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Make money betting on football – Best way to make money on football betting | Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering, can you make money betting on football?

You have a very valid question in the heart. There are very few people out there who can actually make a profit out of the sport.

The markets can be very efficient at figuring out when there is an opportunity to make money out of betting on football.

How to successfully bet on football?

You need to learn the strategies and get down to the brass tacks if you want to figure out how to make money with sports betting and how to win big on football bets.

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Top tips & strategies to make money betting on football

Wondering if you can really make money betting on football? Yes, of course you can! Find out how.

Tracking your bets

Patterns are your friends. How to make money on football betting 101 says, tracking your bets can be very easy to manage. You can stay on top of your bankroll and make sure you’re not running out of budget. You can also optimize the way you are viewing the match and predict where you are more successful versus where you are less successful.

The only way to make sure which patterns are working out for you is how you will determine you can make money betting on football.

You can download various betting trackers available online. You will get some in Excel format all even Google Sheets, which you can access anywhere and update it whenever you are making a bet.

Find your niche (know your sport)

How to win money betting on football depends on the niche you pick. If you want to make decent money out of betting on football, you need to spend some time into it. Instead of looking at how to make a quick buck on the bed, you need to understand the market and what kind of profitability current players are having in that market.

The secret of how to bet on football and win is to do your research and stay on top of your game. The more time you spent watching the game, the conversation rates will become better.

Analyze the in-play stats

To win money betting on football, you need to become accustomed to reading the stats of in play. For example, one of the most profitable and popular markets in football is the total goals. This is a market that is widely available during in-play.

But you will be able to understand the trend of the game while the game is in progress. Before every match, the traders will try to predict how many goals they can expect in the game.

If you get an early strike in the game, that definitely changes the in-play status. You also have to consider whether the team who has just scored will be able to protect their lead. Depending on this, you can choose what is the value call, buying, or selling.

If you enjoy betting on goals, you should definitely check Betfred’s Goals Galore No Draw offer.

Watch the live-streams

If you are going to make a bet, choose betting sites with live streaming. It allows you to watch the sports on the go, and you can be much more involved in the in-play betting, which will be accurate depending on the result of the game.

When you are looking for an easy way to make money betting on football, you need to monitor the game and keep your prediction monitoring handy constantly. Live stream lets you unfold the action while you work on how to make money daily on football betting.

Most profitable markets to focus on at in-play betting

  • Asian handicap

Expert bettors trying to decide how to make a lot of money betting on football prefer some market over others. Asian handicap happens to be a popular one. In this form of betting, one team gets a virtual head start, which can effectively change the outcome of the game even before the game has actually started. This is a very popular betting trend in Asia, and how do you succeed in football betting will depend on how much mastery you have of Asian handicap and applying an Asian handicap betting strategy. You may even want to try alternative Asian handicap betting, where you can also bet on Asian handicap quarter lines, such as Asian handicap 0.25 or Asian handicap 0.75.

  • Next team to score

There is no easy answer to how to win football bets every time, but you can definitely try to predict the next team to score. Once you have placed a bet, it will apply to the first goal that has been scored after the bet has been placed. If you have your chart handy, and you know your teams and players, you can very well try to accurately predict the next team that is going to score.

  • Draw no bet

The terms and conditions of the draw no bet can vary from one platform to the other, but the principle remains the same. Depending on where you are in the game, the platform can remove the option to withdraw from my bet, and let the bettors choose whether they want to home or away from the win.

If you have been following the NFL betting strategy, this can be the easiest sport to bet on. Depending on whether you are winning or losing your steak will be returned to you. If the team you are backing loses, the bet is lost.

Staking system to the rescue

Before you look for how to place a bet online, sports betting money management is something you learn to know by heart. Even when you are betting on trusted sports betting sites, there is no guarantee your favorite team will end up winning. So, along with learning how to win at sports betting, you also need to use a staking system to manage your money better.

The Kelly criterion is a formula that lets you consider the optimal betting amount. There is a difference between the real odds of the game and the given odds and knowing how do bookies set odds can help you understand this difference. At a glance, the formula may look confusing, but it is actually pretty simple, and you will get the hang of it once you have done it a couple of times.

F = (bp-q)/b

f = The fraction of your bankroll you want to bet.

b = the decimal odds – 1

p = chances of your winning.

q = Chances of losing, which is 1 – P.

Go against the crowd

Profitable football betting is not about picking the team that everybody else is speaking just because they happen to be a popular team. Have you ever wondered how do bookies make money when popular opinion is wrong all the time?

Underdog betting is a real thing. If you have done your homework on football strategies and systems, your decision should be based on live betting strategies instead of feelings and opinions of the crowd. You should also check our relegation betting guide.

Embrace matched betting as an alternative to football betting

If you are completely new to the world of football betting and not very familiar with betting terms, the best betting advice is to utilize your matched betting that is offered by your operator.

A matched betting is the free bet that is provided as an incentive by your bookmaker when you join them. This is a free bet that costs you nothing, and you can risk it without losing your own money.

In matched betting, you can cancel the risk on the back bed because you can bet against yourself at the same odds as you would do at the betting exchange. Before you figure out how to become a professional sports gambler, Match betting offers you a risk-free alternative. Find out here what unmatched bets and partially matched bets are, too.


Bet with your mind, not your heart

This is a no brainer. One of the worst sports betting mistakes you can commit is betting with your feelings.

Understand basic math

How to make money betting on football UK? The Kelly criterion is your friend.

Whether you are looking at best sports betting strategies or college football betting strategy, or lower League betting, understanding the math of the game will help you place a strong bet in football betting sites UK.

Warning – Don’t trust bookies who try to sell you fixed matches


Stay away from bookies who tried to sell you fixed matches no matter how lucrative the odds. They are looking to make bank with your money and take none of the risks.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to make money betting on football:

It depends on your skillset and how proficient you are at following the patterns.

Check with your bookmaker what leagues and teams are available if you have in play and what markets you can bet on. Most reputed bookmakers will have matches from all the popular leagues around the world.

In-play betting does offer certain advantages because you can see how the game is going and change your betting according to that.

Betting exchanges have an advantage over sportsbooks in a way that they don't participate in the same bets, which is why you are getting better odds. But the prediction power remains in your hand and how much research you have done in the game a period

All bookmakers have wagering requirements on the welcome bonus, so people cannot exploit the bonus money and withdraw it. 

Verdict - What strategy are you using this season?

So, is it possible to make money betting on football? We are sure, you must have got your answer by now. Don’t forget: you can also make money with virtual football betting, too. Just make sure to check our top virtual football betting strategies before getting started.

Football season is here, and bet lovers worldwide are wondering how to make money betting on football. As one of the most gambled on sports in the world, there is a lot of information available to pointers that can tell you how to make money from betting on football. Read our strategies and work out the best option for you.


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