When people decide to bet on one sport or the other they need to factor in different elements, in addition to their preference for the game. Tennis betting has been traditionally a popular sport for savvy punters, with the best argument in its favor being that the games can’t end undecided. With the risk of draws out of the picture, it is much easier to pick up a winner and come up with a successful tennis betting strategy.

Any tennis betting system needs to go hand-in-hand with a correct bankroll management, because the sport has the particularity of offering low odds on favorites. Betting on outright victories is not a solution in the long run, so players have use tennis handicap to boost the odds, therefore increase their profits. Since there is an indissoluble link between the size of the odds and the risks taken, betting without a clear system is bound to fail miserably.

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Tennis set betting is great for beginners

Any tennis betting guide will have at least one chapter discussing the advantages of betting on individual sets or trying to predict the correct score. This is the most straightforward way of bumping the odds when you plan on backing the favorites, but it is also an effective solution for minimizing the risks when wagering on the underdog. Bookmakers have the tendency of underpricing favorites and the odds keep sinking after their initial publishing, so tennis set betting is also a good choice for hedging systems.

One of the popular tennis betting tricks when wagering on seemingly unbalanced matches is to place a low amount on the underdog before the game starts. Punters then wait until the game begins and if the better player fails to take an early lead, they back him to win by 2-0 and benefit from better odds. The beauty about this tennis betting strategy that you don’t need any previous experience and pretty much any game will do, so there is no need to undertake research.

Tennis set betting is also favored by those punters who want to lock in on profits quickly and have no intention to wait for the entire match to unfold. The idea is to bet on the winner of the first set and this is where research goes a long way. Some tennis players are known for coming out firing on all cylinders, while others start the match slowly and gradually shift into a superior gear. Generally the odds offered by bookmakers on the winner of the first set are quite similar to the ones given for outright winners.

This is particularly true on games involving players of similar value, but when you bet on a clear favorite the value is usually twice as high. The exception to the rule is provided by tennis players with a formidable first serve, which have the ability to push the game into a tiebreak even against better opponents. Even though they usually succumb to pressure and the inability to put in the first serve when it is needed more costs them the game, this is not the kind of risk that savvy punters are willing to take.

Is it worth betting on points?

Unlike football and other sports where teams can afford to defend narrow margin leads and win the match with no major events happening, in tennis, action is fast paced and never stops. Those who also watch the games live sometimes use a tennis betting strategy that allows them to stay wired for its entire duration.

Betting on points is not exactly a safe tennis betting system and luck plays a significant role, as even the best tennis players can commit mistakes. Bookmakers don’t allow players to bet on the next point, but instead compel them to wager on every two points. The reasoning behind the strategy is self-evident, as sometimes there are delays in the broadcasting of the tennis match.

The gambling operators can’t afford to have punters watching the games on the tennis court and placing bets on odds that are not refreshed fast enough. Betting on the winner of the next point might look like complete lottery, but there are ways to maximize your chances to prevail. To start with, it is always safer to bet on the players serving, and this is a reality reflected by the odds that are tilted towards the server.

There are a few exceptions and they revolve around women’s matches, where the first serve of players such as Sara Errani and now retired Elena Dementieva were not feared. These tennis players and some of their peers will frequently feature in articles giving tennis betting advice on points betting. Sadly they are well known by the bookmakers as well, so the odds are not that great if you bet on the opposing player.

Punters who undertake sufficient research and have a thorough understanding of tennis will be able to identify those players who can brag about a powerful return of service. Furthermore, there are special stats that can prove useful to punters, by revealing the percentages of different players against right-handed and left-handed players serving. The more you know, the better the chances to make an educated decision, but keep in mind that despite your best efforts, point betting is a highly risky strategy.

Tennis handicap betting

Most of those who bet on American sports are actually wagering on spreads rather than indicating the outright winner. Tennis bears many similarities to these sports and the fact that the games can’t end undecided makes it profitable and less risky to wager on handicaps. A tennis betting guide would be incomplete without explaining how to choose the spreads and what odds are actually worth pursuing.

The first and most important decision of a coherent tennis betting strategy is in regard to finding the value in the odds offered. One of the criteria for differentiating between good and great bookmakers is the line value on events that have a 50% chance to occur. These can be as low as 1.80 or as high as 1.97 and in the long run betting on the former is a surefire way of going broke because the house edge is 20%.

Not all bookmakers offer variable odds and sliders that players can use when resorting to tennis handicap betting and restrict the options to just two possibilities. This is the value of reference and the number of games or sets given as handicap differs depending on how high the difference is between the competing players. Set betting and handicap betting are frequently overlapping markets, with the line being set at 1.5 sets except for those matches played at Grand Slam tournaments and only in the men’s competition.

The most useful tennis betting advice for those who want to tackle this tough market of handicap betting is to have your strategy revolving around the number of breaks. The most popular lines for handicaps are -4.5 and -5.5 games which imply that the winning player breaks the opponent’s serve once per game. The most common scores recorded are 6-4 6-4 and 6-4 6-3, depending on who serves the first in the match.

Beginners and amateur players should expect the lines to revolve around the value and use the sliders to increase or decrease the spreads. Once again additional research can make the difference and knowing about the strength of the first serve as well as the ability to return comes in handy. Those who are truly passionate about tennis and watch the games live will pick up on more subtle payouts, such as players choosing not to serve the first in the match when they win the draw. In these cases, players can extract better value from the odds by betting on the +4.5 handicap line while still requiring just 2 breaks of serve.

The adrenaline rush of live wagering

It’s always better to watch the games as they unfold and place a bet accordingly than to rely on the stats provided by the bookmakers. A tennis live betting strategy needs to incorporate elements that have to do with the form of players, head to head results and performance on different tennis courts. The live wagering component is reduced to watching how players behave during the game and whether they play at full potential or struggle.

Those who wager live usually use a tennis betting system that bears some similarities to the strategies embraced by roulette players. If you bet point by point, you need to stay hooked to the action and don’t miss out on any stage of your progression. A tennis betting advice that encourages a martingale of sorts is not truly worth following because the games can stay and erratic longer than punters can stay solvent.

If you wonder how to bet on tennis in real-time, have your strategy revolving around breaks and the ability of individual players to stage an incredible comeback. The idea is to bet on the favorite after the underdog gets an early lead in the first set, assuming the odds move strongly in his direction. Bookies are well aware of the fact that players are tempted to stick to the better player despite a slow start and they will inevitably try to offer subpar value.

That’s why it is important to have the tennis betting odds explained by an expert to have a better understanding on whether bookmakers are fair on a case-by-case basis. Another smart way of maximizing profits in the long run is to bet on the player who lost the first set in a tiebreak. This tennis live betting strategy requires a sizable budget and flawless bankroll management because most of the wagers will end out of money.

This is one of the tennis betting tricks that you will probably find in very few tennis betting guides, since players are not keen on losing constantly. Expect to lose up to 70% of your bets but this is not necessarily a problem since bookmakers frequently offer odds that exceed 5.00 and sometimes can go as high up as 9.00. Any professional punter knows that what truly matters is to be successful in the long run rather than to win the next bet and won’t mind sacrificing immediate profits for overall success.

Best tennis betting sites

Pinnacle Sports will frequently feature at the top of the list when it comes to tennis betting, simply because it has the best odds out there. Once you get the tennis betting odds explained, you will realize how important it is to bet on average odds of 1.95. There are no tennis promotions now, but this doesn’t matter all that much since on long-term the absence of bonuses is compensated by great odds.

Betfair is not actually a bookmaker but a betting exchange and the reason for why it is one of the best gambling operators also has to do with the odds. This is the perfect place for using hedging strategies as players can place above even value bets on narrow underdogs and soon after the game starts they are presented with similar odds for the favorite. One would need to have an impressive bankroll to make the most of this tennis system, but the advantages are self-evident.

Unibet is also an excellent bookmaker for those who want to try various tennis betting tricks, as they have a formidable array of markets. Betting on the outright winner and resorting to handicap bets is preferred by regular players, but savvy tennis punters can maximize their profits by betting on such special events. They also have the ability of distinguishing between odds that there are genuine value and outright traps.

Ladbrokes is somewhere in between when it comes to the odds and 1.90 is the average value that players will enjoy when betting on games that have 50% chance to produce a winner. Their selection of live betting is pretty good although no match for the big players of this industry, so the overall package will appeal to both savvy players and beginners. Speaking of which, the latter have the advantage of exploring a comprehensive educational section, where they can learn how to bet on tennis.

Titanbet is one of the best tennis betting sites simply because these guys offer some of the most generous and frequent promotions out there. Players are encouraged to add at least two tennis matches on the same betting slip and in return they will have their profits boosted by 10%.

BetVictor is also at the forefront of generous promotions and this bookmaker turned online casino allows customers to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Betvictor promotions offer mixed rewards, on one hand boosting the profits and reimburse losses up to €20. At the same time, those who participate in campaigns dedicated to upcoming Grand Slam tournaments will also collect free spins on selected slot machines.

Party Gaming has the advantage of being a highly respectable bookmaker and one that covers virtually all the tennis leagues. It proudly occupies a position in this Top 10 due to the fact that its clients can bet not only on flagship competitions, but also on Challengers and even the most obscure ITF tournaments.

Paddy Power covers all sports but shines brightly when Grand Slam tournament are about to start and this is mostly due to the fact that Andy Murray is a perennial favorite. Punters need to accept the fact that the best rewards are offered on those games that involve Andy in one way or the other. It is also a great place to place ante-post wagers on the outright winner or to indicate the name of the players who make the final

The Coral gambling operator is also geared towards English players but the argument in favor of opening a real money account with these guys is that they publish the odds before anyone else. This is particularly important for those who use hedging as they have plenty of time to see how the odds shift and place the opposing bets.


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