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How to Bet on Draws Tips and Strategies

While bet draws are not usually a highly preferred option by bettors, they can produce surprisingly effective results when used correctly. This is especially true for the bet on draws in football, but it is possible to use the bet on draws option in any sport.

With some simple tips, you can use the bet draws system effectively for profitable football betting and other sports. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide: Below we answer everything you wonder about bet for draws and give you bet draws tips that will be very useful.

For the best bet draws, you have to play at the best bookmakers. If you’re just getting started, finding them can be difficult. There are many bookmakers on the market and all claim to be the best. It is even possible to find daily betting offers and risk free bet offers in all of them. But only some offer a service worth your time and money. We have selected them for you and listed below. Betfair and other biggest bookmakers UK are ready to offer you the best bore draw promotions for the bet on draws. On Betfair you can always apply a lay the draw strategy which helps you make a profit while betting on draws. You can choose any one you want and start making bet draws right now.

Best Bookmakers to Bet on Draws in 17 April 2024 – Updated List

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Learn what a “draw” is before you bet on draws

The draw means that the final result is equal in competitive sports. So, for example, if a football match ends with a score like 0-0 or 2-2, it ends with a draw. Such matches do not have a winner, both teams or players earn the same points. This can sometimes change depending on league rules and position in the league.

In this context, bet on draws is not a preferred option by most bettors. Almost everyone believes that the probability of a match ending in a draw is very low. However, more football matches than expected result in a draw. Although it varies according to the league and teams, it is possible to say that this probability is 35% on average. In the table below, you can see the percentage of matches that ended with a draw in the different leagues:



Leumit (Israel)
Liga de Expansion (Mexico)
Danmarksserien (Denmark)
Erovnuli Liga (Georgia)
Primera A (Columbia)
Segunda Division (Uruguay)
Botola Pro (Morocco)
National League (France)
Serie C (Brazil)
League One (USA)

We can keep expanding the list, but you get what we mean: Draw is an outcome that happens more often than expected. Therefore, bet on draws can be a profitable option when used correctly. Moreover, it should be noted that it is not as complicated as over/under betting and you do not have to find arbitrage friendly bookmakers. Simply put, you are placing a bet on that the game will end in a draw – it is as simple as that. Bet draws is one of the easiest football strategies and systems you can use. 

Let’s also mention that the 1×2 betting system is used for bet draws in football. In this system, 1 represents the home team, X represents the draw, and 2 represents the away team.

An example 1×2 betting offer looks like this:
Team A 2.40 / Draw 3.80 / Team B 2.60
So Team A is 1, Team B is 2, and Draw is X. Using this system, it is possible to place a bet like this on a series of matches:

In this example, you would make a total of 5 bets and predict a different outcome for each one. 1×2 betting system provides a fast and practical solution for mass bets.

Bet draws prediction by odds: Is it possible?

Further Information

You can predict many things by looking at the odds. Some Betfair trading strategies, for example, work exactly this way. So, can the same system be used for the bet on draws in football (or any other sport)? For example, can you use odds as a data source to use the backing the draw system?

To answer this question, we need to briefly explain how the odds work and by what they are determined. Odds decrease or increase according to the probability of an outcome happening. For example, if the favorite of a match is Team A and everyone expects that team to win the match, the odds will be quite low (1.00 for example). However, if Team B’s odds are 4.00 in the same match, this means no one expects it to win the match: Team B is an underdog. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to check our underdog betting guide.) In other words, the lower the probability of an outcome occurring, the higher the odds offered.

This process is the same in all types of sports betting and for the same reason the odds offered can be used to determine how likely an outcome is to occur. For example, if 1.20 is offered for a draw result in a football match, the bookmaker and other bettors think that the match is likely to end in a draw. If the suggested odds are 3.80, it means that the match is considered to be less likely to end in a draw.

Thus, the odds can indeed show what the probability of a draw is happening. However, this should not be perceived as a mathematical certainty or guarantee. It should not be considered that the outcome of the draw is impossible (or vice versa) just because it has high odds. The odds just show what the general opinion is.

How to make a football draw prediction?

That being said, there are a couple of ways that can help you to predict the draw result, especially in football matches. In theory, bet draws can be used on any sports, but due to its unique rules and gameplay, this betting strategy is especially effective in football. So, here is how you can predict the draw result and bet on draws in football:

1️⃣ Review the past performances of the teams and see how close they are to each other. The closer the teams are to each other in terms of performance, the more likely the match will end with a draw. However, if there is a serious difference between the two teams in terms of performance, the draw probability becomes difficult to happen.

2️⃣ Surprisingly, some matches and events are more likely to end in draws. For example, football is the easiest sport to bet on, but teams’ performances are different in each league: You should also consider this when betting. In this regard, it gives you an advantage to know which leagues result in more draws. We shared a table about this above: For example, while the draw is more common in Latin American leagues, it does not happen that much in European and American leagues. So find out the best leagues to bet on draws to increase your chances. 

3️⃣ You also need to consider the teams’ position in the fixture and how they want to finish the league. Sometimes, a favorite team may want to end a particular match with a draw. The score it will get with this result is exactly what it wants. Or, because the draw result is enough to get the score it wants, the technical director may want the players not to get too tired. Paying attention to small details like these will allow you to take advantage of high odds in bet on draws in football offers.

4️⃣ We recommend that you pay special attention to low scoring teams. Lower league betting is a type of bet where the probability of a draw is higher. In other words, matches between teams in league A rarely end in a draw, but matches between teams in league B are more likely. In non-competitive encounters, the draw result is often encountered.

5️⃣ Don’t overlook the importance of motivation. Sometimes the underdog team has a lot to lose and can perform unexpectedly in a given match. While this is difficult to predict, you can imagine that a team about to leave the league will be more motivated than ever. Motivation may not be strong enough to win the match, but it can be effective enough to end it with a draw.

Bet draws strategies you can use

This is not a how to bet on football guide, so we will skip the basic tips and give advanced suggestions directly. You can increase your chances of winning bet on draws, and consequently win big on football bets, using the following tactics.

Use arbitrage betting

In other words, it is possible to find bookmakers with different odds for bet on draws in football, back a different result in each of them, and make a profit from the difference. It is not possible to describe this as a true bet draws strategy since you are not only betting on the draw result, but whatever the outcome is, you are certain to make a profit.

Apply a progressive draw betting strategy

You can choose a specific team and always bet on the draw result throughout the season, or even use a progressive system to increase the bet amount after each time you lose. The Martingale or the Fibonacci betting system can be easily used in a draw betting strategy.

One of the matches of the selected team will eventually result in a draw and your winnings will be large enough to cover all your losses as you keep increasing your stake. However, do not use this bet draws strategy aggressively, as it can cause you to go bankrupt if the draw result does not occur within a short time.

Bet on draws in-play

It is also possible to make bet on draws in live bets. In fact, it can be said that live bets are more suitable for this job because being able to follow the course of the match in real-time will allow you to make a more consistent prediction about the probability of the draw result. Don’t forget to check our live betting system guide. There are many betting sites with live streaming, such as betting sites in Uruguay, where you can make bet draws.

Choose system bets

With betting accumulators you can play bet draws for multiple matches and spread the risk. Or, on the contary, you can place draw no bet accumulators. These are just some tips on how to win football accumulators, but you can find more in our guide. With system bets the risk is lower but so are the profits. You should choose them with risky bets. With the 2 out of 5 system you choose 5 matches you think are going to draw. You will need two out of five matches to be correct in order to have a winning bet.

Evaluate cashout offers

Sometimes it can be more profitable to evaluate cashout offers than to wait for the outcome of the match. If cashout or partial cash out betting sites make a satisfactory offer for bet draws, feel free to cashout.

Look for reliable advice and good bonuses

Get bet draws for today advice from a reliable and objective source. Look for bonuses at various betting sites and use them to place risk free bets.

Can you make a profit with bet on draws only?

It all depends on the odds offered and how big your bankroll is. It is also about how much risk you want to take. Bet draws can make surprisingly large payouts, but this is something you will not encounter very often. Statistically, the draw result is still low and the odds on offer will not be very high in most cases. However, even a single bet draws can lead to a lot of money when properly chosen and played with high odds.

Are bet draws the right choice for you?


  • Sometimes surprisingly high odds can be achieved
  • You can make healthy evaluations for the probability of draw by doing research
  • Can be used in any sport (but football is best suited)


  • Draw result is statistically low
  • You must choose the right leagues

FAQ about bet on draws

Most bettors are of the opinion that the probability of a draw is very low and they don't want to take this risk. Whereas, more matches end in draws than expected.

Any sport can be subject to bet draws but due to its unique rules and gameplay, football is probably the best sports to bet on draws.

Yes. In fact, live betting has a surprisingly high potential for bet draws. Watching the game in real time helps you to make more accurate predictions.

Yes, but make sure that you have a big budget. You will have to double the wager after every loss and if the draw result does not happen soon, this may result in bankruptcy.

It is impossible to give a general figure covering all leagues, but we can say that this value is 35% on average. Nevertheless, keep in mind that there are very different odds in each league.

Bet draws can be a profitable method when used right

Bet draws can be an effective betting option that will surprise you, and with the right match, you can make very high winnings. You just need to do your research, choose the right league, and find the right teams: Bet on draws will only work when used this way. We will continue to provide information about bet on draws in football, so be sure to visit our site regularly. Good luck!


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