Most punters choose to take it one step at a time and see how things go, constantly adjusting their betting patterns, depending on the outcome of the previous bet.

While a “no lose football betting system” does not exist, this empirical approach has its merits and is a fine choice for casual players, but there are more reasons in favor of choosing a football betting strategy.

Gradually, those who spend enough time wagering over the Internet discover these football betting systems usually by chance, as they stumble upon blogs or informative article.

You can even find a strategy guide if you type “a horse betting system that works” nowadays: The internet is filled with them. However, articles that contain the best football strategy and a killer betting system are rare.

Like all good things in life, you need to work harder to find the best football betting systems. However, doing so is also mandatory because using gambling strategies that work is of crucial importance.

The advantages of using free football betting systems are self-evident, but sometimes we end up paying more for the things we receive for free.

Unless you have a solid bankroll and the ability to manage it over a long period of time, the odds are stacked against you.

This is the first thing you need to learn and the reason why a “no lose football betting system” does not exist: In the long run, the bookie always has the advantage.

This can be the case even with the best gambling systems, and the best soccer system and strategies around are no different.

Even if you are using the best football betting strategies, the “house” will always have the edge.

Reliable free football systems have the upside of rendering the need to constantly adjust your betting patterns useless and provide you with the kind of continuity that is essential for successful online gambling.

Best football betting systems free in general and football betting strategies in particular will provide the kind of structure that makes it less likely for players to succumb to tilt. With most downswings being usually triggered by a couple of bad beats, a long-term strategy mitigates the risks.

The price to pay is freedom, because quite often punters find themselves prisoners of their own free football betting systems, which only allow players to place wagers within rather restrictive thresholds.

Using the same betting patterns in football time and time again can yield results, but you must stick to the script. Best football betting systems always ask you to respect the rules of the strategy: You cannot “improvise”.

In this football betting strategy guide, we’ll show you some of the most common football betting techniques, cover free betting systems that work, and more besides. Let’s dive right in then…

Top 10 Bookmakers where you can apply our strategies & systems - 2020 Updated List

But before we start talking about the most successful football betting systems, let’s take a look at the online bookmakers where we can use these betting patterns football. Some bookies are simply better than others.

They cover more sports, offer more competitive odds, or give you better bonuses. After learning which one is the best betting system for football, you can use it at any of the bookmakers below:




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Take Winning Football Betting Systems To A Whole New Level

The very idea of beating the house on the long run and causing significant losses to bookmakers seems far-fetched. When things sound too good to be true they usually are and most of the betting systems for football we can find online don’t actually deliver the results they promise.

Blinded by the hope of finding football betting systems that work, many end up embracing a strategy that is doomed to fail: Not all of the betting patterns football out there actually work.

In some cases the easiest solutions are also the best and punters are tempted to follow football betting systems that have a mathematical ring to them. The Martingale is a shining example of system that almost invariably results in the utter destruction of the bankroll. This is hardly a risk-free betting system, though. As mentioned earlier, it relies on having a decent bankroll to begin with.

Value betting is another system and it can work if you know how to read odds and analyze football teams: This means believing that the chances of a team are better than the odds suggest and taking advantage of this situation. (Take a look at our value football betting review article to learn more.)

Gambling sites don’t allow players to wager huge amounts and the upper limits are in place to protect them from those players who have access to sizable bankrolls and could afford to wager increasingly high sums. Of course high stakes betting sites welcome high rollers at any times.

When punters are 100% certain that they have the best football betting systems, they are more likely to follow the patterns blindly without actually using their judgment. Steer clear of the martingale and all negative progressive betting systems for football, because sooner rather than later they will backfire badly.

It’s only a matter of time until a seemingly impossible long streak of losing bets will cripple your bankroll beyond redemption or even wipe it out.

Know A Winner When You See It

Punters who have been in this line of work for long enough are extremely skeptical when presented with alleged football betting strategies that work. They start from the premise that it’s simply impossible to beat the bookmakers at their own game and the most pessimistic ones settle for occasional winnings.

It is recommended to be extra careful and second-guess all the football betting strategies pitched to you by pundits and good Samaritans, yet it is equally important to keep an open mind.

While there are no football betting systems that work universally, some of these strategies can deliver better than average results. It is of critical importance to make the necessary adjustments even to the best of them, to make sure they are in accord with your betting plan and resources.

The idea is to maximize your profits when you are successful in predicting winners, while mitigating the losses when Lady Luck no longer smiles benevolently upon you.

Not even the best football betting systems work all by themselves and in the absence of proper research, failure is almost guaranteed. What these strategies can help with is to help players extract more value from odds, identify the games where the return on investment exceeds the odds, but also minimize variance.

Using tried and tested betting patterns in football (such as wagering on favourites) can lead to success, even if it is tedious. This is by far the most important merit of using a football betting strategy, as players frequently lose focus of the big picture when confronted with shocking losses.

In the long run, the expectations need to be toned down and the first thing to do is to realize that there is an indissoluble link between the size of the bankroll and the potential for winnings. There are no miracle solutions and when you stumble upon a football betting systems review that promises phenomenal profits with a tiny investment, simply move on.

A reasonable staking plan and stop-loss limits are essential and players need to be able to pull the ripcord when the strategy they are hooked on stops delivering results.

Top Football Betting Strategies That Work

As stated above, most of the football strategies advertised online are nothing more than gimmicks and sometimes downright fraud attempts. No system works under any circumstances and progressive strategies only look good on paper, while actually being time bombs. On the bright side, there are a couple of things that can be done by savvy punters to improve their profit margin and a handful that have proven their worth in the past are listed below:

Betting on the number of goals – is the easiest way of minimizing the risks, by reducing the number of outcomes from 3 to 2. Winning football betting systems based on the Game Totals markets can be divided in two categories, one including the bets placed prior to kickoff and the other centered on live wagering. In both cases it is essential to sign up for an account with a bookmaker that offers odds of at least 1.95 on even odds events.

Anything less than this value will further complicate your mission and make it virtually impossible to stay profitable in the long run. The reason for why such a football betting strategy can work is that bookies have far less freedom of choice when setting the odds. When they expect many goals to be scored, they have no choice but to move the goal line from 2.5 to 3.5 and make the necessary adjustments to the odds.

Those who use a football betting system that depends on the number of goals scored, need to be willing to spend more time undertaking research. The fitness of strikers, key defenders as well as goalkeepers is critical for such a strategy, as these are the elements that can directly influence the number of goals scored.

The advantage of betting with a bookmaker that offers in running odds on the game of choice is that you also have the possibility of hedging against risks by placing different odds after the match starts.

Value Football Betting  – is exactly what the name would indicate, a strategy that depends on the punters’ ability to evaluate the odds offered by bookmakers. At the cornerstone of such a system we don’t have the football games themselves or the corresponding markets, but actually the odds and the profits/risks ratio.

At a first glance, this strategy bears several similarities to the martingale, because players are expected to bet on underdogs, hoping to prevail in the long run. This is only apparent, because what actually happens is that punters try to identify those odds where the potential return on investment exceeds the risks.

It makes no difference if you bet on odds of 1.20 or 7.00, as long as you have good reasons to believe that the bookmaker is underpricing the favorite or overpricing the underdog.

When going over a football betting systems review that brings value betting in the spotlight, it is easy to get ahead of yourself. Vanity is a deadly sin in this line of work and those who hope to turn this strategy into a lucrative system, need to be aware of their limitations.

The worst case scenario is to misjudge the ability to interpret the odds and see value where there isn’t any and act based on this faulty assumption. One requires plenty of experience, patience and tremendous research to be successful with this strategy.

Double Chance betting – This betting system permits players to wager on two or three potential outcomes with a single bet. Essentially what you’re looking at with this football betting technique is a win and a draw. If the home team wins or draws their game, you’ll win your bet. Alternatively, you can bet on an away win and a draw. It is even possible to ignore a draw, and instead bet on the home or away team to win.

The Double Chance football betting system naturally increases your odds of success. You will lose some of the value of your bet, though. This market is hugely advantageous and popular, even with the low payouts. As far as bets which minimise risks go, it is only the free betting systems that work better than this type of strategy, and they are rare.

Arbitrage betting –  is just one football betting strategy that promises to work in 100% of cases and is not actually a huge ripoff. It is actually a basic hedging system, that requires players to bet on the opposite results every time. This strategy incorporates many of the elements of value betting systems, but the major drawback is that you need to commit a lot of time to monitor the odds and also have accounts with dozens of sports betting sites.

The rules of engagement are extremely simple and allow no deviation from the basic plan, as punters need to bet on odds exceeding even value all the time. The first step is to identify a football match where the favorite team is priced at 2.05 or 2.10, but there is a good chance for these odds to drop sharply as kickoff draws near.

The purpose of the arbitrage is to have the old sink beneath even value, as this will prompt the underdogs’ odds for a double chance wager to rise above the same threshold.

The reason for why this football betting strategy requires players to have accounts with multiple bookies is self evident. It is most unlikely for the same bookmaker to have such ample odds variations to make the system work.

The more bookies the better the chances to identify such games, but the downside is that the best case scenario is to have a profit of 5 to 10% the investment. You’d need a lot of money and the huge bankroll to sustain such a system in the long run, not to mention the effort and hours put into research.

Best Football Betting Sites for Using Wagering Systems

By now you are probably aware of the fact that even the best football betting strategies require research, patience and a lot of money to actually work. Having an account with the right bookmaker can also improve the odds of winning and ambitious players would be wise to open multiple accounts.

This will help greatly when using arbitrage, but also when relying on more mundane betting systems, such as the value betting and Game Totals strategies.

Betsson is the first bookmaker that comes to mind and the reason for why this is an excellent choice has to do almost exclusively with the odds offered. The lines are set at 1.97 so whether you bet on the total number of goals or seek ways to implement arbitrage strategies, your chances to succeed are improved.

It goes without saying that you’re also more likely to find value in the odds offered, since virtually all of the football teams have better odds here than virtually anywhere else.

Betfred comes second and even though the odds are slightly lower than the ones offered by Betsson, they are still well above the industry average. This is the perfect place to tinker with arbitrage and value betting, since you are actually betting against your peers, who are more likely to commit errors when choosing the odds.

There is a competition between them, so they need to stand out from the crowd and quite often the result is that they offer odds that are higher than the risks.

William Hill is at the opposite end of the spectrum, with relatively low odds on favorites, but decent value for those who bet on football underdogs. What makes them special is that they have the most diverse football betting offer of all bookmakers and the ultimate selection of live betting markets. It is mandatory to have a real money account with these guys, just in case an opportunity presents itself during a football match that is already underway.