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Live Tennis Betting – Tips, Odds & Predictions

Live tennis betting doesn’t seem to be as popular as other sports. It’s not because the game of tennis is not a popular sport, but a lot of people are not acquainted with a tennis betting system.

Live betting in sports such as soccer, NFL football, basketball, etc. have taken the lead in sports betting. It is based on this narrative that this article was put together to help players interested in betting on live tennis matches.

You will learn about the best live betting tennis strategy, live tennis betting rules, the best live tennis betting sportsbook, tennis live betting tips etc. Let’s take a look at tennis live betting rules.

Live Betting Tennis Rules

The rules of live betting are very easy.

The main rule is to ensure that you place your bets before the match starts. While the match is on, the odds often changes.

Assuming you are interested in placing a bet, it must be done before the match starts or else you won’t be allowed to bet while the game is playing. Although this is the case in most of the betting sites, some allow you to stake your bet while the match is going on.

Other rules include:

  1. Find the bet value
  2. Budget some amount of money to play bet
  3. Don’t chase your losses

Another important rule is to go through the bookmaker’s terms and conditions.

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Types of tennis Live Bets

They are so many types of tennis live bets. Various live tennis betting sites offer their own set of in-play bets and odds for this sport. Some of them also allow Asian handicap in play betting on tennis matches. To compare the odds they offer, you have to register. However, below are basic types of live bets;

1. Match Winner

This is the simplest betting option of live tennis betting. It is also the best way to bet on tennis for beginners. This simply means placing a bet on the winner of the match before it starts. During live betting on a tennis game, once one of the players takes a lead, their odds immediately drop.

For instance, if A and B are playing a tennis game, and your favourite player is losing the first set, their odd will automatically increase while the odd of the player that won the first set will reduce. You can take a risk that your favourite player will come back and win the game after losing the first. This way your winnings will be higher.

Nevertheless, it is not advisable to take such risk if the player has lost two sets already. Also, wagering on a player that is 2-0 ahead is not advisable because the odd will be very low.

2. Exact game score

Here you are placing a bet on the exact score after the outcome of the match. If you want to win this bet, you must predict who the winner of the match will be and the exact score. The best strategy is to wait until late in the first set or at the middle of the second set. This will let you know the player that is struggling.

3. Next game to Deuce

This type of bet means betting that the next game will deuce at any point. The best time to stake “yes” is when the serving player may find it difficult to win the other player. Look for matches that may have one weak server.

4. Race to 2, 3, 4 or 5 games

You are predicting the player that will grab 2, 3, 4, or 5 game wins in a set first. The best strategy here is to watch what the outcome of the first set will be. However, as a beginner is better to keep track of the serving order.

Most experts have suggested that you place a bet when the underdog is serving first. There is always the possibility that the favourite player will have greater odds when he is serving second.

5. Exact set score

This type of betting is very common in tennis. It simply implies predicting the exact set score. Some bookmakers offer this betting option while the game is live while others stop before the game begins.

Usually, the odds are very attractive. You must think through the likely scores before you place a bet.

6. Point betting

A point betting is simply placing a bet on the points that a player will get at the end of the match or while serving. The points for consistent winners or the favourite player is usually small.
Try as much as you can to gathers stats about how a player serves before you stake a bet.

7. Game betting

This type of live betting tennis option is like points betting. You must ascertain the possibility of a player to win his matches. The only way to know that a player is likely to win a match is to carry out stats research. If your favourite player wins the match, you win the bet.

8. Games in the current set

Here your job is to predict the over or under on a particular number of the total games played in a set. Most bookmakers offer this option in a variety of games total.

For instance:
7.5 games: over – 1.54 under – 2.37
8.5 games: over – 2.50 under – 1.56
9.5 games: over – 7.00 under – 1.30

These are live bets that will be played during a match. These bets are good odds when you have done a proper stats research.

9. Over/under on Aces

You can also place a bet on the over/under on the aces per set. All you have to do is select over or under a particular odd. If you feel that the odds predicted is too high, you can stake a bet on the under odds that look feasible.

Live Tennis Betting Strategies Summary

It is not easy going through stats to see the player’s performance. Also, sometimes they are matches that are very easy to predict the outcome. For instance, Novak Djokovic against Milos Raonic. Djokovic is 80 percent likely to win the match. What if Djokovic doesn’t care much about the match to put in his best? Or the match is not a deciding factor in his race to win the tournament?

The interesting thing is that live bet helps you to avoid some of these potential uncertainties.

Below are the three main tennis live betting strategies;

1. Ponder about the Evidence

The benefit of live betting on tennis is the fact that you can get some evidence. You don’t need to anticipate how fit a player is or his zeal to win the match. From our previous illustration, by the time Djokovic serves once or twice, you can anticipate his fitness or if he will lose or win the match.

2. Have multiple accounts

It is advisable to have multiple accounts with different bookmakers. It will give you the privilege to view what all tennis betting sites are offering. So all you have to do is go with a bookmaker that offers the highest odds for that match.

3. Specialize

This tennis live betting strategy is what makes the difference between professional gamblers and beginners. Professional gamblers specialize in a particular type of sport or game to get results all the time. If you love playing live bets on tennis, you can specialize in the women’s or men’s game. They are several tennis matches played by men and the women’s category every week.

Tennis live betting tips

They are various tennis live betting tricks and tips, but we shall focus on those that have been tested and worked overtime.

1. Research the stats

If you stake a bet because of the live tennis betting odds or based on your instincts, you may keep losing your bets. To keep winning, research the player’s stats. This will guide you on how to bet. This also forms the best tennis live betting guide.

2. Watch the Match on TV

Try as much as you can to watch your favourite player on TV. It will give you a guide on how to win tennis live betting? Gradually, you will understand each player’s strength and weakness. Do you know that players and coaches watch their opponent’s games on TV? This is a common live betting strategy.

3. Don’t Chase Your Losses

Chasing losses is one mistake that most beginners make. When you start losing your bets, take a break and re-strategize. Chasing your loses may result in frustration if you don’t win.

4. Use Twitter & Social Media

Check out your favourite player’s post on social media. This may let you know how prepared they are for the match. Most tennis players communicate with their fans through social media. Assuming they sustain an injury during training or from their previous match, most players will disclose it via social media.

Is Mobile Live Tennis Betting available?

A few years ago, they were very few online betting sites offering live tennis betting. Recently, the number of websites that allow live tennis betting has increased. You can also play from your mobile device. Most live tennis betting sites are compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, and iOs devices.

Some of the sites offer amazing live tennis betting odds for mobile users.

Live tennis betting: Moneyline and Props bets

The major types of live tennis betting are moneyline bets and props bet. Some of the popular moneyline betting options include

  • Which player will win the match?
  • Which player will win the set?
  • Which player will deuce?

Meanwhile, some standard props betting options include:

  • Will there be a break tie?
  • What will be the total points in a match
  • What will be the set score?

Other tennis betting sites will offer more options. Join tennis betting sites that offer more options. More betting options mean more opportunities to win.

Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting on tennis matches

Arbitrage and matched betting helps you make more money without becoming a tennis betting expert. These types of betting are risk- free tennis live betting systems. This more or less pits bookmakers against each other.

Arbitrage Betting

This is a tennis betting strategy that aims at betting on all the possible outcomes of the match to ensure that you make some profit. For instance, if Djokovic odd to win Raonic is 1.42 on bookie one and you stake $100, your potential winner will be $142. While on bookie two, Raonic odd to win Djokovic is 3.93, you can stake $36 on Raonic to win the match. Your potential returns will be $141. This way you will win something either way.

Matched Betting

This has to do with activating match bonuses and spending cash on betting. For instance, if a bookie offers to bet $10 and get $20. If you spend the $10 and get $20, you can withdraw the money and deposit it in another site to also win a bonus.

Arbitrage Betting and Matched Betting on tennis match legal?

Yes, they are. You can register with as many live tennis betting sites as you want. However, bookmakers don’t fancy this strategy or similar strategies, like dutching. If they notice that you are doing such, they may close your account.

Frequently asked questions on live tennis betting:

Yes, it is. There is no difference in betting on live soccer or basketball and live betting on tennis. Open an account with a site that allows live tennis betting and start playing.

The usual practice of most live betting sites is to reduce the odds of the player who is the favorite or likely to win the match and increase the odds of the underdog. For instance, if A wins the first set, his odds to win the entire match will drastically reduce while that of B (the underdog) will increase. Sometimes the underdog comes up strong to win the match.

Yes, you can. However, this will depend on the online site you registered with. Some don’t offer all the live betting on all the tennis matches.

Yes, it is. But this would depend on the tennis live betting strategies you apply and a bit of luck.

The best live betting tennis strategy

Take this or leave it, the best live betting tennis strategy is Arbitrage Betting. It helps you make some profit either way betting on a tennis game.


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