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Underdog Betting – How to Bet Smart on the Underdog Winning System

Across the globe, betting has become one of the most sought after forms of pastime entertainment. Gambling is an easy of alternative of making money and enjoying your favorite casino game. With the introduction of online casinos, the industry has garnered millions of fans.

To be able to beat the bookies and make money betting on football, gambling experts have developed gambling strategies that help them win and walk away with millions from the sites. One of the gambling strategies is the underdog betting.

In this article, we discuss does underdog betting work and what are underdog bets.

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What Is Underdog Betting?

There are three features that define the strategy that is used by many bettors. One of them is its popularity amongst the gambling community. Many players use the system to be able to beat the casinos in any casino game consecutively and consistently.

However, the strategy is very risky and players need to be very careful when using the system. Another factor that players need to take note of is that the bettor needs to be very patient when using the system. It is takes a long period of time for the gambler to realize any profits from the strategy.

So How Does Underdog Sports Betting Work For Players?

Underdog betting beats the norm in sports betting. An underdog is the competitor in the sports with the least likely chances of winning in the game. Bettors are encouraged to place bets on the underdog.

While there are many instances where the underdog has won some matches, it is very risky to assume that they will automatically win during the match. As much as fans love supporting the underdog, gamblers are skeptical about supporting the team.

Odds in the markets for underdogs are very high and this is one of the perks of placing bets on them, if you are lucky enough. Players can choose to place the bets before the game begins. Placing bets during live sessions may increase the risks even higher. But it is worth trying nevertheless.

If you were wondering, yes, the underdog betting strategy can be successfully applied for dog betting, too. For more information, you can read how to bet on dog racing strategy.

Telling an Underdog from the Odds

After you choose the bookmaker to play with and you have signed up with the site, check the markets, and any additional odds (including dropping odds and closing odds) that the bookie offers for the event. Underdogs have very high odds as we have mentioned. Underdog betting odds are derived from mathematical calculations and statistics from past events. When there is no clear differentiation between the favorite and the underdog the odds will be around even odds, 2.00. EVS betting is exactly betting on these odds.

These are an actual picture of what is the most likely outcome of the match. In a three-way football match, the competitor may have odds of 1.10 while the underdog may have odds of 30.00 (odds expressed as decimals). The gambler will place the bet on the underdog. We also suggest taking a look at our “low odds vs high odds” guide that will help you to better understand this concept.

For example, if a gambler places a bet of 100 dollars to the underdog and the underdog wins, he/she will win 3000 dollars at the end of the match.

Betting On Favorites Vs Betting On Underdogs

Betting on underdogs is risky, however, it pays off very well if things work in the favor of the gambler’s stake. To reduce losses players would have to bet small amount. However, gamblers are encouraged to bet sizeable amounts that will help them recover what they have lost in previous bets.

This may be the case for most times but when the payer wins he is able to sufficiently recover all that was lost in the previous bets.

Betting on favorites is more often than not a sure way of making as much as possible from the bookmaker. Favorites often win but the wins are not as much as the odds are lower. Lower odds mean lower wins regardless of the amount you had placed at the beginning of the match. Players, in turn, are forced to place high stakes to gain much profits from the match. If you are one of those players, we recommend checking our best staking plan for low odds. We have also prepared a low odds laying system.

Underdog betting line strategy is 50-50 betting system. This means that it is not easy to tell when the odds will be in favor of the player. It does not ascertain when it is most appropriate to place the bet or if the bet is right. The gambler needs to follow matches and any other sporting events that he or she wants to bet on.

After this, he or she can analyze the data received to be able to foretell the likely results of the event. From the information he or she is able to get the right odds for the events that can be used as a guideline for the bet that they will place for that bet.

Placing bets is solely dependent on the player’s expertise in deducing facts from the information that he gathers about the favorite and the underdog. This will help him determine which bets to place and which strategy is the best. Mix things up and bet on favorites but on underdogs too. If you bet frequently on underdogs and win bookies might get suspicious and investigate you. Read our tips on how to avoid having your account limited as bookies that don’t limit accounts are not that common.

Before applying a strategy, it is important that players decide on which strategy they are going to use for the event prior to the match. This helps them in:

• Analyzing the risk that will occur if they apply the strategy
• Its effectiveness in helping them reap profits from the casino/ bookie
• Getting the right odds from the data collected and the statistical calculations done prior
• Analyzing the right value that will be reaped from using the strategy.

When Should Players Bet On Underdogs

Using an underdog in betting increases the profits one makes. There are certain instances when betting on underdogs is encouraged. If you are using underdog betting as part of your Asian handicap betting strategy, maybe the best time to bet for the underdog is the end of the season. In the paragraphs below, we discuss the instances and why gamblers should use the strategy in such an event to make huge profits from the bookies or the site they are playing with:

1. Everyone is talking about the favorites
Underdogs are often discredited by fans. All the credit is given to the favorites and gamblers who do not want to take risks will automatically place bets on the favorite. In such instances, a bettor may choose to place the bet on the underdog with the hope that they will perform well enough to reward players who choose them despite off the situation.

2. During matchups that are slightly favorable
Odds do not always depict what will happen during a match. As such, undergo bettors can place their bets on the least favorite team or person regardless of the odds that are displayed in the markets. If a player is not confident of the odds, he or she can look for additional data to help them make an informed decision. You can take a closer look on how to use the “accept all odds movement” feature when live betting on underdogs, as it will definitely make the difference for you.

3. The motivation differences of the players
Motivated players almost always perform better than expected. Favorites who lack motivation may perform well beyond the expected standards. In such cases, players can place the bets on the underdogs to stand a chance at winning huge profits from the site.

Which Sports Do Underdogs Win In Most Often?

Betting for underdog can be used across the board for all games on the bookmaker site. However, there are certain games that work best with the underdog strategy. In sports such as major league basketball, the underdog win stood at 42.3%. And the national football league underdog win was 31.1%.

This is a sign that underdog strategy works effectively for some sports. Different players and different teams perform differently when exposed to different conditions. For example, a team may perform very well for a match that is hosted in their home ground but perform poorly in another pitch.

Doing research about such factors will help the bettor improve their chances of winning by placing the best bets on the most likely winner of the event.

Underdog Percentages By Sports

Further Information

In this section, we highlight some of the popular sports where underdog betting has been applied and has garnered good results. This information is a sign that underdog betting actually works despite the risks that are involved.

Some of the strategies underdog betting include:

 Underdog betting baseball or baseball underdog system
 Football underdog betting/ underdog betting system football/ underdog betting soccer/underdog betting system soccer
 Tennis underdog betting system (maybe not the best way to bet on tennis, but it can be profitable if you manage to identify the underdogs capable of causing major upsets.
Betting the underdog in basketball
 NHL underdog betting system (see here more about our NHL betting systems)
 NBA underdog betting system
 MLB underdog betting strategy
 NFL underdog betting strategy
 UFC underdog betting strategy

We look at four popular leagues in the American sports.



Ultimate Fighting Championship
National football league

Underdog Betting Tips That Work


To use the strategy effectively, there are some tips hat bettors can use to help them find the right value in their betting strategy. Tips and any information obtained prior to the matches are crucial.

A bettor should:

• Take note of the home and away matches or the day and night splits
Players in the teams or team in general tend to perform better or worse in either settings. For example, a pitcher in a MLB tournament may perform poorly in an away match but more experienced players may not be affected by the changes.
• Backups And Injuries
In case the main-man has an injury in the favorite team, this will put the underdog team at a better place. It is much easier for the underdog to win in such instances. To cover for this, a team may use a replacement. Check the match line up prior to be able to pick up instances.
• Schedules of the events
Schedules may affect the team over time. If a team is playing games the whole week against a team that has just a single match that week, the favorite has reduced chances of winning, however, this is not always the case.
• Bet live
Ensure that the match allows for live betting for better coverage of the event.
• Conduct research prior
Check information on head-to-head statistics (check here our head-to-head sports betting guide), history updates and cases of injuries in the team.
• Bet fast
Odds keep changing drastically. Bet fast especially during live betting and consider betting against the public.

Why Underdogs Are the Smart Betting Strategy in Soccer/Football Betting

Not every win is created equal

Wins are not equal for all matches. There are instances when the odds are in favor of the underdog and vice versa. Fans fail to see this or bettors who place bets depending on the current situation of the markets.

Underdogs don’t get any respect

Due to past results, underdogs do not receive any credit from the public. However, factors such as schedules and injuries in the favorite team may put them at an advantage.

The public can’t help itself

Most often than not, the public is swayed to the favorites. Underdog betting does not follow this but goes behind the scenes to look for more information that will help them place and find the best value for their bet.

Have the courage and go for it

Underdog betting strategy is a risky betting system that is not for the faint-hearted. Despite the odds or the situation at hand, the bettor needs to be confident that the odds will work out in his favor at the end of the match.

Is Betting On Huge Underdogs A Good Strategy?

Underdog betting requires a lot of time and patience before the system eventually yields fruit for the user. Initially, the system may not work and is quite risky as you risk losing huge stakes.

However, with the right background information and statistics, a bettor may know what exactly they should do prior the match and during the match if they opt for live betting. Underdog betting for huge players and teams may be risky but those willing to take the risk are handsomely rewarded.

Why Handicapping the Underdogs Is the Key to Success in Betting In Sports

Sportsbooks provide points that are distributed on the least favorite team during an event. They are used as an addition to the final results of the game, for example with football handicap betting or tennis handicap betting. Bettors who understand what the additional points or goals are in matches can use this to help them win.

Apply The Underdog Betting Strategy In Your Favorite Sport Today!

Underdog bets, also referred to as dog betting, is a risky betting strategy that rewards bettors handsomely. Bettors who have placed bets on favorites are discouraged by the low wins that they receive if their team wins. The winnings odds for the underdog team are always high.

For players who are willing to take the risk on a less sure bet that pays well, underdog betting strategy is one of the systems that they can apply. We discuss in details what is underdog betting, how does underdog betting work and the differences sports where a underdog bet can be applied.