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Courtsiding – Is it legal in 2024?

Courtsiding is a controversial practice in the internet betting scene. The legality of it varies worldwide, and it can be tricky to pull off. Bookmakers will have their view on whether to permit or punish courtsiding, but they are unlikely to look at it in a positive light.

The big question is, what is courtsiding? If you do not know and are asking, “how does courtsiding work?” you have come to the right place. Allow us to take you on a journey and reveal all. If you want courtsiding explained to you, read on to find out more.

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What is courtsiding?

What does the courtsiding term mean? Ultimately, it means relaying information from a sporting event to a bettor before a bookie is aware of events by taking advantage of delays and latency in the video or data transmissions. Sounds complicated? It really is not.

For instance, let us pretend that you have a friend at Wimbledon. Now, the significant matches will be well covered on television, so the bookmakers will be on the ball when it comes to events occurring, and they can change their odds quickly to reflect that. However, if your friend is courtside at a tennis match that is not on television (a lower-ranked game), they could relay information about that match to you via telephone. If they are fast enough, this will allow you to engage in Wimbledon live betting with information that European betting sites and other matchbooks do not yet have. You could use this system to exploit longer odds, and gamblers can trouser big winnings in this manner.

People who are interested in attempting to get one over on the bookies in this way may form groups known as courtsiding syndicates. The more people involved in a syndicate elevates the risk that they will get caught, but then again, there are no laws against that in some countries. This is not the same everywhere, though.

When courtsiding made the news

The most high-profile casino of courtsiding came in 2020. An unranked Spanish player, Joseph Platero Rodriguez, was given a four-year ban (six months suspended) from playing and a $15,000 fine. His crime – according to the TACP (Tennis Anti-Corruption Program) was courtsiding.

Rodriguez was found to have placed 75 bets online during the summer of 2019. Of course, he did not slap bets on his own tennis match but was on-hand to see fellow unranked players compete. He was in an ideal position to engage in tennis betting strategies from there. Thus far, Rodriguez is the first (and only) tennis player to be found guilty of courtsiding.

Is courtsiding legal or illegal?

While the practice of courtsiding can see professional (and amateur) sports stars face punishment for breaking the rules surrounding tennis integrity, where does that leave gamblers who engage in tennis courtside betting? Is it legal or illegal?

Australia, for instance, has some tough rules regarding courtsiding when betting. Indeed, there are potential prison penalties in store for some bettors. Then again, Australia has no gambling laws, and these penalties have never been actively applied.

In most other parts of the world, courtsiding, while dubious and frowned upon, is legal. While some Asian bookies permit it, and a handful of safe betting sites, such as Cambodia betting sites and bookmakers, might not catch you, any mainstream and major bookmaker who spots betting patterns that indicate that you are courtsiding may choose to ban you.

Using courtsiding at online bookmakers

There are all sorts of tutorials and strategies for all types of gambling you can use when betting at a bookie. However, courtsiding is not going to be easy for you. If you want to place Australian Open bets, you will likely need somebody or contact at untelevised matches to relay information speedily to take advantage of Australian Open odds.

As the bookies often show major events, you would not have much luck betting on the Australian Open when live betting, for instance. Ultimately, your best chance of courtsiding at online bookmakers is to use courtsiding software – this will cost you money, though.

In which sports is courtsiding practised?

Courtsiding is primarily used to get an edge in tennis. However, there are other sports out there where you can use courtsiding. While courtsiding in football seldom occurs, you can certainly get a leg up via horse racing bets. Having somebody trackside to keep an eye on potential non-runners and injuries may help you with courtsiding when horse racing.

Of course, you will need to know how to bet on horses in the first place, and betting on tennis via courtsiding is still arguably easier than with other sports.

The pros and cons of courtsiding

There are pros and cons associated with all sports bets. Here are the important ones for courtsiding.


  • Ideal for low-ranking tennis matches
  • It can be used to make decent money from long odds
  • Courtsiding be applied to other sports


  • You “could” be banned from sportsbooks if caught
  • It relies heavily on speed information being relayed

FAQs: Your questions on courtsiding answered

If you still have questions surrounding courtsiding, we will do our best to answer them here.

How do bookies make money? ? Essentially, they can use courtsiding. It seems logical that you should be able to do the same. Each bookie has its own policy on this, but some will ban you if they suspect you are engaging in courtsiding.

You will need somebody on the inside or software. Apart from that, you can place your bet as normal (but speedily). Note thatarbitrage-friendly bookmakers are ideal for this type of bet, as they are less likely to frown upon it.

Courtsiding is considered a legitimate tennis betting strategy by punters, not necessarily sportsbooks. While it is always possible to participate in tennis betting and cheat to win decent payouts, you can be punished if caught.

Yes, but with live in-play betting, live streaming, and live stats centers, it is a lot tougher to get away with unless you opt to wager on obscure, unranked, and untelevised matches.

Place sports bets at top bookies today

Now that you know a bit about courtsiding, it may be time to start wagering? Read our guides on how to register with a great bookie to get started and try to choose bookies that do not limit your activities. While engaging in matched betting, you can also take advantage of much top tennis betting offers you can also find at our site.