs a two-point difference.

Runline Odds for Baseball Explained

In sports betting, there is an indissoluble link between risk and reward, so the baseball run line allows players to tilt the balance in one direction. Many of those who bet sports online are willing to take greater chances for the opportunity to win larger amounts.

The MLB run line odds can be pushed in both ways, to increase the odds of winning, or to mitigate the risks. By using it, players add one run to the underdog, so the final score is calculated by factoring in this additional point. This is the main difference between the run line vs moneyline bet, with the former offering more flexibility to savvy punters.

What does Run Line both pitchers mean?

Once you understand what is runline and moneyline in baseball, it is time to dwell on some more elaborated concepts. Pitchers are the most important players in the sport and a special type of run line baseball betting focuses exclusively on them.

In most cases, bookmakers will require the announced punters to start the match, for the baseball runline and moneyline bets to stand. This is particularly important when determining the runline odds, as the quality of the starting pitcher weighs heavily in determining the total number of runs scored.

Some sports books also allow players to bet on the number of runs allowed by each, or both pitchers. Punters require slightly more experience to learn how to bet runline on starting pitchers, as there are many other factors to consider. Left-handed pitchers can have an advantage over certain opponents, and even perform better against specific teams. Their stats at home and on the road also influenced the baseball runline odds, so when a pitcher doesn’t start the match, the bets are usually void

What does the alternate Run Line stand for?

The alternate run line is a variety of baseball run lines that allows players to further push the limits of victory. In case of lopsided matches between extremely strong and weak opponents players can use the alternate baseball run line betting.

Basically, they add a greater handicap to the favorite to cover, while giving a bigger head start to the underdog. If you know how to bet baseball run line, you can use the same system to bet on the alternate lines to restore balance between the teams involved.

How to use Run Line betting strategy?

There are many reasons for using the run lines in baseball and many creative ways to maximize the profits. Understanding what does runline mean is only the first step and players can develop run line parlay bets and even entire strategies. Narrow margin victories are not really that often, so eventually any team will prevail by two runs or more.

Some of those who bet sports online and use the Martingale strategy will be pleasantly surprised by its usefulness when applied to run line spread baseball bets. The odds always exceed even value and quite often go beyond 3/2, so the progression is more forgiving. The Fibonacci betting strategy can also be applied to run line baseball bets.

Is the Run Line calculator any good?

Knowing what is run line in baseball betting is useful, but in order to make the most of this type of bet, you need to consistently pick the best odds. Online calculators are particularly useful for run line in sports betting, as they identify the highest odds as soon as they become available.

They work for run line basketball betting, runline football and pretty much any other sports where the run line spread is offered. Punters can use them to find the best odds for the sports betting tips they find online and greatly improve the overall run line performance.

Specific Concerns in Run Line Betting

Runline sports betting are use mostly to maximize profits, but the negative run line is the one that pays more often in the long run. That’s because many games are closer than you think and are decided by the odds run in the end. Players who analyze statistics and game logs betting trends will be inclined to bet on the underdogs more often when it comes to run line gambling.

This applies to all sports, but it is above all true for run line for baseball, because if the match is tied after nine innings, the first run scored brings the end of the game. There is, of course, the possibility of two or three rounds to be scored simultaneously which would mess up the runline moneyline total calculations, but this is the exception.

What are picks consensus scores?

Learning how to bet on sports and finding answers to questions such as what is runline in baseball is just the tip of the iceberg. Online gambling can be complicated and advanced software can help improve the performance of those using it properly. Consensus scores and odds picks consensus are now available at certain websites, where algorithms come up to these numbers. They analyze a huge amount of data and standings stats game logs to come up with automatic predictions and odds picks consensus scores. These can come in handy, but they should be taken with a pinch of salt and players should still research.

The good, the bad and the ugly of Run Lines

You have come a long way since the beginning of this article and have learned what is a baseball run line and how it works. These are used to maximize profits by trusting the favorites to cover the spread, but also to mitigate the risks when backing the underdogs not to lose by two runs or more. The advantages are self evident, but punters should know that many baseball games are decided by the odd run. A quick glance at the scores standings stats will highlight this reality and help put things into perspective.

Overdoing run line betting in baseball, as in other sports can backfire badly. It can strip punters of winning bets decided by one run if they bet on the favorites to cover the spread. Run line betting can also have the negative effect of preventing punters from extracting maximum winnings when taking the cover of a +1.5 runs on the underdog. Used moderately, correlated with run line betting strategy and consensus scores standings, it can be a useful tool especially for punters who focus mainly on American sports. Before you start betting you can also read the article is baseball rigged? and other valuable articles about this sport, like how to bet on the first half of Baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions about Run Line Betting

This type of bet implies that you bet on the final result with a small handicap for the favorite.

The underdog needs to win or lose by precisely one point for the +1.5 runline bets to be a winner.

The run line offers better odds, but the money line is safer, therefore more suitable for risk-averse punters

At the end of the match, the run line handicap is applied to the final score to determine the game winner.

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