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Betfair Trading Strategies | Profitable Betfair Trading Strategies in 2021

With the right Betfair trading strategies, you can win more than your estimates. Betfair, one of the biggest bookmakers UK, offers its members exclusive options through trading for the easiest sports to bet on. You can use Betfair exchange trading strategies for almost any type of sport in existence – from Betfair soccer trading strategies to Betfair trading strategies horse racing.

Betfair strategies that work can give you the chance to both increase your earning potential and win much more compared to traditional betting. In this Betfair trading guide, we’ll talk about how to do all this and show you the most profitable Betfair strategies.

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Introduction to Betfair trading strategies: How to win on Betfair

Betfair is one of the biggest betting companies and considered the first betting exchange UK. The service it offers is quite different from traditional bookmakers. Betfair works more like a stock exchange.

In traditional betting, bettors actually bet against the bookmaker. The bookmaker is the person who offers the odds about whether an event will take place or not. This means all transactions are managed from a single location and there are two parties, the bookmaker and the bettors.

Betfair, on the other hand, has two sides, those who believe that an event will happen (backers) and those who don’t believe (layers). There is no bookmaker in the traditional sense.

For example, consider the live betting system. In traditional betting, the bookmaker sets all offers and specific odds for each outcome that may occur, for example, at a football match. You can evaluate these odds and bet on any outcome.

In Betfair, on the other hand, you are looking at the offers made by bettors for the same outcomes. For example, Mr. Smith believes that a football match will be won by team A and he makes an offer for this outcome at his own odds.

Mr. Brown, on the other hand, is sure that team A will lose the same match and he himself makes another offer for this outcome. If Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown offered the same odds, the system automatically matches them and allows them to bet against each other. 

You may also want to find out what are unmatched bets and partially matched bets.

Sounds complicated? Here is a simple example:

✅ Mr. Smith believes that Team A will win the football match between Team A and Team B, and is ready to bet EUR 100 on that result.

✅ Mr. Brown believes Team B will win the same match, and he is ready to bet 100 EUR for this result.

✅ Since they both offer the same odds, the Betfair system matches Mr. Smith and Brown and make them place a bet against each other. So there is no need for a bookmaker: Bettors can bet without using a middleman.

Not having a bookmaker also provides much better odds. This is because bookmakers always add their own dividends to the odds they offer. In the Betfair system, this is not the case and there are no bookmakers – Betfair only charges a small commission for its service.

So, what is Betfair trading?

You have learned how the Betfair system works, so what does Betfair trading mean? What is the difference between traditional betting and trading? What is the meaning of Betfair trading strategies? Let’s answer all these questions one by one.

Further Information

Above, we gave an example of a bet between Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown. In this example, Mr. Smith believed Team A would win, so he’s a “backer”. Mr. Brown thought Team A was going to lose, so he’s a “layer”.

When Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown post their offers on the Betfair platform, all other members can see them as well. It’s not only that they can see them but they can also decide to support one of these parties by purchasing their offers.

For example, if there are 100 more bettors who think like Mr. Smith, they can purchase his offer. Doing so will increase the odds of the offer or decrease it, depending on how many people backed the offer. In other words, the odds of the offer made by Mr. Smith will keep changing.


The trick is “selling” these offers as soon as they guarantee a profit. Betfair traders are not placing a bet in the traditional sense, because the result of the match is not their concern. They make a profit by buying and selling bet offers and they always manage to earn an income regardless of the outcome of the match. But, how does this happen?

How to win on Betfair

Betfair is one of the arbitrage friendly bookmakers. We can even say that it built its entire system on arbitrage and for the same reason, it is considered one of the best sports betting exchanges. In order to use successful Betfair trading strategies, you need to learn how this opportunity works.

Remember we said that Betfair is like a stock exchange? In a financial exchange, the aim is to make a profit with the difference by buying at a low price and selling at a high price. Betfair trading strategies use the same logic. The goal is to buy a bet at a good price and sell it when the price changes. By doing so, you can create a “green book”: This means that you can make a profit on all outcomes. The reason it is called a green book is that such opportunities are displayed in green on the Betfair interface.

Let's give an example using Betfair pre-match trading strategies

🏇 You bought a “layer” bet worth 10 EUR at odds of 2.0 (also called even odds and placing them is EVS betting) for a horse race.

🏇 Before the race started, the odds increased and reached 4.0.

🏇 Using the “cash-out” feature in the Betfair interface, you can sell your bet before the race starts and make a profit. Since the rate is doubled, it is guaranteed that you will make an income regardless of the result of the race.

You can also do this with live bets, especially Betfair lay strategies are suitable for bets in this category. The goal here is to make a profit by selling a product (bet) you buy at a low price, at a higher price. This system is very similar to the cashout option in traditional bookmakers. As you know, in this feature, it is possible to evaluate a special offer made by the bookmaker and cancel your bet before the match starts (or the outcome happens), and still receive a payment.

Betfair trading strategies use a similar logic but this time there is no offer made to you, you have to decide for yourself when to do the cashout. For this, you constantly follow the Betfair trading interface and watch how much the odds increase or decrease. In other words, you have to do the cashout at the right moment to make a profit. Betfair trading strategies that work allow you to find out what the right moment is.

Below, we’ll give you some examples by giving a couple of easiest Betfair strategy examples.

Best Betfair football trading strategies

Let’s start our Betfair trading strategies 2021 list with football, one of the most popular sports. There are lots of football trading strategies on Betfair so we will focus on the most common (and important) ones. Here is the list of the free Betfair football trading strategies:

Lay The Draw

This simply means placing a lay bet on the draw. It is the opposite of backing the draw, similar to placing a bet on draws with a traditional bookmaker. When the favorite scores a goal the odds on the draw rise.  You then need to quickly make a cashout and profit. If you are looking for risk free bet offers, this is one of the best Betfair trading strategies you can use. If the match results in a draw in the end then you lose. The profit won’t be that big but it is still a profit.

Over/Under strategy

Over under betting is quite popular and its market is very volatile. For example, if you place an “over 1.5 goals” bet, this means you think that the match will end with at least 2 goals. By watching the match closely, you can cashout your over 1.5 goals bet after one of the teams score a single goal and make a profit.

In-Game Trading

This means buying/selling bets after the match starts (live betting). It includes lots of options and any option listed here can be used while the match is going on.You need to know about lots of football strategies and systems in order to make this work, so it is not a suitable option for beginners.

Correct Score Trading

This is a BTTS strategy (both teams to score is the BTTS meaning) with a twist: You are betting on both teams to score with a correct score over. You can buy a YES (both teams will score at least one goal) bet and if the first half ends with a draw, you can also buy a NO (at least one team won’t be able to score a goal) bet to even the deal. Or, you can simply cashout your YES bet. If you fancy betting on BTTS, you should also try Betfred’s Goals Galore No Draw offer.

Backing The Loser Vs The Favorite

This is one of the versatile Betfair trading strategies for football and it is not for beginners. The idea here is backing the favorite first but quickly start laying the underdog if it manages to score a couple of goals. Basically, this is underdog betting on a large scale: You buy a bet in favor of the favorite but also lay the underdog if it shows a performance beyond expectations. This way, you can make a profit no matter what the match result is.

Best Betfair trading strategies for tennis

The best way to bet on tennis is to keep watching three indicators: scoring game points, winning a game, winning a set. These three indicators will always change the odds. So you must change your position whenever these three things happen.

If you are thinking about laying a player, for example, wait for one of these three indicators. Note that the best tennis betting strategy is placing bets during the game. In other words, tennis is not an ideal sport for pre-match betting: You must start using Betfair in play trading strategies. For this reason, you must also watch a match from start to finish without interruption, because this is the only way to know when to change your position. To do this, you must prefer betting sites with live streaming.

Here is a simple example to explain the Betfair trading tennis strategy:

🥎 You start to backing Player A when the odds are 1.30

🥎 Player A wins the set, so this price is about to fall: The odds will decrease.

🥎 You start laying Player A when the odds go to 1.15 and make a profit.

Advanced Betfair trading strategies for horse racing

Once again, you must prefer in-game betting here, pre match horse racing bets are not that profitable when it comes to trading. This is not a how to bet on horses article but we are sure that you know how they work: Horses start to run and you can bet on which place the horses will finish the race.

Your main strategy should be finding the front-running horses. In general, the odds for these horses start at high figures but you may find these odds shortening quickly when the race starts. This creates a selling opportunity: If you time it right, you can make a couple of bucks before the race ends. Among all the Betfair trading strategies, this is one of the easiest ones.

Another strategy you can use is called “scalping”. This means looking for small segments of value between the trading prices. By saying small segments, we mean 1 – 3 ticks: For example, if a backer bet offers 4.2 and a layer bet offers 4.1, you can buy them both and make a quick profit, no matter what the result of the race is.

The good and bad parts of Betfair trading strategies


  • You can make a guaranteed profit no matter what the result of a match is
  • You can make an income simply by buying and selling (no betting involved)
  • Trading offers a different kind of excitement


  • You need to manually decide when to buy/sell
  • At some point, it is just trading, not betting

FAQ about Betfair trading strategies

Betfair trading bot strategies require a completely different guide and this is not our purpose here. In general, the best software is the one you are able to use without a problem.

This depends on your country and your local taxing laws. It is still considered an income whether it originates from trading or not, and you may have to pay a tax for it.

Both are good options. However, we believe that Betfair offers more opportunities for back and lay betting and its interface is easier to use.

Sure. There are lots of mobile apps for free Betfair trading strategies, you can choose anyone you like.

Sure. There are lots of mobile apps for free Betfair trading strategies, you can choose anyone you like.

Learn Betfair strategies that work and use them today

Since you have learned the most useful Betfair trading strategies, it is time to start using them: Create your account today and start laying or backing some bets. Betfair strategies that work will help you to find the perfect moment to buy, sell, or cashout.

When done right, trading bets can be a way of making a regular income and since Betfair is one of the bookies that don’t limit accounts for winning regularly you won’t have a problem with that. We will always be here to help you along the way, so don’t forget to visit us often. Good luck out there!