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Correct score betting: What you need to know

Any player interested in betting on soccer/football will already know that there is a wealth of bets out there that they can make.

Correct score betting is one more that they can add to their tally, and it is arguably one of the better options out there.

We’re not talking about NFL correct score betting here, but stakes on association football, better known to Americans as soccer.

Of course, if you haven’t tried correct score football betting yet, you may not be aware of the concept.

In this how to win at correct score betting guide, we’ll introduce you and teach you how to win big on football bets with this exciting market.

We’ll also tell you where to find predictions on the score of the soccer matches on today and provide you with a few tips and points in terms of how to bet. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

What Are Correct Score Bets and How Do They Work?

You might be wondering, “how does correct score betting work? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide will take you through correct score betting rules.

If you already know about props, futures (such as who will be Premier League champions) and money line bets (who will win a game), you’ll have some idea how sports betting works, so we don’t need to go into that much detail. However, getting the score correct in football matches and learning how to predict scores does require a bit of knowledge.

As its name suggests, correct score bets are wagers on the score in a football/soccer match. That score is commonly the full-time score, but it doesn’t have to be. It could also be the score at half-time, or in extra-time if the match is a knock-out game. There are other options, too, and we’ll look at those in turn. Correct score can be also combined with other types of bets, like to win both halves, for example.

For now, though, this is how a basic correct score betting option in football works.

Atletico Madrid are set to take on Real Madrid in the derby. Rather than betting on teams to score (as with a typical over under bet or an alternative goal line bet), you’re going to try and predict the final score. Firstly, you should make some correct score odds comparisons. The odds you receive will likely be based on the score you go with.

For instance, Atletico Madrid beating Real by a score of 1-0 could see you win 2.00*. However, Atletico beating them 5-0 could have odds of 250.00*. It is down to you to see where the value lays, but to cut a long story short; if you bet on a correct score, and that does indeed turn out to be the score, you’ll win.

*These are not actual odds for this match and are used solely as an example

In many cases, punters can grab terrific odds with correct score betting as predictions on the final score are tough to work out and involve a bit of a gamble. Precious few correct score betting strategy guides can help you with this, so the bookies tend to offer decent returns if your bet comes good.

Speaking of bets, let’s look at some of the different types of correct score bets out there:

Full-Time: A bet on what the score will be at the end of regulation time (including injury/added time)
Half-Time: A bet on the score at the half-time whistle

Halftime Fulltime: A bet on the score at half-time and the score at full-time on the same bet, with one stake.
–  Scorecast: A Scorecast bet is a wager on the first or last player to score a goal and the correct score of a match on one ticket. Because of the improbability of netting this bet, the odds available tend to be extremely long. You could go with a wincast bet, where you don’t have to predict the correct score, but the winner (or draw).
Extra-Time: A wager on what the final score of a match will be after extra-time has been played. This types of bets are commonly available for knock-out competitions and do not include the results of penalty shoot-outs

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Accumulate Your Bets Onto One Ticket

People engaging in correct score prediction today may also pool their bets onto a single ticket. These are known as accumulators are immensely popular with sports bettors. The purpose of accumulators is that the winnings of one bet are then used to wager on the remaining matches on a ticket. This can multiply what can be won. Winning five bets on an accumulator is, therefore, far more profitable than winning those same five matches with individual tickets. Players should note.

In America, accumulators are sometimes known as correct score multis or multi-bets. An accumulator which features just two bets is known as correct score doubles betting. Of course, if you have won with a correct score double, you’ll end up with more money, but it is twice as hard to predict.

Of course, betting on correct score systems like accumulators is incredibly tricky, as you’ll need to get the correct score of all (or almost all) if the matches right. Before engaging in this, our advice would be only to include games which appear easy to predict or check out a page offering win tips.

Get Money Back for Dull Results

Some football predictions bookies offering correct score bets will also provide you with a money-back deal. Bear in mind, this is not going to be available at all bookies. Playing at a sportsbook which offers money-back deals is an excellent thing to incorporate into your correct score strategy, though.

Money-back offers are quite simple to grasp. They way they work is easy to understand. Essentially, if you place a correct score bet and the match ends up a dull nil-nil, the bookie may offer you your bet back. A bore draw promotion is also useful when you place a to win either half bet, and the match ends in a 0-0.

Betting on Correct Scores in Other Sports

Correct score betting works best with football/soccer matches. However, there are other sports which can be used for best score prediction stakes. Tennis is one, which rugby, NFL, cricket, basketball and baseball are others. Personally, your best bets are football and tennis. These sports tend to feature smaller scores (unlike basketball, rugby and NFL) which help to predict the final score a lot easier. Exact score tips can be commonly found for football and tennis but tend to be few and far between for other sports.


Nuts and Bolts: Tips and Advice, Predictions and Odds Comparisons

You know how correct score betting works, but now for goal predictions and correct score tips. These are both ways in which you can cover yourself when betting and use a touch of insider knowledge to re-affirm what you probably already knew in the first place.

Tipsters can be found online, and they commonly provide final score tips, half-time correct score tips for betting and much more besides. Goal predictions for today can sometimes be found on the sportsbooks themselves, although visiting tried and tested tipsters is also advised. Bear in mind that you may need to pay for nuggets and precious info regarding football correct score predictions. This varies from tipster to tipster.

Tipsters and bookies often have a correct score perm (permutation) system which helps them out. By studying statistics and football in general, bookies typically have a reasonable idea of how a match will pan out. However, tipsters can challenge bookies with correct score betting tips by using their own football algorithms. There are other correct score algorithms out there you can take advantage of, too. Ultimately, though, while all the above is handy, a football match never plays out as planned, and it is down to the lads on the pitch to do the job for you.

Once you have a fistful of tips (try obtaining tips from various sources), you can have a look at the odds at bookies. Again, try and fish about, sampling the odds at various sportsbooks until you get an overall picture. Using odds comparison tools is one way to go. Make a correct score calculation in Excel, or jot down what your best options are. This will help you with soccer correct score predictions and should become a crucial part of your football correct score betting strategy.

Essential Things to Remember About Correct Score Betting

After studying the evidence before you, it is time to bet. Just before you do, though, keep these things in mind.

– Always try and pick low-scoring matches
The more goals there are likely to be in a game, the more difficult it is going to be to predict the correct score

– Do Your Homework
Try to predict who will win a match first. Only then should you try and figure out what the score will be. Things to keep in mind include the form of teams, their history against one another, the performance of players in recent games, and their goalscoring/defensive record

– Goal Difference and Away Goals
Two of the best times to bet on correct score matches are when goal difference or away goals matters. In both cases, teams must score a specific number of goals to progress in a competition, to win a tournament or to avoid relegation (check here our relegation betting guide) . Because the competition permutations already tell a team how many they must score to succeed, they will likely be aiming for that amount, if not more. This can be as useful as any correct score predictions and betting tips you receive from tipsters.

– Don’t Get Adventurous
There is no need to be adventurous. Long odds can be tempting when a big team plays a little one, but football also sees its fair share of giant killings. Study the odds and correct tips, then pick the scores which most bookies/tipsters seem to agree on.

Any Last Questions About Correct Score Betting?

As you’ve seen, correct score betting with tips on soccer is a relatively simple concept to grasp. It is perfectly understandable if you have a few lingering questions, though.

To help you with those, we’ve put together this brief FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide which covers the most common ones.

A correct score bet really is as simple as it sounds. In a very real sense, you are betting on what the score in a match will be. The correct score bet doesn’t have to on the full-time result, though. You can also wager on what the score will be at half-time, or in extra-time.

Pretty much all of them. Big competitions include the Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, and all major international competitions. In theory, any soccer betting market at an online bookie should offer correct score bets. Premier League's correct score betting is always popular, as many people are familiar with the clubs, the player and the competition. For this reason, there is a surplus of Premier League correct score betting tips out there for you to peruse.

Not all correct score wagers can be placed while a match is in play. Sometimes, correct score betting is closed once a game kicks off. There is a way around that, though. A Flex is a type of correct score bet which can only be used in live in-play matches. A Flex market bet allows you a few more possibilities regarding outcomes as the game goes on. If you want to play correct score tips daily, then a Flex bet might be ideal.

The “.5” means in an over 1.5 goals bet means that your team needs to win by more than 1 goal. Two goals would do nicely with an Over 1.5 Goals bet. By contrast, an Under 1.5 Goals bet means that your team cannot lose by more than 1 goal. These types of terms are more commonly found in North American betting markets, and even then, aren’t frequently used in correct score betting.

If a football match is canceled, there could be two outcomes. If the “official score” at the time the game was canceled still stands (determined by the competition organizers), the bookie will often consider that the score. They may decide to refund your bet to you anyway, though, this is doubtful. If a match were canceled before kick-off, your stake would be returned regardless. We explain what happens if a match is cancelled for other sports too in our "why was my bet cancelled?" article.

Absolutely not. On the contrary, most people betting with correct score stakes come from Europe, where football betting it the most popular.

There are plenty of resources online where you can get help. Tipsters may provide you with tips for free or charge you for their knowledge. However, by looking at stats and doing your homework, you can learn to predict matches more successfully yourself. Correct score tips vary from site to site, so make sure you check out a lot of correct score predictions site to give yourself scope and get an overview of what people think.

Final Thoughts Concerning Correct Score Betting

That’s about all there is to the concept of correct score betting. Now that you know what awaits you, perhaps it is time to find some predictions for correct score matches today? Once you’ve got a handful of tips, you’re going to need somewhere to bet, though. That’s where we come in.

Our page details all the best correct score betting sites out there. Each of our bookies has been reviewed in-depth and tested before we recommend them to you. Mobile users can find correct score betting apps at the best sites, while many of our bookies also provide hot tips for you to use.

Check out our selection of top sportsbooks offering correct score bets today.