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Fixed odds football betting | Find out the latest information [2024]

Fixed odds football betting is the most popular type of wagering you can find at online bookmakers. You can bet online or at local sportsbooks and you will still find an abundance of matches to bet on fixed odds.

In this guide, we take a closer look at fixed odds football matches betting, as well as the best tutorials and strategies. At the end of the day, you will know how to make the most when betting on fixed football matches. We also highlight the best odds bookmakers, so you know where to start.

How does fixed odds betting work?

Understanding the inner works of fixed odds football betting is a quick and straightforward process. The bookmakers will publish the odds for the match, including mainstream and niche markets. When you bet on that event, you will be paid an amount equal to the stakes multiplied by the final odds. It makes no difference if you choose to bet at bookmakers offering fractional odds or decimal odds. The values are displayed differently, but the profit is the same, as it represents the payouts minus the amount wagered.

To put things into perspective and learn how to bet on football in the UK, it is better to give an example. Assuming you bet on the London Derby between Chelsea and Arsenal with the hosts priced at 2.00 and the Gunners at 3.00. If you bet $100 on Chelsea and they win, you will win $200, with the profits being $200-$100 equal $100. Conversely, if you choose to bet on the visitors and Arsenal win at odds of 3.00, your payouts will be $300 and the net profits $200.

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Why is fixed odds betting so popular?

The main reason why this type of bet is so popular has to do with its sheer simplicity. If you know nothing about gambling and want to learn how to win at sports betting, this type of wagering is the best way to start. You can bet on the outcome of the match, the total number of goals, or one of the many special markets. You should consider the best and easiest sport to bet on, such as football if you are a beginner. That’s because the fixed odds football bookies betting are the most numerous out there.

You can bet on derbies or focus on low-profile events; you’ll still have no problem finding fixed odds football betting online. Most gambling operators have chosen European odds as the default version. These are also known as decimal odds and are the most common both online and in land-based locations. The winning amount is easy to calculate and the sportsbook will highlight the potential payouts and the net profits. You can double your winnings by betting at odds with even money or backing the favorites as recommended by any low odds betting guide.

Fixed odds vs spread betting

Once you understand how fixed odds football betting works, you can expand your reach and try more complex systems. When betting on lopsided matches, the Moneyline value will probably be too low to be appealing. Backing the underdogs will pay much better, but there are obvious risks associated with betting on their outright victory. This is where fixed odds handicap football betting comes in, providing a way to mitigate the risks and maximize profits.

Spread betting is one of the most common betting terms and one that pretty much speaks for itself. Essentially you will bet on the favorites to cover the spread by winning the match in dominant fashion. Alternatively, you can bet on the underdog to put up a strong fight and prevent the better team from covering the spread. Spread betting strategies only succeed if you have a thorough understanding of the sports and the teams involved. When you operate with fine margins, you must know the game very well.

Once again we believe that giving an example will help you better understand how spread betting works. Let’s assume that Real Madrid plays against city rivals Getafe, and they are priced at 1.10 while the visitors get odds of 25.00. The best financial spread betting sites will offer odds of 1.85 on Real Madrid to cover the -2.5 goals line. Alternatively, Getafe will be priced at even odds not to lose by three goals or more. Depending on your appetite for risk and the sports betting math behind your strategy, you can choose one of these two outcomes. Therefore, spread betting will make lopsided matches more exciting.

Moneyline odds and fractional odds

As mentioned above, fixed odds offered football betting can be found at most bookmakers and they prefer the decimal format. They are the most common because they are used in Europe as well as in many other countries from all over the world. It is easy to calculate the payout, as you simply multiply the stakes with the odds to get the total payment. Fractional odds are not necessarily the exception, but they are usually available at sportsbooks catering to American and UK players. The best part is you can always switch from one format to the other, as most bookmakers have this functionality.

Moneyline fixed odds football betting is the most common when it comes to the markets covered. That’s because the vast majority of punters prefer to wager on the outright winner instead of special markets. This approach works well with low odds betting strategy and is suitable for beginners and casual punters. Spread betting can be more challenging, as you need to have a thorough understanding of the match and teams involved. On the other hand, this type of fixed odds football betting is preferred by veteran punters who use them to maximize the return on investment.

Effective strategies for fixed odds betting


Once you understand how fixed odds soccer betting works, all that is left is to use it to your advantage. In order to craft an effective strategy for fixed odds football betting, you need to set your priorities. First of all, you need to have a proper bankroll and manage your resources according to it. Depending on your appetite for risk, you can focus on low odds or switch to higher odds to maximize potential profits. You should always bet only a fraction of your bankroll, ideally no more than 10% on any match.

The fixed odds amount football betting strategies can be used for both single bets and accumulators. The latter have the merit of multiplying the odds, therefore you have the chance to win larger sums. However, it is enough to fail on a single event to lose the entire betting slip. If you choose to bet at online bookies, you are likely to benefit from the intuitive and immensely useful cash-out feature. This comes in handy when you have a fixed-odds football betting system and want to take profits before the final whistle.

Pros and cons about fixed odds football betting


  • Easiest way to bet on sports for beginners
  • Competitive odds regardless of sports and markets
  • All popular and niche sports are covered
  • Available at all online and land-based bookmakers


  • The odds are lower and the house edge higher than at betting exchanges

Frequently asked questions

Fixed odds football betting focuses on the winner of the match and various in-game events. Spread sports betting gives punters more flexibility by allowing them to tinker with the winning margin. It is better for veterans who can predict whether a team will cover the spread or not, to maximize profits.

Fixed odds football betting online works well whether you bet on favorites or underdogs. What’s more important is to exercise solid bankroll management and wager according to your resources. Betting on underdogs can produce bigger profits but they are rare because volatility is high.

This type of wagering, as well as all the other forms of gambling is legal if you bet at a licensed bookie. In some countries all forms of gambling are prohibited, so if you live in a nation where sports betting is prohibited, this type of wagering will also be illegal.

It has happened before and it will surely happen again because human greed can’t be underestimated. The good news is that although it is possible for football matches to be fixed, this rarely happens. Sports bodies as well as bookmakers have ways of catching those who fix matches and punishment is severe.

If you happen to bet on a fixed football match, two things can happen. If they catch it on time, all the bets will be canceled and the stakes will be refunded. If the allegations are proven at a later date, you will get to keep the profits or have to suffer the loss.

Take fixed odds football betting to the next level

You could be an amateur learning the ropes of online gambling or a seasoned punter. Fixed odds chance football betting will still work for you and you’ll find this type of wagering at all bookmakers.

Football is indeed the most popular sport, but the same type of wagering works smoothly for other sports and even non-sporting events.

As long as you can find the best-fixed odds football betting options and wager at respectable bookmakers, you’ll be in good hands and enjoy a fun and secure gambling experience.