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American Football Betting Sites and Bookmakers

American football evolved from association football and rugby and has grown into one of the most popular sports in North America although it is still not overly popular at the international level. The first American football game occurred in 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton. Since then, the rules have been tweaked and the sports has gained in popularity.

The most well-known football league is the NFL. Although this league came into existence in the 1920s, it wasn’t until 1970 that the NFL merged with the rival AFL to form the league as we know it today. The modern NFL features 32 teams that play out their season beginning in September.

Games are held on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays until the playoffs arrive at which time the games are held on Saturdays and Sundays. The season ends in early February with the grand spectacle known as the Super Bowl. Incidentally, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual sports betting events on earth.

Aside from the NFL, college football (NCAA) is also wildly popular in North America. Massive crowds gather in large college stadiums around the United States to cheer on their teams. The college football season wraps up with a series of high-profile “bowl” games that attract an astronomical amount of viewers.

NFL and college football draw millions of dollars in betting action every year and there aren’t too many fans that don’t have a fantasy football team or two, no matter the currency they choose to use to bet on. It should be noted that even high school football generates loads of wagering action. Americans love their football, and American Football bookmakers love to give them options to bet 0n.

Other American football leagues such as the World Football League, the USFL and the UFL have tried to compete with the NFL but none of them survived for long. That’s why some suspicions were raised and if is the NFL rigged? The Arena Football League has managed to tread water since 1987 but it is currently on the verge of collapse. The Canadian Football League has remained relatively strong since its inception in 1958.

The best NFL international betting sites, which include some of the biggest cryptocurrency bookmakers, will also provide punters the chance to bet on some of these other competitions.

Top 10 American Football bookmakers in 20 July 2024 – Updated List

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American Football Betting Bonuses

American Football betting sites know that there are millions of bettors out there that love to open their wallets when September rolls around. There is a lot of money at stake and the bookies compete hard to get you to bet with them. Many have offers that you cannot refuse, this being one of the ways they lure in new customers and retain established ones.

Punters can receive up to €50 to bet on football at BetBright, Mobilbet, TLCbet and Netbet and as much as €100 in free American football bets at SLbet, Bet Motion and Efbet. There’s €200 in bonuses waiting for you at 10Bet or Bet at Home and a whopping $1,000 at Topbet, and SportsBettingOnline. These are all top NFL betting offers which may be worth looking at if you like bonuses.

Punters that sign up with BetDNA are eligible for $500 in football betting bonuses and it’s hard to beat BetOnline’s $2,500 bonus package.

American football betting fans, especially those who are betting on mobile, should also keep their eyes open for special promotions such as enhanced odds. LSbet will reward those who bet using their mobile devices by refunding them 10% of all losing bets. Titan Bet will give you a free accumulator when you place 10 American football parlays insurance.

While we are on the topic of accumulators, several sites such as William Hill and Bwin offer “Acca Insurance”. Most punters have felt the pain of missing one leg of a parlay. If you opt in for acca insurance then your ticket will still be a winner if you miss a leg.

Best Live Streaming American Football Betting Sites

Yeah. The NFL Sunday Package is great but it costs an arm and a leg. Network television is ok but they only air a couple of the games. Besides, these options don’t cater to NFL betting fans like the live betting sites do.

Instead of the dull commentary and constant commercial interruptions, live NFL streaming offers viewers a treasure trove of insightful wagering information, statistics, and live odds for upcoming games or in-play wagering opportunities. This awesome feature is specifically designed for sports bettors.

In-play American fixed odds football betting sites, same as baseball bookmakers, also provide you with the chance to bet on games, with up-to-date live American football odds.

You can catch all the live action and get helpful betting tips when you watch live NFL streaming games at Winner, Sky Bet and Betsafe. Punters know that they will have a great live streaming NCAA football experience when they go to Boyle Sports, Intertops and Ladbrokes and the choices of live action and in-play wagering opportunities at Unibet and Betfair is hard to beat.

Best Live Betting American Football Betting Sites

If you have taken in an American football game at a live NFL streaming betting site then you know how many in-play betting opportunities there are. Live NFL betting and live streaming go together like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana. In-play betting allows punters to assess the flow of a game and bet accordingly. It is a good way to double down, hedge, or just get more exciting wagering action, is the same situation basketball betting sites, but wait, which one is better? Read our article about NBA vs NFL rivalry to find out more.

Punters can trust Expekt, Sporting Bet, Vernons and Novibet to give them a lot of live NFL betting options. Paddy Power and Winmasters are well-known for having a wide range of in-play wagers available and there are live NCAA betting opportunities for everyone too at Bet Victor and Marathon Bet. The best US football betting sites will all carry live streams of major matches.

How to Wager on American Football

Single-Game NFL Bets
For each sports event, a reliable NFL gambling online platform provides three odds: point spread, money line, and totals bets. They are grouped together and appear in that order.

Betting the Point Spread
This is the most popular way to wager on American football. It is the sportsbook way of leveling the field. To win a point spread wagering, your preferred NFL bet prediction must win by specified points (the spread).

Point spread facilitates equal betting on both NFL teams as it gives points to the underdog. Spreads often have half-points attached, known as a “hook” to avoid the possibility of a tie (also called a push in betting). However, the money line offers a poor return on investment when wagering on the favorite. That does not mean that you should always consider the underdogs when live betting because underdogs have a lower probability of winning. However, in case your selected underdog comes out on top, you will earn more profit from your placement.

In some cases there is no clear favourite and underdog and the point spread is 0 for both teams and is expressed as “PK” or “pick”. So if you didn’t know what does PK mean in betting, you have the answer now.

Staking on Totals (Over/ Under)

It concentrates on the number of points that will be scored overall rather than which participant will come out on top. There is the presence of half-point to prevent push. The sportsbook sets a specific total, and so, the bettor chooses either over or under the given odds. When compared to money line betting, betting total promises better profit for bettors.

Multiple-Game NFL Placement Options
Mobile betting sites allow you to place stakes on more than one game each week, with anywhere between 13-16 matchups to choose from. Thus, players can wager on multiple bet options within a single slip.

Live Betting
In-Game Live Betting is where many sportsbooks allow you to wager on the money line, spread, total, and more throughout the game. The NFL football odds and lines for each team will change depending on how events unveil during the match. Live wagering gives you a chance to stake on the results of the next event.

These propositions involve general predictions as well as specific placements such as a gain of 1-4 yards or a touchdown. To fully optimize your chances of winning, you will have to be very quick as the odds of the options change and expire after a few minutes. Lucky for you, if you manage to land a high-end online sportsbook, you can use their live streaming feature to keep track of the events in a given match.

Parlays include a combination of money line, point spread, or totals bets for more than one game every week. However, most crypto bookies will not let you wager on the money line and the point spread on one NFL event. In some sportsbooks, you can select an unlimited number of bets in your parlay. However, on other platforms, there is a maximum allowable number of matches.

When developing a parlay for NFL football, your probable payout increases as you increase the number of legs for the parlay. However, your chances of winning will also reduce as you increase the number of legs for your parlay bet. You can try an if bet to reduce the risks. This gives you an opportunity to risk less and stand a chance to win more, regardless of the bookmaker’s currency to opt for. But keep in mind, there is no prize for getting seven of eight events in a parlay correct.

A Teaser is a type of parlay, like the sweetheart teaser, in which all placements are against the spread or the total, and the bettor sacrifices potential payout for more favorable spreads. Punters betting NFL football can employ teasers when wagering on the total. Certain sportsbooks provide a wide variety of alternate spreads to select from in each event. This gives you a chance to work the spread in either direction for each game. Consider the main key numbers in NFL betting when spread betting.

Just like in parlay NFL football bets, you will be required to predict all events correctly in a teaser to win the placement. The variety of staking options vary from one sportsbook to another; some sportsbook will declare an outcome null and void in the parlay/teaser if the outcome is a push, while others will consider a push as a loss. Always read carefully the terms and conditions, and our article on “why was my bet cancelled?” can help you.

NFL Prop Bets

Propositions are most common during the Super Bowl. However, you can also find prop betting options throughout the NFL season. Prop bets entails specific events in a game such as a team that will score first or how many yards a given quarterback will throw, among other options.

When propositions relate to individual statistics, the bookie will come up with a projected total, and you just choose over or under.

Sportsbooks will outline your betting options for props, even when it comes to e-sports betting, with their respective odds clearly.

Here is a list of popular props you will come across:

  • What will be the first scoring play?
  • Which will be the highest-scoring quarter?
  • Will the last-scoring team win the game?
  • How many touchdowns will be recorded throughout the sports event?
  • Which team will be the first to turn over the ball?
  • What will be the total passing yard by the quarterback?
  • What will be the receiver’s total receiving yard?

These are only a few of the propositions that you can try out for each game. During the Super Bowl, you can place a wager on props that are not football-based.

You can even find prop bets on the national anthem, or the nature of the Gatorade will be poured on the couch from the winning team. You can also create a parlay with props, as well, but most books force you to have only prop bets in the parlay.

NFL Futures Betting

Football sportsbooks offer NFL football betting year-round in the form of futures. Regardless of the bookmaker’s payment method, these types of bets are made on events that usually take place at the end of the season. You can bet on things like which team will win their divisions, which team will make it to the Super Bowl, NFL season win totals, total passing and rushing yards, and NFL draft pick.

Other common futures bets are the individual player recognitions for each season: MVP, and various categories of players of the season starting from the defense. The sportsbook will give an extensive list of options including a “FIELD” option. If you select the FIELD option, you can on place stakes on individuals whose names are not expected to win an award.  Other platforms will let you wager on other options such as the quarterback that will throw the most yards in a season, among other options.

Team win totals is a widely explored future bet, even when it comes to college football betting. Betting platforms will come up with a number of wins for each sports team and let you predict whether the outcome will be over or under the set total. If you intend to make any futures bets, you should note that some sportsbooks will not make these bets available upon the commencement of the season. Most sports betting platform do not extend parlay on any futures bet.

Other Sports to Bet on

Bookmakers with the Best Markets for American Football Betting

If you are looking for the best selection of betting options for NFL, NCAA, CFL, or any other major football league then you really need to check out what Pinnacle and Betsson have to offer. If the Arena Football League happens to survive then you can rely on Youwin, Nordic Bet or VBet to have a great selection of wagering options.

You can get in on futures, props, and all sorts of other American football bets at Betway, Cashpoint, and Bet1128.

Types of American Football Bets

Many sports bookmakers offer a wide range of American football bets that it will have your head spinning like a Dan Marino spiral. As with most other sports, most bets are placed on moneylines, spreads, and game totals. You can wager on half-time leaders and totals, which team scores first and even which team scores last. Picking alternate point spreads, exact scores, and winning margins can lead to healthy payouts.

Individual player props can be profitable. You can bet on your favorite quarterback to throw for a certain number of yards or anytime touchdown scorer. You can pick the over/under on wide receiver’s catch total or a running back’s total yards. Of course, you can also go for the big score with parlays.

NFL bookmakers serve up an insane amount of prop bets on Super Bowl Sunday. Many of these don’t even require any football knowledge. You can bet on the length of time it takes to sing the National Anthem, the coin toss, and who kicks or receives.

Top NFL betting sites offer markets far beyond event happening on the field of play, too. Since Janet Jackson’s infamous “nipple slip” at the 2004 Super Bowl, people have even been able to bet on a half-time show “wardrobe malfunction” happening. The wagering possibilities are nearly endless when Super Bowl Sunday arrives.

American Football Bookmakers with the Best Coverage of Major Events

When punters want to get the most out of their betting experience, they turn to industry leaders like Betmotion and 18Bet to provide them with the best coverage. They know that William Hill and Bet Victor provide live streams, sweetheart teaser, in-play wagering, up-to-date news, and helpful betting tips. Along with these features, great odds and special promotions add to the overall enjoyment. 188Bet and Parimatch are popular because they offer their customers the full deal.

American Football Sportsbooks that Offer the Best Odds

Pinnacle Sports, similar to many football bookmakers, has one of the lowest betting margins in the industry which is why they are able to consistently offer excellent odds. In fact, Pinnacle claims that they offer the best odds anywhere. Punters can also count on 12Bet and SBObet to provide the most competitive odds. are definitely worth mentioning too.

Despite what any bookie claims, the fastest and easiest way to find the best odds for a particular event is to refer to one of the many live odds comparison sites. This will save you a lot of precious time and effort.

American Football Betting Sites with the Most Payment Options and Highest Betting Limits

The Super Bowl, NCAA Bowl Season and the CFL’s Grey Cup are famous for drawing the true whales. It isn’t uncommon to hear of big money bettors placing million dollar bets on the Super Bowl in particular. Let’s be clear. You will have a very hard time finding a bookmaker that will accept a one million dollar bet.

These bets are placed through multiple bookmakers and only with special consideration. For example, Floyd Mayweather allegedly put over $10 million on the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl 50. Hats off!! These bets were supposedly placed through 7 different agencies and 4 nervous offshore sportsbooks.

Pinnacle Sports, which is also one of the best soccer betting sites, prides itself as one of the high stakes betting sites and claims that they take bigger bets than anyone. Still, it’s pretty certain that they want nothing to do with a Floyd Mayweather Super Bowl bet. Again, nobody in their right mind wants that kind of action unless they want to go broke in a hurry.

To give things a little perspective, Pinnacle’s bet limits vary from sport to sport but most ceilings are well into the tens of thousands of dollars. They also have several payment methods available (check the American Dollar Betting Sites).

William Hill, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes are also American football bookmakers that have higher than average limits and multiple payment options as do Betfred and 888 Sports. If you plan on making a large wager then you better check with your bookie to see if he can handle the action.

Frequently Asked Questions about American Fotball Betting

Like any other sports: Choose a match, check the betting options and odds, pick one. Place your wager for that outcome and submit your slip. After that, you can start waiting for the match result.

If the odds are positive (i.e., +200) this shows how much you can win when you place 100 USD. If the odds are negative (i.e., -200), this shows how much you need to wager to win 100 USD.

This depends on the bookmaker and lots of options are available. However, we can say that credit cards and e-wallets are the most popular options. Lately, cryptocurrencies have started to gain popularity too.

We already answered this question in this review and picked multiple bookmakers for you: They are your best options. Check the list above and choose one – every bookie in our list offers the best possible service.

Choose A Recommended Bookmaker Who Offers American Football Betting and Start Gambling Today!

American football may not be the most popular sport in the world but it is definitely a huge business in North America, where you can also find some of the best hockey bookmakers. The season may be relatively short but once the NFL, NCAA, and CFL action starts, the American football betting sites have their hands full.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to bet on NFL football there are several sign up free bets and bonuses that will allow you to get a taste without risking your own cash. Gambling Judge will help you find a reputable sportsbook that offers live streaming, in-play wagering, mobile betting, and all the other bells and whistles that experienced punters look for. Check out our array of the best college and NFL football betting sites today.

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