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Relegation betting – Ultimate guide to relegation betting [2024]

The teams that are favourites to win the trophy or secure a Champions League berth enjoy all the attention. While they spend more time in the spotlight, the struggle of teams fighting to avoid relegation is just as captivating.

Relegation betting can be quite profitable if you can correctly predict the names of the teams to finish at the bottom of the standings.

Before the season begins, you can use statistics to make an accurate prediction about the teams to finish inside the relegation zone.

In this guide, we help you navigate the treacherous waters of Premier League relegation betting to reap generous rewards.

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Premier League relegation betting guide

At the beginning of each year, 2024 included, popular bookmakers allow punters to engage in relegation betting. Placing a wager on the team that will be relegated in Premier League had the upside of good betting odds.

The shortcoming is that you have to wait a long time to cash in on your correct predictions. In this ante post and future betting guide we’ll highlight the advantages and shortcomings of EPL relegation betting, so you can make the right decision.

How does relegation betting work?

The name is self-explanatory and savvy punters know that betting odds on relegation from Premier League means to predict the teams to leave the top division. Those who finish at the bottom of the standings will be ejected from the top flight and will play in the Championship next year.

Three teams are relegated every year and there will be no playout to give them a second chance. Finishing on a relegation spot automatically means the end of their Premier League presence, so the stakes are really high.

How to place a relegation bet online?

Relegation betting is not rocket science and you can easily do it at UK licensed bookmakers and betting sites. We’ll use William Hill as an example, as it is one of the best odds bookmakers offering these types of sports betting.

The Premier League offer is the most popular, but the same terms and conditions apply to Championship relegation betting.

Step 1
Sign up for an account and make a deposit
Step 2
Access the outrights Premier League betting page
Step 3
Pick the team you expect to relegate and the stakes
Step 4
Accept the betting odds Premier League relegation and place the bet
Step 5
Wait for the end of the season and cash in your wager

How to do football relegation betting like a pro

In this relegation betting guide we go beyond explaining the relegation meaning and teach you how to do it like a professional. If you choose the best odds bookmakers you will maximize the value of your bets and enjoy profitable football betting. There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to this type of wager, but these are some of the best relegation betting tips.

Player transfers matter – the Premier League season is long and there are plenty of games to be played during the year. For this type of underdog betting you must consider the depth of the teams involved. When betting for relegation from Premier League you should single out teams with thin rosters. These depend heavily on the starting formation and have a hard time replacing injured and suspended players.

Consider ownership changes – you can do relegation betting at the biggest bookmakers UK has to offer and the best odds margins. To be successful in your prediction, you should pay attention to ownership changes. Teams that were bought out recently and have new owners might be less willing to invest large amounts. This will make them vulnerable in the long run so you can cash in on dropping odds.

Managers are the key – the role of the coach in avoiding relegation is perhaps just as important as winning the trophy. Managers have to do the most with the resources they have to craft the right strategy to succeed. If given the chance of using Premier League relegation free bets at the beginning of the season, choose the teams employing managers with experience in keeping teams afloat.

Each league is different – the first thing punters realize after they learn how to bet on football is that leagues have their particularities. Premier League relegation betting is different from lower league betting, because even the worst teams are pretty strong. On one hand, you have the difference between low odds vs high odds, on the other, it’s more difficult to pick the teams that will relegate.

Keep an eye on the schedule – the relegation betting odds are published before the start of the season, but there are also available during the year. New UK bookmakers will allow you to bet on the teams to relegate throughout the season and update the closing odds frequently. Not only the current number of points earned, but also the difficulty of the remaining matches should be factored in.

Are relegation betting odds truly important?

Everyone knows that the first rule if you want to learn how to win big on football bets and make money betting on football is to bet at competitive odds. When it comes to relegation betting, the odds offered by football betting sites UK are not that important. Because of the competitive nature of the English first division, relegation-threatened teams can exceed expectations. There were many instances when teams expected to struggle finished in the top half.

It is just as important to realize the potential of these teams, as it is to learn how to read soccer odds. The main challenge comes when doing relegation betting during the season. Sometimes a team has few points earned at that point, but an easier schedule than its counterparts.

This means that they can greatly improve their performance in the remaining rounds. This is the time to take a leap of faith and claim higher Premier League relegation treble betting odds on these teams that are apparently doomed to fail.

Punters doing relegation betting for the first time are inclined to target recently promoted teams. They come from a lower division, so they are expected to be of inferior quality to existing Premier League teams. This is true in most cases, but the fact is that relegation betting pits them against the worst teams in the English top-flight.

If you play at bookmakers with statistics for Championship teams you should use them to evaluate their strength.

When considering newly promoted teams for your relegation free bets choose those with poor defenses. A good attacking squad from the Championship will struggle against the backlines of Premier League teams.

On the other hand, defensive teams are likely to scrap points and simply survive in the competitive environment. Use the UK free bets to bet on the relegation of offensive newly promoted teams.

Ante-post vs. Mid-season betting

The traditional way of doing relegation betting is by wagering preseason. By doing so, you benefit from bigger odds, especially when betting on teams that finished the last season closer to the middle of the standings. This is recommended if you want to place a treble bet that includes other markets. Once the season begins, it is less likely for bookmakers to allow these combinations.

Midseason betting has the advantage of giving players more useful information about the teams involved. You can factor in their results so far, look at the remaining matches and make the right assumption. The odds are far more polarized, with bottom-placed teams being usually underpriced. You can take advantage of the situation and accept all odds movement if you expect better-placed teams to relegate. Accumulator bets are also accepted, so make sure you check our guide on how to win football accumulators.

Pros and cons of betting on relegation in UK


  • Great odds available preseason
  • You can bet during the year
  • Accumulators are accepted


  • Relegation betting carries higher risks
  • Must wait until the end of the season

Frequently Asked Questions about relegation betting:

You can only bet on the teams to relegate at the end of the season. It is possible to bet on this outcome during the year, based on the teams’ performances.

Premier League relegation betting is just one option and other countries and championships are available for this type of wagering. British punters can also take advantage and avoid the betting tax UK.

When done right you can make money by betting on the teams to relegate. It is more difficult to make an accurate prediction, but the rewards are definitely out there.

No, there are vast relegation betting markets that you can find at UK bookies (and not only). These may imply a group of teams getting relegated or not, comparisons between two teams and the chances of each one to survive against the other. You can even bet on the range of places in the standings where a certain team can finish the season.

It depends on the type of bet you are willing to make and the team you choose. You will generally get great odds for relegation betting, especially when betting before the start of the season.

Capitalize on the relegated teams’ misfortune

Relegation betting is all about identifying weaknesses in teams and taking advantage. While it might sound coldhearted to bet on the misfortune of these teams, it can be profitable. There are plenty of things to consider when placing such a bet, with relatively little information.

When done right, Premier League relegation betting can lead to significant winnings, because of the high odds. Take the time to do the research and you will reap the rewards at the end of the season while enjoying an exciting football year.