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Low odds laying system – Best low odds laying strategy to use at Betfair [2021]

One of the most recommended Betfair trading strategies is using a low odds laying system.

Since Betfair is one of the bookies that don’t limit betting options in any way, using a low odds laying strategy can really work: You just need to know what you are doing and how to get max value when betting.

Well, as always we are here to help you: If you don’t know much about lay betting and its recommended strategies, this guide is for you. First, we will explain what this system is and talk about the top low odds laying system for the most popular sports, including horse racing.

Next, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to place a lay bet on Betfair, one of the most popular betting exchange UK: Once you finish reading, you will learn everything you need to know about lay betting.

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The basics of low odds laying strategy

Let’s start by answering what is lay betting question.  “Backing” and “Laying” are quite popular terms in sports betting, especially in UK horse racing betting. To simply put:

  • Backing means that you are placing a bet for a specific outcome to happen (i.e. your selected horse wins the race)
  • Laying means that you are placing a bet for a specific outcome not to happen (i.e. your selected horse loses the race)

In general, lay betting is possible for all kinds of sports, as long as there are two outcomes (win and lose). However, the concept of it is more suitable for some sports so you can find more laying opportunities for them: These sports are horse racing, football, and greyhound racing. In other words, there is a football low odds laying system and a greyhound low odds betting system too.

You may think it is strange to bet that an outcome will not happen, but there are many reasons to place a lay bet: Some bettors can predict losers rather than winners more easily. And sometimes, choosing the loser and not the winner can pay more.

As with any type of bet, odds are offered for laying bets too and they can be high or low. A low odd means that outcome is more likely to occur. So your chances of winning are higher, but since the odds are low, the amount of winnings will not be too big.

The low odds laying system is based on this basic idea. By using different strategies, you can place lay bets with low odds and increase both your chances and the amount of winnings. Below, we will talk about these low odds laying strategy systems.

Low odds laying system Betfair: step-by-step

There are lots of online bookies that offer the best odds margins, but Betfair is the best choice to use a low odds betting strategy: Since it operates as an exchange instead of a traditional bookmaker, you can find more opportunities to use a low odds laying strategy. This type of strategy can also be used when betting on Asian handicap (including alternative Asian handicap – with quarter lines like Asian handicap 0.25 or Asian handicap 0.75). We have even prepared a dedicated guide for Betfair asian handicap betting.

For this reason, this guide is dedicated to the top low odds laying system examples in Betfair, and we will continue by how to place a lay bet on this platform. Here is what you need to know, step-by-step:

Step 1
Select a market (i.e. football)
Step 2
Choose a selection for laying (bet for something not to happen)
Step 3
You will see the backer odds for the same outcome
Step 4
Click the “place bets” button

Now, take a look at the screenshot below: It is taken from the Betfair website and explains the whole process.

low odds laying

This image file shows that:

  • You placed a lay bet against Phil Mickelson (a bet about he will lose the match)
  • Backer (people who think Mickelson will win the match) offer 9.00 odds and stakes 10 EUR for this outcome.
  • When you click the “place bets” button, 80 EUR will be withdrawn from your account/payment method. This is your “liability”.
  • If you win the lay bet, the payout will be 90 EUR (You will win 10 EUR and your initial bet -80 EUR- will be returned to your account).
  • If you lose the lay bet, you will lose 80 EUR.

The best low odds laying system


The example above includes high odds and forces you to risk more. However, you can find lots of laying bet opportunities at Betfair with low odds too (like lay the draw opportunities for example). You can also take advantage of reload offers UK and increase the size of your bankroll.

And we mentioned above that by using a low odds laying system, you can maximize your payouts and unlock your winning potential. As can be guessed, some systems are better than others: So, which one is the most recommended low odds laying system?

No matter which sports you prefer, the best low odds laying strategy is the “1.01” system. It is quite simple too: Basically, you place 1 unit bets that offer 1.01 odds. Let’s say your budget is 100 EUR: You can place a hundred 1 EUR bets that pay 1.01 with this bankroll.

If you win, the payout of a single bet will be 1.01 EUR. This may look like a small payout but imagine winning 90 of these bets: You will basically double your initial budget.

Horse racing low odds laying system with examples

As we mentioned above, horse racing is the most suitable sport for lay betting and there are lots of horse racing low odds laying system examples for this reason. This is not a how to bet on horses article, so we will just explain these systems with examples:

Laying the favorite system

The favorite horse is the horse that is considered to be the most likely to win that race. It may seem strange to play lay bets for such a horse, and it really is if you choose randomly.

However, if you know some things about the favorite horse (injured, tired due to the previous race, etc.) you can make a good profit with such a bet. Watch for the dropping odds and shortening odds to maximize the payout.

It pays to lay system

This is similar to laying the favorite strategy. Your goal is picking the low-priced favorites which will lose the race. While making your selection, you need to pay attention to lots of issues, such as jockey change, up in class, up in weight, days since the last run, etc.

Lay the place system

For this low odds laying system to work, the race must contain 5-7 horses. You place a ley bat for the first and second favorites right before the race starts only if the odds are in your favor. And in order for the odds to be in your favor, the amount of the liability should not be more than half of the stake.

Double or bust system

Start by backing a horse whose price you think will drop and also place a lay bet for the same horse at the lower price. Sell the back bet as soon as the price drops (when your chances of winning the lay bet increase). This low odds laying system allows you to profit by using the price difference between low odds vs high odds.

Why you should prefer low odds laying system

  • Unlike high odds, you are not taking big risks with a low odds laying system. The payout will also be small but you will be much more likely to win: a profit is a profit.
  • A low odds laying strategy does not require having a big bankroll. You can use these systems even with a low budget: laying bets with low odds do not require a fortune.
  • By using a low odds laying system, you can get a steady (but low) income. Instead of aiming for becoming a “millionaire”, you can use low odds laying bets to make a living.

Pros and cons of using a low odds low risk system


  • You can get a steady income
  • You are more likely to win
  • You don’t need a big bankroll
  • You won’t be taking big risks


  • The payout won’t be that big
  • You won’t find many opportunities other than horse racing, football, and greyhound racing

Frequently Asked Questions about low odds laying strategy:

1.01 strategy is the best low odds laying strategy for beginners: It is simple to use and effective. If this is your first time, start with the 1.01 system.

Low odds mean the bookmaker thinks that outcome is more likely to happen. So yes, in a way, your winning chances are higher for bets with low odds, and using a system will increase them even more.

Yes. Betfair's website is compatible with all mobile devices and it offers native apps for iOS and Android too: You will get a seamless experience.

In theory, you can use a low odds laying strategy for all sports, but due to their rules and popularity, horse racing, football, and greyhound racing are the best options.

Place your bet with the best low odds laying system today

Betfair is one of the bookmakers with statistics, so it is still one of the top 100 bookmakers to use a low odds laying system mentioned in this article. So create your account today, pick a low odds laying strategy, and start playing: We are sure that you will make a profit in no time. As always, we wish you good luck out there


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