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Anytime touchdown scorer: What does it mean in football?

This article highlights the meaning of anytime touchdown scorer in American football. Like other sports, football has customized rules, allowing players to score unique goals.

Such rules have made it possible for NFL football betting sites to create bets, for instance, the anytime touchdown scorer bet.

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What is an anytime touchdown scorer?

touchdown imageAnytime touchdown scorer meaning is pretty straightforward: a touchdown score is a player who scores a touchdown in a football match. A touchdown is a method of scoring six points during a football game. A player can score a touchdown as soon as the player possesses the football and advances it into the opposition’s end zone. 

Sports betting companies have created a bet (touchdown scorer bet) from touchdown scoring to allow bettors to wager and win some cash. Players can use key numbers in sports betting to their advantage if they understand how TDS works. 

What is an anytime touchdown scorer bet?

Anytime touchdown scorer bets is a wager on a particular player (scorer) to score a touchdown during a match. This bet has become one of the most popular player prop bets that NFL bettors can wager on throughout the season. 

Anytime TD scorer: terms-rules and other info 📝

As stated earlier, a TDS is a player possessing the ball in the opposing zone. Some of the anytime touchdown scorer rules are:

A team must move the football to the opposite endzone to score a touchdown. When a quarterback throws a touchdown pass, only the player who caught it counts as the scorer. According to gridiron codes, you can only score a touchdown when the ball touches or breaks the plane at the front of the goal line.

A point is not scored by moving a ball into a goal; instead, the ball has to touch the goal line. So, it is a touchdown when the goal touches or passes over the goal line. 

The offensive player establishes possession by controlling the ball with both feet and not touching the ground; however, rules may vary. Remember, only the ball counts. The feet, helmet, and other body parts do not count. However, touching the towers on either side of the goal line with the ball is termed “breaking the plane.”

Each touchdown is six points. Besides, the scoring team receives an extra point or two-point conversion. The team that scored a touchdown also kicks off to the opposing team if there is any time left in half. 

How to bet on anytime touchdown scorer

Betting on a touchdown scorer is pretty straightforward. However, the rules may vary from one sportsbook to another. So, check out your USA betting sites and bookmakers’ rules to know exactly how to go about it. Nonetheless, here is the general procedure for placing a touchdown prop bet: 

Step 1
Log into your betting account. If you don't have one, open betting account on a site offering touchdown prop bets).
Step 2
Deposit money using any of the available payment options. The top-up option is under the cashier section.
Step 3
Navigate to the betting market sections and find the games or events. Find the games of interest and select a player to score a touchdown.
Step 4
Enter the wager amount, confirm your bet and submit it.

With these simple steps, you have placed an anytime touchdown scorer bet. If a player you bet on scores a touchdown, you win the bet.

Type of bets for anytime touchdown scorer

The different types of touchdown scorer bets include:

First/Last Touchdown Prop Bets:

In this bet, you must correctly predict when a player scores a touchdown. You can bet on the first touchdown scorer of the game (for both sides) or the first player to score for their specific teams. But it comes at lower odds. Also, you can bet on a player to score the last touchdown in the game.

Passing Touchdown Prop Bet:

Here, you are betting on the number of touchdown passes by the quarterback. This bet is in the form of /under 1.5 or 2.5, but that depends on the quarterback and their respective matchup. Rushing touchdowns by the quarterback do not count towards total passing touchdowns, prop bet.

How are the winnings calculated for anytime TD scorer?

Mostly TDS bets are plus money and might get lucrative very fast. Here are anytime touchdown scorer example:

If you bet $100 on Travis Kelce to score an anytime touchdown at -134 odds, and he does it in a game, you win $66 and walk away with $166.

Further Information

👉 For the 2021 season, the average touchdown per team was 2.5. This means approximately three shots per team to hit a plus-money play. 

👉 Heavy hitter players get into the end zones more often.

👉 Winnings are calculated based on a bookie’s odds – odds vary from one bookie to another. The best online bookmakers will always give the best odds.

The best strategies for anytime touchdown scorer in 2023

Primarily touchdowns are scored when the offensive team is in the red zone. Use the available online tools to know which players receive the most targets in the red zone. This will help you properly when picking a touchdown scorer. 

Besides, be attentive to matchups and specific players riding cold or hot streaks. If you think a player is underachieving but is “due” for a touchdown, you can get them at an excellent price to score. Although this is just one of the many anytime touchdown scorer opinions, it is very effective. 

strategy imageOn the contrary, if certain players have excellent matchups, or are better at touchdowns, bet on them. However, if the odds are not great, try an anytime touchdown scorer parlay betting. A good practice is to shop for the best anytime touchdown scorer odds

Checking a specific game’s stats can help you decide well. For instance, anytime touchdown scorer ravens vs. raiders match, you need to check the odds and each critical player’s performance. 


✔️ Studying statistics; would mean registering bookmakers with statistics.

✔️ Stay safe while betting, and that means using legal betting sites. Whether it is international betting sites or local American dollar USD bookmakers and betting sites, ensure they are fully licensed. 

✔️ Manage your bankroll.

Pros and Cons of betting on anytime touchdown scorer


  • Favorable odds, thanks to the many prop bets
  • A decent variety – you will get prop bets for all game
  • Excellent for padding your bankroll


  • You need a lot of research for the bet to be successful since its one of the hardest sport to bet on

Frequently asked questions about anytime TD scorer

Anytime touchdown scorer means a player who scores touchdowns during a football match. When you place a TDS bet, you are wagering on a player to score a touchdown during a game.

Not for QBs. Typically, a player must get into the end zones to qualify as an anytime touchdown scorer. If a QBs throws a touchdown pass, only the player who catches it counts as the scorer. This should answer the question, "do passing touchdowns count for anytime touchdown scorer?"

For a quarterback, anytime TDS means, he must get into the endzone either as a runner or as a pass catcher for your wager to cash. This rule also applies to tight end, running back, or receiver.

Yes. All the bets you place on the full game and the second half (2H) include overtime. So, overtime will count unless otherwise specified.

Passing TDS not included is a phrase that denotes that passing a ball will not qualify as a touchdown score. Instead, a player must enter the red zone.

Odell Beckham Junior is one of the best anytime touchdown scores in the Superbowl. However, Tee Higgins (+190), Tyler Boyd (+275), and Kendall Blanton (+280) are equally great performers.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer Final Thoughts

Anytime touchdown scorer definition shows that anytime TDS bets are a lucrative way to make money off your bets. However, they require in-depth research courtesy of their broad market.

If you have to place your bet anytime touchdown scorer super bowl or any other event, you’ll need to research deeply. This includes finding the latest anytime touchdown scorer predictions and essential statistics. This way, you can make sound choices.