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How to Read Soccer Odds – Soccer Odds Explained

Gamblers often find it difficult to read soccer odds. Will it surprise you to hear that most gamblers just pick betting options without knowing what they mean? Studies have shown that about 20 percent of online gamblers randomly pick odds hoping to win.

Although they get lucky sometimes, they probably would have had more winnings if they knew how to read gambling odds.

Without stating the obvious, as you keep reading, you will learn how to read bet odds and also how to interpret odds (including dropping odds and closing odds) – even at American football betting sites.

Most importantly, you will learn how to bet on Argentina betting sites for example.

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What are soccer odds - soccer odds explained

Soccer odds are a reflection of a bookmaker’s opinions on the possible outcome of the game. We explain it in our how do bookies set odds article. These odds are provided for gamblers to have an idea of what their winnings will be after the game has ended.

The odds are usually higher few days to the match. As the time for the game draws closer, the odds for both team drops, especially with favourites you may see odds shortening.

We also suggest taking a look at our “low odds vs high odds” guide that will help you to better understand this concept. We have also prepared a low odds laying system for those passionate about trading (especially on Betfair).

How to calculate soccer odds - soccer lines explained

If you know how to calculate soccer odds, then there is the probability of cashing out anytime you bet. Do you know how to read soccer decimal odds? Just like with how to read boxing odds, soccer odds are calculated by margins by bookmakers. Also, don’t forget that the bookmaker aims to ensure that you lose your bet. So the only way to outsmart them is to learn how to read odds in soccer betting and get acquainted with soccer betting rules.

The game of soccer has a 3 way moneyline. They are the main outcomes in soccer. The soccer odd lines are the home team win to away team (1), both teams to draw (X), and away to win home team (2). Each of these odd is represented by 1X2. This is also referred to as the soccer money line. Soccer spread betting is another betting option that is becoming popular. It involves betting the team and that will win with certain points. Are there other possibilities? Can you bet on both teams to win?. It is definitely possible if you know how to use arbitrage betting.  Although they are other betting options in soccer, let’s draw our illustration from the 3 way moneyline.

For instance, if the odd for Bolton to win a match against Liverpool is 3.41, for both teams to draw is 3.19, and Liverpool to win Bolton is 2.39, how will you calculate these soccer odds?

The first step is to convert the three possible outcomes (1X2) into decimal probability or chances of winning. To get the decimal probability, also called implied probability, you will divide by 1, which is 1/odd.

The home team (Bolton) to win is 3.41. 1/3.41 is 0.293. This means that the chance of Bolton winning this match is 29.3 percent.
Liverpool (away team) to win is 2.39. It means 1/2.39 equals to 0.418. So the chance of Liverpool winning is 41.8 percent.

The outcome for both teams to draw is 3.19. 1/3.19 is 0.313. The chance of both teams to draw is 31.3 percent.

The second step is to add up all the decimal odds and subtract by 1. That is 0.293+0.418+0.313-1 = 0.024 or 2.4 percent.

In other words, the profit margin expected from your winnings is 2.4 percent. Another betting site could offer better odds. For instance, other websites can offer odds like 3.10 for Bolton to win, 2.10 for Liverpool to win, and 2.90 for both teams to draw. Calculate the margin and compare the results.

How to read the soccer odds movement?

If you like live betting then you must read this. Sometimes the soccer odds changes don’t interpret what is going on real-time. The bookmaker intends to create fear and anxiety so that you will stake in favour of the underdog.

These movements occur around the soccer moneyline. To overcome the anxiety created by bookmakers you need to understand the various soccer money line rules.

Steam reverse line movement is used by the bookmaker to monitor the activities of gamblers. It helps them identify when gamblers are betting in a reverse line. A steam reverse line movement is occurs when gamblers are choosing odds that the bookmaker least expected.

When this is noticed, the betting trends live odds will be adjusted by the bookmaker. We highly recommend reading our “accept all odds movement” guide in order to better understand the concept. If you would still like to bet on your own odds, consider opting for the “request a bet” feature. Another interesting feature is “edit my acca“, in case that you changed your mind after placing your accumulator.

In other words, the movements on live games are adjusted by bookmaker because of the factors mention above.

We shall also consider how to read NFL Football odds but before that is done, let’s take a look at how to read sports betting lines. It will help you understand the NFL Football odds and how to read lines.

We have even prepared a guide regarding betting scams and how to avoid them. Check it out!

How to read sports betting line - soccer bets explained

Most gamblers always throw this question “how do you read betting lines” at online betting blogs. No wonder there are divergent opinions of what reading odds is all about.

Simply put, sports betting line is the bookmaker’s prediction of the likely outcome of the game. The sports lines help the bookmakers or casinos to make profit no matter the outcome of the game. The two types of lines are point spreads and money lines. They are commonly used in football and basketball. You must know how to read sports lines to cash in on the bookmaker’s odds.

To understand sports betting lines, the next paragraph will identify the various types of lines and explain them with illustrations.

How to identify the various types of lines - soccer betting lines explained

One way to find the day’s lines is through the newspaper. You can also visit some sports news website to view the daily lines. Reading betting lines will give you an edge over the bookmaker. Search for the favourite team and the underdog. Most often the favourite team or underdog is labelled. Meanwhile, this may not be the case all the time. Sometimes a – sign or a + is used to identify the lines. These signs appear before the match odds. Usually, when a team’s odd is preceded by a plus (+) sign, it means that that team is the underdog, while the favourite team’s odd is preceded with a minus (-) sign. This is the first step of how to read odds lines.

In other to identify the type of line, the odd or number will be greater or lesser than 100. If the odd or number is 100 or more than, it is a money line. If it is lower, then the line is a point spread. In each of these lines, a plus or minus sign must precede them.

For instance, if you have New York Jets and Chicago Bulls playing against each other, it will appear like this New York-6 or Chicago +30. This simply means that New York is the favourite team while Chicago is the underdog.

The points spread lines

The point spread is the number of points that each team is expected to have at the end of the game. Usually, there is always a favourite team and the underdog in a game. The favorite team has a minus sign before the spread point while the underdog has a plus sign.




New York Jets
Chicago Bulls

From the above table, the point spread in this game is 7 points. The favourite or favoured team is Chicago Bulls. So if you place a bet in favour of the New York Jets, it means that they must lose the game by 6 points or less. Assuming they lose by 7 points, your bet will be cancelled or seen as a “push”. Read our articles on “what does push mean in betting?” and “why was my bet cancelled?” for more information.

On the other hand, if you place a bet that the Chicago Bulls will win, they must win by at least 7 points and above. If they win by just 7 points, the bet will be considered a push.

If the teams were to have equal chances of winning than the point spread would be 0, which bookmakers express as “PK”. Which means that if you bet the pk on a team and the team wins you will win, but if the match ends in a draw your stake will be refunded. With this we have answered the question “what does PK mean in betting?”.

The price here is the amount you have to stake on the game. For instance, from the table above, the price is -110, so it means that you have to bet $110 to win $100.

The money lines

How to read a money line is one of the frequently asked questions in sports betting. Betting trends have changed over time and gamblers are eager to take advantage of new trends to win more money.

For a moneyline bet, you have to select the team that will win at the end of the game. The only difference between a moneyline bet and a point spread line is the price. The favourite and underdog teams are indicated with a minus and plus sign respectively.



New York Jets
Chicago Bulls

Just like the previous example, to win $100, you must stake $280 in favour of the Chicago Bulls to win the game. From the table above, the Chicago Bulls are the favourite team. So if you win, you will be paid your initial stake $280 plus your $100 winning.

For the underdog team, it works somehow differently. The moneyline tell you how much you will win if you stake $100 instead of how much you need to stake. So if the underdog wins, you will receive $240 if you stake $100. If they lose, you will lose your stake of $100.

How do I read NFL Football odds?

How do I read NFL Football odds?

Do you know that how to read soccer betting odds and NFL Football odds are completely different? The two major outcomes to an NFL Football game is winning or losing unlike soccer that has home win, both teams to draw, and away team to win.

Let’s take a look at some valid points that will help you read the NFL Football odds.

The point spread

We have discussed this topic already; however, it is very relevant as far as reading NFL Football odds is concerned. You can refresh your memory by scrolling back a little.

Push and half points – betting numbers explained

For instance, if the New York Jets is favoured to win by 7 points, it must win by exactly 7 points. This means that you have won the amount you staked back without the expected winnings. So if you stake $100 expecting to win an additional $200, and the scenario painted above happens, you will only get you money back without the additional $200 from the bookmaker. It is only when the points are more than 7 point that you will win the bookmakers prize.

Some bookmakers reduce the number of pushes. They make use of half points to set the spread. For instance, 3.5 points, it means that the team must win with more than 4 points and above.

Setting the points spread

Bookmakers always want to lure gamblers to bet in favour of the underdog teams. They set an enticing point spread to encourage more staking. If they notice that gamblers are placing bets for the favourite team, they will increase odds for the underdog. Bookmakers analyze the team’s previous winnings and losses, injuries, performances, the home advantage, weather forecast and so on. So don’t get carried away by the points spread, they are set by bookmakers to ensure they make more profit.

The money line

If you want to win more money, you can also bet outright for or against winners and losers without a points spread. moneyline has also been discussed in this article. You can scroll back a few pages to see how to apply it in NFL Football.

How to read over-under odds?

Bookmakers always set a total point for both teams. You can place a bet that the total points by both teams combined will under a particular margin or over that margin. The bet for the under margins are set at -110 money line. If the outcome is in your favour, you will get returns of $100 after staking $110.

Fractional odds

This odd means that you can place future bets on a team. For example, you can stake a bet on which team will win the Super Bowl. If the odd is 10-1, and you stake $100, if the outcome is in your favour, you will get returns of $1000.

A Parlay

A parlay is an accumulation of multiple individual bets that is treated as a whole. You will earn money staking on a parlay than single games. This can also be referred to as multiple betting. It also has it shortcomings. Assuming one of the bets loses in your parlay and other bets win, you have lost the entire parlay.

How is a parlay calculated in NFL Football?

The best way to calculate your parlay is to stake your bets online. Usually, online betting sites display your possible returns if you win the bets. This is often displayed before you place your bet.

You can use an online calculator to calculate what your potential winnings will be. Simply insert the lines and the online calculator will provide the result of your possible winnings.

You can also take a look at the parlay payout chart that the bookmaker provided. The downside to this method is that some bookmakers don’t payout exactly the estimated earning. Sometimes, they pay more or less.

Use the first and second method for accuracy.

What is Football square?

A football square is also referred to as the Super Bowl Squares. It is a game that is played during the Super Bowl parties. You have to get a group of players to pay some amount of money to join the square.

Here is how it works:

  1. Prepare a 10 by 10 grid. You can also get an already made grid online for free. The total number of squares expected is 100
  2. Assign one team to the column and another to the rows. So the square is expected to have two teams
  3. Inform your friends about your square and invite them to join. For each square, you can bet $1 or more. However, if you want to get more participants, don’t charge too high for a square.
  4. Distribute the sheet to players to fill out. You can use an online square so that you don’t have to manually hand it over for them to fill. With an online square, just send an email to your friends inviting them to join with the link of the square page attached
  5. Each player should choose a square and write the initial of their names. This will let you know what each person chose
  6. Now that the square has been filled out, all you have to do is wait for the outcome of the game to determine the winner

Is Horse Track Odds the same as NFL Football Odds?

Both sports have different betting odds and techniques (check betting odds explained). One common feature is the use of decimal odds and fraction. While one is a track race, the other is a field sport. So the betting odds will be completely different. For instance, a horse track odd comprises of place, each-way, etc. Here you are expected to predict the horse that will win the race meanwhile in an NFL Football, your prediction centres more on the team that will win or the number of points.

Community Q&A:

It means that the favorite team must win with more than 3 points.

It means that for every dollar you bet, you will win three times your bet. For instance, if you bet $1, you will receive $3, but if you lose, you will lose $1. Sometimes this odd is also expressed as 3:1 by some bookmakers.

This odd means that if you stake $2, you will get a profit of $7 if the outcome of the game is in your favor. So the entire amount you be expecting is $9.

Good odds refer to odds that the probability for a particular team to win is very high, usually higher than expected. Usually they can be translated into low odds.

This means that for every $2 stake you make, you will get 11 times your stake as profit if the outcome is your favour.

It means that if a player stakes $2 if the outcome of the game is your favour, you will receive 9 times your stake.

The minus before the spread point means that you are betting for the favorite team to win. So to arrive at your possible winnings you have cross multiple 120 /100=50/x. Your expected profit is $100. If the outcome is not in your favor, you will lose your $50.

This means that the favorite team must win by 13 or above. If the favorite team wins but with points lower than 13, you will lose your bet.

Betting odds are the bookmaker’s prediction of the possible outcomes of the game.

Sporting odds comprises of two types. They are point spread lines and Moneyline. A point spread line has to do with predicting the points that bought teams will get at the end of the game. A Moneyline focuses on which team will win at the end of the game.

They are decimal numbers or fractions that represent the possible outcome of the game.

Always take note of the plus and minus signs before each spread point. These signs let you know which team is favored and the underdog. The points for the favored team start with a minus while that of the underdog starts a plus sign.

How to bet soccer games and always win

The trick you need to win every bet is very simple. Don’t get carried away with big soccer odds. The bookmakers use them to entice you. Go for small odds that you are sure of winning.

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