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Make money betting on football – Best way to make money on football betting | Ultimate Guide

To make money betting on football is not something the world is not already accustomed to. Seasoned punters with a long list of experience often earn their living using their betting skills on football. Just like football is one of the most favorite spectator sports, the notion of gambling being attached to it is nothing new. The football gambling industry is one of the biggest sports betting industries in the world and using the betting odds in favor is how do bookies make money. To answer how to make money with sports betting is depicted in this article. Each year almost 500 billion dollars are spent on betting specifically for football matches. The market prediction has high efficiency in giving their verdicts that present to the world a great opportunity for earning from these bets.

Best Football Betting Sites in 26 May 2024 – Updated List

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About Inplay Betting

Inplay betting in football is known to be extremely profitable and the sooner punters learn to master this bet the easier it gets for him to yield profit out of it and this is how to win at sports betting. The future of football betting lies in in-play betting; the key is to know how to find value football bets. It is important to mention that none of the strategies available will assure a punter of 100% win (if it did, the thrill of betting would have been none) but is sure to give an advantage to the player over the bookmakers.

Inplay betting takes place while the game is on or even when it is on the verge of reaching a conclusion. Inplay betting presents the opportunity into the hands of the punters to analyze the game before putting their money on either side. People can judge by the statistics of the game as well as go with their instincts watching the game in live-action making it the easiest way to make money on fixed odds football betting

Inplay Betting in Football 

The current generation bettors have discovered the high potentiality of football being compatible with in-play betting systems making it one of the best and easiest sports to bet on. Punters are no longer require to look into the stats of the previous games to predict a match before it even starts. The assessment can now take place then and there calculating the trends of an ongoing game. In games like football which continues for 90 long minutes, with mini breathers and half time, it is a perfect setup for including in-play betting.

The trusted sports betting sites provide the current statistics and up-to-date status to help punters with the judgment of the value of the odds which gives a punter the chance to be mathematically correct in their predictions. It is widely prevalent in major games like The Champions league matches, World Cup, Premier League matches, and European Championships. Inplay betting is also an effective virtual football betting strategy.

Running ball as a Tool to Harness Inplay betting

The key to finding how to get max value when betting and winning big always lies in understanding the game. The tool to win over the odds using in-play betting is the in-play match stats. This is also known as running ball or rball. One can have access to the match statistics to understand and to decide on the bets and decide the live betting strategies. Match statistics are accessible from anywhere in the world, even in countries like Venezuela, and help you make decisions like how to win big on football bets

Another essential indicator while opting for in-play betting is the performance research; for this, a pre-existing idea about the game and well-rounded knowledge about the team reputation gives the bettor an additional advantage.

Risks Related to Football Betting to Make Money Betting on Football

Gambling in all forms, including betting, has a stigma of addiction attached to it. So, it is quite obvious that the main risk of football betting has to do with great financial losses linked with addictive behavior. Any sports match is in general very unpredictable. No matter how high the percentage of efficacy for certain tactics and strategies are, it is impossible to give accurate predictions 100% of the time for profitable football betting. Hence, it is not a reliable source of income even though it is possible to earn a substantial amount of money by knowing the easy way to make money betting on football.

The unbearable truth behind sports betting is the obvious advantages of bookmakers over bettors. In the end, it is most likely to disappoint punters trying to make a quick buck as a part of sports betting money management. As a result, punters are more likely to develop a negative mindset towards the sport they previously liked although football is one of the best sports to bet on.

Good Record in Sports Betting

For bettors who want to evaluate their betting skills, or simply judge whether they should consider themselves as a professional, a 55% winning percentage signifies that the betting skills that are put in are actually working in their favor and the punter is running at a profit. Keeping 52.4% as a standard signifier, anything below that means the punter is at loss. The number 53% might sound like nothing but in this case, it means a punter is beating the odds of the bookmaker and does make money betting on football.

Pros and Cons of Making Money Betting on Football


  • Not based on pure luck. Strategies play a role.
  • Football betting is way more interesting than spending time at a casino.


  • Irrespective of any win, bookmakers always have the edge.
  • Highly addictive. May result in massive loss often leading to hefty amounts of debt.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to make money betting on football:

It depends on your skillset and how proficient you are at following the patterns.

Check with your bookmaker what leagues and teams are available if you have in play and what markets you can bet on. Most reputed bookmakers will have matches from all the popular leagues around the world.

In-play betting does offer certain advantages because you can see how the game is going and change your betting according to that.

Betting exchanges have an advantage over sportsbooks in a way that they don't participate in the same bets, which is why you are getting better odds. But the prediction power remains in your hand and how much research you have done in the game a period

All bookmakers have wagering requirements on the welcome bonus, so people cannot exploit the bonus money and withdraw it. 

Parting Thoughts

Football betting is although popular all over the world, it is advised for anyone below 18 to strictly keep away from partaking. The encouragement to betting is only limited to adults. But most importantly one should take all these tips and tricks with a grain of salt because betting in every form to win money betting on football is highly addictive. It can lead to major losses making people question “is betting on football profitable” if not approached in a correct manner, even in virtual football betting

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