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Best Sports Betting Bonuses [2024] – Updated List

Online sportsbooks, even those in Paraguay, are always finding creative sports betting offers to attract new customers and keep their existing customers happy. Most online bookies offer a variety of sports betting bonuses that are not only aimed at attracting new clients but also intended to keep their existing customers coming back.

That is the secret of sportsbook bonuses: They let the bookie gain new customers and keep the current ones committed. There are many kinds of sports betting bonuses in knowing which one to choose can be a little confusing even the best sports betting bonus won’t be that useful if you don’t know how do they work.

Best Sports Betting Bonuses in 16 June 2024 – Updated List

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How to Claim a Sports Betting Bonus?

This betting guide won’t be complete if we don’t explain how to claim sports betting bonus, so here is it. If this is your first time, you can claim a bonus by following the steps below. Note that while all bookmakers are different, these steps will usually be the same at all legal betting sites.

Step 1
Check our list of recommended bookmakers and pick one.
Step 2
Visit the website of that bookmaker and check all promotions.
Step 3
Read the terms & conditions of the welcome bonus.
Step 4
Complete registration and log in.
Step 5
Open your profile page and look for a button that says “deposit”. (*)
Step 6
Make your first deposit by respecting the minimum limit of the bonus.
Step 7
The sports betting bonus will activate automatically. If not, contact customer support.

(*) You may need to manually activate the bonus and/or use a code before making the deposit. Read the terms and conditions to see if there are any specific requirements like this.

The Difference of Our Sportsbooks Bonuses will not only find you top sports betting bonuses; you’ll also get a thorough explanation on how to use a sports betting welcome bonus to your advantage or even what is the hardest sport to bet on even with a small deposit, like £1. Chances are that if you currently use a bookmaker, then you have seen many sportsbook bonuses in incentives that are aimed at you as an existing client.

If you’ve investigated other online bookie offers or sportsbooks then you have undoubtedly seen many other incentives that are geared toward getting you to sign up with them. Almost every online bookie has a bonus waiting for you and there are dozens of best sports betting bonuses to choose from. Here is some more information on the sports betting offers.

This is the most comprehensive best betting bonuses 2024 guide you can find and it contains everything you need to know about sports betting promo offers. We have also prepared a top 5 offshore sportsbooks list.

How Do Sports Betting Bonuses Work?

There are many kinds of bookmaker bonuses that are available to sports betting enthusiasts. The terms and conditions of these top sports betting bonuses can vary from book to book but they work much in the same way. One of the most common betting site bonuses is a match deposit bonus. We can even say that it is the best sports betting bonus.

On the surface, these are fairly straightforward. An online gambling site will match your deposit. For example, if the match rate is 100% and you deposit 100 EUR, the bookie will credit your account with another 100 EUR – that’s why they are one of the best bonuses for sports betting.

Of course, there are limits and other conditions that will apply so it’s important to read the fine print. Even the best betting bonus may contain unfair terms. Most of these incentives, however, follow the same principle.

An Online Betting Bonus Example

Let’s say your online bookmaker offers a match deposit bonus of up to $300. This means that if you deposit $300 into your account, the bookmaker will credit an additional $300 to your account.

That’s a pretty good deal and this is one of the best bonuses for sports betting, but most sportsbooks will have restrictions on how you can use this $300 bonus. Almost all of them have a rollover requirement. In fact, all of the best sports betting bonuses come with a wagering requirement. We explain below, more in detail, what is rollover in betting.

Online Betting Offers Come with Wagering Requirements

It is quite common that online gambling sites will make you bet the $300 deposit plus the $300 bonus at least 10 times before you would be eligible to withdraw it as cash. You’ll also likely have to do this within a certain time frame.

So if your bonus money is subject to a 10X rollover within 14 days of receiving it. This means you need to put $6,000 into action within that timeframe or the offer and any winnings derived from the bonus are void. If you can successfully do this then your $300 bonus and is as good as cash and can be withdrawn at any time. If you are lucky, the rollover requirement will only apply to the bonus portion. Make sure you know the rules.

Once again, the wagering requirement is a part of every promotion and even the best betting bonuses have it. You cannot find a bonus without it, so the best you can do is looking for the lowest wagering rates (i.e. 20x and below). In this regard, the best sports betting bonuses are the ones that contain low rates – the lower the better.

Free Bet Deals: One of the Best Betting Bonuses


Another similar concept is the free bet bonus, which is also one of the best bonuses for sports betting. This is kind of the same idea as a matching deposit bonus except that the punter would receive a free bet that matches the amount of their deposit. A free $25.00 bet would be awarded to a customer who deposits $25.00. Just like the matching cash bonus, there will more than likely be rollover requirements that need to be met before that cash would be available for withdrawal.

Maybe you’ve seen offers for daily price boosts and enhanced odds on websites like 22Bet, Mostbet, or Cbet? This is another attractive bet bonus that is becoming very popular at a lot of online betting sites.  While they’re usually restricted to selected games, they’re still a good tool to make your bankroll grow.

If a certain event is being offered at even money, for example, an enhanced odds bonus might offer that same event at five to one odds. So instead of winning $100 on a $100 wager at even money, a winning bet with enhanced odds might net a $500 profit. As can be expected, there will probably be strings attached. Normally, that the sportsbook will pay the customer as if it was a regular bet.

So, with the regular odds being even, the winner would receive the original $100 bet plus the $100 in winnings. The remaining bonus portion, which in this case would be $400, would be treated as any other bonus. This means it would probably have to be rolled over before it could be withdrawn.

Sports Bonus Wagering Requirements

Sports bonus wagering requirements differ from book to book but most of them are very similar in nature. They normally involve rollovers within a specific time frame and restrictions on odds. This doesn’t just apply to sportsbooks but also to poker rooms and online casinos. In the case of match deposit bonuses and free bet bonuses, there is almost always a limit.

Sports betting bonus, as a rule, always requires a wagering requirement. Daily betting bonuses, weekly bonuses and free bets, betting reload offers, even free bet offers for existing customers: All of these become active only after the wagering requirements are met. (We can say that the only exception is moneyback and cashback offers.) The system simply works like this:

  • Your cash bonus or any winnings from the bonus are transferred to a special balance (usually called the “bonus balance”)
  • This balance is locked, and you must wager money to unlock it. This means that you have to deposit and bet a certain amount of real money (just depositing is not enough)
  • How much you have to deposit and bet is determined by the wagering rate and this is different at each site. For example, the wagering requirement could be: “5x on bets with odds of at least 1.20”
  • This means, for example, if your bonus is 100 EUR, you have to place bets that are worth 5x (500 EUR) the bonus and the odds for each of these bets must be at least 1.20.
  • Once this requirement is met, the bonus balance is automatically unlocked and the amount there is transferred to your real balance. You can now withdraw your bonus or use it to place more bets.

The importance of wagering terms is that they determine how advantageous the sports betting bonus is. Consider, for example, a signup bonus that matches your first deposit by 500%: This is an incredible number because it means you deposit 10 EUR and get 50 EUR. However, if the wagering rate of this offer is, for example, 60x, you would have to wager 600 EUR even for a 10 EUR investment (10 x 60). This makes the bonus unusable, especially for bettors with budget problems. Therefore, it is most important to know that you should always choose sports betting bonuses with low wagering rates. Ideally, this rate should not exceed 10x for sports betting bonuses.

Other Tips on Choosing and Using Sports Betting Bonuses

Sign up free bets, money back betting offers or risk free bonus offers are easy to take advantage of. Imagine having an account with two separate sportsbooks that are both offering a $25 free bet bonus. A savvy punter can put one of the free $25 bets on a team at the first sportsbook and put the other $25 free bet on the opposite team at the other sportsbook. You might win big or you might win small, but you would win either way.  Tip: make sure the two websites aren’t affiliated.

Bonuses that require multiple rollovers are some of the hardest to take advantage of. They’re very nature requires that you win several bets. In order to cash in on these ones, the punter will need to go on a bit of a roll. The odds are stacked against the bettor and that’s why online sportsbooks can afford to offer such bonuses on a regular basis. Sports gamblers rarely cash in on these but that’s not to say that they shouldn’t try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Remember that trying to reach rollover requirements nearly always forces sports bettors to abandon sound money management practices. It is one thing to be reckless with the house’s money but it is entirely different when a punter is reckless with their own bankroll. Players that lack solid money management skills are great for the sportsbooks. It’s one of the ways they have become some of the most profitable businesses on the planet. Happy gambling!!

The Reason For Sportsbook Promo Codes

You will see that, in practice, many sports betting bonuses require a code. This is not a general rule, it is possible to activate some promotions without using a bonus code, but almost every site runs promotions that require codes from time to time. Sports bonus codes are most commonly seen in free play and sign up promotions.

There is a quite simple reason for this: marketing. For example, if you offer to reload bonuses that give higher match rates than normal when a code is used, you will attract more attention and have a chance to get new customers. This is why online sports betting sites often organize such promotions and bonus codes always attract attention. You must use these codes before the action that triggers the bonus (for example, before making a deposit).

Types of Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting bonuses offer an incredible variety in type and scope. In other words, there is no single fixed promotion: Online betting sites allow you to take advantage of multiple bonuses, each offering a different advantage. While it is not possible to list each of them individually, it is possible to compile a list of the best online sports betting bonuses. You can see this list below: we briefly explain each type of sportsbook bonus. If you want to read more about this topic, read our article about Online VS. Offline betting.

First Deposit Bonus

Sign-up betting bonuses are quite common and can be seen in almost every sportsbook. They are often the biggest sportsbook bonuses. A signup bonus matches your first deposit at a certain rate. For example, let’s say the match rate of this bonus is 200%: if you deposit 20 EUR, another 40 EUR will be credited to your account balance. It is sports betting bonus for new customers only and can usually be used once. To see an actual example, you can check Betus sportsbonus offer. Often when you think of sign-up bonuses, you should think of free bet offers: These two terms usually mean the same thing.

No Deposit Bonus

However, what is meant by a free bet offer can also be a no deposit bonus. This special promotion is perhaps the best betting bonus as there is no need to make a deposit to take advantage of it. It is enough to complete the membership process. As soon as you log in with your username and password, a free bet balance is assigned to your account: using this, you can place your first bet for real money. In this respect, it is a risk-free bonus as it does not force you to make a deposit. If you find free bets bonuses, do not miss them.

Reload Bonuses

These are one of the top betting bonuses. Like sign-up bonuses, they match your deposits, but they are not one-time, and all members can benefit. In other words, you get a match bonus every time you make a deposit. The match rate will naturally be low (10 – 25%), but it is perhaps the best sportsbook bonus in the long run as it is consistent. Reload offers are extremely common at Europe bet sports betting websites.

Refer A Friend Bonus

This promotion is offered by lots of European betting sites. When you join a sportsbook, you get a personal referral link. If any of your friends join the same sportsbook using your link and make a deposit, you get a small part of it (for example, 1% of the deposit). Thing is, there is usually no max bonus limit, so you can even find hundreds of friends and get a part of all their deposits. If you are a social person, this can be one of the best bookmaker bonuses.

Enhanced Odds Bonus

This promotion is usually offered in the live betting bonuses category. For a specific event, the bookmaker “boosts” (increases) the odds. For example, let’s say the usual odds for the FIFA 2023 event is 1.20. The bookmaker may decide to offer 7.0 odds for the championship match. You don’t get a cash balance, but you can win pretty big even with small amounts.

Rebate Bonus

This one is usually known as a cashback/moneyback bonus. The bookmaker refunds a certain percentage of your losses every week/month. For example, if you lost 1.000 EUR in the last week, you can get 100 EUR (10%) of it back next week. Usually, it is an automatic bonus (you don’t have to do anything), does not require a deposit (requires losing money), and no wagering is required, which makes it one of the best sportsbook bonuses.

Other Sports Betting Bonuses

As mentioned above, there are lots of other sports betting bonuses too: These are just the most popular ones. A bookmaker can also offer sports loyalty and VIP bonuses or promotions for specific bet types or events, such as the Squares bonus or the Survivor bonus. You can even take advantage of contests (i.e. Handicapping contests) and tournaments: There will be lots of promotions you can use. If you want to learn more, make sure to check our how to win at sports betting guide: We have hundreds of trusted sports betting sites that offer the best bonuses.

Terms and Conditions of Online Betting Bonus Offers

We explained how sports betting bonuses work and what to expect from them. Now, it is time to talk about evaluating these bonuses: How do you find the perfect sports betting bonus? Our bookmakers by country list will help but you need to learn how to do this by yourself too.  As a general rule, pay attention to the following issues when evaluating bonuses:

  • Check the rollover requirement: This is another name for the wagering requirement we explained above. This is especially important if you are using low deposit betting. Make sure that you can actually complete the wagering requirement within the specified time limit. Otherwise, the bonus will be canceled automatically.
  • Find out if there is an expiration date or not. Some bookmakers, for example, ask you to use your welcome bonus within 7 days of your registration.
  • Check the minimum deposit limit required to trigger the sports betting bonus.
  • While the wagering requirement is active, there will be several restrictions on your account. For example, there will be a maximum bet limit (usually 5 EUR) and you may be restricted from making a withdrawal. Check all these restrictions and make sure they are fair.

FAQ About Best Sports Betting Bonuses

All sports betting bonuses offer you an advantage, but we think that no deposit bonuses are the best, as they don’t require you to make a financial commitment.

By visiting us frequently. We check the latest sportsbook bonuses every week, pick the best ones, and list them for you. Don’t use a bonus before checking our website.

No. You may choose to opt-out of a bonus if you don’t want to use it. However, this may require contacting customer support. For example, if you don’t want to use the sign up offer, contact support before making a deposit so they can disable it for you.

Because of the competition. The number of bettors is limited, but the number of betting sites is unlimited. Every bookmaker needs new members and sports betting bonuses are the easiest way to get them.

There is no single best bookmaker that always offer the best sports betting bonuses. There are several bookmakers that organize advantageous promotions and we try to list them all.

Take Advantage of the Best Online Betting Offers

You are now ready to play with the best sports betting bonuses and we already have a list of 100 bonus betting sites for you. Pick any bookmaker you want, make your first deposit, and claim your sports betting bonus today.

We are sure that you will use your bonus to boost your winnings and make a fast start: The right online betting promotion will always give you an advantage. Keep visiting us to track the latest sports betting bonuses and good luck out there!

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