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Win to Nil Betting Guide – Fully Explained [2024]

Betting is fast becoming a huge industry as it consistently spins out a lot of cash to its players.

It is one that requires the ability to forecast and effectively envisage the outcomes of the event correctly.

However, the betting world is fast evolving and becoming one that richly rewards those with technical knowledge and calculation as compared to just forecasting.

This is where win to nil bets comes in.

There are various forms of wagers and all have tempting and attractive packages with their varying advantages and disadvantages.

To Win to nil bet meaning is a football like betting game that allows players to bet on a team winning without conceding goals.

Which means you make two wagers, one, that the choice team would win, and two, they won’t concede a goal. These bets can be played in sports like football, hockey, and baseball.

Let’s delve in fully.

What Is Win To Nil?

To define win to nil bet, it is a football patterned bet that involves concurrently placing two bets, a bet that a team will win, this is known as back bet and a bet that the other team will fail to score. That is to win without conceding a goal.

In this bet, both outcomes have to be met for this bet to payout.  The bet is lost if the match ends in a stalemate or if both teams score.

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How Does Win To Nil Work?

To win to nil is a two-sided wager in which both outcomes must be met for the individual to win. Your team must win without the opposition scoring at all once they do, the bet is off as that means there is no clean sheet. For a better perspective, it simply means you’re backing a team to keep a clean sheet, and backing them to win the game. As this is the soul of the game.

Examples Of Win To Nil Scenarios

Chelsea is set to take on West Ham in a London Derby at home. In a win to nil market, you stake on Chelsea to win the game without conceding a goal. Chelsea eventually wins the game, your bet pays out at the quoted odds as your predicted outcome materialized. This is also the meaning of home win to nil or yes home win to nil.

Take another example, its time for the Manchester derby. You place your bet in a win to nil market staking Manchester City to claim the victory over their eternal rivals Manchester United without conceding a goal.

Manchester City lost the game, you lose the bet and aren’t entitled to any winnings. You can also predict the outcome of the game at any half, this is known as win to nil either half or to win either half.

Finally, for better understanding. The English hockey team is set to take on the French team. You place your bet in a win to nil market on the French team to win away and not concert considering that they have a better team than the English. The game ends in a goalless draw.

You lose the bet since the French team didn’t score even though they didn’t concede a goal. This shows the importance of the two points that must be achieved for the bet to payout. Winning and not conceding. This is also the meaning of away to win to nil.

Best Strategies For Win To Nil

One of the best strategies to win in win to nil bets is to look for a strong defensive team at home to support. This is the safest trick and it always works most time. A strong defensive team would have almost nullified the chance of conceding and by virtue of playing at home would almost be guaranteed of scoring.

Strong teams at home tend to control and dictate the tempo of the game, while opponents also come to this ground with a conservative approach and would most likely be satisfied with a draw.

The Profitability Of Win To Nil

Win to nil bets is pretty profitable as sometimes the odd can be a whopping 9/2 for the home team. It is a viable way to make some cool cash, as with a little cash of like $10 you can win $50 if the game has 5 odds. There are also different bookmakers with varying odds, so it is also advisable that you scout for the bookmakers with the best odds.

Sports To Bet Win To Nil On

Football is obviously the most suitable sport to accommodate win to nil as it has the most realistic chance of getting a clean sheet in and the scorelines most times don’t go past 7. You can enjoy win to nil bet on sports that you can probably get a clean sheet.

These sports include rugby, tennis, but here you can find out more about the best tennis betting strategies available from our guide or other sports like hockey, ice hockey, baseball, etc. Win to nil bet would most likely not be available on basketball as it is a really high scoring game and almost impossible to keep a clean sheet.

  • Rugby Union And League

Rugby is another unique sport to enjoy the win to nil bets in as it has a high chance to see a clean sheet. The odds for the games are also generally higher since the clean sheet wouldn’t come as easily as that of football. So if you have the balls and are willing to take a higher risk with of course higher reward, then rugby is the sport you need to try win to nil bet on.

  • Tennis

Tennis is also another game that allows you to enjoy win to nil bet. This typically happens when a player beats his or her opponent 6-0 in a set or beats his opponent by six to love for three or five sets based on the rule of the game. It is also advisable to choose strong opponents like Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Serena against relatively easier opponents. A free tip is to play this at the start of tournaments because as tournaments progress, it becomes increasingly difficult to pull off a 6-0.

  • Hockey and Ice Hockey

Hockey is close to football in terms of play, however, it always produces a higher scoreline than football. Thus making it difficult to pull off a clean sheet. Though, can be highly rewarding when it comes as the odds would also be higher. Check here our NHL betting system for more info.

  • Baseball

This is another game that affords you the opportunity to stake in win to nil bet, to win to nil baseball is one that is also difficult. It also has generally higher odds making it tempting for those who are high risk-takers.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Win To Nil Betting


  • It is highly profitable
  • It gives an interesting perspective to a rather dull encounter.


  • The possibilities are streamlined
  • There are only two outcomes for you to win from

Win To Nil Explained

This is when an individual who stakes his money on a win to nil bet wins, that is if his outcome was correct and his choice team won the game and didn’t concede a goal. This is what to win to nil meaning is. It is also known as a win to nil matched betting.

Win To Nil Vs Clean Sheet

A clean sheet is a bet in which you only have to select that the outcome of a game would be a draw and not necessarily that a team must win as compared to win to nil. This means that if you play a clean sheet and the outcome is 0-0 you have still won the bet as compared to win to nil.

What Is No Clean Sheet?

This is a scenario in which both teams do score in a game and no clean sheet can be attained.

For example when the final scoreline is 4-2, 1-3, 5-3, etc.

Betting On Win To Nil Markets

This is when you expect a particular team or player to totally dominate the opponent and the opponent has little to no chance of breaking down the defense of your chosen team. It is usually safer than a correct score bet.

Consideration When Betting On a Win To Nil Market

Seeing that the win to nil market requires calculated risk and sound knowledge of the teams playing rather than sheer luck, it is important to always consider these strategies before pitching your tent with any team while staking.

  • Look For A Strong Favorite

To have a competitive advantage in the win to nil bet, it is important to choose the strongest opposition based on current form, quality of players on display, and outcome of previous meetings between both sides. Though, given that it’s a sport your calculations might not come through. However, backing a strong favorite gives you a better chance of securing the bag.

  • Focus On Your Team’s Defense

A team might be very potent in its attacking sphere but a disaster as well in its defense. So it is important you do your homework before selecting a team. In this context, a team that wins most of its game by a slim 1-0 margin is better than one that wins by 4-1, 3-2 or even 5-3. The defensive record of any team you choose to support is important, hence the need to research properly.

  • Consider The Opposition Attack

Knowing the defensive ability of a team before backing them is good, however, if you don’t also factor in the attacking prowess of the opponent, it would still have been a waste of time. If the team you’re playing against hasn’t been winning matches and so you feel would automatically make it an easy ride, you might want to think that again. The fact that a team is losing doesn’t mean they are not scoring, it could be their defensive line.

  • Research Your Team’s Disciplinary Record

This comes in handy when it’s a crucial match that is about to be played. Where the mental concentration of your players need to be at an all-time high as the slightest slip-ups can cost you a lot of money. This again shows that win to nil market ain’t about luck but the work.

Most Bankable Bookmakers Of The Win To Nil Market

Choosing the right bookmakers makes all the difference in getting maximum returns for your investment. There are a couple of bookmakers that offer excellent services and they include William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365 and a host of others. Win to nil William Hill is one of the most famous.

Win To Nil Substitutes

Win to nil bets at face level can seem to be a very simple thing to predict. However, considering how often game change it becomes a really dicey affair.

However, if you need some other type of win to nil alternative or type of football betting then you can consider trying your hands on the following: Both teams to score-no, correct score, match under 1.5, double result bet, double chance bet, handicap betting, underdog betting, over/under betting or alternative goal line betting, among others.

Win To Nil Betting Tricks

There’s no exceptional trick to winning bets, however, there are clues and ideas to ensure you’re making the best decision possible and also doing it intelligently as well.

  • Don’t Just Bet On What You Think Will Be

Betting goes beyond feelings and what you think the outcome of a game will be. It takes a diligent analysis of what their recent performances have been, their head to head, and generally go with statistics instead of emotions.

  • Take A Close Look At Recent Results

It is important to note that you ought to take note of the track record of the team you want to bet on, their recent performances, the number of goals they’ve been conceding, that which they’ve been scoring. It is easy very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because you watch these teams so you automatically have an idea of their numbers, the facts can be a huge contrast to what you see.

  • Review The Head To Head History

Now beyond checking for the records and been led by feelings, it is important to note that when some specific teams meet most times statistics can be thrown into the trash can. Some matches get more fisty based on long-standing grievances like seen in derby matches. So it is important to check head to head (read here our head-to-head sports betting guide).

  • Check Out The Injury List

Now having considered all the above stated, one extraneous variable you need to control for are injuries that have occurred with key players in your chosen team. This in itself can tilt the outcome of a game in favor of the opponent if some regular starters are missing for one side.

What Makes Win To Nil Betting One Of The Best

The win to nil betting is enjoying wide popularity because it is straight forward and easy for players to partake in. You know that there are only two wagers that must play out for you to win big. It is also seen as a relatively simpler option than the correct score where you have to correctly predict the winner and the correct scoreline.

Win To Nil Promotions

There are a couple of promotions scattered about on the internet it only buoys down to the ability of the players to diligently seek more lucrative options and he would be sure to find promotions with awesome odds.

Win To Nil FAQs

Be on the lookout for a team that is strong defensively and is preferably playing at home as this increases the chance of winning.

Most bookmakers will offer you the opportunity to cash out on your bets but obviously not all, this is where the due search for a favorable bookmaker comes in.

In a game where your team barely escapes by the whiskers in the first half, it could be a wise decision to cash out. Obviously, your pay would be far smaller comparing to if you had stuck it out.

This is also zero, and means that a team hasn't conceded. E.g: 2 - nil or 2 - 0.

This is staking a bet on a team to win a game while not conceding.

This is when your chosen team wins a game but doesn't finish with a clean sheet.

These are the important numbers involved in a game that determines or aids your choice of the team before placing your bet, it includes the odds.

Betting Made Simpler

With all the tricks, tips and strategies that this article has unfolded, it is safe to say that with one swift calculated move you can drastically change your fortune. Firstly, by choosing the right bet, win to nil bet, then observing great odds from bookmakers, staking on the right team and with a little consistency be on your way to hitting the jackpot.