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How To Bet On Baseball: The Only Guide You Need For Betting On Baseball

When we analyze betting trends, we can easily see that baseball bets are one of the most popular ones.

This may be the “official” sports of the United States but how to bet on baseball and win is a “global” question: Every player in the world is interested in betting on baseball.

This is mostly due to the simplicity of baseball bets – this is a complex sport but its betting options are fairly basic.

However, they are still deep enough to award research: If you know what you are doing and learn the best techniques for betting on baseball, this can be a very profitable way of sports betting.

And in this article, we are going to do exactly that: We will teach you how to place a bet on baseball, the basics of this sport, and give some useful tips and tricks that will improve your winning chance.

This is the ultimate how to bet on baseball guide and it contains everything you need to know: Let’s start.

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Starting With Basics: Betting On Baseball Rules

Before we start explaining how to bet on baseball sportsbook, we must talk about the rules of the game. For most of the players (especially non-US ones), this is a game where players hit the ball and start running afterward. Well, this may be the basis of it, but the actual baseball rules are a little complex. Here is everything you need to know:
• There are two teams, each with 9 players. The game lasts for 9 innings.
The player who throws the ball is called “pitcher”. And the player who hits the ball with a bat is called “batter”.
There are 4 bases on the baseball field. These are little spots that are placed on the corners of the game lines.
• The goal is hitting the ball as far as possible and “touch” all of these bases before it returns. Basically, after hitting the ball, the batter starts to run. The other team tries to catch the ball and return it. If the batter completes a full run (touches all the bases) before the ball is returned, he is “out”, which means he gets replaced with another batter.
Based on how far the ball went and how many bases the batter has touched; each team gets different scores. At the end of 9 innings, the team with the most points win the match.
There are of course other rules too, but these are enough for betting on baseball game and they tell you everything you need to know. This is not a guide for baseball rules – we will just explain how does betting on baseball work so we won’t go into details. Now, as you can guess, a lot of things can happen during a baseball game – the batter may miss, may hit the ball hard enough to send it to the crowd, can complete two runs, three runs, or maybe no runs at all. As we said, lots of variables. And it is possible to place a bet on all these outcomes. Before we explain this in detail, let’s take a look at the major baseball leagues too, as all of the games will happen during these events.

How To Bet On Baseball Games For The Major Leagues

How to bet on MLB baseball and win is probably the most common question of bettors, as MLB is the largest baseball organization in the world. However, it is not your only option for betting on baseball: There are other leagues and organizations too. Let’s take a closer look at them and explain shortly.
Major League Baseball (MLB): There are two baseball leagues in the United States, National League (NL) and American League (AL). A total of 15 teams compete in each league, and MLB is the organization where they compete against each other. Every year, 30 teams join the MLB championship and it is the most-watched sports event of history: Last year, nearly 70 million viewers have watched the MLB finals. If you are planning on betting on baseball, MLB will the most important league for you.
Minor League Baseball: The teams who rank below Major League Baseball compete in this league. This league has its own ranking system, starting from A and goes as high as AAA. If a team gains enough rank, it can move onto the MLB. Minor League Baseball games happen much more often than the MLB games and offer the chance for betting on baseball throughout the year.
Nippon Professional Baseball (NLB): Baseball is a big thing in Japan too, and NLB is as old as the MLB – it is established in 1934. Most of the bettors prefer to play in this league too, due to its popularity and the fact that Japanese baseball games can end in a tie, which gives another outcome to bet on (American baseball games cannot end in a tie).

There are dozens of more leagues too, but these are the main options for baseball bettors: If you plan on tracking betting trends power rankings, you should focus on one of these leagues. Likewise, the scores standings of these leagues will affect the odds of baseball bets, which we will explain below.

How Betting On Baseball Works?

We explained the rules and listed the major leagues – now, we can start talking about how to bet on baseball. As we mentioned above, this is not a hard job and even the beginners can do it easily. There are several outcomes in a baseball game, and some of these will be pretty basic – like which team will win the match. You can place a bet on this outcome by picking a team. This type of “simple” bets are called “straight”. However, there are also complex outcomes, like how many runs will a batter complete in the first 10 minutes. It is possible to place a bet on these outcomes too, which are called “exotic bets”.

As a general rule, if you want to make money betting on baseball, you should pick exotic bets. Due to their complexity, they will offer better odds and pay more. Straight bets, on the other hand, will pay less. But there is one important factor to consider: It is much more easy to win straight bets. By placing an exotic bet, you are taking a bigger risk, and the possibility of losing is increased – that’s why they pay better. Understanding betting on baseball requires knowing the difference between these two options, and choosing the best one for your needs (and your budget). We will further talk about this issue in the tips on betting baseball section.

Bet Types: Best Ways To Bet On Baseball

So, what kind of betting on baseball options are available to you? Exotic bets can be about anything and any outcome that can happen during a game, but we can categorize baseball betting types in three categories: money line, run line, and total. A bet on baseball can be about any of these, so let’s explain them shortly.

How to bet on baseball Moneyline?

The money line is the simplest form of betting on baseball. It means betting on which team will win the match – simple. This is a straight bet and by selecting this option, you are actually betting on baseball pitchers. Why? Well, because they are the players who will set the pace throughout the game.

A good pitcher can give the advantage to his team right at the start, by making a good throw. Moneyline bets have low odds and pay less than other options (unless you are betting on baseball underdogs) but they are the “safe” option: ıf you are new at this, stick with money line bets for a while.

How to bet on baseball win totals?

Or, how to bet on baseball even? This means betting on how many points in total a team will achieve. As explained above, baseball teams get different points based on their performance on the field, and you can try to predict the exact number. So it is actually over under betting on baseball wins: You can bet on that a team will surpass a certain point total or will fail to do so.

This is an exotic bet but it is not that complex: After practicing with moneyline bets, you should try your chances with the total bets, they pay better.

How to bet on baseball run line?

The run line is the definition of exotic bets. They are hard to play, complex, and include different variables. However, they also pay the most. If you take a look at the real-time betting trends live, you will see that the majority of bettors prefer this option, due to higher payouts. Run line bets are like point spread betting, which means betting on baseball with a handicap. Each baseball game has a favorite team and an underdog. The favorite team has a handicap – everybody expects it to win the game. You can place a straight money line bet for the favorite team, which will pay less. Or, you can place a bet on this handicap and try to win more: Betting lines on baseball offer you this opportunity. Let’s explain it with a sample: If you see “-” sign next to the name of a team, this means that it is the favorite. The numbers next to this sign will show how many “extra” wins that team needs in order to win the match. For example:
• Team A +1.5
• Team B -1.5
This list is also the answer to how do you read the betting line on a baseball game question. In this example, Team A is the favorite. If you place a bet on it, Team A must win the match by 2 runs or more. In other words, winning the game won’t be enough: Team A must get a certain point difference too. And when we look at the scores standings stats, they must reflect this difference. Run line bets can pay quite big amounts, but they are harder to win. They should be your third option after practicing with moneyline and total bets.

How To Bet Baseball Odds: Understanding How Odds Work

Let’s explain odds for betting on baseball games too because they will determine how much you will truly win. Despite its origins, baseball betting odds are showed with decimals. They always contain a “+” or “-“ sign next to them. The plus sign shows how much you will win when you bet 100 USD/EUR. And the minus sign shows how much money you need to bet in order to win 100 USD/EUR.

Here are two examples:
• Team America, – 145
• Team Canada, + 165
Now, the team America has a minus sign, which means you need to bet at least 145 USD/EUR on this team. If you do so and win the bet, the bookmaker will pay you 100 USD/EUR, in addition to your initial wager. So your total payout will be 245 USD/EUR.
Team Canada, on the other hand, has a plus sign. This means if you bet 100 USD/EUR on this team and win, the bookmaker will pay you 165 USD/EUR. So your total payout will be 265 USD/EUR.

Now, when you place a live baseball bet, you will see that the live odds will be constantly changing. This is normal and expected – based on the performance of the teams, you will get different odds and payouts. However, you will always read them like explained above, no matter what the actual numbers are.

Tips And Tricks To Betting On Baseball


There is no certain formula for betting on baseball, but we can give you a couple of betting on baseball strategies. Note that no strategy can “guarantee” a winning, but by following some simple tips and tricks, you can effectively increase your chances.
1) Follow the consensus scores. There are a couple of consensus scores standings websites on the internet, which displays the “public opinion”. This is especially popular for MLB games: Every player has an idea of which team will win the league/match and is not afraid to share it. In other words, there is a big audience out there who is ready to offer you odds futures picks. Now, this does not mean that you should pick consensus scores for placing a bet: You can bet with or against the “public”. However, in any case, following the odds picks consensus scores will let you understand which team is the favorite and which one is the underdog. Moreover, you will get an idea of what kinds of odds to expect. Use the public opinion to your advantage, and take a look at the odds picks of other players before making a decision.
2) Make your research. No matter what the other players think, always make your own research. You should know everything to know about teams before placing your bet. Analyze standings stats game logs, take a look at the trends power rankings team, and make sure to keep track of each and every player too. If a star-level batter has the risk of leaving the game, you should know about it. Take notes, analyze the previous matches, and try to see what kind of performance you can expect from a particular player/team. The best way to bet on baseball is knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your players, and by making research, you can make a much accurate prediction – this is how to bet on baseball and win.
3) Take a look at the starting pitchers and batters. The players who will make the first throw and first hit are important: They will set the pace for the rest of the match. If a star-level pitcher will throw the first ball, this will a certain advantage to his team, unless countered by a star-level batter. Every player is important, but players who start the game are more important: Make sure to check this information before the game starts and placing your bets.

4) Parlay bets may be a good idea. By placing a parlay bet, you can combine two bets together. For example, you can combine moneyline and total bets and create a single coupon for both. Such bets will pay more, but in order to win, all of your picks must win too. If you win one of the options but lose the other one, you will lose the whole bet.
5) Don’t start live baseball betting before making enough practice. Live baseball bets require a certain level of experience – do not start with them. Betting trends live odds are quite dynamic and while they are certainly attractive, they are also not for the faint of the heart. You will get different odds and betting options almost continually, and to understand which ones are better, you must have a certain knowledge about betting on baseball. Don’t get us wrong – live baseball bets are good, but not suitable for beginners. If you are new at this, stick with “regular” baseball betting for a while.

Picking The Right Bookmaker For Baseball Betting

A betting on baseball explained article is not complete until it talks about online bookmakers. In fact, one of the most important baseball betting strategies is finding a good bookie: ıf you make the right selection, you will get a much more pleasant betting on baseball experience. In this regard, make sure that the bookie is able to offer you the following:
• A license. This is mandatory in order to offer a legal service. Always play at licensed bookmakers.
Support for multiple leagues. We have listed the most common baseball leagues above, but there are many more. The bookie must support all of them, including international and regional ones.
• Ease of use. The design must be simple enough yet practical – nobody wants to see arm-long tables and hard-to-understand rows. In this regard, the design must be compatible with mobile devices too.
• Competitive odds. As can be expected, the odds of the bookie must be good enough. To ensure that you are getting the best odds, you can become a member of more than one website – this will allow you to compare the rates easily.
Bonuses. You must be getting something in return for becoming a member, placing a bet, and depositing money – makes sure the bookie gives you a bonus for all of these.
If you find all of these too challenging or boring, we can suggest you a couple of highly reputable online bookmakers: You can start playing at them right now without wasting any time.

Betting Baseball For Dummies: The FAQ Edition

This question refers to the second half of MLB league, as baseball games do not have an actual second half. Most bettors wait for the first half of the MLB season to end before placing their bets. This is because of two reasons: First, the odds will be much higher. Second, it will be easier to predict the finalists, after seeing the performance of all teams. You can do the same too – it is a good tactic. And in regards to which teams are the best to bet on, well, this is different every year: You must keep track of the MLB scores and play the scores standings stats game to find the best teams.

The data from the last 5 years show that 41.20% of the underdogs actually win their games. This is an impressive number and much higher than anyone expects. So, betting on the underdog can be really good and profitable, as long as you know how to pick them. Well, there is no fixed formula or a guaranteed way of determining which underdogs offer a better chance of winning. However, we can share three interesting data:• If the underdog team is returning to its hometown after playing a couple of games, it will probably win the first game that is played in the hometown. • Underdog teams win more often in April and May, for some reason. • Surprisingly, odds pick consensus data is pretty accurate when it comes to spotting the underdogs. You should take a look at the picks consensus scores standings, as the public opinion seems to be true in most cases.

Sure you can. Thing is, like everything in life, making money from baseball bets requires dedication and time. Do not expect to become a rich person only by placing a single bet. Yes, we all heard those stories but “being lucky” has no place in betting on baseball. If you rely on your luck, don’t forget that it can also work “against” you – your goal should be increasing your chance of winning, not your “luck”. And to do so, you must treat betting on baseball like a business: Make a plan, stick to it, do your research, and wait for your time. Overall, you should be aiming for a low but regular income rather than a big winning. And by picking the correct betting options, you can easily achieve this goal.

Sure you can. Thing is, like everything in life, making money from baseball bets requires dedication and time. Do not expect to become a rich person only by placing a single bet. Yes, we all heard those stories but “being lucky” has no place in betting on baseball. If you rely on your luck, don’t forget that it can also work “against” you – your goal should be increasing your chance of winning, not your “luck”. And to do so, you must treat betting on baseball like a business: Make a plan, stick to it, do your research, and wait for your time. Overall, you should be aiming for a low but regular income rather than a big winning. And by picking the correct betting options, you can easily achieve this goal.

As mentioned above, this option means putting two different betting options into one ticket. All bookmakers support parlay betting; you just need to pick this option while making your selections. If you tick the “parlay” box at the start, you can keep adding as many bets and games as you want into a single ticket. Note that all of your picks must win in order to win a parlay bet.

Start by finding a reputable online bookmaker. After that, find more: You need to compare the odds. On other words, finding a single bookie is never enough – in order to get competitive betting on baseball odds, you must be a member of multiple online bookmakers. Pick your event, check the logs betting trends power, compare the odds, and finalize the process. Don’t worry: You will find hundreds of online bookmakers that support the MLB league. And if you need advice on choosing the best bookie, remember that we have a lot of suggestions for you.

Betting Baseball For A Living Is Possible And You Can Do It Too!

Well, that’s it: Now, you have a much better idea of how to make money betting on baseball. However, these are not the only things we can teach you: We also have a couple more guides on how to bet on baseball, so you should continue by reading them and lear valuable tips like how to bet on the first half on Baseball.

Betting on baseball is a big topic and there is always something new to learn. We will continue to help you by updating our content (and this guide) on a regular basis, so visit us often to find more best ways to bet on baseball.

Remember that the more you know, the higher your chances will be – and we will always make sure that you get the best information. Good luck!