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Tennis Underdog Betting: Wagering Tips From The Experts

Tennis underdog betting can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with tennis betting. Remember, it is paramount for betters to identify tennis players that can perform at a much higher level, especially if you are looking to back the underdog. 

This article defines and explains how tennis underdog betting works. Additionally, it gives you tips on how to bet on Tennis and win and the types of bets you can place while betting on tennis underdog. 

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What is Tennis Underdog Betting?

An underdog is a tennis player expected to lose a given tennis match according to the odds. A tennis match is usually between two players, and in every match, there so a perceived underdog and favorite. An underdog has a plus sign in front of the odds in almost all instances, e.g., +150.

As opposed to the underdog, the favorite is a player who the odds favor to win the match, and usually, their odds have a minus sign before the odds, e.g., -150. Your ROI will be lower than the underdogs when you choose the favorite.

An underdog is a tennis player expected to lose a given tennis match according to the odds. A tennis match is usually between two players, and in every match, there so a perceived underdog and favorite. An underdog has a plus sign in front of the odds in almost all instances, e.g., +150. On the other side the negative odds, e.g., -210, are reserverd for the favorite.

As opposed to the underdog, the favorite is a player who the odds favor to win the match, and usually, their odds have a minus sign before the odds, e.g: -150. Your ROI will be lower than the underdogs when you choose the favorite.

Terms and Conditions about Tennis Underdog Betting

There are no special terms and conditions associated with tennis underdog betting. Pretty much, you will be placing your wager on a player you feel will lose the match. The key thing here is identifying who the underdog player is in a given match. 

Good thing; bettors who think they have uncovered an underdog have numerous betting options to back underdog supremacy. The terms and conditions are similar to other types of bets. Of course, each bookie and jurisdiction has specific conditions to be met. So check them out before beginning to bet.

How does Tennis Underdog Betting work?

As stated earlier, you will know an underdog when you see a positive (+) listed in front of the number in American odds. When betting on a tennis underdog, it means you win that wager when the unfavoured tennis player wins that particular match. A bet on the underdog has higher odds than on the top favorite. When an underdog wins a match, it is usually termed as an upset. One of the biggest sporting upsets in tennis was when Emma Raducanu won the U.S. Open in 2021. 

Betting On Underdog In Tennis Examples

In the 2014 Australian Open, Rafael Nadal was the top dog in Melbourne and as world number one. His return from injury made him easily dismiss Roger Federer in the semi-finals. In the 2014 Australian Open finals, Nadal was the favorite at 1.18 odds to defeat Stan Wawrinka. At the odds of 1.18, you placed a £100 bet on Nadal to win; you would win back a total of £118.0 – plus the original £10 stake. The probability indicates an 84.75% chance of a Nadal victory.

On the other hand, Stan Wawrinka has massive odds of 5.60 – an underdog of the match going into the finals against Nadal. The odds were based on his record – 12 straight defeats against Nadal in all their meetings where Wawrinka had failed even to win a set.  

A £100 bet on a Wawrinka win at odds of 5.60 would return a total of £560, including the original 10-pound stake.  However, the odd indicated that there was only a 17.86% chance that Wawrinka would win the finals. Against all odds, Stan won 2014 Australian Open defeating Nadal in four sets. 

How To Place A Tennis Underdog Bet

Betting on Tennis online is pretty easy. Here is the procedure:

  • Pick a Betting Site. While there are many tennis crypto betting sites, settle on secure, safe, and trustworthy betting sites. Above all, your choice site must have the best tennis odds in town. 
  • Sign Up.  Simply create an account, a process that needs your name, email, birth date, and deposit info. Ensure you confirm your account. 
  • Fund your account. Fund your betting account with enough money depending on the available deposit method. While most sites accept money, a few accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. 
  • Place Bet. Once you have enough money, you can begin placing real money wagers. So, choose the tennis tournament/match, tennis player, or bet type, and enter the amount you wish to bet/wager. Confirm your bet and then submit it.

Tennis Bets Covered By The Underdog Category

Here are the common bets you will encounter under the underdog betting category:

Moneyline bets

Money line betting is the most straightforward wager; thus, a top tennis underdog betting strategy. Typically, a Moneyline bet means you place a wager on a tennis player you feel will win the match. In this case, you select the underdog as the one you think will win. You are only paid when the underdog wins; otherwise, you lose. 

Spread bets

A game spread tennis betting means how you will win by some games. For instance, a +4.5 game spread (underdog) means that you are betting on a player to cover +4.5. If, for instance, the player loses 6-4, 6-4, you still win since the payer lost by less than 4.5 total games. 

So, typically, a bookie creates a hypothetical number of games the favored team must beat their opponent. Ideally, you bet on how an individual will perform. 

Tennis Handicap Betting- In tennis handicap betting (spread betting), one player has a distinct advantage while the opponent has a disadvantage/handicap to balance the two players. The favorite wins on most occasions; to mitigate the situation, bettors bet on performance and not the game’s final results. 

Over under

Over under tennis betting means wagering on the total sets in a given match. Bookies usually create a predetermined number of sets that they think the match will last. You can bet on whether there will be more or less a number of sets than the pre-set number of sets. While it may easy, tennis betting tips over under betting might be helpful.

Underdog VS Favourite in Tennis Betting

An underdog is a player who the bookmakers believe will lose the match. The underdog odds have a plus sign and are usually higher than the favorite’s odds. However, the probability of winning is low – that’s the simplest underdog definition. 

By contrast, the favorite is the player who has the upper hand in a tennis match. Though the player’s odds are small(with a minus sign), the player has a huge probability of winning the match.

Tennis Underdog Betting Explained

Very few people would want to stake their money on the underdogs for the obvious reason that they would lose, even with the best tennis underdog betting system. However, the rule of the thumb is to avoid betting on the underdogs in grand slams.

This will save you money in the long run. Nonetheless, you can bet on the underdog if you are sure that there is an underlying value in a specific underdog bet. Usually, the difference between the favorite’s ROI and underdog’s ROI in grand slams against other tournaments is extremely significant. 

How Often Do Underdogs Win?

Normally, the chances of an underdog winning are usually very slim. One study carried out on a data set of  23,190 tennis bets in all ATP tournaments reported that the favorites ROI WA -1.6%, while the ROI for underdogs was -6.3%. This clearly indicates that betting on underdogs comes with massive losses compared to betting on the favorites.

How Underdog is ranked in Tennis Betting

The ranking of the underdogs in Tennis considers many factors. However, the key consideration is the performance of a player in question against their opponents. However, the outcomes of the games in which a player is ranked the underdog come with some discrepancies.

When an underdog is established, they are usually given odds higher than their competitor. That is to say, the player is weaker than the opponent and that their chances of winning that match are slim. 

Tennis Odds Explained

Tennis betting odds determine how much you will win from a wager you have placed, provided the wager is successful. There are three ways to present  tennis betting odd:

  • Fractional odds – Popular in the UK and Ireland
  • Decimal odds – Popular in Europe 
  • Moneyline odds – Popular in North America.  

Ideally, betting odds represent the likelihood/chance of a particular event occurring, also called implied probability. If a tennis player is listed at 1.75 to win a match, the odds reflect what the sportsbook believes are the player’s chances of winning the match. 

Recommended Payment Methods for Tennis Underdog Betting

The various tennis fans must be able to deposit and withdraw cash into and out of their betting accounts without much hassle. This is only possible if they select banking options available within their jurisdiction. Also, check the currencies of bookmakers.

Remember, tennis betting might be allowed across the globe, but not all payment methods are allowed everywhere. The good news is there are many payment options; hence you can choose bookmakers by payment method.

Nonetheless, here are payment methods you’ll find in almost all underdog tennis betting sites.

  • Credit and Debit Cards: these cards work on all sports betting sites, including new bookmakers. Their fees vary with the provider (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), but transactions are secure and safe. All deposits are instant, but withdrawals might take up to 5 days.
  • Digital Wallets: also called eWallets, digital wallets are common transaction methods in this age, and most tennis websites accept them. EWallets let you transfer money to your bank accounts and your betting tennis betting website account. Their great benefit is that they have a low fee, are instant and secure. Common eWallets are PayPal, skirl, Trustly, and Neteller.
  • Cryptocurrencies: this is a pretty new payment option; so, you will find it on a few bookmakers. This virtual currency is anonymous, highly secure, and instant. Bitcoin is the most common crypto, but some betting sites accept Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • Bank Wire: this method lets you authorize the bank to move funds from your bank account to your sports betting account.
  • Prepaid Vouchers such as PaySafe Card are allowed in certain countries. You can buy these cards in different denominations and use them to bet.

Tips and Tricks about Tennis Underdog Betting

Further Information

Tennis betting comes in two forms betting for fun vs. betting for profit. In either case, you need trusted sports betting guide with solid betting advice alongside the definitions of betting terms. Such a complete tennis betting strategy system and guide will better place you to win your underdog bets. Nevertheless, here is the best way to bet on Tennis:


Pros and Cons of tennis underdog betting


  • Bigger pay-outs, thanks to massive odds
  • Chance to make profits even when you lose more bets than those you win
  • Favorable tennis betting lines and odds


  • Chances of losing are high
  • Requires more research and monitoring

FAQ about Tennis Underdog Betting

Yes, as long as the tennis betting site you are using supports mobile betting. It has a mobile betting app, or you can access the bookmaker via a phone's browser.

Yes. Underdog betting is available for live betting. Just ensure that you are live streaming the event for better choices.

The chances of losing while betting on underdog bets are higher. However, if your bet is successful, the returns are much higher.

That depends on the bookie and country. Some countries impose taxes on the winnings. Otherwise, you'll receive your entire winnings

Tennis betting strategies depend on your experience. However, while betting on the underdog in tennis strategy of choice should be finding value bets. Always avoid betting scams from scam sites and bad tipsters.

Betting On Tennis Tips: Why You Must Have Them

Besides the tennis betting advice, punters must learn how to win at sports betting considering the different types of sports betting. Find the best and latest live betting strategies, tips, and systems if you are on live tennis betting. Find the best underdog betting in Tennis for ordinary betting by assessing statistics. If you have a clear picture of what is happening, you are in a better position to win the bets.

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