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What is a System Bet? | System Bets Explained & System Bet Strategy

Betting with a low bankroll for multiple events and winning the bet even if some of these events lose: This is what you can get with system bets. A system bet is more advantageous compared to accumulator bets and still allows you to get high payouts.

So, how does this bets system work? What is a system bet and what are its types? We have prepared this guide to answer these questions and introduce you to the exciting world of sports betting systems.

What are system bets?

Let’s start with the obvious question: what are system bets? Imagine you have a budget of 1,000 EUR. With this budget, you can place a big single bet or five small bets (Super High Five) of 200 EUR each. Each of these small bets is called a “combination”. It is possible to place all of these combinations on a single bet slip, so you don’t have to create separate slips for each. A single bet slip with multiple combination bets is called a system bet: This is the system bets meaning.

Of course, this is a very simple definition, but it is enough to answer the question of what is a system bet. A system bet can be placed on any type of sport and any type of bet can be included in these combinations. Before placing a system bet, you need to decide on two things:

  • How many combinations will there be on your slip?
  • How many of these combinations do you need to win?

The answer to the first question is at least 3, at most 8. In order to place a system bet, your slip must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 combinations. The answer to the second question is what distinguishes system bets, such as 7 fold bets, 8 fold bets and fivefold bets, from types of similar bets such as accumulators. In this bet, you decide how many of the combinations should win. Let’s give an example using system bets in Mozzart bet: If you place a 3/4 system bet, you’re actually saying “I have 4 combinations and I believe at least 3 of them will win”. Here the choice is yours, so you can freely decide how many of the combinations will win. Banker bets work in a similar way.

The following system bet example will help you understand this better:

  • 2/3: I have three combinations and I believe at least two of them will win
  • 4/6: I have six combinations and believe that at least four of them will win
  • 3/5: I have five combinations and believe that at least three of them will win

System bet vs Accumulator bet: what is the difference?
Accumulator bets, or parlay bettingalso offer multiple selections on a single slip. However, in order to win an accumulator bet, all selections on your slip must win. You can increase your chances of winning by applying our tips on how to win football accumulators. If you lose even a single one, the whole bet is lost. System bets, on the other hand, are more advantageous: You can lose more than one selection and still win the bet, as explained above.

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How to use system bets?

A guide to system bets should include how to use them too, so let’s continue by explaining how to place a system bet. In this example, we will place a 2/3 system bet and use Bwin to place this bet. However, the explanations below apply to all high stakes betting sites & low stakes betting sites. In other words, you can do the same at all the biggest bookmakers UK. This is not a how to place a bet guide so we will keep things brief and simple. 

1. We start by selecting three events to bet on. In this example, we will use these three selections: 

  • Victoria SC – Kawran Bazar (correct score bet)
  • Young Boys – Bayer Leverkusen (match result bet)
  • Red Star Belgrade – AC Milan (match result bet)

2. As you can see, the bet types are not the same: this is the beauty of system bets. As long as we pick three events, we are good to go: The bet types can be completely different.

3. When we start clicking on these bets, our bet slip to the right will keep updating. As soon as we select three events, the “system” section on the slip will become active. Now we can simply switch to it and place our system bet. The slip will look like this: 

System bets example

Calculating the stake and winnings of system bets

Truth be told, we recommend using a system bets calculator: As the number of combinations increases, it will become increasingly difficult to calculate stakes and winnings. However, if you want to do this work yourself, you must multiply the stake amount by the odds of the bets you think will win.

For example, let’s say you choose the following combinations and deposit 10 EUR each:
 • Team A wins (2.2)
 • Team B wins (2.3)
 • Team C wins (2.4)

The numbers in parentheses show the odds of these bets. You invested 10 EUR each, so the total stake is 30 EUR. This is a 2/3 system bet so you have to win at least two of them. So even if you win bets with the lowest odds, you should be sure that you will still make a profit. You can use this formula to calculate this:

Low odds x low odds x stake: 2.2 x 2.3 x 10 = 50.5

Even if we win the bets with the lowest odds, the bookmaker will pay us 50.5 EUR. We deposited a total of 30 EUR.

50.5 – 30 = 20.5 EUR net profit: We can still make money from this bet. 

System bets types

Like all other betting terms, system bets come in many different variants and these are expressed in different terms. Below is a complete list of these: First, we briefly explain what the most popular system betting options mean, then we share lists and tables to help you understand what is included in each.

  1. System Bets for 3 Picks: 2/3 (3 bets), Patent Bet (7 bets), Trixie Bet (4 bets)
  2. System Bets for 4 Picks: 3/4 (4 bets), 2/4 (6 bets), Lucky 15 (15 bets), Yankee bet (11 bets)
  3. System Bets for 5 Picks: 4/5 (5 bets), 3/5 (10 bets), 2/5 (10 bets), Lucky 31 (31 bets), Canadian (26 bets)
  4. System Bets for 6 Picks: 5/6 (6 bets), 4/6 (15 bets), 3/6 (20 bets), 2/6 (15 bets), Lucky 63 bet (63 bets), Heinz bet (57 bets), Alphabet Bet (26 bets)
  5. System Bets for 7 Picks: 6/7 (7 bets), 5/7 (21 bets), 4/7 (35 bets), 3/7 (35 bets), 2/7 (21 bets), Super Heinz bet (120 bets)
  6. System Bets for 8 Picks: 7/8 (8 bets), 6/8 (28 bets), 5/8 (56 bets), 4/8 (70 bets), 3/8 (56 bets), 2/8 (28 bets), Goliath (247 bets)
System bets table

System bet strategy for beginners


👉 If you have just started, continue with non system bets for a while. System bets require some experience and are mostly not suitable for beginners.

👉 Find out the basic and best betting strategies for your chosen sport. For example, if you are interested in horse racing betting, get familiar with basic and advanced strategies before starting horse system bets: You can use all of these in system betting.

👉 Find out also the strategies for your chosen system bet type. If you are going to try Trixie bets, familiarize yourself with a Trixie bet system first. Each type of system bet requires the use of a different strategy.

👉 Pay attention to bookmaker withdrawal limits. In some cases, system bets can indeed make very high payouts, so make sure they are not affected by withdrawal limits. 

👉 Each way bet strategies can be used on small system bets such as Trixie and Patent. Doing so will increase the wager but you will be able to cover more outcomes. 

👉 In general, you should prefer betting markets with extremely high odds to benefit from system bets. You take more risk, but the return will be more than satisfying: Unless there is a specific reason, stay away from markets with low odds.

Should you try system bets?


  • Higher winning chance
  • Making two correct predictions is enough
  • Open to different betting strategies
  • Can be used on any sport


  • New bettors may find it complex
  • Some variants (i.e. goliath) require a big bankroll

FAQ about system bets

Sure you can. Our recommended bookmakers offer several bonuses for new and current members, and you can use those offers on system bets too.

You can use a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 combinations. If you pick 2 combinations instead of 3, this is called a perm bet (which is very similar to system bets).

Yes, cover bet (and full cover bet) is the same thing: UK bookmakers call system bets as “cover”. There is no difference in regards to how they work.

This depends on the bookmaker you choose. Some bookies allow different sports to be included in a single system bet, while others want all combinations to belong to the same sport.

Multiply the odds of the minimum number of bets required to win by the stake amount. Even professional gamblers find it difficult to calculate multiple combinations, so use a calculator.

Place your system bet & win big

This is the end of our system bet explained guide: We are sure that you have learned what is a system bet and how to use it. However, if you are also passionate about casino games like roulette we have an article for you on the best and most famous roulette systems. Now it is time to take some practice: Check our list of recommended bookmakers, pick one, and place your first system bet today. Remember that our recommended bookies support different types of sports betting too, so system bets are not your only option. Place low, win big: We wish you good luck!