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Daily Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds | Best Enhanced Bets Offers [2024]

Daily price boosts and enhanced odds, as well as no deposit betting bonuses are a bargain hunter’s dream come true. Imagine being able to buy a $100 pair of shoes for $25 or a $50 bag of groceries for $15. Enhanced bets provide you with such an opportunity to mitigate the house edge and level the playing field.

How about four ounces of gold for the price of one? This is the same idea behind these new and popular offers that bettors can find at some of the world’s best online gambling sites.

In this guide, we review the most popular enhanced odds offers available and some of the best bookmakers in 2024. Keep reading to find out how the odds and price boost offers work and which are the terms and conditions that govern these opportunities.

Best Daily Price Boosts and Enhanced Odds promotions in 22 July 2024 – Updated List

Rating 9.95 out of 10


Choose your bet from a number of accumulators we offer on the most exciting sporting events of the day and get a 10% increase in its overall odds!
Rating 9.93 out of 10


Choose an Accumulator of the Day on sports or live.
Place a bet and wait for a win!
Get a 10% increase in the odds!
Rating 9.92 out of 10


Choose your bet from a number of accumulators that Spinbetter offers on the most exciting sporting events of the day!
If your Accumulator of the Day wins, Spinbetter will increase the odds by 10%.
Rating 9.91 out of 10


Choose your bet from a number of accumulators that 22Bet offers on the most exciting sporting events of the day!
Rating 9.85 out of 10


Acca Freedom lets you play your bet your own way. Either boost the odds of trebles and above to win more, or insure your bet against one bad result from five or more selections to get your money back as a free bet of up to £20.
Rating 9.60 out of 10


Player must bet a "multibet" consisting of at least three events.
Each event should be with a coefficient of 1.8 or higher.
Rating 9.57 out of 10


Choose your bet from a number of accumulators offered every day.
Place a bet and if you win get a 10% increase in the odds.
Rating 9.40 out of 10


Place a bet with odds equal or bigger than 5.00.
If you win, you'll be credited with €5 free bet up to once a day, every day.

The definitive 2023 guide for enhanced bets

Price boost offers are not exactly a new addition, but highly effective instruments that bookmakers use to attract new players. Used as effective marketing instruments by gambling operators, they are invaluable tools for savvy punters.

We’ll take a look at how enhanced odds can be used in sports betting by beginners seeking the best betting offers UK has to offer. We shall also shed light on how enhanced odds offers can be used for arbitrage and matched betting strategies by veterans.

What are and how do enhanced bets work?

Enhanced football bets such as Barcelona-Manchester City in-play offer are sought after by players signing up for accounts with an online bookmaker. They have essentially inflated odds offered by the house to reward new players for choosing them. These are the best odds margins one can hope to find online, but in most cases they are one-time opportunities.

Some bookmakers have free bet offers for existing customers that propose the same enhanced football odds. By betting on these matches, players enjoy the best odds guaranteed. They still need to make the right prediction, but if they win, they claim profits that are significantly higher than regular odds.

What about enhanced odds?

William Hill enhanced odds offers are among the best-known betting deposit bonuses of this type. The bookmaker vastly increases the odds available for a particular bet, usually for a limited period of time. The beauty of these offers is that they are enhanced odds existing customers can also benefits from, but the downside is that bettors cannot use crypto betting when placing the bets, as most bookmakers don’t accept this method of payment.

Betting limits can vary and some maximum stakes are usually imposed, so the top profits are also limited. Even so, these are some of the best enhanced odds UK punters can hope for and definitely worth a try.

Are enhanced odds and enhanced bets the same thing?

Savvy punters shop arbing or simply put sharbing are always on the lookout for new customer enhanced odds. There are few arbitrage-friendly bookmakers out there, so risk-free and no-lose offers are in short supply. When doing this kind of research, you can stumble upon offers such as the Paddy Power enhanced bets or the Betfair enhanced odds.

At the first glance, these might look like entirely different things, but they are essentially the same. Enhanced bets and bookmaker enhanced odds are identical and consist of increased odds on selected markets, which are subject to strict terms and conditions.

A quick glance at price boosts

When comparing low odds vs high odds punters should keep a close eye on enhanced bets and enhanced odds offers. As mentioned above, they are essentially the same and once you learn how to read soccer odds, you will quickly identify them. Price boosts as well as sports bonus codes are also offered by bookmakers, mostly to new players but also to existing members.

Some refer to them as enhanced odds for new customers, similar to sign-up betting bonuses, while others prefer to use the price boost terminology. At the end of the day, this is simply about semantics, because what you get is a bet that can be placed at odds that are intentionally inflated by the bookmaker.

Why do sportsbooks offer enhanced odds?

Enhanced bets are not that difficult to find, as most bookmakers use them routinely as marketing tools. They are offered for advertising purposes, to appeal to prospective players looking for the best closing odds.

Offers to new members or through betting reload offers, these enhanced odds are appealing but they come with certain strings attached. In your quest for the best EVS betting opportunities and price boosts, you should be wary of these things:

  • New customer restrictions – some enhanced football bets are only accessible to new players. This means that existing members can take advantage and won’t benefit from the price boosts.
  • Country restrictions – when searching for the best enhanced odds offers, pay attention to currencies of bookmakers and country restrictions. Residents of certain nations might be eligible for these offers.
  • Maximum bet limits – to limit the arbitrage opportunities, most bookmakers allow you to bet the maximum amount on enhanced bets. The limits are generally prohibitive to limit maximum winnings.
  • Ineligible deposit methods – The majority of bookmakers by payment methods have excluded e-wallets from both single and acca enhanced odds offers. You would have to use credit and debit cards or wire transfers to take advantage of these offers.
  • Enhanced odds paid in free bets – some bookmakers will award profits resulting from price boosts in free bets. Unlike enhanced odds paid in cash, these are subject to further wagering requirements.

Enhanced odds tips & tricks


Enhanced football bets are useful for everyone, including beginners that are mobile betting, who rely on them to bet at higher odds. With the right approach, you can come up with the best staking plan for low odds and even use enhanced bets to produce a total or partially matched bet. These are some of the tips and tricks that can help you maximize the returns when using matched betting enhanced odds.

👉See what the experts have to say – pay attention to the matched betting offers professional tipsters recommend. These can help you harness the power of enhanced odds to turn your unmatched bet into an arbitrage wagered. Use the enhanced football bets to wager on opposing results and win for sure.

👉Build an accumulator – you can offset the effects of dropping odds or odds shortening and underpriced favorites with enhanced bets. Add multiple selections on the same betting slip to create higher-paying accumulators, 5 should be enough. Read our guide on how to win football accumulators for more tips and strategies. When in-play betting, accept all odds movement to quickly take advantage of fast-changing odds.

👉Focus on profitable markets – go beyond conventional wisdom and tinker with special markets. Spread betting can be particularly profitable, especially if you combine enhanced bets with Asian handicap arbitrage. If you have accounts with several bookmakers, then you know that you can place concurrent bets that always win and that some of them can offer loyalty and VIP bonuses if the player is a regular.

Where can you find enhanced offers?

There are plenty of bookmakers offering enhanced football bets, so you can simply check their websites. It is far easier to simply use our page to check out all the latest offers at a glance.

Here you’ll find updated information about the best offers from sports betting exchanges, as well as time-limited enhanced odds. Don’t ignore social media as a reliable source of information, with some cool offers being popularized on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Pros and cons of using enhanced odds



  • Maximum betting limits apply
  • Subject to strict terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions about enhanced bets:

These are enhanced bets on outright winners, involving two teams or athletes to finish first and second.

Price boosts and enhanced odds are the same, only the name differs.

Most bookmakers don’t allow early cash outs for enhanced odds or price boosts offers.

Many bookmakers offer enhanced football bets as incentives to new and existing players.

Most enhanced bets focus on new members, but existing customers are also eligible at some bookies

UK bookies love enhanced football bets, but these offers can be found at international operators too.

Maximize your sports winnings with enhanced odds

Enhanced bets, odds, and price boosts are different names that refer to the same generous offers. When you sign up for an account at bookmakers offering them as a result of referral bonuses, you might have the chance to place free bets at inflated odds. On one hand, this will give you the opportunity of claiming bigger winnings while taking the same chances.

On the other hand, used in conjunction with arbitrage strategies, enhanced football bets can produce guaranteed winners. Regardless of how you choose to harness the power of enhanced bets, keep an eye for these bonuses and take advantage of them whenever an opportunity presents itself.