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Outright Betting Guide 2024 – Outright Bets Explained

Outright betting is one of the popular betting methods that players use to try their luck at their favorite sports in the long-term.

Other types of bets that players can use include each way betting and double chance bet.

In this article, we shall look at what is Australian open outright betting is and how players can use it for their advantage as well as tips and tricks that work.

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Outright Betting Definition

Outright betting is a betting strategy that involves placing stakes on the winner of the event. It could be a team or a player depending on the sport you are betting on. Rugby world cup betting outright, for example, is one of the most popular outright bets.

Gamblers who love rugby can place their stakes on their favorite rugby player from either of the teams playing or the team that is most likely to win. Outright betting is different from other types of bets that are dependent on the results of the game such as under 0.5 goals or over 0.5 goals markets that are common in football.

Is It Any Worth Placing Outright Bets?

Gamblers are always on the lookout for bets that are profitable in the short term and in the long run. Double result bet, no clean sheet or a clean sheet bet is risky as the bets are based on the results of the events. Outright bets are simple and straightforward and for players who are still new to gambling, this is an ideal betting strategy that will work.

We prefer these bets as they are uncomplicated as the player chooses the person who is most likely to win in tennis betting outright or the team that will win in outright betting for champions league. Experts and newbies can use the strategy also as a snooker betting system, as it does not require a lot of analysis or any historical data about the players or the team members.

Common Examples of Future or Outright Bets

There are multiple forms of outright bets that players can choose from. Some of them include snooker outright betting and golf outright betting. World cup outright betting is also available with football being one of the major world cup events.

However, players can only place bets on world cup events only once after every few years. This is a disadvantage for gamblers who love placing bets regularly. It is worth noting that there are types of bets that you can choose from if the season is over especially for your favorite sport.

Ante-post Outright Betting Explained

Betting on the event before it begins is referred to as ante-post outright betting. A player is allowed to place bets on winners before the matches begin. It is advisable to use this variation of outright bets because they odds are actually higher compared to when the event is going on and this means that you get an opportunity to win bigger payouts compared to when you place live bets. Live bets have different forms such as win either half or under 1.5 goals.

What You Need To Know Before Placing an Outright Bet

  • How long the event will last?

There are different durations for each event that you choose to place stakes on. Daily events will paid on a daily basis. If you opt for a world cup betting outright, you will have to wait until the whole event is over for you to receive the wins if you are lucky enough to bet on the winning team. If this seems to long, opt for daily events or hourly events.

  • Are there any Refunds from the non-competitor?

Non-competitors are the teams or persons who do not get to participate in the event although they were initially in the schedule. If the team will not be part of the event once it starts, there will be a probability that the bookie will refund the stake you had placed on the non-competing team. Check with the bookie if there are these terms so that you do not lose your stake in the process.

  • Change of persons in the teams

It is important to watch out for any changes that may be made in the teams such as transfers or injuries amongst the players. This may affect your bets if you had placed the bet on a specific individual and they happen to be transferred to another team or they have an injury during the season. The odds may also be affected because of these adjustments.

  • Current trends in the sporting world

Trends are the most likely results due to a pattern that has been over the years. Football betting is one of the sports that has notable trends to watch out for. Use this information to advise your bets accordingly so as to increase your chances of winning. It is not advisable to place bets on teams that have high odds but have no history of wins.

Pros and Cons of Outright Bets


  • The outright betting odds are way higher compared to other types of odds in the markets.
  • Bets are much easier to win compared to other type of bets that are dependent on the correctness of the bet such as win to nil bets.
  • It is possible to cash in by forecasting how your the favorite will perform at the event.
  • Bets are simple and straightforward. They do not require complex analysis and calculations.


  • Some bookies do not offer these types of bets.
  • The bets are available on major leagues only.
  • It may take a long time before the bet is paid out if you win depending on the duration of the event.

Where To Place Your Outright Bet

Placing your bets should be easy and straightforward. To place your outright bet, choose a bookie that offers this form of bets first. As we have seen, there are some sites that do not have certain types of bets, like the super yankee bet. A credible site is always advisable as you are sure of the safety of your information as well as the safety of your information.

Choose a site that is licensed by a gambling body. The terms and conditions of the platform should be favorable for you as a player and should offer odds that will ensure gambling is profitable.

What Does Hedging Your Bet Mean?

Hedging your bet is a gambling strategy that secures your bet to avoid any losses on the site. The system encourages players to place bets on different outcomes of one event so as to win regardless of the results. It is a safe strategy that is reduces the risk of losing everything and will ensure you receive payouts.

You should place high bets and stay on the low to avoid compromising yourself or else you will lose everything to the bookie. You can use hedge calculators to help you place the best outright hedge bets.

Frequently Asked Questions about Outright Bets

Outright bets can be placed online on bookmaker sites. Check to see if the site offers bets first before placing any bet with them. Some bookies do not offer outright bets. Check at your offline casino for the same as well.

Outright betting is profitable in the long run. If you are looking for an easy way to make money out of a casino, opt for this form of bet as they are easy and straightforward.

It depends on the event that you choose. Some events take a month and some a year. There are also sports that are played on a daily basis that you can opt to place outright or future bets on.

The payout varies depending on the initial stake that was placed. There is no average amount that can be won as it varies depending on the bet amount.

It means that gamblers place bets on the team or the person that is most likely to win at a sporting event.

Win Big At Any Bookie Site With Outright Betting Strategy

Outright betting is an easy way that helps players make money from a casino without much effort. Our article helps you understand what outright betting means and how you can use it to place bets on your favorite teams. We also discuss the pros and cons attached to this type of betting, if you are a newbie or an expert, the system works well.

For example, a player should be patient as some bets take well over a year before the payment is received if they are lucky enough to win. If you are looking for a simple way to make wins from your favorite bookie, opt to place outright bets today.

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