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Spread Betting Strategies | Most profitable strategies [2024]

Spread betting can be defined as a derivative tactic that is used by participants to bet on underlying assets in the likes of stock or commodity that is not owned by them. Instead, spread bettors essentially hypothesize as to whether the value of the asset will rise or fall, using the prices provided by a broker.

Spread betting is characteristic of using leverage, tax benefits, availability of a wider range of markets, and the possibility of going long as well as short. There are quite a few spread betting strategies that we will be discussing later.

Quite like in stock market trading, for spread bets, there are a couple of prices quoted: the bid price or the buying price and the asking price which is the price at which you could possibly sell.

The spread is the simple difference between these two price quotations. This is perhaps the best financial and spread betting sites and guide if you want to delve deeper into the said concept and learn what does PK mean in betting, and what does push mean in betting and the likes.

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Key Numbers And Road Favorites

When generating and altering game lines, sportsbooks pay particular attention to a few key numbers in sports betting. Because scoring is collected in multiples, some numbers have greater importance, such as point spreads in football.

Meanwhile, in the other major sports, key numbers do not play as large a role because scoring can occur with a single point, run, or goal. However, there are some key numbers to be mindful of for each sport, and gamblers should be wary of these key thresholds, what is action reverse bet as well as some strategies to reap the benefits of them when betting.

Payouts And Calculating The Payouts

The spread bet provider computes spreads against the underlying asset. This often reflects actual prices, although this buy cost is greater and the selling price is lower. To quantify a spread bet on UK stocks, keep in mind that 1p equals 1 share.

Hence, you are technically buying 1,000 shares (10 * 100 = 1,000) if you were to buy 10 pounds per point (PP).

 Now you are to multiply your buy price by 1,000 to find your exposure.

Using the spread bet calculator, simply enter your desired exposure and share price, and the calculator will determine your bet size. With the PP calculator, you enter your desired pound per point and the share price to get your total exposure.

Jot down the given spread in the underlying asset on the supplier’s trading platform since a trading instrument is capable of carrying a wider spread than the underlying asset it is emulating.

This calculator form employs pounds and pence (GBP), but other currencies, such as USD, will function similarly.

Fixed Odds And Buying/Selling Spread Bets

Fixed-odds betting, as the name implies, is ‘fixed’ – you will indeed assess the potential results as well as how much you stand to lose or draw before you place the bet. ‘Fixed odds financial betting is among the most recent ways to participate in the financial markets and how to bet on football.

In fact, ‘binary’ or fixed odds financial betting entails placing a wager on whether you believe a financial instrument (a stock, index, or currency) will rise or fall from its current level. You can also wager on whether an instrument will touch, bounce or reach, or bounce off a specific point.

The primary distinction between fixed odds financial betting and financial spread betting is that you are not restricted by simple odds. What you’re doing is forecasting where a specific financial item will go from where it is now. More it follows the path of your prediction, more the money you make.  

Point spread betting involves betting as to whether the price of an index or commodity will rise or fall rather than buying or selling an underlying asset (for example, a share or a commodity).

Spread betting involves buying or selling a specified sum for each percentage point movement in the underlying asset or commodity that you are trying to trade.

Spread Betting Strategies Tips And Tricks

A few straight betting tips to boost your chances of winning would include:

  • If you are pretty serious about venturing into League of Legends spread betting, it is recommended you treat it as a business and no one commits to it without equipping themselves with the necessary knowledge. This is exactly what the best sports betting strategies are about, read as much as you can. You can sign up for expensive courses or purchase some trading books and get started with them. 
  • It is crucial to have a trading plan or strategy in hand, or else it is plain gambling. The best spread betting strategies need not be intricate or difficult. The key is to have spread betting trading strategies that you can clearly define and stick to. You can update your strategy as you go.
  • Spread betting demands a great deal of skill, knowledge, experience, and self-discipline. A wise tip would be to learn from asian handicap bookmakers experience. Study their journey to learn more. 
  • If you are wondering about how to win at sports betting, do not make rash decisions. Instead, plan your trades while setting them up as orders in your spread betting account. You will want to terminate loss orders in order to lock in profit until it has stopped moving so that you manage to capture the most. Hence, stop clicking on the buy or sell button.
  • Manage risks efficiently by managing your risk to 1% of total funds. 

Pros and Cons in Spread Betting Strategies


  • Gains are limitless, and wagers are exempt from the capital gains tax, income tax, and stamp duty.
  • Enables shareholders to profit in a declining market.
  • Exposure to positions necessitates a much-reduced cash outlay than the acquisition of stocks.
  • Wagers involve only a portion of the stake to be paid upfront.
  • Spread betting provides small investors with access to the futures markets.
  • Bets can be placed for as little as €1 per point, which is significantly less than the expense of other forms of entry into comparable markets.
  • There are no audits or dealing fees; the only cost is the spread.
  • Spread money line betting enables the investors to transact even when markets are sealed.
  • Through a single spread-betting account, you can buy and sell in a variety of markets.


  • In the absence of a stop-loss position, losses can be abrupt and limitless.
  • Spread-geared betting's nature amplifies market movements and tends to increase uncertainty.
  • If losses occur, they cannot be offset by capital gains on other investments, as is the case with share purchases.
  • You might be considering NFL football betting and buying points sports betting. However, spread betting is not a lengthy strategy, but rather a one-time gamble.
  • Spread-betting on stocks gives investors no privileges to dividends or other shareholder benefits.


Spread bets can be made on a range of sports like football, golf, horse racing, cricket, rugby, tennis, and American football.

Traditional fixed odds betting is staking a predetermined amount in exchange for a predetermined return. When betting on politics, however, the more correct you are, the more multiples of your bet you can gain. If you make a mistake with your bet, you might lose a lot of money.

When you wager against the spread, you're selecting the underdog and the points. To win, you would like the "underdog" to either dominate the battle outright or lose by a smaller margin than the "Point Spread" you've been allocated.

If the bets are put correctly, spread betting may result in large winnings. The majority of spread betting traders succeed only after developing a systematic trading strategy based on years of expertise.

If the favored team wins an event after accounting for the point spread, or if the underdog team wins with more points, the spread has been covered.

On the betting line, negative numbers indicate the favored. The negative figure is the amount of money you'd have to wager to win $100.

Yes, losing money on a winning bet is very much possible.


Quite like in stock market trading, for spread bets, there are a couple of prices quoted: the bid price or the buying price and the asking price which is the price at which you could possibly sell.

If you are pretty serious about venturing into spread betting, it is recommended you treat it as a business and commit to it only after equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge. This is exactly what the best sports betting strategies are about, read as much as you can, and also you can read sports betting benefits. This article has intended to provide you with a fair idea of spread betting strategies.

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