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Tennis arbitrage betting | Find out our tips [2024]

Tennis arbitrage betting lets you take advantage of all the offered bets for all outcomes of a given market, leading to profits regardless of the outcome. Since Tennis is played all year round, it is one of the most lucrative sports that give you better winnings. 

The most amazing thing about arbitrage betting in Tennis is that draws are not possible, meaning that most arbitrage bets are two-way bets. This might just be the right bet for beginners. That is why even new bookmakers might allow it. 

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What is tennis arbitrage betting?

Arbitrage tennis betting is a betting activity that lets bettors place bets simultaneously on all possible outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome of an event.  While this might be advantageous to the punter, only a handful of arbitrage-friendly bookmakers. Typically, most bookmakers scowl at tennis arbitrage betting, which means losses for them.

Nonetheless, learning how to use arbitrage betting in Tennis or other sports betting is an important concept. You can use it in betting exchanges where sports betting sites like Wazobet do not win from your losses, but through commissions on placed bets. That implies that it is more of a mathematical process that ensures a profit.

It is worth noting that arbitrage betting is possible in cases of discrepancies between odds or when bookmakers disagree on tennis odds when pricing a market, allowing a profit to be made and covering all outcomes. Ideally, it is a binary bet (bet with just two outcomes). A typical example is Tennis, where only two results are possible.

Terms and conditions about tennis arbitrage betting

While arbitrage tennis betting guarantees profits, betting rules vary significantly across the different bookmakers. The rules difference can catch the unsuspecting arbers by surprise; thus, exposing them to losses.  It is not surprising that many arbers have very little or no interest in the sports they are betting on. What they do is just calculate arbitrage using the sports betting arbitrage calculator or a betting hedge calculator

For arbitrage strategy to work, however, two things must happen:

You must wager on each outcome at different bookies.
Bookies must differ enough odds for different outcomes.

Is arbitrage betting legal?

Arbitrage betting is not illegal, but many bookmakers do not take it kindly. If a bookie notices regular cases of arbitrage betting in Tennis, they can suspend your betting account or limit your betting advice and activities. Keep in mind that bookies monitor bettors’ activities. So, if you often win through fixed odds bets or sports exchange betting, you are on a bookie’s radar, which might get you banned

How does tennis arbitrage betting work?

By now, you know that arbing means backing and laying the same outcome on a sports event, letting you exploit the available mathematical differences in available odds. That margin is what is called arbitrage.

Further Information

Is Arbitrage Betting Profitable?

Whether you back or lay, you are guaranteed profit when done correctly. However, making a profit without being caught and consequently banned means understanding the nitty-gritty of the sport, including the tennis crypto betting strategy. But it is not that hard. 

Does Arbitrage Betting Work? 

Arbing works very well. Ideally, when arbing, your back wager must be at higher odds than the lay bet. This is not hard to achieve; you only need to find the right opportunities. Place the bet you are backing a sporting outcome on a regular fixed odds bookmaker. On the other hand, placing a lay wager is only possible on sports betting exchange.

Arbitrage betting example

Here are some practical arbitrage betting examples to help you understand how arbitrage betting works. In Tennis, Alexander Zverev has the odds 9/4 (3.25 ) favorite with the bookmakers to win. So, if you wager £4, you win £9 in profit. You can lay the same Alexander Zverev on exchanges at 15/8 (2.88), implying a £15 profit for every £8 wagered. When arbing, you’ll have to pay a commission on the lay wager, typically, 2%. So, add this value to your calculations. The arb betting calculator lets you get the value easily. 

So, if you back Alexander Zverev with a stake of £100 through a fixed-odds bookmaker, you will need to lay £113.64, and your exchange betting balance needs to be £213.64 to cover to pay out to whoever matches you in the event he wins the race. You can easily figure out the amount you need to bet to guarantee a profit with an arb calculator. In the above example, if the back bet wins, you get £225 as profit less than the £213.64 of losses from the exchanges. If the lay wager wins, your winning is £227.28. but you’ll need to pay a 2% commission alongside the losing fixed-odds bookmaker from the £227.28 winnings. The standard point is you make a profit of £11.36 whether Alexander Zverev wins the race or not.

How to place a tennis arbitrage bet?

Bookies are usually less confident in predicting the first set, point, and game-winners. Therefore, these markets tend to have higher profit margins built into odds. Thus, making it harder to find arbitrage opportunities. The most prevalent market for tennis arbitrage betting is the outright match-winner. Here is an arbitrage betting example:

Australian Open Match: Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal

  • Bookie A – Roger Federer – 2.05 to win in that match
  • Bookie B – Roger Federer  is the favorite and offers 2.05 for Nadal to win

With arbitrage gambling, you can earn a profit regardless of who wins.

Ex: Suppose you invest  £100 on Federer to win with Bookie A and  £100 on Nadal to win with Bookie B; if Federer wins, you win  £5 irrespective of the winner.

This is a typical example of balanced odds for arbitrage betting in Tennis. It is easy to calculate the amount you can bet on each player to guarantee a profit here. Nevertheless, real-life situations might not be that pretty straightforward. 

But how do you place these bets?

Step 1
Find arbitrage friendly bookmakers, ad sign-up.
Step 2
Top your betting account with enough money.
Step 3:
Select the tennis event you want to wager on and select players.
Step 4:
Find sure bets and identify the best prices for each outcome in your favorite sporting event.
Step 5:
Place your wagers.

What tennis bets are covered by the arbitrage category?

Tennis has a surprising number of markets where you place your bets. they include:


Head to head (To Win Match)

In this type of betting, you will pick the outright winner of a match. Typically, your favorite player is going up against another player. However, whoever finished up with the most points wins, and you bet on the team that finishes with the most points. 

Set betting (correct set score)

In this type of betting, a bettor selects the correct score of a particular set. You can choose to place your bet on the first, second, third, etc., sets. The greatest advantage of this betting is you don’t need to wait for the entire match to complete to know whether or not you have won. 

First set winner

The 1st set winner is perhaps the commonest type of bet. It is worth noting that this bet type doesn’t pay any attention to the match’s final score since the entire focus is shifted to sets. Usually, the first set of a match is considered a separate event. 

Tennis Handicap Betting

Here, a bookie gives one player an advantage and a competitor a handicap/disadvantage. The aim is to balance their chances of winning in the betting process.

How tennis betting arbitrage calculator works

The arbitrage software might vary depending on the creator. However, their role might be pretty much the same – any arbitrage betting software calculates the profit you can get from arbitrage tennis betting. 

Nevertheless, the right tennis arbitrage calculator lets you enter the odds of two or more bets to determine the amount you need to stake each guaranteed profit. Also, with the arbitrage betting formula, you get to know different arbitrage strategies in case an arbitrage opportunity exists. An arbitrage calculator lets you calculate arbitrage profit for up to 10 possible selections.

Tennis arbitrage betting software and systems

Tennis arbitrage betting software and systems help you find sure bets much easier. The software analyzes a combination of factors, including provided odds for multiple sports, tournaments, and leagues. When an opportunity is discovered, you get an alert with information on relevant matches, bookmakers, and betting markets. You can find these tools as premium or free tools. 

It is advisable to use payments methods available in your region. Also, check the currencies of bookmakers and select bookmakers by payment method if it fits you. Nonetheless, most bookies allow punters to use:


EWallets have become a staple to most bookies. Almost all bookies accept PayPal as a deposit and withdrawal method. It is secure, instant, and comes with low transaction fees. Other prominent eWallets are Skrill, Neteller, and Trustly.

Bank cards

Bank cards are another staple option. The cards can be grouped into:

  • Prepaid cards. These are cards preloaded with cash. You buy an already pre-charged card and use it to place bets, e.g., PaySafe card
  • Debit and credit cards. Different companies offer these cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and America Express. If you own a bank account, you probably have these cards. Use them to fund your betting account – they are secure, and deposits are instant.

Direct bank transfer

This method lets you send funds directly to your sports betting account from your bank account. Similarly, you can transfer money from your sports betting account to your bank account. 

Tips and tricks about tennis betting arbitrage

Two things stand out in tennis betting: betting for fun vs. betting for profit. If you are betting for money, you must understand betting terms and distinguish legit betting from betting scams. Trust us; there are many on how to win at sports betting.  Here are the top tips on arbitrage betting on Tennis.


  • Have many bookie accounts as it increases your chances of getting opportunities
  • Watch out for changes in odds. Updating odds are common on bookies; so, ensure that you do not use updated odds.
  • Try live tennis betting as it lets you place wagers. With the correct live betting strategies, tips, and systems, you can win big.
  • Use an arbitrage software – either free or premium one
  • Always ensure that you have rigid odds- you’ll need to master the different odds types
  • Use top tennis betting offers and promotions, including live betting bonuses.
  • Use bookmakers with statistics – they offer insights to the payers helping you make informed choices.

Other than that, you need a complete tennis betting strategy system and guide to help you comprehend tennis betting. Plus, understand tennis betting rules first.

Pros and cons about tennis arbitrage betting


  • Guaranteed profits
  • Plenty of opportunities for arb
  • Friendly for beginners


  • Slim profit margins
  • You can only win when correctly done
  • Requires much effort to find the best arbitrage opportunities

FAQ about Tennis Arbitrage Betting:

Yes. It is possible so long as you are on a mobile-ready, well-regulated betting site.

Yes. This option is available if you are betting for profit. Typically, you can get live arbitrage bets by using premium software to determine the live markets. Free arbitrage software may only give you free arb bets, which do not offer live betting.

No. Not all bookies allow arbitrage betting. In fact, if you win a lot on matched betting, some bookies may suspend your account or ban you altogether.

The best sports for arbitrage betting are sports with many betting opportunities with minimal risk of getting your accounts suspended or limited too early. Such sports are football, Tennis, hockey, and basketball.

The three commonest types of bets in tennis arbitrage betting are fractional, decimal, and Moneyline odds.

It is safe to do it safely and with moderation and on a legit betting site. As much as it is not illegal, bookies might limit your account if they determine regular arbitrage betting cases.

Tennis Betting Retirement Rules: Winning Big On Your Tennis Bets

The best way to bet on Tennis is to understand the tennis rules, and only trusted sports betting guide can offer you the right insights. Any tennis betting guide talks of tennis betting retirement rules – this occurs when a player leaves the match prematurely, mainly due to injury. If you are not careful, you might lose your bets if one player leaves the court, the other wins.

But it is not always the case as rules differ across the bookies. Before betting, check with your bookie to know its stand on retirement.